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PMQs 18/11/2015

    Welcome to today's PMQ's live blog, where the weekly bout between David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn is set to be dominated by last Friday's terror attacks in Paris and the UK's reaction.

    Expect foreign policy and national security to be the only issues in town as MPs pay their respects to the 129 victims and give their views on whether Britain should join in the bombing of Isis in Syria.

    Conservative MPs, as well as many on the Labour benches, will want to exploit Corbyn's position on counter-terrorism measures such as 'shoot-to-kill', as well as his opposition to military intervention in Syria.
    11/18/2015 11:19:34 AM
    Yesterday Labour MPs

    Labour MPs lined up to back David Cameron while hitting out at Jeremy Corbyn over response to Paris attacks

    The IndependentA string of Labour MPs have praised David Cameron’s efforts to win parliamentary approval to bomb Isis targets in Syria and criticised their own leader’s response to the Paris attacks. 
    ">lined up David Cameron with questions that he could attack Jeremy Corbyn on - expect more today.
    11/18/2015 12:01:58 PM
    David Cameron updates the House on the situation in Paris - three British nationals have been released from hospital and returned to the UK. One British fatality so far
    11/18/2015 12:03:02 PM
    He is urged to protect the policing budget in the light of events in Paris and says counter-terrorism policing is being protected. But he refuses to say he will protect neighbourhood police funding
    11/18/2015 12:03:35 PM
    PM says counter terror and neighbourhood policing has increased... (But cuts will have to fall somewhere ... Me not him) #pmqs
    Jeremy Corbyn is up with his first question, to jeers from the Tory benches. He pauses and gives his typical death stare.
    11/18/2015 12:05:23 PM
    Cameron won't be drawn on whether policing will be cut further in next wk's spending review ..suspect it's still being wrangled over #PMQs
    Jeremy Corbyn asks about the support given to British nationals affected by the Paris attacks and the latest Government advice for Brits travelling to France.
    11/18/2015 12:06:08 PM
    David Cameron says 'what a pleasure' it was to be at the England and France friendly at Wembley last night to show solidarity with the French.
    He says the most important thing is for people to "carry on going about our business"
    "One of the ways to defeat terrorism is to show them we cannot be cowed," he adds.
    11/18/2015 12:06:48 PM
    Corbyn says the actions and statements from Isis have nothing to do with the two million British Muslims in Britain
    11/18/2015 12:08:17 PM
    PM projecting above politics bipartisanship in wake of Paris: making it easier to tempt over Labour MPs for Syria vote
    Cameron replies by saying 'it's not good enough to say there's no connection between Isis and terrorism' - they're making the connection. Muslim scholars are "absolutely vital" in the fight against Islamic extremism, he says.
    11/18/2015 12:10:00 PM

    Corbyn says a crucial way to defeat Isis is to cut its funding, its supply of arms and its trade.
    Cameron agrees funding must be cut off but in a jibe at Corbyn's anti-interventionist stance, he adds:
    "But don't make that a substitute for beating these people where they are."
    11/18/2015 12:12:02 PM
    It's been a rather sombre affair so far but now comes a Joke from Corbyn as he turns to cuts to policing. Referring to George Osborne's habit of leaning over to brief Cameron on economic issues, Corbyn asks the PM: "Does he want me to go on longer so his Chancellor can explain the answer to him?"
    11/18/2015 12:12:59 PM
    Corbyn returns to policing with his last question - using crowd-sourcing question from "taxpayer John", who says it's no wonder that moral is so low in police that one in three officers are considering leaving police. Corbyn asks whether policing will be protected in next week's spending review.
    11/18/2015 12:14:53 PM
    "I have a question from a taxpayer called John" says Corbyn. Cheers as he returns to his previous #PMQs approach
    Looks like potential policing cuts will be a key Labour line of attack at next wk's spending review as Corbyn raises subject #PMQs
    Tory MPs barracking Corbyn when he says he has "a question from a taxpayer, John" really shouldn't... Does not come across well.
    Cameron finishes with venomous attack on Corbyn over "shoot-to-kill". Suspect many Labour MPs cheering silently #PMQs
    Cameron uses his final comments to attack Corbyn on his 'shoot-to-kill' stance:
    'Hasn’t it come to something when the leader of the opposition thinks that the police, when confronted by a Kalashnikov-waving terrorist isn’t sure what the reaction should be?'
    11/18/2015 12:16:56 PM
    The SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson demands that any bombing in Syria must win the backing of the UN Security Council. Cameron says it's "always preferable" to have the full backing of the UN but says any action British air strikes
    'You cannot outsource foreign policy to a Russian veto,' Cameron finishes.
    11/18/2015 12:18:52 PM
    Cameron shoots down Angus Robertson pointing out public opinion against military intervention in Syria. "My job is not to read a Survation opinion poll but is to make this country safe," he says.
    11/18/2015 12:20:03 PM
    Richard Fuller, Tory MP for Bedford, describes the Isis terrorists who killed 129 people in Paris as "vile, murderous scum" as he praises the reaction by the French police in killing the terrorists who didn't blow themselves up.
    “Will the PM send a note of unequivocal support today to those officers on patrol and ensure that in the review next week they have the resources they need to keep us safe?” he asks.
    Cameron replies by telling UK police who might face the same threat: "You can, indeed you must, use lethal force."
    11/18/2015 12:22:01 PM
    Notable that Corbyn didn't ask about tax credits: mistake to ask about police funding in next week's spending review instead #PMQs
    Imagine what the Labour response to all this would have been if @leicesterliz was leader. Cameron would not be talking about shoot to kill
    John Mann says his niece was caught up in the Paris attacks but tells MPs she is worried about cuts to police, ambulance services and fire service and is worried about the impact this could have on potential terror attack on British streets.
    He also asks why we're not joining with the Russians to get a UN mandate to destroy Isis.
    11/18/2015 12:26:25 PM
    Feels like that was Corbyn's most uncomfortable #PMQs
    Tuliq Diddiq, Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, says the low moral in the NHS over the Government's changes to the junior doctor contract threatens patient safety.
    Cameron makes plea to junior doctors, who will vote whether to go ahead with three strikes this winter today: "Please look very careful at what the Government is offering". He says the changes are not an increase in hours, not a cut in pay for junior doctors and is actually a 11% rise in basic pay.
    He tells junior doctors to go on the Department of Health website and use the pay calculator and claims no junior doctors will be worse off.
    11/18/2015 12:30:25 PM
    Meanwhile, elsewhere Ken Livingstone is refusing to apologise for his mental health slur against defence minister Kevan Jones.
    The former London Mayor said Jones should seek “some psychiatric help” after he criticised the Livingstone's appointment to the Labour party's review of Trident.

    Jeremy Corbyn has demanded that Livingstone, his close friend, apologise. This story is set to run and run...
    11/18/2015 12:32:43 PM
    Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds brings up the recent row David Cameron has had with his local Oxfordshire council over cuts to frontline services.
    Cameron shouts back: "What I say to my local council is what I say to all councils: You've got to get more for less, not less for more.
    "We want to make sure that every penny that is raised through council tax is well spent."
    11/18/2015 12:34:55 PM
    Cameron mocked as "leader of anti austerity movement in Oxfordshire" after letter to council. Says he wants "more for less not less 4 more"
    PMQs has come to a close - dominated by the terror attacks in Paris and Britain's response.
    Police cuts played a large role - it wasn't just Jeremy Corbyn demanding the Government protect police budgets in next week's Spending Review but also back bench Tory MPs.

    Osborne is under a lot of pressure to protect police spending in the light of the terror attacks so close to British soil.

    It was also interesting how Jeremy Corbyn chose not to ask any questions about Cameron's plans to launch air strikes on Isis in Syria - a plan that is expected to be voted on by MPs before Christmas.
    It was left to Angus Robertson, SNP's Westminster leader, to demand that any proposal to bomb Syrian targets wins the backing of the UN.
    11/18/2015 12:41:25 PM
    Lisa Nandy, Labour's shadow energy secretary, is on BBC2's Daily Politics show. Asked about Labour's stance to Syria air strikes, she says: "Cameron must go to UN and get a mandate for any action, but it should only take place as part of a wider plan.

    And asked about Ken Livingstone's mental health slur against Kevan Jones (who has suffered from depression), she says: "If he doesn't apologise, i would expect this to go back to the National Executive Committee and they should take action."

    Many in Labour are calling for Livingstone to stand down from his co-chair of the Trident review or be sacked.
    11/18/2015 12:47:57 PM
    Sources say @jeremycorbyn "concerned and angry" about @ken4london comments
    Corbyn critic and Blairite MP John Woodcock gives his verdict on another difficult and divisive week for the Labour party, following Corbyn openly opposing 'shoot-to-kill' policy before backtracking, and the latest row over Ken Livingstone's new role as co-chair of the Trident review: 
    "I hope we can resolve this and be able to work on a better basis than we have been doing over the next few days. 

    11/18/2015 12:53:51 PM

    PMQs was predictably dominated by events in Paris.

    While MPs paid their respects to the victims and paid
    tribute to the emergency services in the French capital, Francois Hollande was
    giving a press conference in Paris where he said France was “at war” with Isis
    and called for a “large coalition” to fight Isis at source in Syria and Iraq.

    What was striking at PMQs was the absence of any questions
    from Corbyn on Cameron’s plans to bomb Syria targets, leaving it to the SNP’s
    Angus Robertson to demand that he first wins backing from the UN before going
    ahead with air strikes.

    Attention also turned to Britain’s readiness for a similar
    type of attack, and Corbyn joined with Tory MPs to demand that policing budgets
    are protected in the spending review next week.

    Usually the imminent cuts to be announced in next week’s
    spending review would have played centrepiece, but they were only referred to in
    terms of policing budgets.

    But Cameron was mocked by Labour MPs over his recent row
    with his local Oxfordshire council complaining about cuts to frontline

    Cameron defended himself by saying all councils should be
    doing “more for less” and using the cuts to maximise efficiency.

    Expect next week’s PMQs to be dominated by the Government’s
    austerity agenda, with George Osborne to deliver the Autumn Statement and the
    Spending Review in the Commons afterwards. 

    11/18/2015 1:07:36 PM
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