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Theresa May meets Donald Trump

  • Welcome to The Independent's coverage of Theresa May's visit to the White House.

    She is due to take part in a joint press coverage with new President Donald Trump.
    1/27/2017 5:47:00 PM
  • The British PM and US President are due to speak at around 1pm eastern time, which is 6pm in the UK. Ms May arrived at the White House about an hour ago - the first foreign leader to visit since Trump took the oath of office last week
    1/27/2017 5:57:20 PM
  • BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg has tweeted that the televised news conference has been delayed - perhaps by as much as half an hour. That could be because of problems getting into the White House reported by some British journalists after their date of births were submitted to the secret service using the UK format of day/month/year, rather than month/day/year
    1/27/2017 6:03:37 PM
  • May and Trump's first official photocall took place in front of the contentious bust of Winston Churchill
    Trump said it was "a great honour" to have the Churchill bust back in the Oval Office after Barack Obama was criticised for removing it.  
    1/27/2017 6:11:08 PM
  • May and Trump are now standing at the podium - Trump speaking first
    1/27/2017 6:11:47 PM
  • Trump says it is a great honour to have her visit - and reminds viewers his mother was born in Scotland
    1/27/2017 6:12:27 PM
    Trump calls UK and US a "beacon" for prosperity and the rule of law - and backs an "independent" Britain
    1/27/2017 6:12:59 PM
    Trump immediately comments on Brexit - says great days lie ahead for both countries
    1/27/2017 6:13:35 PM
    May speaking now - starts by saying she is "so pleased" she can be there today
    1/27/2017 6:13:50 PM
    The UK PM calls Trump's election victory "stunning"
    1/27/2017 6:14:12 PM
    She says Mr Trump has accepted an invitation for a state visit to the UK later this year
    1/27/2017 6:14:34 PM
    May says both leaders have discussed how to tackle Isis - we will not eradicate this threat until we defeat the ideology that lies behind it. Also says they will discuss Syria and Russia
    1/27/2017 6:15:25 PM
    May says Trump has confirmed he is "100% behind" Nato military alliance
    1/27/2017 6:15:45 PM
    May repeats Trump line that other Nato members must "share the burden" by committing more to defence spending
    1/27/2017 6:16:27 PM
    On trade, May says she is discussing "how we can lay the groundwork" for a trade agreement with the US
    1/27/2017 6:17:15 PM
    May says she is looking forward to working with Trump in the future
    1/27/2017 6:17:29 PM
    Trump responds to May's statement - "that was very nicely stated"
    1/27/2017 6:17:52 PM
    On Russia, Trump says it is "very early" to be discussing sanctions
    1/27/2017 6:18:15 PM
    Trump says he is "all for" a good relationship with China and Russia but there are "no guarantees"
    1/27/2017 6:18:53 PM
    May adds that the UK backs continued sanctions against Russia
    1/27/2017 6:19:18 PM
    Donald Trump announces state visit to Britain later this year…
    BBC political editor asks May where the two leaders disagreed...May says they have been having a "conversation and dialogue". "There will be times when we disagree", she says. But adds that the "special relationship" allows her to have "frank" discussions with the President
    1/27/2017 6:21:10 PM
    Trump repeats claim that torture "does work" but says he will listen to his team on the issue
    1/27/2017 6:22:14 PM
    On Putin, he says he doesn't know the Russian leader but it is "possible" to have good relations. "I've had many times when I thought I'd get along with poeple, and I dont like them at all."
    1/27/2017 6:23:15 PM
    Now a question from Trump's favourite news channel Fox on the ties with Mexico... Trump replies that he had a "very good call" with Enrique Pena Nieto
    1/27/2017 6:24:12 PM
    May asked whether deteriorating ties between US and Mexico worries her, but Trump answers it for her: "I think she has more important things to worry about"
    1/27/2017 6:25:18 PM
    Trump says he is "not as brash as you might think" to a question from the Sun political editor.
    1/27/2017 6:27:41 PM
    Trump on Brexit: says he was "scorned" for predicting the outcome of the vote by the media. Says he thinks Brexit will be a "wonderful thing" for the UK
    1/27/2017 6:28:20 PM
    Trump refers to the EU as a "consortium" and says making trade deals with the Brussels bloc was "very tough"
    1/27/2017 6:29:05 PM
    May responds to question on what they have in common: "We want to put the interests of ordinary working people right up there centre stage."
    1/27/2017 6:29:43 PM
    And that is the end of questions...May and Trump leave the stage
    1/27/2017 6:30:02 PM
    1/27/2017 6:31:07 PM
    Some reaction now from pundits.....some seem surprised by the US President's characterisation of May as a "people person"
    1/27/2017 6:32:37 PM
    After Trump signaled his administration would consider lifting sanctions on Russia in the press conference, Republican Senator John McCain is warning the President against doing so, calling it a “reckless course”
    1/27/2017 6:39:00 PM
    Reaction in the US appears to be focusing on the tough questions posed by British journalists, including the Sun's Tom Newton Dunn and BBC's Laura Kuenssberg, who both were given a chance to speak
    1/27/2017 6:41:44 PM
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