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The Debate: Who should be the Arsenal manager?

Is it time for Arsene Wenger to go? And if so, who should replace him?

  • Apparently, Arsenal and Bayern have an identical wage bill .. amazed? (when you look at the squads!) .. don't be .. think about it:

    1. The flops on loan (coz they can't be sold): Denilson + Bendtner + Djourou + Chamakh + Santos .. do you seriously think the recipient clubs of these proven failures pay more than a fraction of their over-inflated wages!

    2. The flops who can't be sold or loaned to anyone coz everyone knows better: Diaby + Rosicky + Fabianski + Sqilaaci + Arshavin .. amazing that the first two have been offered contract extensions (despite a track record of 5-6 matches per season over the last 5 seasons!)

    3. Ramsey + Gervinho! .. the first a pedestrian who keeps playing square passes in the middle of the park, coz whenever he tries anything else, he loses the ball .. the second, a striker who seems to target the corner flag more than he does the goalmouth!

    There you have it: a whole team of eleven (with a sub to boot) of useless "bargains" .. the others subsidize the above! .. do you seriously believe Song, Fabregas, Nasri & RVP couldn't see all this?!

    What was that about about Arsene (at £7.5M pa, the highest paid manager in the PL) being frugal?? .. oh, sorry, you were referring to the club's "values" (ticket prices being the highest in the land) preventing payment of high salaries to retain top players??

    Right! .. if this is all about principles, then how come the owners & the manager seem to be doing so well out of this formula, despite the slow but steady on-filed decline .. did i hear you say "entertaining football"? or were you referring to the kind of football played at Emirates up until great players were sold for a tidy profit, and replaced with decent (no more) players!

    Tell me: why did Stan buy Arsenal??? .. it's not as if he's passionate about the club or football (he calls it "soccer" for God's sake) in general!!! .. surely, there are other ways to make money without shafting the club and the fans!! .. and for all those apologists who claim Arsene has no choice: why doesn't he come out and state that if the owners aren't willing to invest, he'll walk .. or is he just too comfortable making money by qualifying for the CL every season with no pressure to win the PL or CL .. after all, where else would this mediocrity be tolerated??? .. and £7.5M pa must ease "the pain" of having to promise jam tomorrow in a Dell-boy fashion ("next year Rodney, we'll be miliionaires .. smoking cigars n'all")

    It does add up, after all .. for him and the owners! .. Yes, Arsene, we have begun to question your motives! .. and despite your prior successes and all you've done for the club in the past, it now seems as if BOTH you AND the owner are hiding bhind each other!!
    2/20/2013 5:03:15 PM
  • I think Moyes would make an excellent manager at Arsenal. The problem, however, would be that the powers that be (Kroenke and Co.) would still have the same approach... As long as Moyes delivered CL every year, they'd be more than happy. We need a coach who is hungry to win the EPL and CL at least once instead of trying to qualify for it. But from a long time, I've been waiting to see if Moyes would be offered a role at any of the (erstwhile) big 4. He definitely deserves it.
    2/21/2013 11:18:39 AM
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