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Malaysian Grand Prix : Formula 1 - LIVE


Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of the Malaysian Grand Prix, brought to you from the Sepang International Circuit.

Lewis Hamilton will be going for his first ever win in Malaysia from pole position - his second of the season. But both reigning world champion Sebastian Vettal and Australian Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg start right behind him, while the unpredictability of the weather at Sepang is always a factor.

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In the meantime, kick back on this early Sunday morning and follow the latest news below...
  • Lap 34: Hamilton pits from the lead, and he'll maintain his position with Hulkenberg just coming on to the straight as the Merc leaves the pit-lane. This is a dominant performance from Hamilton - oh what could have been in Melbourne.
    3/30/2014 9:04:45 AM
  • In comes Bottas

    3/30/2014 9:05:32 AM
  • Lap 35: Potential safety car situation here, as Sutil grinds to a halt on the exit of the final turn. Hulkenberg pits to move Rosberg back up to second, but Vettel is all over him.
    3/30/2014 9:06:32 AM
  • Lap 35: Raikkonen gives the green light: "It's raining a little bit on the back of the circuit." Lovely stuff. Marshalls are out on the track to try and retrieve the stranded Sauber. Looks like we won't need the safety car just yet.
    3/30/2014 9:07:58 AM
  • Lap 36: Hamilton's radio message confirms their is very light rain at the moment, and it's nothing to worry about just yet. but you know the saying in Malaysia: 'When it rains...'
    3/30/2014 9:09:05 AM
  • Lap 37: One Sauber falls, and now the over is out just a few laps later, with Gutierrez switching his engine off in the pits as the brakes let out an awful lot of smoke. Vettel reports that their is "oil or water or something" coming out the back of Rosberg's Mercedes.
    3/30/2014 9:11:41 AM
  • Lap 38: Raikonnen watch - He's up to 13th through a combination of overtakes and retirements. Can he salvage any points? Meanwhile, his team-mate Alonso has reeled in Ricciardo, and looks like he could launch a move in the next few laps.
    3/30/2014 9:14:11 AM
  • Vettel and Ricciardo jostle for third

    3/30/2014 9:16:06 AM
  • Lap 40: Button pits from 7th, and Magnussen follows him in as Mclaren carry out a perfect double stack. DRAMA! Red Bull has made a costly error, as Ricciardo leaves the pits without his front-left secure. He quickly stops as the team realise the error, sprinting down the pit-lane to bring him back. A massive error that has wrecked his race once again, and he comes out having lost a whole lap in 14th.
    3/30/2014 9:19:03 AM
  • Lap 42: Ricciardo is also being investigated for an unsafe release. While it may be deemed an unsafe release, he's already lost a complete lap to Alonso, who he was jostling with for 4th, and there is absolutely no point in penalising him again when he didn't impact anyone else's race. Alonso pits from 4th.
    3/30/2014 9:20:49 AM
  • Lap 43: Unbelievable! Ricciardo now has a complete front wing failure, with the right side of the wing cutting into his tyre. How's your luck? He tries to limp back to the pits, with the wing hanging dangerously low. But he makes it back. I wonder if the wing was damaged when he was jacked up after that wheel incident. There was certainly some confusion between the jackman when he tried to lift the front of the car the first time round.
    3/30/2014 9:23:18 AM
  • Lap 45: Poor old Ricciardo. Despite two solid drives, he's not enjoying the start to his Red Bull career. Hamilton smashes the fastest lap, and we see a replay of Ricciardo lightly brushing a kerb that caused the front wing to drop. To make matters worse, he's given a 10 second stop/go penalty. Pointless.
    3/30/2014 9:25:31 AM

  • Lap 46: Terrific battle between Button and Massa for 6th, and the McLaren driver just about holds on. massa is still lurking behind though.
    3/30/2014 9:27:36 AM
  • Lap 48: Alonso is catching Hulkenberg and Vettel in front of him, while Button holds a second lead over Massa. Kobayashi is currently running in 13th, which would match Chilton's finish last time out in the battle of the backmarkers. Alonso beats Hamilton's fastest lap - the Spaniard is coming, while Bottas is catching the Button-Massa duel.
    3/30/2014 9:30:43 AM
  • Lap 49: Vettel gets the pit message for his final stop, and he'll be the first to switch to the prime tires. A much smoother stop than Ricciardo's, and Rosberg is instantly told to come in to avoid the undercut.
    3/30/2014 9:33:08 AM
  • Lap 50: Here we go. Vettel, Hulkenberg and Alonso all in the same shot. Vettel looks to be far enough to remian ahead, but the Force India is in big trouble with Hulkenberg on worn tires. Rosberg pits and comes out well ahead of Vettel to solidify second place.
    3/30/2014 9:34:40 AM
  • Lap 51: Race leader Hamilton gets his final message to come to the pits, and he'll come in for the prime tires with a healthy lead over the rest of the field. Looks straight forward, and there's five laps between Hamilton and his first win in Malaysia.
    3/30/2014 9:36:09 AM
  • Lap 52: That's it for Ricciardo, and you can't blame him as Red Bull retire the Australian. Alonso is right on the back of Hulkenberg, and it looks inevitable that the two-time world champion will pass him before the end of the race.
    3/30/2014 9:37:26 AM
  • Lap 53: Alonso has a run at Hulkenberg, and with DRS he runs alongside. Brilliant defence from Hulk, but Alonso eventually takes the position. Ah, team orders! But it's at Williams that Massa is informed "Valteri is faster than you, don't hold him up". The Brazilian is still ahead, mind...
    3/30/2014 9:39:32 AM
  • Lap 54: Williams are trying to use Bottas to catch Button, who is a couple of seconds up the road. Hamilton retakes the fastest lap, while Massa gets another message to let him past. Massa maintains position.
    3/30/2014 9:41:02 AM
  • Lap 55: Williams try a different approach, claiming he must cool the temperatures and slow down. A very calm Hamilton responds to a message to just cool it. "I hear you", says Lewis. Massa and Bottas are going toe-to-toe, and the Brazilian is not holding letting his team-mate past.
    3/30/2014 9:44:20 AM
  • Lap 56: Hamilton rounds the final corner and WINS THE MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX"
    3/30/2014 9:46:35 AM
  • Lap 56: Rosberg comes in for 2nd place to record Mercedes' first one-two since 1955. Vettel finishes third, Alonso fourth, Hulkenberg fifth and Button sixth. Amazingly, Massa stayed ahead on Bottas to finish seventh and eighth respectively.
    3/30/2014 9:48:09 AM
  • Chequered flag: Hamilton and Rosberg celebrate together with the team, with a visibly ecstatic Hamilton taking the plaudits for a flawless drive, leading all but half a lap from start to finish. Vettel is also pleased with third, and you have to credit Red Bull for recovering after their pre-season woes.
    3/30/2014 9:51:07 AM
  • Chequered flag: It's smiles all round as Hamilton walks out onto the podium. A can't remember seeing Hamilton this happy in recent years, and there's certainly a relaxed persona surrounding the 2008 world champion this season.
    3/30/2014 9:53:26 AM
  • Race results:
    1. Hamilton
    2. Rosberg
    3. Vettel
    4. Alonso
    5. Hulkenberg
    6. Button
    7. Massa
    8. Bottas
    9. Magnussen
    10. Kvyat
    11. Grosjean
    12. Raikkonen
    13. Kobayashi
    14. Ericsson
    15. Chilton
    3/30/2014 9:57:16 AM
  • Championship standings after 2 races:
    1. Rosberg - 43
    2. Hamilton - 25
    3. Alonso - 24
    4. Button - 23
    5. Magnussen - 20
    6. Hulkenberg - 18
    7. Vettel - 15
    8. Bottas - 14
    9. Raikkonen - 6
    10. Massa - 6
    11. Vergne - 4
    12. Kvyat - 3
    13. Perez - 1
    14. Grosjean - 0 
    15. Sutil - 0 
    16. Gutierrez - 0
    17. Chilton - 0
    18. Kobayashi - 0
    19. Ericsson - 0
    20. Bianchi - 0
    21. Maldonado - 0
    22. Ricciardo - 0
    3/30/2014 10:04:17 AM
  • That's it from me. I hope you've enjoyed our in-depth coverage of the 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix. Join us again in a fortnight as we bring you the Bahrain Grand Prix live. I'm off to continue my day of motorsport with the first race day of the Touring Car season. Thanks for joining me and I'll see you again for the Bahrain GP.
    3/30/2014 10:06:09 AM
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