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    Apple is putting some of the special tools they put on iOS last year, and putting them in Mac OS, which should make it faster. Metal, which was launched last year as a way of making graphics better, gives better performance and battery life, according to Craig Federighi.

    Some developers have already had a go. Adobe has used it in its apps, and it has sped up performance by up to 8 times.

    Games are up to 10 times as fast. We're hearing from developers Epic, who have already used it.
    6/8/2015 5:24:10 PM
    We're seeing a big demo from Epic, of their game Fortnite. It's fairly impressive. But it's difficult really to see how much better this makes it — I've played games on the current Mac OS that look nicer than this...
    6/8/2015 5:28:57 PM
    El Capital is available to all developers today. There'll be a public beta in July. And then everyone will get a free upgrade this autumn.
    6/8/2015 5:30:03 PM
    Siri now: 40 per cent fewer errors. And only 5 per cent of requests have an error in now, apparently.

    Now, Apple is using extra features, like 'remind me when I get into the car'.

    The voice assistant also has a new simplified look.
    6/8/2015 5:32:55 PM
    Now we're hearing about Proactive. When you plug in your speakers in the morning, it will know that you want to listen to music, for instance. And if something's in your calendar, it'll tell you that you need to leave and give you easy directions.
    6/8/2015 5:34:15 PM
    You'll get to that special Siri view by swiping all the way to the left. Siri will suggest stuff: apps you might want to launch, people you might want to talk to, and news. And developers can add those things into search themselves: so if you search for 'Maui', then airbnb can offer you places there.
    6/8/2015 5:36:02 PM
    It's all a bit like Google Now, though in some ways seems even more clever. That feature has been on Android for a while. It uses Google's data to try and guess what you might want, and offer easily clickable things when it thinks you need them.
    6/8/2015 5:36:52 PM
    We're seeing Craig Federighi's day in the life with the new Proactive Assistant. He meditates in the morning, so relaxing sounds automatically come up; someone asks him to go out tonight, so it automatically adds it to the calendar; he goes to the gym, so it automatically offers him energising music; he goes into the kitchen, and it knows that he tends to call Trent Reznor there (huh?!).
    6/8/2015 5:38:57 PM
    Apple is stressing that all of these intelligent tools are worked out on the device — so the information isn't going to the cloud, and there's no privacy issue. If the tool does need to look something up (like traffic conditions) then it does it anonymously.

    This whole privacy part is a fairly obvious dig at Google, whose Google Now is powered using the various bits of information that the company collects about its users.
    6/8/2015 5:43:00 PM
    Apple Pay's coming to the UK! With all the biggest banks, and "iconic British brands" like M&S and Waitrose. There'll be 250,000 locations using it — more than at the launch in the US. And TfL will support it, letting people pay for their commute using their phone.
    6/8/2015 5:46:51 PM
    The woman onstage now, Jennifer Bailey, heads up Apple Pay. As reported this morning, she's the first Apple employee ever to appear on stage during an Apple event.
    6/8/2015 5:47:52 PM
    Passbook — probably one of those apps you never used — is now called Wallet. And it seems to be getting more useful: adding more apps, including those for your credit card.
    6/8/2015 5:48:18 PM
    Now we're hearing about the iOS apps.
    6/8/2015 5:49:19 PM
    First up: Notes.

    You can now draw notes using your finger, so you can do a sketch and stick it straight into the Notes app.

    You can also put information from any other app into notes. So clicking on the share extension in Safari lets you drop a link straight into the app, for information. All of those attachments will be stored in a special view, so you can flick through them and then head back to the note they came from.

    All of those features will be on iPhone, iPad and Mac. And they'll be synced between using iCloud.
    6/8/2015 5:50:40 PM
    Next up: Maps.

    It's been used a lot: 3.5 times more than the next leading one. (Which is presumably Google Maps.)

    Transit directions: you can get public transport information straight from the mapping app, which is new for Apple Maps. The company says they're very detailed: entrances and exits to underground stations are mapped, so people will know where they need to exit and precisely how far they have to walk to get to the train.

    All of those featues are built into Siri.

    It'll be rolled out to about 10 cities initially, including London but no others in the UK. Also 300 in China!
    6/8/2015 5:52:38 PM
    Next app's a new one: News.

    We'll hear about this from the second woman on stage! Susan Prescott.

    It's tailored. So when you open the app, you can choose different sources and topics, and then news will create "a personalised feed, called 'For You'". It'll use algorithms to work out what each story is about, and then put it into special topics.

    Every time you check it, it'll update. The articles can come from anywhere.

    But it has a new proprietary format: like Facebook's Instant Articles, it requires people to make stories within Apple's own app, and ensures that they look nice.
    6/8/2015 5:56:51 PM
    6/8/2015 6:00:55 PM
    6/8/2015 6:00:58 PM
    Apple is making clear — and this is becoming a theme — that News doesn't take your data and that privacy is the top priority.
    6/8/2015 6:01:37 PM
    News will be rolling out in the US, UK and Australia.
    6/8/2015 6:01:48 PM
    Next up: iPad.
    6/8/2015 6:01:59 PM
    First up, the keyboard.

    It's a kind of trackpad now: if you plonk two fingers onto the screen, you'll be able to navigate around like on the Mac.

    It's also got shortcuts, if you plug a keyboard in. So you'll be able to quickly switch through apps or launch actions, like on the PC.
    6/8/2015 6:03:58 PM
    And second: proper multi-tasking. You'll be able to have two apps at once on your iPad!
    6/8/2015 6:04:32 PM
    So, for instance: if you're reading through a site on Safari, but want to quickly switch to messages, you can swipe in a slim version of it from the side. You can do both of those things with any app,

    And if you want to work on them properly, you can pull them in permanently. That means you can work on both apps at the same time.
    6/8/2015 6:05:33 PM
    This could make the iPad much more useful as a computer, rather than just a consumption device.

    People have long said that the iPad is really too powerful for what you can do with it. But this will probably make much more use of it: letting two apps take full advantage of the little computer's processing power.
    6/8/2015 6:06:49 PM
    It's also probably getting iOS ready for the iPad Pro. That tablet — rumoured to be much bigger, feature a stylus, and be made for people to use it as a full computer — wouldn't really work without proper multi-tasking. And now it's here.
    6/8/2015 6:07:29 PM
    Another useful case being shown: if you're watching a video, and then get a notification, you can click into the app to respond to it but the video will move into picture-in-picture mode. So you can write an email with a little version of the video, that you can then move about the screen and resize.
    6/8/2015 6:08:31 PM
    6/8/2015 6:08:44 PM
    6/8/2015 6:08:54 PM
    This is easy for developers, Apple says: apps can already resize themselves, so they'll just do that when they're being brought in from the side, or whatever.
    6/8/2015 6:09:12 PM
    It'll work on iPads from the Air and Mini 2 upwards.
    6/8/2015 6:09:27 PM
    Here's the performance bumps: faster and an extra hour of battery.
    6/8/2015 6:10:55 PM
    The process of upgrading has been upgraded. Not the 4.6GB that it was last year, which royally annoyed everyone, but shrunk down hugely. That will help more people upgrade, Apple said.
    6/8/2015 6:11:44 PM
    6/8/2015 6:12:28 PM
    Hearing about some developer stuff now: special tools to let people make games and apps more easily.
    6/8/2015 6:12:58 PM
    New metrics for HealthKit: hydration, UV exposure, and so on.
    6/8/2015 6:13:21 PM
    And HomeKit (the thing that'll link up your connected home): now it can control window shades, take information from sensors like those for carbon monoxide, and it'll link up to iCloud so all of that can be controlled from anywhere.
    6/8/2015 6:13:55 PM
    Swift will be open source: anyone will be able to get to the code. The room goes crazy (and Federighi, who announced it, seem to know it would). Standing ovation, by the looks of it.

    This is slightly niche developer news, but it's huge philosophically.

    All will be coming by the end of this year.
    6/8/2015 6:17:04 PM
    iOS 9 will be available on public beta in July (as previously reported). And then out properly later in Autumn.
    6/8/2015 6:17:46 PM
    Every device that could use iOS 8 will be able to use iOS 9.
    6/8/2015 6:18:00 PM
    We thought we missed Tim Cook's numbers bit, but we didn't. Here we go: 100 billion app downloads from the app store.
    6/8/2015 6:19:42 PM
    Video about the App Store now: inspiring music and big shots of the world.
    6/8/2015 6:21:10 PM
    The App Store is a bigger revolution that the Industrial one, of electricity and pretty much everything else, say a bunch of people in the App Store video. And it sounds silly, but they might be right: the numbers are huge.
    6/8/2015 6:22:44 PM
    And here goes watchOS: the developer platform for the Apple Watch. Cook says he feels about this like he did when the App Store was launched.
    6/8/2015 6:28:09 PM
    New features of the Apple Watch include improvements to it as a timepiece, Apple Pay, and the dictation and Siri.
    6/8/2015 6:29:30 PM
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