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Pakistan v West Indies

Re-live all the action from the Cricket World Cup quarter-finals with our over-by-over coverage from Mirpur from earlier today.

  • Pakistan 43/0 off 6 overs (Akmal 20 Hafeez 18)
    After their ridiculous sequence of results this tournament, everyone labelled England the new Pakistan. Pakistan, after ending Australia’s 12-year unbeaten run in World Cups and just destroying the Windies here, look like the new Australia. Which leaves Australia – the new England? I might be wrong but that seems about right.
    Bishoo, who looks a classy leg-spinner, twirls through a maiden.
    3/23/2011 12:50:42 PM
  • Pakistan 43/0 off 7 overs (Akmal 20 Hafeez 18)
    Darren Sammy, who looks like an inferior bowler and batsman to Andre Russell, who he’s keeping out of the side, comes on. It’s a decent over without being particularly threatening – military medium of the Mark Ealham variety – and it’s actually another maiden.
    3/23/2011 12:53:41 PM
  • Pakistan 51/0 off 8 overs (Akmal 20 Hafeez 26)
    Bishoo looks like he has a great future. He’s 25 and some of his stats in West Indian domestic cricket (admittedly not the strongest competition in the world) are fantastic, including 29 wickets in 12 one-day games, at an average less than 14. Inevitably he then bowls a disgusting long-cut which Hafeez gives the treatment. He then steers yet another four, through third-man again. 62 more to win – I give it 10 overs.
    3/23/2011 12:57:24 PM
  • Pakistan 55/0 off 9 overs (Akmal 24 Hafeez 26)
    Akmal with another dominating cut, for which he earns four more. That’s the 9th four these two have scored. West Indies managed only 7, and 1 six. I wonder if this could be Sammy’s last game as captain? Not that any replacements spring to mind, unless West Indies go back to Chris Gayle. Unless they go for Darren Ganga, the Mike Brearley of West Indian cricket. He struggles as a batsman but is a wonderful captain. Sammy looks a distinctly uninspirational captain, quite apart from his own struggles with bat and ball.
    3/23/2011 1:01:36 PM
  • Pakistan 58/0 off 10 overs (Akmal 24 Hafeez 29)
    Good lofted straight drive from Hafeez, some clever fielding from Rampaul limits it to three runs. This is a horrendous match. Why can’t England play every game?
    3/23/2011 1:04:08 PM
  • Pakistan 66/0 off 11 overs (Akmal 27 Hafeez 34)
    I don’t know why Sammy’s still bowling – with Roach there is always a slim chance he’ll bowl three brilliant yorkers. The best ball is rubbish down the legside, which Hafeez tucks away for an easy four. Akmal gets a three, as he times the ball sweetly wide of long on. 47 runs from 234 balls to win.
    3/23/2011 1:08:58 PM
  • Pakistan 73/0 off 12 overs (Akmal 28 Hafeez 40)
    An English county could do much worse than sign Bishoo, who has plenty of loop. But the last ball’s a touch short and Hafeez smashed it to mid-wicket for four more.
    3/23/2011 1:11:33 PM
  • Pakistan 75/0 off 13 overs (Akmal 29 Hafeez 41)
    Goodness me, West Indies have had some low moments over the past 15 years or so, but this is really something else. Two more off Sammy’s over.
    3/23/2011 1:16:25 PM
  • Pakistan 81/0 off 14 overs (Akmal 30 Hafeez 46)
    Bishoo continues. Hafeez rocks back and claims another boundary form the first ball. A good ball then rips but doesn’t quite carry to slip. Will Pakistan win by 10 wickets?
    3/23/2011 1:19:51 PM
  • Pakistan 85/0 off 15 overs (Akmal 33 Hafeez 47)
    More Sammy, and Akmal gets two through deep backward point. Hafeez, who will be on strike, needs only three for 50 at better than a run-a-ball.
    3/23/2011 1:24:16 PM
  • Pakistan 85/0 off 16 overs (Akmal 33 Hafeez 47)
    I think everyone just wants this over and done now. What a hideous anti-climax. West Indies in many ways have the makings of a decent team. In Gayle and Pollard they have two wonderfully explosive players. In Sarwan and Chanderpaul, both miserably out of form it must be said, two classy and experienced men in the middle order, while Darren Bravo will be a very fine player. His brother Dwayne is a vivacious allrounder. For the first time in years and years, they have two genuinely threatening spinners in Benn (very unlucky not to play today) and Bishoo. Roach has x-factor with the ball. I just think they lack any belief they can beat the big sides.
    Rampaul bowls a good over, respectfully played out by Hafeez.
    3/23/2011 1:28:29 PM
  • Pakistan 87/0 off 17 overs (Akmal 34 Hafeez 48)
    Roach returns, and there are two from the over.
    When all are fit, this could be a decent West Indies one-day side for after the World Cup, albeit slightly short on batting:
    Gayle, Smith, Barath, Bravo, Bravo, Pollard, Thomas, Russell, Benn, Roach, Bishoo
    3/23/2011 1:32:47 PM
  • Pakistan 95/0 off 18 overs (Akmal 34 Hafeez 56)
    Hafeez reached an excellent 50 with four from Rampaul, and celebrates with a brilliant cover drive from the next delivery. He’s quite a player, but it all makes his ODI average of 22 hard to explain. A pointless drinks break with just 17 more needed. They’ll be done in 2 overs anyway!
    3/23/2011 1:36:54 PM
  • Pakistan 99/0 off 19 overs (Akmal 38 Hafeez 56)
    Roach’s first ball is top-edged by Akmal for four. Akmal is then hit in the ribs as he attempts to pull Roach for more runs. There’s not going be enough runs left for him to get his 50. That says it all.
    3/23/2011 1:43:57 PM
  • Pakistan 106/0 off 20 overs (Akmal 42 Hafeez 59)
    The hundred partnership is up; apart from that dropped catch from Pollard off Akmal, they haven’t been threatened at all. Great pull for four to end Rampaul’s over. That was positively disdainful from Akmal.
    3/23/2011 1:48:16 PM
    Pakistan 113/0 off 20.5 overs (Akmal 47 Hafeez 61)

    Is this the most one-sided World Cup knockout game ever? Roach still has a 91mph bouncer left in him though. He has a bright future, in spite of the mauling his side have suffered here. Akmal finishes it all off with another excellent cut for four.
    3/23/2011 1:51:12 PM
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