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Public sector pension protest

  • In response to tweets about riot officers in Peckham. There is currently no policing operation in that area #n30 #nov30 #strike
  • PM says #strike "looks something like a damp squib"-about 30% of civil servants striking, only 18 job centres closed and of 40% schools open
  • Public sector workers disperse after attending a rally in Bradford City centre (PA)

    11/30/2011 12:44:33 PM
  • Journalist David Keller has confirmed to the BBC that hundreds of people are protesting in Norwich, rather than thousands.
    11/30/2011 12:45:19 PM
  • “@horatiomo: City centre grinds to a halt.” #Cambridge #N30

    11/30/2011 12:46:00 PM
  • Never too old: An elderly woman pickets outside parliament (EPA)

    11/30/2011 12:48:45 PM
  • Here is a list of the number of UK schools closed by area -
    11/30/2011 12:51:24 PM
  • Precarious freelancers in solidarity with the unions! #nov30
  • David Cameron's claims that today's industrial action is "looking like something of a damp squib" is based on reports suggesting 40% of schools remain open, less than a third of the civil service is on strike and only 18 Job Centres have closed.
    11/30/2011 12:53:59 PM
  • No disruption is being reported at Stansted, Gatwick, Luton or London City, airports. Managers say immigration areas are operating smoothly.
    11/30/2011 12:56:12 PM
  • The female Police Community Support Officer who was assaulted during clashes that led to two protesters being arrested did not require hospital treatment.
    11/30/2011 1:00:11 PM
  • The officer was attacked as troubled flared at a bus garage in Hackney. The two suspects remain in custody.
    11/30/2011 1:00:27 PM
  • Just heard estimate of 20,000 on #N30 march in Bristol. Big!
  • strike back... police at clr james library #dalston #hackney #nov30 @eastlondonlines @hackneycitizen

    11/30/2011 1:02:36 PM
  • Scotland Yard has confirmed that about 30 people have been detained in Dalston Lane (near to where the female Police Community Support Officer was assaulted) to prevent a breach of the peace.
    11/30/2011 1:05:49 PM
  • Scotland Yard also said they have gained Section 60 stop and search powers in the Moorgate area of central London after receiving intelligence.
    11/30/2011 1:06:30 PM
  • As we reported earlier, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, which covers emergencies in Kent, Sussex and Surrey, has said its ability to respond to patients had been "significantly hampered" by the walkouts and is only responding to life-threatening emergencies.
    11/30/2011 1:07:50 PM
  • A statement said: "We're committed to ensuring the safety of our patients during this period and have put in place a number of measures to ensure that disruption to services is kept to a minimum."
    11/30/2011 1:09:10 PM
  • People arriving at Lincoln's Inn Fields for the London #nov30 #N30 march. Front of crowd they're joining in backgrnd

    11/30/2011 1:09:55 PM
  • Unison have turned up at the PCS picket #nov30 #N30
  • Most hospitals in Merseyside, Cheshire and north Wales said only urgent appointments and surgery were taking place. A spokesman for the Royal Liverpool Hospital said all patients with planned appointments had been informed of the cancellations.
    11/30/2011 1:10:40 PM
  • Reports suggest 1,000 people are taking part in a rally in the centre of Reading.
    11/30/2011 1:12:15 PM
  • A Heathrow airport press officer has told journalists "It's still the same story, everything's running OK".
    11/30/2011 1:13:01 PM
  • Downing Street has confirmed that the Prime Minister's press secretary Gabby Bertin is working on passport control at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 1.
    11/30/2011 1:15:02 PM
  • #nov30 #N30 Placard: 'Will you still need me, when I'm *crossed out* 64, 65, 66, 67'
  • Demonstrators take part in a march in Birmingham (Reuters)

    11/30/2011 1:17:03 PM
  • Another update from Kevin Rawlinson, our reporter in the middle of the London march: "The march in central London is on its way and is heading towards the Strand, where it has halted. Very boisterous at the front, people are blowing whistles (£1 according to he vendor standing next to me - human ingenuity, eh?), quieter further back. Chants of 'Tory scum' and 'they say cut back, we say fight back'"
    11/30/2011 1:17:30 PM
  • Big police presence in my part of the city today. Because of the @ Occupy London Finsbury Square camp #occupylsx

    11/30/2011 1:19:48 PM
  • Interesting to note that the Occupy LXE camp is in the Moorgate area. As we reported earlier, Scotland Yard has gained Section 60 stop and search powers "in the Moorgate area of central London" after receiving intelligence.
    11/30/2011 1:20:09 PM
  • A further update from our man on the ground, Kevin Rawlinson: "The march is off again, heading south towards the Thames. Mounted police are blocking the way down the Strand. Scratch that, we're not heading south just yet, we seem to be turning west along the Strand but the march is nevertheless due to wind its way down to the Thames. The London march is being held briefly at Australia House to allow the back end to catch up, police say."
    11/30/2011 1:22:35 PM
  • The BBC's Liz Cave reports thats the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham is starting to fill with union members who have been on a march through the city. They are gathering for a rally with the main union leaders who are due to speak at 13:30.
    11/30/2011 1:24:00 PM
  • Devon and Cornwall Police estimate 3,900 people took part in the march through Exeter, with about 2,500 at the rally in the city's St James Park.
    11/30/2011 1:29:45 PM
  • PA: A magician employed by Gatwick Airport to entertain passengers who were delayed today said he had struggled to create any interest in his tricks. Danny Hall, 28, from Mile End, east London, said: "I'd like a crowd. I thrive on the applause so trying to find an audience today has been more difficult than I thought it would be. People are getting their bags and moving straight on."
    11/30/2011 1:31:15 PM
  • RT @Smudgerncfc: The best pic from #N30 Norwich today...

    11/30/2011 1:31:56 PM
  • Hundreds of strikers in County Square, Maidstone, reports the BBC's Tanya Gupta, with Unison estimating 400 have turned out.
    11/30/2011 1:38:12 PM

  • PA: Shoppers in Southampton stopped to photograph around 1,000 striking public sector workers who marched through the city centre. Outward support for the marchers was muted in an area where a survey by the local paper, the Southern Daily Echo, found 64% were opposed to the action, although 70% supported workers in their pension fight.
    11/30/2011 1:40:15 PM
  • Francis Maude, the Government's lead pensions negotiator said it was "simply not true" that the Government was not negotiating. He said: "Talks are very much alive. They are intensive and they are making good progress and I regret deeply the misleading claims to the contrary."
    11/30/2011 1:42:56 PM
  • Maude added that the latest data from 11am indicated that about 135,000 civil servants - less than a third - were on strike. He also said that UK borders were open and operating "with very minor delays", some 60% of state schools were closed, but there had been a "minor impact" on patient services in the NHS, which was "coping well" with the industrial action.
    11/30/2011 1:44:01 PM
  • can hear caroline lucas from my bedroom!!! GO ON LUKEY!! #brighton #strike
  • Francis Maude: "Talks are very much alive" (PA)

    11/30/2011 1:49:27 PM
  • Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, is currently giving a speech to strikers.
    11/30/2011 1:50:14 PM
  • Go North East say their buses in Tyne and Wear have been packed today with passengers who would normally travel on the Metro. The company put on 40 extra buses and brought in 90 more staff to minimise impact on passengers.
    11/30/2011 1:51:39 PM
  • The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust says all planned operations have been cancelled, together with "virtually all" outpatient clinics. It is now providing only acute and emergency care. Exceptions include acute fracture clinics, chemotherapy, the renal satellite clinic, some antenatal clinics and antenatal ultrasounds.
    11/30/2011 1:52:26 PM
  • A spokesman for Colchester Hospital says it has postponed 34 operations and re-scheduled 14. About 40 operations will go ahead as planned and all cancer procedures will be carried out.
    11/30/2011 1:52:49 PM
  • We're on the march supporting workers' rights & public services #n30 #Nov30

    11/30/2011 1:57:58 PM
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