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The Oscars

And the Academy Award goes to....

  • Bryan Cranston is looking nice in a suit. Where's his pork pie hat??
  • Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen

    2/25/2013 12:07:55 AM
  • Charlize Theron unsurprisingly hawt in structural white bustier with peplum and slim skirt
  • Keyhole neckline and halter straps for Amanda Seyfried in pale and heavily embroidered Alexander McQueen
  • Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence both in strapless off-white. We have a trend!
  • The Sessions's Helen Hunt looking chic in understated navy silk
  • Helen Hunt is in h&m! what a coup for the Swedish high street
  • Jennifer Lawrence thinks Amanda Seyfried's dress is 'awwwwwesome'
  • And Best Live Action Short goes to... Curfew, which is available on iTunes now. Here's a trailer. Watch out for Shawn Christensen in future. My favourite previous winner of this award is Martin McDonagh's bleak, hilarious Six-Shooter
    2/25/2013 2:38:40 AM
  • Best Picture favourite Argo has seen its fair share of controversy this year. Affleck was upfront about his film’s tinkering with the history of the Iranian hostage crisis. There was no “chase scene” in the true story. But the former Canadian ambassador depicted in the film is still a little testy about how much credit Affleck’s film gives to the Americans for the affair, at the expense of the Canadians.

    2/25/2013 2:39:49 AM
  • John Travolta has a lot of hair tonight.
    2/25/2013 2:53:42 AM
  • Chicago won Best Picture in 2002, which you might reasonably assume was one of Oscar's many famous travesties, except that its competition was The Hours, Gangs of New York, The Pianist and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. What would you have picked?
    2/25/2013 2:57:41 AM
  • Wow. 2001 and 2002 were seriously weak.
    2/25/2013 3:00:00 AM
  • So Adele has some serious work to do if she means to out-sing Bassey and Hudson.
    2/25/2013 3:01:22 AM
  • The French are coming.
    2/25/2013 3:04:58 AM

  • But Tommy Lee Jones is still reliably unimpressed.
    2/25/2013 3:05:27 AM
  • Anne Hathaway, seen there in her second dress of the evening, has graced this awards season with many a faux-shocked acceptance speech, and even thanked the long-dead Victor Hugo after her BAFTA win, which many agreed was her most egregiously cringe-making address so far. She’s nailed on to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Question is: can she top this?

    2/25/2013 3:07:38 AM
  • This tech awards interlude presumably to give Anne Hathaway time to get back into her A dress before she's named Best Supporting Actress.
    2/25/2013 3:10:45 AM
  • Okay, so if I have this down right, “Sound Mixing” means the sound recording done on set during filming – such as the live singing in Les Mis – whereas “Sound Editing” means the sound effects and production added later.

    2/25/2013 3:12:07 AM
  • And the Oscar (for Sound Mixing), of course, goes to Les Miserables.
    2/25/2013 3:13:00 AM
  • A tie?! Has that ever happened before?
    2/25/2013 3:15:46 AM
  • We're in the final straight, and Argo's starting to pick up steam. Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Chris Terrio, who thanks the film's star and director Ben Affleck - who won his own Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1998, with Good Will Hunting.
    2/25/2013 4:26:48 AM
  • Tarantino picks up his second Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, for Django Unchained, and even manages to hush the orchestra before finishing his speech. Is that a first?
    2/25/2013 4:29:28 AM
  • With Affleck, Bigelow, Hooper and Tarantino all out of the running, Steven Spielberg is the favourite to take home his third Oscar for Best Director. But there may still be an upset: don’t bet against Life of Pi director Ang Lee winning a second Oscar – his first was for Brokeback Mountain in 2005.

    2/25/2013 4:30:12 AM
  • Ang Lee wins Best Director. By my count, that's the fourth Oscar for Life of Pi (I'll check in a sec). An unexpectedly good night.
    2/25/2013 4:36:52 AM
  • Is Emmanuelle Riva the only Best Actress nominee not to have brought her mum with her?
    2/25/2013 4:42:52 AM
  • And the Oscar goes to Jennifer Lawrence, who FALLS OVER on the stairs.
    2/25/2013 4:44:20 AM
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