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The Lance Armstrong interview

The seven-time Tour de France winner talks to Oprah Winfrey as he breaks his silence on allegations he doped throughout his career

  • Lance Armstrong talks to Oprah Winfrey, breaking his silence following allegations that he doped throughout his career. The US cyclist has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and his Olympic bronze medal. Follow the latest updates on his interview below...
    1/18/2013 1:43:40 AM
  • Welcome to the live-blog for Lance Armstrong vs Oprah Winfrey: Round One. I’m here to let you know how it all goes down tonight, just in case you couldn’t find the Oprah channel in your cable guide. The disgraced cyclist has already been stripped of his seven Tour de France wins following USADA’s reasoned decision in October, and we know that he’ll admit to doping in the interview. The question is, how much is he going to confess? Oprah told CBS this week that the cyclist had come well prepared for her questions, but that he “did not come clean in the manner I expected”. You can tweet your thoughts to me @timwalker.
    1/18/2013 1:41:43 AM
  • I went to Austin last week, to find out what people think of Armstrong's legacy in his hometown. You can read the piece here while you make yourself comfortable.
    1/18/2013 1:49:12 AM
  • Bear in mind that the interview, originally set to air in full tonight, has now been split over two nights. Perhaps this is because Lance plans to lay out the facts in all their gory detail. More likely it’s so that Oprah’s channel can milk its big moment for ratings and advertising. Which raises the possibility that we’ll hear a lot tonight about Lance’s good works and celebrity girlfriends, and not a lot about the doping.
    1/18/2013 1:52:04 AM
  • Some in the cycling community were disappointed that Lance chose Oprah to be his confessor. They think she’ll give him an easy ride (pun intended). Then again, given their friendship, she may also be well placed to get him to open up, in a way that someone more combative – a Paxman or similar – might not. The TV host and the disgraced cyclist both have homes in Hawaii, and Oprah apparently persuaded Armstrong to confess over lunch. Armstrong sent a text message to the Associated Press over the weekend, which said: "I told [Oprah] to go wherever she wants and I'll answer the questions directly, honestly and candidly.” But his confession is believed to be “limited.”
    1/18/2013 1:56:10 AM
  • The man in charge of Lance’s PR strategy is veteran communications strategist Mark Fabiani. He worked for the Clintons during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals, and he and his partner Chris Lehane are known as the “Masters of Disaster”.
    1/18/2013 1:57:46 AM
  • Why the straws?

    1/18/2013 2:01:02 AM
  • First question: did you ever take enhanced substances...?
    Answer: yes
    1/18/2013 2:02:25 AM
  • No Sheryl Crow questions then. Armstrong has admitted to using EPO and blood doping throughout his Tour de France career.
    1/18/2013 2:04:23 AM
  • Armstrong says he never paid anyone off to cover up a failed drug test. He made a donation to the UCI, "because they asked me to."
    1/18/2013 2:58:09 AM
  • Armstrong hasn't once come close to tears, presumably much to Oprah's disappointment. More relief than remorse?
    1/18/2013 3:02:15 AM
  • He intends to apologise to Emma O'Reilly, whom he admits was "bullied" and "run over". Yet he can't even remember suing her. "To be honest, Oprah, we sued so many people..."
    1/18/2013 3:03:39 AM
  • Aha. An ad for Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
    1/18/2013 3:06:02 AM
  • Refuses to be drawn on 96 hospital admission. He just barred a hold.
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