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UFC Fight Night London LIVE: Silva vs Bisping

    Bisping breathing heavy in his corner, but few have a cardio like his, and he'll take great heart from the close of that second round
    2/27/2016 11:04:57 PM
    Silva needs to cut the theatrics and just fight if he wants to win this
    2/27/2016 11:05:20 PM
    The crowd are finally being treated to an excellent fight, this has lit up the arena as we get started with the third
    2/27/2016 11:05:55 PM
    Silva lands a solid leg kick after dodging a few punches
    2/27/2016 11:06:19 PM
    Silva looks much more compact now, looks like Bisping has earned his respect with the first two rounds
    2/27/2016 11:06:42 PM
    Bisping not afraid to throw big leg kicks, but Silva catches one and puts him down, the Mancunian quickly gets back to his feet, though
    2/27/2016 11:08:30 PM
    Bisping doing some great work with his jab
    2/27/2016 11:09:10 PM
    Silva not letting Bisping out now, looking to get some shots off of his own
    2/27/2016 11:09:37 PM
    Silva lands a solid knee to the body on Bipsing
    2/27/2016 11:10:04 PM
    2/27/2016 11:10:46 PM
    Bisping's mouthpiece gets knocked out, points to the ground and Silva lands a jumping knee, we have no idea if the fight has been stopped or not though
    2/27/2016 11:11:09 PM
    This is ridiculous
    2/27/2016 11:12:18 PM
    Bisping's nose is destroyed and we have no idea what on earth is going on cageside, but the fight continues
    2/27/2016 11:12:34 PM
    Bisping has gone from dominant to battered and bruised because a mouthpiece came out and the fight wasn't paused
    2/27/2016 11:13:07 PM
    Bisping landing punches in bunches now, the whole crowd is cheering for the local boy after that bizarre end to the third
    2/27/2016 11:14:15 PM
    Crowd chanting Bisping's name
    2/27/2016 11:15:37 PM
    Bisping up against the cage in front of me and Silva lands a superman punch at the bell
    2/27/2016 11:18:44 PM
    Bisping is bloodied, all because of that bizarre incident in the last round, don't expect this final bell, however it comes, to be the last of it for this fight
    2/27/2016 11:19:07 PM
    Final round
    2/27/2016 11:20:08 PM
    Silva lands a big shot followed up with a high kick
    2/27/2016 11:21:03 PM
    Bisping said before the fight that the longer this went on, the better it'd be for him, the opposite has turned out to be true, Silva has shown amazing cardio
    2/27/2016 11:21:28 PM
    Bisping is bleeding profusely
    2/27/2016 11:21:34 PM
    Another Bisping chant rings loud throughout the O2
    2/27/2016 11:22:23 PM
    Bisping is hurt!
    2/27/2016 11:22:39 PM
    Silva with an amazing outside kick
    2/27/2016 11:22:56 PM
    this has been an incredible fight
    2/27/2016 11:23:03 PM
    Bisping looks to have recovered
    2/27/2016 11:23:34 PM
    Last 15 seconds
    2/27/2016 11:25:18 PM
    the crowd is going berserk
    2/27/2016 11:25:21 PM
    Too close to call who takes it, what a fight
    2/27/2016 11:25:48 PM
    It's unanimous
    2/27/2016 11:27:52 PM
    Michael bisping wins!!!!
    2/27/2016 11:27:59 PM
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