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England v New Zealand 1st Test - LIVE!

Welcome to The Independent’s coverage of Day One of the first Test between England and New Zealand here at Lord’s.

by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 11:56 AM

We will be reporting live from the ground all day - to get in touch click the 'Make a Comment' button below or via Twitter using #indycricket. Meanwhile, follow all the latest news below...
  • Day in brief:

    • England won toss and elected to bat
    • Finn plays for England ahead of Bresnan
    • Compton dismissed for 16 trying to hit Martin over the top and caught by Southee
    • LUNCH: England 56/1
    • Cook out after lunch caught behind off Boult to leave England 67/2
    • Trott out for 39, caught well at slip off Boult (England 112/3)
    • TEA: England 113/3
    • Bell dismissed for 39 caught behind off Wagner

    ENGLAND: Cook, Compton, Trott, Bell, Root, Bairstow, Prior, Broad, Swann, Finn, Anderson

    NEW ZEALAND: Fulton, Rutherford, Williamson, Taylor, Brownlie, McCullum, Watling, Southee, Martin, Wagner, Boult

    5/16/2013 9:51:06 AM
  • 37th over - England: 72/1

    Bell off the mark first ball so no repeat of Trott's long stint on 0. Will the arrival of a more stylish batsman to the crease in Ian Bell herald an increase in the scoring rate? Trott seems to think so and promptly drives one down the ground for four before watching the last three balls of the over fly past outside his off stump.
    5/16/2013 1:20:27 PM
  • 38th over - England: 74/2

    Ian Bell has a bit of a nibble outside off stump to Southee's first ball of the over although at second glance he may just have pulled out of the shot. Not totally convincing from Bell though. He sees out most of the over before picking up a couple with a little dab through the gully with the last ball of the over.
    5/16/2013 1:26:12 PM

  • Trent Boult celebrates removing England captain Alistair Cook 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 1:26 PM

    5/16/2013 1:27:00 PM
  • 39th over - England: 81/2

    By the standards of today, England pick up a veritable deluge of runs from Boult's over, Trott picking up three with a shot into the leg side and then Bell glancing one delicately off his legs for his first boundary of the innings. 
    5/16/2013 1:30:54 PM
  • 40th over - England: 84/2

    Ian Bell has a good record at Lord's, averaging over 61 with six 50s and three 100s. After their difficult start England will need him to put in a good performance here and he adds a couple more off Southee, glancing one off his pads.
    5/16/2013 1:35:26 PM
  • 41st over - England: 84/2

    Bruce Martin back into the attack and he bowls another maiden, New Zealand's 14th of the day, including one delivery that almost bowls Trott - the Warwickshire man just managing to jam the bat onto it and divert it wide of the stumps as it squirted through behind him.
    5/16/2013 1:39:14 PM
  • DRINKS BREAK - 42nd over - England: 84/2

    Wagner back into the attack for New Zealand and he produces yet another maiden, including a big LBW shout against Bell off the last ball of the over. The umpire says no and Hawkeye reveals it was going a long way over the top.
    5/16/2013 1:47:25 PM
  • 43rd over - England: 84/2

    Maiden number 16 of the day for the Kiwis as Bruce Martin adds another six dots to the scorers' books. 
    5/16/2013 1:49:47 PM
  • 44th over - England: 91/2

    Runs, real runs! Ian Bell picks up a single from the first ball of Wagner's over and then despite the best effort of the square leg fielder, Trott picks up another couple a ball later and then a rare boundary off the last ball as England plunder seven from the over.
    5/16/2013 1:53:40 PM
  • 46th over: England - 98/2 (Trott 31, Bell 12) 
    Trott picks up a four with a stylish cut outside off stump from the second ball of Wagner's over but then is content to see out the rest of the over.
    5/16/2013 2:03:38 PM
  • 47th over: England - 98/2 (Trott 31, Bell 12)
    Another maiden from Martin, his sixth and New Zealand's 17th of the day. Bell this time happy to block the spinner.
    5/16/2013 2:06:18 PM
  • 48th over: England - 99/2 (Trott 32, Bell 12)
    Just the single off the over as England still don't quite reach three figures. The New Zealand bowlers have done an excellent job of strangling England's run flow today.
    5/16/2013 2:10:09 PM
  • 49th over: England - 99/2 (Trott 32, Bell 12)
    Yet another maiden from Bruce Martin. It's as if he and Jonathan Trott are seeing how many of the MCC members they can make fall asleep in this afternoon's session. A few have nodded off already...
    5/16/2013 2:14:10 PM

  • A rare scoring shot from Jonathan Trott 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    5/16/2013 2:15:02 PM
  • 50th over: England - 105/2 (Trott 32, Bell 18)
    Cheers, a few of them no doubt ironic, go around the ground as England bring up the 100 - Ian Bell pushing one into the leg side for a couple. He then adds four more off the last ball of the over with a textbook cover drive - the shot of the day so far. 
    5/16/2013 2:17:49 PM
  • 51st over: England - 112/2 (Trott 39, Bell 18)
    Not to be outdone, Trott now gets in on the act, taking a couple of steps down the wicket and hitting Martin into the leg side for four runs. He plays a few dot balls before repeating the shot off the last ball, not quite timing it this time and only picking up three. 
    5/16/2013 2:21:21 PM
  • Pedestrian scoring rate from England against a pretty poor attack, really missing the big man KP. Good to see Bell having a bit of a go now though.CC SabathiaMay 16, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    5/16/2013 2:22:58 PM
  • 52nd over: England - 112/2 (Trott 39, Bell 18)
    Wagner gets in on the maiden game bowling six more dots to unsurprisingly Trott. A quick scouring of the members area in the pavilion with my binoculars reveals at least four seem to be asleep...
    5/16/2013 2:34:06 PM
  • 53rd over - England - 112/2 (Trott 39, Bell 18)
    Bruce Martin bowls yet another maiden. 
    5/16/2013 2:34:15 PM
  • WICKET! Trott c Brownlie b Boult - 39
    Trent Boult strikes again, removing England's top scorer today Jonathan Trott who can only edge a straight delivery to Brownlie at third slip to leave England 112/3.
    5/16/2013 2:34:22 PM
  • 54th over - England 112/3 (Bell 18, Root 0)
    Boult continues his excellent day, removing Trott for 39 with one that took the outside edge of his bat. The new golden boy of English cricket, Joe Root, comes to the crease and his team need a good performance from him as they are rather under the cosh here at Lord's.
    5/16/2013 2:38:13 PM
  • 55th over - England 112/3 (Bell 18, Root 0)
    Wagner back into the attack and he picks up where Martin left off, bowling New Zealand's 22nd maiden of the day. 
    5/16/2013 2:44:39 PM
  • TEA: 56th over - England - 113/3 (Bell 18, Root 0)
    Just a leg bye off the last over before tea and it is the tourists who will be the happier with the session, picking up the crucial wickets of Cook and Trott to break into England's inexperienced middle-order.
    5/16/2013 2:47:30 PM
  • More maidens than a medieval romance... less Perceval and more Lancelot from England pleaseEd TJMay 16, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    5/16/2013 2:49:00 PM

  • Ian Bell scoring a rare boundary 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 2:51 PM

    5/16/2013 2:52:20 PM

  • Alistair Cook departs as New Zealand players celebrate in the background 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 3:00 PM

    5/16/2013 3:01:23 PM
  • Players and umpires back out on the field now after tea and the weather, perhaps in protest at the slightly slow action on the field, has taken a turn for the worse. Quite cloudy now here at HQ and the floodlights are on.
    5/16/2013 3:03:04 PM
  • 57th over - England 116/3 (Bell 20, Root 1)
    Couple of singles for England in the first over after the break, as Joe Root gets off the mark and Ian  Bell moves to 20. 
    5/16/2013 3:06:25 PM
  • England fans putting their faith in Joe Root...

    5/16/2013 3:11:48 PM
  • 59th over - England 116/3 (Bell 20, Root 1)
    Another Bruce Martin over, another maiden. Nobody would put the Auckland spinner amongst the world's best but he is restricting England at Lord's here today.
    5/16/2013 3:14:28 PM
  • 60th over: England - 120/3 (Bell 20, Root 7)
    Joe Root picks up the scoring rate for England, he clips a delivery from Boult that drifts onto his pads for four to the midwicket boundary and then adds a couple more off the last ball of the over with a nice cover drive which is prevented from reaching the boundary by a somewhat sluggish outfield.
    5/16/2013 3:17:27 PM
  • 62nd over: England - 128/3 (Bell 22, Root 10)
    Slight technical problems in the press box but to compensate the sun has come out again and the few spots of rain seem to have disappeared. Martin appears to be heading for his 11th maiden of the day but Joe Root is having none of it and drives him for three off the last ball of the over.
    5/16/2013 3:27:02 PM
  • 64th over: England 130/3 (Bell 22, Root 11)
    Tim Southee back into the attack and he concedes just one run and a leg bye. Martin to continue from the Nursery End.
    5/16/2013 3:31:36 PM
  • 65th over: England 130/3 (Bell 22, Root 11)
    It would perhaps just be simpler to tell you about the Bruce Martin overs that don't end in maidens. The left armer has another as Ian Bell allows another six dot balls to go into the scorebook.
    5/16/2013 3:35:43 PM
  • 66th over: England 130/3 (Bell 22, Root 11)
    Southee continues from the Pavilion end and he adds another maiden to today's colossal tally. England are scoring at less than two an over. The IPL this is not (not that that's a bad thing) 
    5/16/2013 3:38:48 PM
  • 67th over: England 134/4 (Bell 26, Root 11)
    Maiden-machine Martin is taken out of the attack and replaced by Kane Williamson who instantly drops one too short, first ball to Bell, and is punished by being cut for four.

    5/16/2013 3:41:47 PM
  • Apparently Tim Bresnan thinks that Joe Root looks like Ellen de Generes - who are your cricketing lookalikes? Leave a comment or tweet using #indycricket to get in touch...
    5/16/2013 3:44:26 PM
  • 68th over: England 136/3 (Bell 26, Root 13)
    Fear not Bruce Martin fans, he hasn't been removed from the attack merely switch ends by Brendon McCullum. The only runs from the over came from Root who swept well through backward square for a couple.
    5/16/2013 3:47:09 PM
  • 71st over: England 142/3 (Bell 26, Root 17)
    The arrival of Root to the crease has had a slight impact on the scoring rate and with two spinners on New Zealand are racing through the overs. Root scores an excellent four with a sweep straight out of his Nagpur locker.
    5/16/2013 3:56:17 PM
  • 72nd over - England 144/3 (Bell 27, Root 17)
    Another tight Martin over and the spinner now has conceded just 27 runs from his 20 overs as Bell can only pick up a single.
    5/16/2013 4:00:02 PM

  • Some great cricketing lookalikes coming in...
    Captain Cook has always struck me as resembling Henry Cavill... could have done with a little more Superman and a little less Clark Kent this innings thoughFingers, Hong KongMay 16, 2013 at 5:01 PM

    Always thought Ian Hislop and Ricky Ponting could be brothersSewellMay 16, 2013 at 5:00 PM
    Cricket lookalikes... Dale Steyn and Branislav Ivanovic?Jacob DavisMay 16, 2013 at 5:00 PM

    5/16/2013 4:02:28 PM
  • DRINKS BREAK: 73rd over - England 144/3 (Bell 27, Root 17)
    Wagner back into the attack and he sees New Zealand through to the drinks break with just a wide added to the score.
    5/16/2013 4:05:31 PM

  • Murky skies over Lord's earlier today 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    5/16/2013 4:06:41 PM
  • 74th over - England 146/3 (Bell 27, Root 19)
    More good stuff from Martin as he restricts Root to just two from the over.
    5/16/2013 4:09:06 PM
  • 75th over - England 150/3 (Bell 31, Root 19)
    Bell's fourth four of the day brings the 150 up for England - a pretty paltry score considering the new ball is only five overs away. This is not what Alistair Cook would have had in mind when he won the toss this morning.
    5/16/2013 4:11:04 PM
  • 76th over - England 152/3 (Bell 31, Root 21)
    Bruce Martin rips through another over as Joe Root picks up a couple clipping him through midwicket. 
    5/16/2013 4:14:34 PM

  • Alistair Cook can only watch on as England's progress falters on day one 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 4:14 PM

    5/16/2013 4:15:10 PM
  • 77th over - England 152/3 (Bell 31, Root 21)
    Maiden number 30 for England as Wagner keeps the pressure on.
    5/16/2013 4:20:09 PM
  • 78th over - England 156/3 (Bell 31, Root 25)
    FOUR RUNS. Joe Root hits an actual boundary off Martin's fourth ball of the over and adds four with a short arm pull through midwicket. A mixture of slightly desperate and ironic cheers ring out round the ground.
    5/16/2013 4:22:20 PM
  • WICKET! Bell ct Watling b Wagner - 31
    Disaster for England as Wagner picks up his first wicket of the day, Ian Bell fishes at one outside his off stump and the ball glances off the face of his bat through to Watling who happily snaffles the catch. 
    5/16/2013 4:23:00 PM
  • 79th over - England 158/4 (Root 25, Bairstow 1)
    One over before the new ball is due and New Zealand have another breakthrough and it's the more senior Ian Bell. Bairstow is off the mark first ball as rain starts to fall around the ground. Huge contrast to the bright skies earlier and to be honest England would probably quite like a break right now.
    5/16/2013 4:28:17 PM
  • Loving all this cricket, a great distraction from revising for my finals..I ♥ StewpotMay 16, 2013 at 5:28 PM

    5/16/2013 4:30:37 PM
  • RAIN STOPPED PLAY: 80th over - England 160/4 (Root 25, Bairstow 3)
    Just a copule more to Bairstow from the over and now the rain is starting to fall a little more heavily and the umpires have taken the players off. It's only really a light drizzle so we may yet get some more play...
    5/16/2013 4:33:01 PM

  • Joe Root pulls out the Nagpur sweep 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    5/16/2013 4:37:23 PM
  • Rain starting to fall a bit more heavily now - play looking increasingly unlikely.
    5/16/2013 4:38:19 PM
    The rain has now stopped but it's too late to rescue any more play today. New Zealand have definitely had the better of things today they may have lost the toss but they have restricted England brilliantly and regularly chipped away with wickets to leave them at 160/4 at the end of the day. 

    England will be disappointed that several batsmen got themselves in and looked settled and then lost their wickets without going on to make bigger scores. There is now quite some pressure on youngsters Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow to rescue England in this game - Bairstow in particular will be under pressure with his long-term England future up for debate. 

    Next man in for England is their player of the season Matt Prior and responsibility will also fall on his shoulders to get England out of their current predicament but with the new ball due first thing tomorrow, it looks set to be an intriguing days play.
    5/16/2013 5:05:24 PM

  • Dark skies over HQ 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 5:07 PM

    5/16/2013 5:08:38 PM

  • Neil Wagner celebrates removing Ian Bell 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 5:10 PM

    5/16/2013 5:11:07 PM

  • Joe Root with Ian Bell and England's 12th man (his brother Bill Root!) 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 5:13 PM

    5/16/2013 5:14:21 PM
  • That's all from Day One of the first Test here at Lord's, join us again tomorrow as we bring you all the action from Day Two. 
    5/16/2013 5:19:09 PM
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