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UFC 194 LIVE - Connor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

    Round 1: Weidman looks to be aggressive early on and takes Rockhold's back in a standing position against the cage
    12/13/2015 5:10:26 AM
    Round 1: Rockhold manages to spin Weidman around but the champ is desperately fighting to keep the position
    12/13/2015 5:11:05 AM
    Round 1: Weidman lands a double-leg takedown against the cage and moves to side control. As Rockhold tries to get up Weidmen attempts to take the back but is unsuccessful and we're in a standing clinch
    12/13/2015 5:12:04 AM
    Round 1: Weidmen landing decent elbows in the clinch, Rockhold yet to find any rhythm because he's spent the whole round defending the champ's attacks
    12/13/2015 5:12:52 AM
    Round 1: Rockhold attempts a guillotine but can't get the legs where they need to be to sink it in. Chris unable to wriggle himself completely free yet though. Herb Dean decides to stand them up, strange decision
    12/13/2015 5:14:04 AM
    Good opening round, Weidmen takes it but Rockhold showed some promise in the final minute of what could be coming in the next four
    12/13/2015 5:14:46 AM
    Round 2: Rockhold lands an early shot that forces Weidman to cover up
    12/13/2015 5:16:17 AM
    Round 2: Rockhold starting to let his kicks go and Weidman having to be much more considerate in his attacks due to the challenger's knockout power
    12/13/2015 5:17:19 AM
    Round 2: Weidman landing some shots of his own but it's Rockhold who seems to be landing more damaging shots. Neither fighter getting anything going yet, though
    12/13/2015 5:18:42 AM
    Round 2: huge difference between the kicks Rockhold throws compared to Weidman, much more devastating
    12/13/2015 5:19:56 AM
    Round 2 much closer than the first. If Rockhold keeps getting off these kicks, it doesn't matter where they land, they'll do serious damage to the champion
    12/13/2015 5:21:12 AM
    Round 3: Weidman takes the centre of the cage again and ties Rockhold up in the clinch
    12/13/2015 5:22:49 AM
    Round 3: Rockhold looks to be taking a breather in this round. Either that or he's already exhausted
    12/13/2015 5:23:44 AM
    Round 3: Weidman has landed a series of body kicks that have to be taking their toll on Rockhold. However, a spinning kick from the champ leads to Rockhold taking his back on the mat
    12/13/2015 5:25:38 AM
    Round 3: Rockhold takes mount and cuts Weidman wide open. Rockhold is UNLOADING at the end of the round and the champ is barely defending. He somehow makes it to the end of the round!
    12/13/2015 5:26:54 AM
    Weidman is pouring with blood in his corner, he backs to his corner completely unsteady. It could be over in the fourth. Rockhold goes from behind to miles ahead
    12/13/2015 5:27:35 AM
    Round 4: Weidman's face is a mess as he comes out to the fourth round. Rockhold has to be looking to re-open the damage he did in the third
    12/13/2015 5:28:35 AM
    Round 4: Rockhold has top position with Weidman pressed up against the cage. Cuts have been re-opened and the champion is a bloody mess
    12/13/2015 5:30:19 AM
    WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!! Rockhold wins after the referee steps in due to strikes.
    12/13/2015 5:31:27 AM
    Absolute domination from Rockhold in the last five minutes of that fight. Weidman is beaten and bloodied and Rockhold is crying in the Octagon as he gets a hug from Daniel Cormier
    12/13/2015 5:31:58 AM
    Chris Weidman suffers his first career loss in devastating fashion. He looks completely disheartened during his interview with Joe Rogan. Says he will be back, though
    12/13/2015 5:37:54 AM
    Up next? The big one, it's finally here, McGregor vs Aldo. Champ vs Interim Champ. Pound-for-pound king vs the king of the mic. Enough hype for you?
    12/13/2015 5:39:25 AM
    McGregor get rapturous applause as his song plays and the challenger appears on screen for the fans in attendance
    12/13/2015 5:44:31 AM
    12/13/2015 5:46:09 AM
    Aldo coming out now, looking very relaxed. Warmly embraces all of his trainers before getting checked and now makes his way into the Octagon
    12/13/2015 5:49:58 AM
    That doesn't sound good
    12/13/2015 5:51:25 AM
    "Ole ole ole" bursts out around the arena.
    12/13/2015 5:51:55 AM
    Aldo is booed as Bruce Buffer introduces him, no prize for guessing which country has more fans in attendance in the arena
    12/13/2015 5:53:56 AM
    Round 1: It's already over!!! McGregor wins by KO in 13 second!!!! This is unbelievable!
    12/13/2015 5:54:59 AM
    Blink and you'd have missed it! Aldo is out cold!
    12/13/2015 5:55:10 AM
    That is absolutely unbelievable, McGregor may have to change his ring name to "ONE PUNCH"!!
    12/13/2015 5:58:13 AM
    Aldo is in utter shock, and looks furious at the fact he's lost. Don't fear the many who has to bring him back to reality with the reminder of what happened.
    12/13/2015 5:58:44 AM
    Aldo is utterly distraught, towel over his head, slumped in the corner of the cage
    12/13/2015 5:59:38 AM
    Aldo already demanding the rematch. Clearly been crying before his interview with Rogan
    12/13/2015 6:02:26 AM
    And as quick as that, it's over. UFC 194 has come to a close, and what a way to end it! McGregor is the new undisputed champion, meaning we will be hearing him talk for some time yet, and I can't wait
    12/13/2015 6:05:31 AM
    Well that concludes our coverage of UFC 194, I hope you enjoyed it! You can click the link below for our full fight report on what has been quite a special night:
    12/13/2015 6:11:36 AM
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