The end of the world : As it happened (or not) - Live coverage - The Independent

The end of the world : As it happened (or not)

Follow of the end of the world (or not) live

  • The BBC says "those preparing for the end of the world by heading to Bugarach in southern France were reported to be far outnumbered by journalists" (perhaps those journalists know something we don't?)
    12/21/2012 10:54:53 AM
  • 12/21/2012 10:56:00 AM
  • Nasa says it has received thousands of calls and emails from concerned citizens asking for info about the apocalypse
    12/21/2012 11:00:32 AM
  • The Pope hasn't tweeted about the 'end of the world', but he did tweet this on Wednesday:
    "Mary is filled with joy on learning that she is to be the mother of Jesus, God’s Son made man. True joy comes from union with God"
    12/21/2012 11:02:53 AM
  • Last five minutes...
    12/21/2012 11:07:04 AM
  • MEANWHILE, something that did happen! People embrace by the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, in southern England, as access to the site is given to druids, New Age followers and members of the public on the annual Winter Solstice on 21 December 2012 (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    12/21/2012 11:08:23 AM
  • Someone Googled "end of the world what happened". It either ended...or it didn't
    12/21/2012 11:10:50 AM
  • Bye! And thanks for all the fish (Just in case)
    12/21/2012 11:10:58 AM
  • Less than one minute left...
    12/21/2012 11:11:25 AM
  • 5
    12/21/2012 11:11:56 AM
  • 4
    12/21/2012 11:11:57 AM
  • 3
    12/21/2012 11:11:59 AM
  • 2
    12/21/2012 11:12:01 AM
  • 1
    12/21/2012 11:12:04 AM
  • ... Still here?
    12/21/2012 11:12:11 AM
  • If you like this sort of stuff, watch The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961) - one of the best science fiction disaster movies ever
    12/21/2012 11:12:47 AM
  • Thank gowd thought I was a gonna .......
    12/21/2012 11:15:45 AM
  • Its not the end, but only the beginning of the end
    12/21/2012 11:15:46 AM
  • Still here in Aus! Congrats to everyone that made it.
    12/21/2012 11:15:56 AM
  • Yep,still here...loads of cods w
    12/21/2012 11:16:00 AM
  • There you are - proof that it's a load of rubbish. It's 0012 now here in New Zealand and I'm pleased to say we're all
    12/21/2012 11:16:07 AM
  • Well, I had a glass of whiskey and cigar on stand by... just in case. Anyone else have an end of the World plan?
    12/21/2012 11:17:58 AM
  • wait, what's that in the sky? - a giant fireball! oh my god!..... Oh hold on, that's the Sun. sorry folks, we don't see that much around here.
    12/21/2012 11:18:03 AM
  • It's already 12:17 a.m. on 22 December here in New Zealand, so at least this country is safe! (And Tonga 1 hour earlier...)
    12/21/2012 11:18:13 AM
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