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The Oscars

And the Academy Award goes to....

  • Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence both in strapless off-white. We have a trend!
  • The Sessions's Helen Hunt looking chic in understated navy silk
  • Helen Hunt is in h&m! what a coup for the Swedish high street
  • Jennifer Lawrence thinks Amanda Seyfried's dress is 'awwwwwesome'
  • Anne Hathaway in blush pink duchesse satin by Prada with a bare cross-back and jewelled neckline
  • It's cobalt blue Louis Vuitton for Reese Witherspoon - a colour we've been seeing plenty of for autumn 2013 and the catwalks right now (Getty)

    2/25/2013 12:22:38 AM
  • Helen Hunt is in H&M! what a coup for the Swedish high street

    2/25/2013 12:23:09 AM
  • That Sally Field gown is by Valentino, in the house's signature shade. Who cares that it's the same colour as the upholstery?

    2/25/2013 12:25:55 AM
  • Helena BC in monochrome curtains
  • Charlize Theron is also in Dior Couture. Told you it was a trend
  • Jane Fonda in shocking yellow
  • it's wrapping up. Let's hope no-one spills anything on all those lovely dresses
  • Helena BC in monochrome curtains

    2/25/2013 12:38:18 AM
  • Oscars fashion: The red carpet verdict
  • Anne Hathaway in blush pink duchesse satin by Prada with a bare cross-back and jewelled neckline

    2/25/2013 12:39:05 AM
  • Good evening from LA, where Bradley Cooper has brought his mum to the Oscars. It's a tradition that stretches back at least as far as 1996, when Kevin Spacey's mum was his date as he won the gong for Best Supporting Actor in The Usual Suspects. Spacey brought Mrs Spacey again in 2000 when he took home the Best Actor statuette for American Beauty. And Ben Affleck and Matt Damon hugged their moms after winning their Oscars for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting in 1998.
    2/25/2013 1:13:35 AM
  • Robert De Niro mentored Cooper long before they appeared together onscreen in Silver Linings Playbook or Limitless. What did he see in his protege? "He's a smart, compassionate young man... and he likes me. And I like people who like me."
    2/25/2013 1:16:21 AM
  • George Clooney says he’s now cemented his status as “a trivia question”. With his producer credit on Best Picture favourite Argo, Clooney becomes the first person ever nominated in all six major Oscar categories. Besides his multiple Best Actor nominations, Clooney won Best Supporting Actor for Syriana in 2005, the same year he was nominated for directing and co-writing the original screenplay for Good Night and Good Luck. He was shortlisted for Best Adapted Screenplay for co-writing The Ides of March in 2011. Walt Disney was also nominated in six categories, but as Deadline explains, it doesn’t really count.
    2/25/2013 1:20:01 AM
  • This year’s Oscar race is thought to be the most expensive yet, but the big spending began back in 1999, when Harvey Weinstein sank a reported $15m into his campaign to secure Best Picture for Shakespeare in Love – compared to the estimated $4m spent on each of its rivals, including Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan.
    2/25/2013 1:23:23 AM
  • Still considering a late bet on tonight’s awards? Nate Silver, the New York Times’ near-infallible electoral pollster has turned his hand to data-mining the Oscar race. Here are his predictions, though they don’t contain much in the way of surprises.

    2/25/2013 1:27:03 AM
  • Seeing lots of James Bond-themed ads for Great Britain between tonight's ABC Oscar coverage. The Oscars are the second-biggest advertising opportunity in US television, after Super Bowl. This year Hyundai has the most ad time, with seven separate commercials due for broadcast during the ceremony. But the last of Samsung Mobile’s six ads may be the most anticipated: it features Tim Burton, as himself, developing a movie version of a fictional videogame, called “Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn of Darkness”.

    2/25/2013 1:30:18 AM
  • Here we go. Will Seth make em laugh...?
    2/25/2013 1:30:47 AM
  • There's Emmanuelle Riva. Today is her 86th birthday. She’s the oldest ever nominee for Best Actress, and her nine-year-old rival Quvenzhane Wallis is the youngest.  Wallis has just been unveiled as the lead in a new movie version of Annie. Its producers smartly chose this morning to announce the news.
    2/25/2013 1:34:27 AM
  • William Shatner guest spot! This is a risk.
    2/25/2013 1:37:04 AM
  • "We saw your boobs". An opening number for the ages.
    2/25/2013 1:39:37 AM
  • There's Channing Tatum, star of Magic Mike and some other stuff. Question: Why did Matthew McConaughey not get a nomination for Killer Joe OR Magic Mike? A travesty.
    2/25/2013 1:41:20 AM
  • Twitter seems to think Jennifer Lawrence is the Best Dressed star at the Oscars. Odds are that's not the only title she'll take home tonight.
    2/25/2013 1:47:44 AM
  • Robert de Niro hasn’t been nominated for an Oscar since Cape Fear in 1992. His last win came in 1981 for Raging Bull (he also won Best Supporting Actor in 1975 for The Godfather Part II). Tommy Lee Jones was last nominated in 2008 for In the Valley of Elah. He won Best Supporting Actor 1994, for his role in The Fugitive.

    2/25/2013 1:48:31 AM
  • And the winner is... Christoph Waltz. That's 2 nominations, 2 wins for Tarantino's new muse.
    2/25/2013 1:51:49 AM
  • So we have the first winner of the evening, but we also have our first group of losers. Never mind, chaps. Tomorrow morning you’re all going to receive an “Everyone Wins At The Oscars Nominee Gift Bag”, which PR firm Distinctive Assets delivers to the door of every loser in a major category the morning after the ceremony. This year’s bag reportedly contains gifts worth more than $45,000 (£29,500), including a $12,000 trip to Australia, a $5,000 facelift, $400 of children’s circus lessons, and some Windex glass-cleaning spray.

    2/25/2013 1:52:38 AM
  • Seth MacFarlane has the right voice for this job, no doubt about it. And excellent teeth.
    2/25/2013 1:53:44 AM
  • This year has been the most controversial Oscar race in memory, mostly due to 10 minutes of Zero Dark Thirty, as I reported yesterday. Have a read during the next ad break, or craft category.

    2/25/2013 1:55:52 AM
  • Rudd/McCarthy. Could be funnier.
    2/25/2013 1:57:13 AM
  • And the Best Animated Short Film is... Disney's Paperman, which appeared in cinemas before Wreck-It Ralph.
    2/25/2013 1:59:28 AM
  • And the Best Animated Feature is... NOT Wreck-It Ralph, but an American in a kilt.
    2/25/2013 2:01:04 AM
  • How exactly does one pronounce Les MisérablesThe Vulture blog concludes that there’s any number of ways. Personally, I thought Tom Hiddleston pulled it off magnificently at the BAFTAs.

    2/25/2013 2:02:19 AM
  • You might be surprised to learn that Life of Pi has done better at the box office than any other nominee for Best Picture, with around $577m global gross to date. Its nearest rival is Les Mis, with $379m or thereabouts. That’s largely down to Pi’s remarkable popularity in the world’s fastest growing film market: China.

    2/25/2013 2:03:26 AM
  • Torquay-born cinematographer Roger Deakins, a longtime collaborator with the Coen brothers, has now been nominated for 10 Oscars without a win. In 2008 he was double-nominated for No Country for Old Men AND The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Could he take home his first statuette for Skyfall? It would be long overdue.

    2/25/2013 2:06:54 AM
  • But... the Oscar goes to Life of Pi's Claudio Miranda. There's always next year, Roger.
    2/25/2013 2:08:03 AM
  • Wow. Hair.
    2/25/2013 2:08:15 AM
  • The Visual Effects category contains the sole nomination for The Avengers, the most successful film of the year.
    2/25/2013 2:10:08 AM
  • But it goes to the team from Life of Pi, who created that remarkable tiger, 'Richard Parker'. That's 2 Oscars in as many minutes. Might Ang Lee's movie build up a head of steam.
    2/25/2013 2:12:03 AM
  • That acceptance speech was overwhelmed by the Jaws theme. But what the poor guy was trying to say was that the SFX studio for Life of Pi has sadly gone bankrupt since the film was made.
    2/25/2013 2:15:01 AM
  • Best Costume Design goes to... Jacqueline Durran, for Working Title's Anna Karenina - so that's the first British win of the night. The last time a contemporary film won the Costume Design gong was Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, in 1994.
    2/25/2013 2:19:49 AM
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling goes to Les Miserables: another win for Working Title, and for GB.
    2/25/2013 2:21:22 AM
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