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UFC Fight Night London LIVE: Silva vs Bisping

  • Scott tries to get up but is quickly thrown by Jotko whom lands in side control before being pulled back into guard
    2/27/2016 7:30:24 PM
  • Fight ends with Jotko standing over Scott and throwing down punches, both fighters will be confident of a win, let's see what the judges think...
    2/27/2016 7:31:30 PM
  • Jotko wins by unanimous decision, with one judge scoring the bout 30-27. Harsh on Scott, in my opinion
    2/27/2016 7:32:44 PM
  • Arnold Allen vs Yoatzin Meza next
    2/27/2016 7:33:22 PM
  • Meza lands a straight right and is hitting home with some solid low leg kicks on Allen
    2/27/2016 7:36:52 PM
  • Meza has Allen tied up against the cage right in front of us, Allen hasn't really got going yet
    2/27/2016 7:38:34 PM
  • I must have jinxed it, Allen turns Meza and scores the first takedown
    2/27/2016 7:39:03 PM
  • The fight gets stood up (absurdly) and now Allen appears much more confident, only ten seconds left of the first, though
    2/27/2016 7:40:54 PM
  • Crowd cheers as the monitor shows Bisping arriving, guy in the front row thinks the cheers are for him...they're not
    2/27/2016 7:42:01 PM
  • Just seen that Benson Henderson is Meza's coach, that must be where all the positivity is coming from within his corner
    2/27/2016 7:42:55 PM
  • Round 2 and Allen controls the centre of the cage while Meza circles, eerily similar to the previous fight. Shots thrown in isolation, no combinations
    2/27/2016 7:45:53 PM
  • Meza goes down complaining of an eye poke, replay shows he did take one as Allen defended the takedown
    2/27/2016 7:46:27 PM
  • Fight carries on after Meza recovers
    2/27/2016 7:47:55 PM
  • Second round uneventful and comes to a close, feels like the room is waiting for something to create some buzz
    2/27/2016 7:48:58 PM
  • Round three
    2/27/2016 7:49:32 PM
  • Theme of the night has certainly been fighters throwing single shots. Fights haven't really got out of third gear as fighters fail to throw combinations
    2/27/2016 7:50:18 PM
  • Allen defending a takedown against the cage, Meza isn't going to get this one, looks to be trying desperately to sink it, though
    2/27/2016 7:52:20 PM
  • in the end it's Allen who gets the takedown, despite Meza's corner consistently, and ironically, yelling 'great takedown!'
    2/27/2016 7:52:58 PM
  • Meza continues to try and land a takedown but Allen rejects every advance
    2/27/2016 7:53:46 PM
  • Allen knocks Meza out at the bell, why didnt he unleash those combos sooner!?
    2/27/2016 7:54:54 PM
  • unsure whether or not he got the KO in time, Benson Henderson pleading with the ref to make sure the fight was over before the knockout blow
    2/27/2016 7:55:17 PM
  • Meza on jelly legs as he makes his way to the centre of the ring
    2/27/2016 7:56:06 PM
  • Allen wins by unanimous decision, a shame he couldn't get the KO, but a win is a win nonetheless
    2/27/2016 7:56:30 PM
  • UFC giving us no time to breath here as Askham vs Dempsey is already underway!
    2/27/2016 7:59:42 PM
  • Great grapple exchange early which sees Dempsey pile the pressure on but Askham absorbs it and gets the fight back on the feet.
    2/27/2016 8:00:48 PM
  • Dempsey has ASkham against the cage and lands some tough knees, now looking to secure a takedown
    2/27/2016 8:01:58 PM
  • Great reversal and throw from Askham who now has Dempsey's back
    2/27/2016 8:02:34 PM
  • An amazing left hook from Askham has Dempsey on jelly legs before the Englishman follows up with a head kick that puts the American out!
    2/27/2016 8:04:16 PM
  • Crowd has been given a much-needed injection of energy with that KO finish
    2/27/2016 8:07:22 PM
  • davey grant vs Marlon Vera now
    2/27/2016 8:11:12 PM
  • Apologies for the brief absence, i just paid £1.50 for a packet of crisps...
    2/27/2016 8:11:26 PM
  • Grant lands a solid combo that backs up Vera
    2/27/2016 8:12:29 PM
  • Marc Goddard seems to pause the fight halfway through a Vera submission attempt
    2/27/2016 8:13:28 PM
  • Crowd cheering with every kick Grant lands on a downed Vera
    2/27/2016 8:14:04 PM
  • Grant gets out of Vera's body triangle and reverses to land in guard
    2/27/2016 8:15:22 PM
  • Grant has a cut that's bleeding badly from the top of his head, second round he starts strong, though
    2/27/2016 8:18:07 PM
  • grant bleeding in a way that Diego Sanchez would be proud, but it's not stopping him absolutely dominating Vera
    2/27/2016 8:19:03 PM
  • Both fighters a bloody mess but most of it is Grant's as the contest goes to the ground
    2/27/2016 8:20:51 PM
  • Another takedown for Grant
    2/27/2016 8:21:58 PM
  • Ref warning Vera to keep the fight clean during the break after he lands an up-kick to a downed Grant
    2/27/2016 8:23:45 PM
  • Round three and grant has Vera on his back once again
    2/27/2016 8:24:56 PM
  • Vera continues to ignore the warnings of the referee and grab onto the cage
    2/27/2016 8:26:31 PM
  • Fighters back standing and exchange blows, of which grant once again lands the more significant strikes
    2/27/2016 8:28:21 PM
  • Fight comes to a close with both fighters bloodied, great performance from Grant
    2/27/2016 8:29:20 PM
  • Grant wins by unanimous decision, all three judges score the bout 30-26
    2/27/2016 8:30:50 PM
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