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Wimbledon: Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Game-by-game coverage of Andy Murray's semi-final match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at Wimbledon

  • Roger Federer beats Novak Djokovic 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3
    Murray beats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-3 6-4 3-6 7-5 to reach his first Wimbledon final
    Murray will play Federer in the final on Sunday
    This blog is now over, see how the drama unfolded below...
    7/6/2012 2:57:59 PM
  • Andy Murray 1-0 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Murray manages to hold well with some strong serving. A quiet start to the match.
    7/6/2012 3:04:45 PM
  • Andy Murray* 2-0 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    A glimpse of brilliance: a fantastic cross court winner to bring the game to 15-30. That’s what the Murray fans want to see. Tsonga hits a loose forehand wide of the right of the tram lines. Another great shot from Murray sees Tsonga stumble to the floor. Murray is moving the Frenchman round the court well and breaks his serve already.
    7/6/2012 3:10:00 PM
  • Andy Murray 3-0 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    The game kicks off with a long rally and Tsonga gets the better of the Scot this time round. Tsonga still hasn’t got off the bus though. Murray cruises through his second service game.
    7/6/2012 3:13:46 PM
  • Andy Murray* 3-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Every time Tsonga comes to the net Murray looks capable of beating him. Tsonga throws down a couple of big serves and secures his first game of the match.
    7/6/2012 3:16:43 PM
  • Andy Murray 4-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    A brilliant rally as both players come to the net and Tsonga pulls off a spectacular lob to take the opening point. Murray hits back with a cross court winner just out of Tsonga’s reach. Tsonga attacks Murray’s second serve well and puts the Scot under pressure, earning himself two break points. But Murray fights back and sends down two aces to finish the game and stamp his authority on the match.
    7/6/2012 3:22:42 PM
  • Andy Murray* 4-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Second serve was always going to be key area today and Tsonga still hasn’t won a point on his, compared to Murray’s 71%. His first serve drags him through though. Can he keep it up?
    7/6/2012 3:26:03 PM
  • Andy Murray 5-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Murray serve is looking good. He sends down another ace taking the game to 40-15. Murray pulls off an unbelievable passing shot to win the game.
    7/6/2012 3:28:29 PM
  • Andy Murray* 5-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Murray hangs in the game after being 30-0 down as Tsonga hits two loose backhand slices. But Tsonga closes out the game to take it to 5-3.
    7/6/2012 3:33:04 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Slight controversy over the first point as Murray challenges a serve called out and Hawkeye proves him right. Murray earns himself two set points with an emphatic forehand winner down the line. A big serve puts Tsonga out of position and the Scot hits the ball into an open court to win the set.
    7/6/2012 3:37:49 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 0-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Murray returns yet another powerful Tsonga serve, but then the Frenchman wrong foots him. Tsonga nets an attempted passing shot that takes the game to deuce. A great bit of work from Murray as he scampers across the court to make the shot but Tsonga eventually catches him with a delicate drop shot.
    7/6/2012 3:43:19 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 1-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Tsonga inexplicably hits an easy forehand into the net, making it 30-15 Murray. A long backhand rally sees Murray wear down Tsonga into making a mistake. Murray rounds off the game with an ace.
    7/6/2012 3:47:00 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 1-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Another exciting start as Murray comes scrambling into the net and Tsonga puts it past him to go 15-0 up. Murray takes a tumble but appears to be ok. The unforced errors count is 4-15, the Frenchman will have to improve on this is he is to have any chance of winning. However, he continues to serve well and wins the game.
    7/6/2012 3:50:30 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 2-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Tsonga misses a great chance to win the opening point and uncomfortably pokes it into the net. Murray serves impeccably and wins the game to love.
    7/6/2012 3:53:38 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 3-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    The first double fault of the match comes from Tsonga and takes the game to 30-0 in Murray’s favour. Murray earns himself two break points by hitting a low cross court forehand at Tsonga’s feet. Tsonga recovers and brings the game to deuce. Tsonga slams one down at 133mph to get advantage. The Frenchman’s net play lets him down as the game returns to 40-40. Tsonga hits the ball into the tram lines to Murray’s right as the Scot breaks the Frenchman for the second time in the match.
    7/6/2012 3:57:45 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 4-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    A delightful drop shot from Andy Murray takes the game to 30-0. Murray hits another ace and Tsonga over-hits his return on the following point taking the set to 4-2.
    7/6/2012 4:00:23 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 4-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Tsonga’s serve carries him through despite some shaky play.
    7/6/2012 4:03:07 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 5-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Murray thumps down some big serves and breezes through that game. It’s looking ominous for Tsonga.
    7/6/2012 4:06:11 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 5-4 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Tsonga hits another huge serve, but Murray the returner plays a beautiful cross-court shot and Tsonga doesn’t even move. But Tsonga takes control of the game with a combination of big serving and some neat net-play.
    7/6/2012 4:09:41 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Murray tries to outrun Tsonga, but the Frenchman comes into the net and meets Andy’s shot with a firm volley 30-15. Tsonga over-hits a return giving Murray two set points. Tsonga over hits once again and Murray takes the set.
    7/6/2012 4:13:29 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 0-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Tsonga starts the set with yet another thumping serve. Tsonga works Murray around the court well and finishes him off with a lovely backhand volley. Tsonga’s loose groundstrokes are letting him down at times. A massive ace though and the Frenchman takes the game.
    7/6/2012 4:17:46 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 0-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Double fault from Murray to open the game and then needlessly into the net from the Scot. It's then three break points to Tsonga. Nerves? Perhaps - Murray's been broken in his first service game of the third set.
    7/6/2012 4:20:13 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 0-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Some thudering serves from Tsonga and that last game, his first break of the match, may just have given him a little belief. From 30-30 he aces it but then volleys into the net to make it deuce. He comes through though to hold and take a 3-0 lead in the third set.
    7/6/2012 4:23:45 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 1-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Not a great start to this third set from Murray - the pressure of 74 years since Britain have had a finalist may just be beginning to tell. He goes 30-0 down to Tsonga in this game with the Frenchman showing off that huge forehand. Murray brings it back to 30-30 but Tsonga has a break point when Murray puts it into the net. The Frenchman so nearly takes it, the ball hitting the top of the net but, unfortunately for him, falling back on his side of the court. Murray closes it out from deuce.
    7/6/2012 4:30:25 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 1-4 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    First blood to Murray in this game but for all his chasing on the next point it's 15-15. From 30-30 Murray engineers a break point. With a chance to get things back on serve in this third set Murray makes a hash of his return of serve and it's deuce. Murray creates another break. He doesn't take it. Then another. But Tsonga aces it. A huge double-handed backhand from the world number six followed by an ace sees him hold it. Murray will be frustrated he didn't capitalise there.
    7/6/2012 4:38:20 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 2-4 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Better from Murray as he comes out on top after a long rally against his opponent. From 40-15 Murray wins the game as Tsonga hits it beyond the baseline.
    7/6/2012 4:42:19 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 2-5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Despite Tsonga's dive at the net he can't quite reach Murray's fierce passing shot on the first point but wins the next with a great cross court backhand. With the score at 30-30 Tsonga aces it and then does well to dig it out to put it past Murray. Close match this right now, Murray needs to win this next one or the third set has gone.
    7/6/2012 4:46:08 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Murray challenges the call on the first point, and he's proved right with the ball in by whatever the next unit down from a millimetre is. He goes 40-15 up after an entertaining point that has the lot - drop shots, lobs and volleys. Murray closes it out. He needs to break here or it'll be 2-1.
    7/6/2012 4:50:41 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 0-0 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    TSONGA WINS THIRD SET: At 15-30 Tsonga takes one just where you don't want it. You know where I mean chaps. He's down on his hands and knees but after a round of applause he's back up to win the next two points and set-up a set point. Murray into the net from Tsonga's second serve and the Frenchman is back in this one as he takes the third set.
    7/6/2012 4:55:16 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 1-0 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    A big shout of 'COME ON' there from Murray as he sends down a big serve to make it 30-15. Then he starts whining at himself after making a mistake on the next point. Tsonga hits into the net at 40-30 and Murray wins the first game of the fourth set.
    7/6/2012 5:01:23 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 1-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Tsonga races to 40-0 with a real show of his power but two unforced errors (making it a total of 32) allow Murray back into it. From 40-30 Murray hits it long and Tsonga holds.
    7/6/2012 5:04:34 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 2-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Tsonga bouncing on his feet and keeping his energy levels up on Centre Court. But it can't help him in this game. Murray goes 40-0 up thanks to a meandering serve that wrong foots his opponent and wins the game with an incredible cross court forehand, hit while running the wrong way. Fantastic shot.
    7/6/2012 5:07:45 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Tsonga makes his second double fault of the game to make the score 0-30. The Frenchman wins the next but a huge forehand from Murray gives the Scot two break points. And he's broken him - Murray leads 3-1 in the fourth set.
    7/6/2012 5:11:33 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-2 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Wonderful passing shot from Tsonga and it's him now pumping the fist as the score goes to 15-30. Big serve from Murray brings it to 30-30 but then a wonderful back hand from Tsonga sees the Frenchman pumping with two fists. Murray aces the next point though, much to the relief of every Scot/Brit watching. At deuce a superb rally is won by Tsonga which ends with a delicate drop shot that Murray has no chance of reaching and then Murray fires into the net. Tsonga breaks back.
    7/6/2012 5:17:31 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Tsonga stops play at 40-15 saying the ball went long. The challenge shows it didn't, and the score is needlessly 40-30 as he was still in that point. Yet he's not made to pay, closing the game with a fine backhand.
    7/6/2012 5:22:56 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 4-3 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    It's really starting to feel edgy this match, every point feels huge. Murray takes it to 40-15 as Tsonga slips and then finishes it off with a powerful forehand that Tsonga shows no interest in chasing.
    7/6/2012 5:25:29 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 4-4 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Murray goes 0-30 up due to another unforced error from Tsonga. It's then 15-40 as Tsonga volleys it into the net. Two break points for Murray. On the first he loses his grip and stumbles. He then dives at the net but it's out. Huge opportunity gone as Tsonga sees it out from deuce.
    7/6/2012 5:30:34 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 5-4 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Murray into the net and that makes it 15-30. Tsonga then plays some huge forehands to make it his turn for two break points. Can he do better than Murray? No. His service returns are long on both. Murray wins it from deuce. Squeeky-bum time now.
    7/6/2012 5:36:50 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-3 6-4 3-6 5-5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Solid game from Tsonga with an overhead smash making it 40-0. He wraps it up from 40-15 to bring it all level at 5-5 in this fourth set.
    7/6/2012 5:41:02 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 6-5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga*
    Double fault from Murray brings the game to 15-15. He then gifts Tsonga another point by needlessly placing a forehand into the net. Are the nerves back? Debatable but either way he wins the next three points meaning Tsonga will have to serve to stay in the match.
    7/6/2012 5:44:44 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 7-5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    GAME, SET AND MATCH. MURRAY IS INTO THE FINAL: It feels tantalisingly close. Murray wins the first two points putting him just another two points from the final. Tsonga smashes down the next one but then volleys into the net. Two match points to Murray. He's done it! Fantastic service return and it's in, just. The 74 year wait is over!
    7/6/2012 5:49:14 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 7-5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
    Wow - a first British finalist in 74 years. But can Murray now knock down the milestone of 76 years since the last British winner? We'll find out on Sunday when he plays Roger Federer. That's all from me. You can follow me on Twitter here twitter.com . Good night.
    7/6/2012 6:02:31 PM
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