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The Debate: Who should win the PFA Player of the Year award?

Gareth Bale, Michael Carrick, Juan Mata, Luis Suarez, Robin van Persie and Eden Hazard have been nominated

The nominees for the PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year awards were announced today.
The Player of the Year nominees
by The Independent on Apr 19, 2013 at 12:15 PM

The nominees for the Player of the Year are: Gareth Bale (Tottenham), Michael Carrick (Manchester United), Juan Mata (Chelsea), Luis Suarez (Liverpool), Robin van Persie (Manchester United) and Eden Hazard (Chelsea).

The nominees for the Young Player of the Year are: Gareth Bale (Tottenham), Christian Benteke (Aston Villa), Romelu Lukaku (West Brom), Danny Welbeck (Manchester United), Eden Hazard (Chelsea) and Jack Wilshere (Arsenal).

But who do you think should win? Take part in our polls by clicking the links below...

PFA Player of the Year poll

PFA Young Player of the Year poll

We'd also love to hear your views on the nominations. Is there anyone who should have been included - Michu or Santi Cazorla perhaps? Is Michael Carrick deserving of a place? Should the award be judged on performances alone or take personality into consideration? Let us know by using the 'Make a comment' button below. Alternatively, use #Indyplayeroftheyear on Twitter.
  • 4/19/2013 11:12:36 AM
  • 4/19/2013 11:14:32 AM
  • The Player of the Year nominees

    4/19/2013 11:15:09 AM
  • The Independent's Simon Rice...

    While the inclusion of Bale, Mata, Suarez and van Persie will have come as no surprise in the main category, the selections of Hazard and Carrick in particular are likely to raise eyebrows.
    Read the full lowdown on today's nominations by clicking here.
    4/19/2013 11:31:06 AM
  • PFA chief Gordon Taylor defends the inclusion of Luis Suarez...

    Sometimes controversy travels with players.

    Sometimes it is in their very nature. Sometimes it is that very intensity that causes a problem also makes sure they win.

    Luis Suarez is helping to restore Liverpool. It is a credit to them that he seems comfortable there and no one could deny he is one of the finest players in the world.

    Read more on Taylor's view by clicking here.

    4/19/2013 11:32:26 AM
  • GARETH BALE (Tottenham) Age: 23. Appearances: 38. Goals: 22.

    Gareth Bale is a brilliant player. He just lights up the pitch. I am not surprised some of the world's leading clubs may be knocking on  the door but I hope he stays here. His pace, acceleration, crossing  ability and goals are excellent. I just wish he was English.

    4/19/2013 11:32:53 AM
  • MICHAEL CARRICK (Manchester United) Age: 31. Appearances: 42. Goals: 2.

    Michael has almost been under the radar. You forget he has won four titles and lots of other trophies. It is really good to see a player like him get recognised. He is a players' player. He doesn't  make big headlines but he is highly regarded by his fellow professionals.

    4/19/2013 11:33:13 AM
  • EDEN HAZARD (Chelsea). Age: 22. Appearances: 56. Goals: 12.

    It is interesting that Belgium were in the doldrums for some time and now they have a number of players coming through. Eden is in the best mould of the Barcelona-type midfielders. He has a good reputation and is top quality.
    4/19/2013 11:34:13 AM
  • JUAN MATA (Chelsea) Age: 24. Appearances: 55. Goals: 18.

    Mata has been a lynchpin in that Chelsea side.. He is a top-class player, in the finest traditions of current Spanish midfielders, not massive in stature but has good balance, technique, passing ability, awareness, to get goals and make them.
    4/19/2013 11:34:20 AM
  • LUIS SUAREZ (Liverpool) Age: 26. Appearances: 46. Goals 29.

    It would be naive to think controversy won't continue to travel with him but this is a footballing award. Sometimes the intensity that causes a problem also makes sure they win. It is not always possible to put old heads on young shoulders. His football ability shines through.
    4/19/2013 11:34:28 AM
  • ROBIN VAN PERSIE (Manchester United) Age: 29. Appearances: 43. Goals: 25.

    Robin is one of the finest strikers in the world. He was a crucial signing for Manchester United. He has been the icing on the cake in what looks like the Premier League-title-winning team. I have been very impressed by him as a person as well as a player.
    4/19/2013 11:34:34 AM
  • Eden Hazard? Someone having a laugh? Must be Bale :-)
    4/19/2013 11:46:06 AM
  • My heart says Juan Mata, but my head says Gareth Bale for player of the year; although there's not much in it.
    4/19/2013 1:05:12 PM
  • This is a Sky Glamour list, with Carrick only added for ballast. Where, for instance, is Baines? Oh no, Everton don't get on Sky that much.
    4/19/2013 1:05:20 PM
  • Got to be Suarez. Dragging an average Liverpool team forward.
    4/19/2013 1:37:40 PM
  • With hundreds of votes cast already - Luis Suarez leads the way with 36 per cent of the vote. Meanwhile Gareth Bale and Juan Mata are kneck-and-kneck for second place with just a couple of votes between them. You can keep voting by clicking here.
    4/19/2013 1:54:45 PM
  • Meanwhile, in the Young Player category, Bale is out in front. But Christian Benteke and Eden Hazard are not far behind. You can continue to influence the vote by clicking here and taking part in the poll.
    4/19/2013 1:55:04 PM
  • I can't help but feel that as it is the player of the YEAR award, Bale may be a little undeserving. He did little to catch people's attention (aside from spurs fans obviously) at the start of the season and it is only recently that he came into form. Someone who has been a lot more consistent throughout the season, such as Suarez or Mata would be a better choice.
    4/19/2013 4:46:39 PM
  • Thank you for all your votes on the PFA Player of the Year awards. This is how the voting currently stands...

    Gareth Bale (Tottenham) 19%
    Michael Carrick (Manchester United) 9%
    Juan Mata (Chelsea) 21%
    Luis Suarez (Liverpool) 34%
    Robin van Persie (Manchester United), 13%
    Eden Hazard (Chelsea) 3%

    4/19/2013 5:00:03 PM
  • We've also been taking your votes on the PFA Young Player of the Year award. This is how they currently stack up...

    Gareth Bale (Tottenham) 34%
    Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) 21%
    Romelu Lukaku (West Brom) 8%
    Danny Welbeck (Manchester United) 8%
    Eden Hazard (Chelsea) 20%
    Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) 9%
    4/19/2013 5:01:25 PM
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