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Wimbledon 2013: Andy Murray v Jerzy Janowicz - LIVE!

By Jack de Menezes

by Jack de Menezes on Jul 5, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of this second semi-final between Andy Murray and Jerzy Janowicz at Wimbledon Tennis Club.

  • Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of this Wimbledon semi-final between Andy Murray and Jerzy Janowicz at the All England Tennis Club.
    7/5/2013 11:07:32 AM
  • 7/5/2013 11:10:55 AM
  • 7/5/2013 11:13:40 AM
  • Right then. If you're just joining us, welcome! Or, if you were with me for the absolute classic between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro, then how do we top that?! With Andy Murray of course!
    7/5/2013 5:07:24 PM
  • Andy Murray's serve is crucial, not Janowicz's, writes Nick Bollettieri.

    A lot of people think this game is about Jerzy Janowicz's serve.
    It's not. It's about Andy Murray's serve and Janowicz's mind. If Murray can maintain his service he should win because when it comes down to tie-breaks the guy with the greater quality usually beats the guy with the bigger serve. But a lot depends on how Janowicz handles the enormity of being in a Wimbledon semi-final.
    To read more on what the legendary trainer thinks, click HERE.
    7/5/2013 5:14:44 PM
  • Somebody high up has been giving Andy Murray something extra to help him win, writes Paul Newman.

    "I spoke to him for 15 or 20 minutes," Murray said. "We spoke about a lot of things – his retirement, we spoke a lot about football and then at the end I spoke to him, not so much about the match, but about everything that goes with it. He was just giving me advice on how to handle certain pressures and expectations, those sort of things. Getting that sort of advice from someone like him is gold dust. I'm not going to be sharing too much of it."
    To find out who he's talking about, click HERE.
    7/5/2013 5:19:05 PM
  • Okay, after the panic of switching pages (which I hope you all did successfully), we're ready to go nearly 2 hours late. AND WE'RE AWAY!
    7/5/2013 5:20:19 PM
  • Murray 1-0 Janowicz*:
    Well, all that talk about Janowicz's serve, and Murray starts with an ace. A second one gives him a comfortable game, and the cowd are still in good voice following the first semi-final.
    7/5/2013 5:23:01 PM
  • *Murray 1-1 Janowicz:
    The first signs of this threatening serve, and Janowicz hits a loosener at 139 mph... He wins the game with a ginormous ace and he looks to have settled.
    7/5/2013 5:27:48 PM
  • Murray 2-1 Janowicz*:
    Murray holds serve again, and this is a battle of the power serves right now, with very little being offered in terms of rallies. The Brit is going to have to find something special if he is going to break the Pole's serve today.
    7/5/2013 5:30:48 PM
  • *Murray 2-2 Janowicz:
    The first cheer of the match goes up as Murray finds a way to deal with Janowicz serve, smahing it back past him when he comes to the net. An early break-point for Murray as Janowicz double-faults, but he doesn't take it as he returns long. Murray goes down the line but it's long and Janowicz holds serve.
    7/5/2013 5:35:04 PM
  • Murray 3-2 Janowicz*:
    There we go. Some lovely play as we have our first rally, and you have to think they'll be a lot rarer than the first semi. Murray plays two wonderful shots to stay in the game, and Janowicz tries to lob him but sees it fall long. Murray then takes aim at the line-judge - hitting the same one twice in the same game - as he sees the game out.
    7/5/2013 5:38:39 PM
  • *Murray 3-3 Janowicz:
    Janowicz shows he's not all power as he starts with a delicate drop-shot that catches out Murray. He then has a grumble about a line-call, and checks the ball for chalk dust in a McEnroe-esque fashion. Janowicz takes the game by drilling the ball into the ground that ends up in the Royal Box.
    7/5/2013 5:42:52 PM
  • Murray 4-3 Janowicz*:
    Well Murray is showing that his serve is just as lethal, perhaps not as fast but he is still winning a number of points with it as he takes the game to 15. We get a quick graphic that the reaction time to Janowicz's serve is 0.637s. What else can you do in 0.637s? Let us know your ideas...
    7/5/2013 5:47:18 PM
  • *Murray 4-4 Janowicz:
    Easy. The Pole takes the game to love as Murray struggles to get any momentum going against the serve. It's hardly surprising, and he appears to be gaining confidence as each service game passes.
    7/5/2013 5:49:05 PM
  • Murray 5-4 Janowicz*:
    Another ace for Murray - the term 'Anything you can do I can do better' springs to mind. He's quick to power through the game and he wins it to love. Racing through this first set here, with very little coming from either player against the serve.
    7/5/2013 5:51:01 PM
  • Don't forget you have until the end of the first set to vote! Will Murray meet Djokovic in the final? Or will it be a debut appearance in the showcase for Janowicz?
    7/5/2013 5:52:17 PM
  • *Murray 5-5 Janowicz:
    Big chance for Murray, and he seems to have sussed out Janowicz, who is struggling with anything below the net. After all, it's a long way down being 6ft 8in. He earns two set-points, but an ace deals with the first, and Murray can't return serve on the second. "COME ONNN!" yells Janowicz, who stares daggers at Murray after saving those, and he holds the game with another unreturned serve.
    7/5/2013 5:56:29 PM
  • Andy Murray in the opening set against Jerzy Janowicz

    7/5/2013 5:57:15 PM
  • Murray 6-5 Janowicz*:
    Murray get's beaten when the Pole makes a drop-shot to nudge down the line, but Murray hits his fourth ace of the set. He misjudges the ball and slices it into the net for 40-30, but hits a fifth ace to ensure Janowicz must hold serve to stay in the set.
    7/5/2013 6:00:11 PM
  • Of course, the answer to a strong Tennis career is having a "top first name"...

    7/5/2013 6:03:24 PM
  • Murray 6-6 Janowicz:
    Janowicz takes the game to a tiebreak with a couple more huge serves. Murray is getting onto the end of them, but they aren't getting back across the net.
    7/5/2013 6:04:32 PM
  • Murray 6-7 Janowicz*:
    Janowicz breaks Murray's serve on the first point, and then rifles in two big serves to go 3-0 up. Murray responds with an attack to the net, but unbelievably hits long. He lands another ace, but it's a long way back from here. He takes on the Pole and earns another point with a shot down the line, but that's a massive forehand from Janowicz to move to 5-2. Murray is on the back-foot, and Janowicz has four set-points, but he only needs one as THE POLE TAKES THE FIRST SET!
    7/5/2013 6:10:22 PM
  • It's very hard to see what Murray can do differently. He had two set-point that he couldn't capitalise, and the big hitting of Janowicz is giving Murray very little to work with. His serve is working well, and he's only made four unforced errors, but Janowicz is overpowering the Brit right now.
    7/5/2013 6:12:14 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 1-0 Janowicz:
    Well there's the answer, Murray earns two break-points in the very first game of this set after Janowicz double-faults. He can't take the first, but it's another double-fault that gives Murray a very early break of serve.
    7/5/2013 6:15:40 PM
  • Murray 2-0 Janowicz*:
    Murray's just upping the pace a bit here and he's taking the game to Janowicz, who looks to have relaxed a little. A long rally sees the Pole hit long, and he's unable to return Murray's serve for 40-0. Murray takes the game when he second-guesses Janowicz to volley into an empty court, and the crowd roar to try get their man back into the game.
    7/5/2013 6:18:41 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 2-1 Janowicz:
    The Brit challenges a serve that was called in at 30-0 down, but it's good. We get an immediate second challenge from Janowicz, but it's correct as well and it's out. Nevertheless, he wraps up the game to get off the mark in the second set.
    7/5/2013 6:20:59 PM
  • Unfortunately, we won't be bringing you live updates of Sherlock after this match...

    7/5/2013 6:23:17 PM
  • Murray 3-1 Janowicz*:
    Another quick game see's Murray power through it to love. Easy stuff that, as Janowicz can't return any one of Murray's four serves.
    7/5/2013 6:24:18 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 3-2 Janowicz:
    Another chance for Murray, as Janowicz makes his 18th unforced error when he hits a mile long to make it 15-30. Another error bring two break-points for Murray, but he hits into the net to lose the first. What a time for an ace, and Janowicz is back to deuce. Two Murray errors later, and the Pole holds on to remain just one break down in this set.
    7/5/2013 6:27:46 PM
  • Battles that define life: Messi v Ronaldo, Murray v Janowicz, Balboa v Drago...
    Don't worry Claire, we'll keep you in the loop!

    7/5/2013 6:30:24 PM
  • Murray 6-7 4-2 Janowicz*:
    Janowicz pulls out to 0-30, surely he can't break back? But he misses and then hits long to allow Murray back into it. Murray races to the net but somehow hits long to hand Janowicz a break-point, but Murray sees it off when Janowicz hits into the net. He repeats the act to give Murray advantage, and it's a third shot into the net that gives Murray an important hold of service.
    7/5/2013 6:34:19 PM
  • Janowicz celebrates taking the first set

    7/5/2013 6:36:15 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 4-3 Janowicz:
    Janowicz is having to fight now to hold onto his service game, but he's up to the task, hitting two powerful winners to take the game.
    7/5/2013 6:37:54 PM
  • Murray 6-7 5-3 Janowicz*:
    Brilliant stuff. Both players are all over the court, and Murray is left sprawled out over the court as he dives to make a final shot, but doesn't quite make it. He gets up gingerly, but seems ok launches another serve to win the point. The Brit then hits long to give Janowicz two break-points; he saves the first when Janowicz hits wide of a big Murray second-serve, and the second with yet another ace. The pole gets another when Murray hits into the net, but another serve bails him out, and he finally sees out the game when Janowicz can't return.
    7/5/2013 6:47:01 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 5-4 Janowicz:
    Janowicz launches yet another monster serve that's given out, but he doesn't challenge when it just caught the line. He goes on to lob Murray to move to 40-15, but then a double-fault gives Murray a chance - which he quickly dashes to hold serve.
    7/5/2013 6:50:17 PM
  • Well, the flood lights have come on, but as I'm sure you'll know if you're near a window, it's still pretty bright out there! Seems there on an automatic timer, and with a look at the clock, a fifth set may take us under the roof for a floodlit finish!
    7/5/2013 6:52:40 PM
  • Murray 6-7 6-4 Janowicz*:
    Murray's in a hurry (I couldn't resist) as he races through to 40-0 to earn three set-points. The Pole battles back on the first, but he can do nothing to return Murray's serve on the next and THE BRIT LEVELS THING UP AT ONE SET EACH!
    7/5/2013 6:54:37 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 6-4 0-1 Janowicz:
    There's the lob that worked so well for Murray in the early stages of the tournament, just finding the line to level at 30-30. But Janowicz responds, and growls in celebration as he wins the game.
    7/5/2013 7:00:12 PM
  • Murray 6-7 6-4 1-1 Janowicz*:
    Murray's serve is called in, but even he thinks it's out, and the challenge is successful for Janowicz. He then misses an easy sot, taking his eye off the ball and volleys into the net. Janowicz hits long to let Murray off his mistake, but he gets a stroke of luck when he clips the net heavily to give Murray no chance, giving him two early break-points. As seems standard though on break-point, Murray hits an ace, and follows it with another for deuce. It's a hat-trick of aces! And he round out the game when Janowicz hits wide. Good hold for the Brit.
    7/5/2013 7:05:48 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 6-4 1-2 Janowicz:
    Since the beginning of the second set, Murray has definitely got better at returning this almighty serves, though Janowicz is still able to generate an enormous level of power in his ground strokes. He takes the game, an immediately goes to argue with the umpire about when the roof will close. He wants an exact time on when it may close, and he's fighting a losing battle on that one I'm afraid.
    7/5/2013 7:10:10 PM
  • Murray 6-7 6-4 1-3 Janowicz*:
    A big round of applause goes up when one of the ball-boys takes agreat catch of a Murray serve, but the the world No 2 can't replicate it and Janowicz has another break-point. Worrying signs for the crowd, and Janowicz breaks Murray with a deft drop-shot to take a third-set lead.
    7/5/2013 7:14:40 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 6-4 1-4 Janowicz:
    Murray keeps fighting, drawing to deuce, but two huge serves takes the game for the Pole. Murray looks very frustrated, and Janowicz is definitely on the up.
    7/5/2013 7:18:47 PM
  • Murray 6-7 6-4 2-4 Janowicz*:
    That's better for the Brit. Murray takes the game to love to put some sort of pressure on Janoewicz, and hope that he can find something to stay in this set.
    7/5/2013 7:21:24 PM
  • *Murray 6-7 6-4 3-4 Janowicz:
    The longest rally of the match sees Janowicz take the 27-shot epic, and the umpire has to warn the crowd to remain quiet. Come on now...27 shots! Murray smashes across-court, and then lands a winner to earn a break-point, and he does it! Crucial break for Murray!
    7/5/2013 7:25:39 PM
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