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England v New Zealand 1st Test - LIVE!

Welcome to The Independent’s coverage of Day One of the first Test between England and New Zealand here at Lord’s.

by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 11:56 AM

We will be reporting live from the ground all day - to get in touch click the 'Make a Comment' button below or via Twitter using #indycricket. Meanwhile, follow all the latest news below...
  • England win the toss

    Alistair Cook has won the toss for England and chosen to bat - it is only the third time he has won the toss as England captain and the previous two games have ended in draws.
    5/16/2013 9:44:22 AM
  • The New Zealand players are now making their way out onto the pitch for their pre-series photo in front of the Pavilion. Less than five minutes to go until the start of the international cricketing summer. 
    5/16/2013 9:53:42 AM
  • 1st over - England: 1/0

    Trent Boult opening up for New Zealand and it's a tidy start to the England captain Cook with the only run coming from a no-ball. Cook leaving most deliveries alone. Tim Southee will bowl the second over from the Pavilion End. 
    5/16/2013 10:04:33 AM
  • 2nd Over – England 4/0

    Southee now to Compton who plays and misses at a couple of deliveries but then gets the first runs off the bat with a classic cover drive which is pulled in before it can reach the boundary in front of the Warner Stand and the batsmen run three.
    5/16/2013 10:10:06 AM
  • 3rd Over – England 4/0

    Compton is watchful against the left-armer Boult who is running in from the Nursery End pushing the ball across the face of the right hander who isn't really playing at anything and it's a maiden. 

    5/16/2013 10:12:32 AM
  • 4th Over - England: 7/0

    Cook is off the mark with a push into the offside for two from the third ball of the over and then he nicks the strike off the last ball, dabbing it down into the offside and scampering an easy single.
    5/16/2013 10:17:52 AM

  • England captain Alistair Cook winning the toss 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    5/16/2013 10:22:23 AM

  • 5th Over - England: 7/0

    Another maiden from Boult, this time to the
    England captain and this has been a good opening spell from the visitors
    bowlers who have not allowed England to get away to a quick start.

    5/16/2013 10:23:08 AM
  • 6th Over - England: 10/0

    Compton doubles his score in similar fashion to his earlier shot, driving into the offside of Southee for three runs. Two balls later the England captain Cook is struck on the pads but  the umpire says not out. Replays show it pitched outside leg stump so a good decision.
    5/16/2013 10:25:56 AM
  • 7th Over - England: 14/0

    More good stuff from Boult who despite firing one just down the leg side for four leg byes off the first ball continues to bowl tightly to Compton who in his usual style is not playing at very much. 
    5/16/2013 10:31:48 AM
  • 8th Over - England: 20/0

    Alistair Cook plays the first really good shot of the morning, clipping the ball off his legs for the first boundary of the day. He sees out almost all of the rest of the over before once again hitting the ball off his pads - this time a bit straighter and only for two runs. 
    5/16/2013 10:34:49 AM
  • 9th Over - England: 21/0

    Trent Boult continues from the Nursery End and the left-armer has been excellent so far. Compton is refusing to play at much but he has a slightly nervous waft at the fifth ball of the over before dropping the ball into the offside and sprinting the first run off the bat from Boult's bowling. 
    5/16/2013 10:38:41 AM
  • 10th Over - England: 24/0

    Southee continues from the Pavilion End and Compton wants another quick single off the second ball but is wisely sent back by his partner. The Somerset man then plays a controlled hook shot for a single down to fine leg where it is fielded by Boult before Cook gets a couple off the last ball of the over.
    5/16/2013 10:43:37 AM
  • 11th Over: England: 28/0

    First bowling change of the morning and it's Neil Wagner replacing Trent Boult from the Nursery End. Boult conceded only two runs in his five over spell and one of those was a no ball.

    Compton flicks the second ball of the over off his pads down to fine leg to bring Cook on strike and the England skipper sees a couple of deliveries before having a bit of a heave at one outside off stump but only finding the fielder at point. He repeats the shot off the last ball of the over and finds the gap on the offside and they run three. 
    5/16/2013 10:47:23 AM

  • Tim Southee saw an early LBW shout against Alistair Cook turned down 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    5/16/2013 10:47:56 AM
  • 12th Over: England: 28/0

    Southee continues from the Pavilion End to Cook who watches the first couple before playing it off his pads into the leg side but some good fielding from Martin who whips out a particularly ostentatious tumble prevents the single. Southee follows it up with two more dot balls to complete the maiden. 
    5/16/2013 10:52:08 AM
  • 13th Over: England: 33/0

    Cook seems to be favouring the cut shot this morning, a single off the first ball brings him on strike and he watches one go past before lashing at one outside his off stump, finding the gap in the field perfectly and bringing up England's second boundary of the day. Wagner continues to probe outside off stump however but Cook is not tempted and sees out the rest of the over.
    5/16/2013 10:56:03 AM
  • 14th Over: England: 33/0

    Southee into his seventh consecutive over now from the Pavilion End. He raps Compton on the pads off the second ball but the ball is easily going down leg side and there is no appeal. The right-hander then watches the next couple go past his off stump and plays a shot for no run to Rutherford at point before the ball hits him on the pads again but there is nothing more than a strangled appeal from the tourists.
    5/16/2013 11:01:06 AM
  • DRINKS BREAK - 15th Over: England: 37/0

    Wagner bowling with not quite as much control as Boult and Cook takes a single off the first ball of the over before Compton plays a good looking straight drive past the bowler for three. Cook then sees out the rest of the over to see England safely through to the drinks break.
    5/16/2013 11:05:03 AM

  • by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    5/16/2013 11:07:26 AM
  • 16th over - England: 39/0

    The pick of New Zealand's bowlers this morning - Trent Boult - replaces Southee from the Pavillion End. It's more tight stuff from the left-armer but Compton does manage to plunder a couple off the penultimate ball of the over. 
    5/16/2013 11:12:09 AM
  • 17th over - England: 41/0

    Cook is watchful to Wagner as he continues from the Nursery end but he does manage to clip the ball into the leg side for a couple of runs from the fifth ball of the over to keep the scoreboard moving.
    5/16/2013 11:16:07 AM
  • 18th Over - England: 43/0

    The patient stuff from England's openers continues, Compton plays a repeat of the controlled hook shot he played earlier for a single and then Cook watches a couple go past him. Boult then bowls his second no ball of the day before Cook lets the last ball of the over go wide past his off stump.  
    5/16/2013 11:20:21 AM
  • England are currently going at a sedate run rate of just over two an over, which seems like a long way away from the free flowing days of Marcus Trescothick at the top of the order. 

    Would they be better suited to having a different opening combination? Have your say either by clicking the Make a Comment button above or on Twitter using #indycricket
    5/16/2013 11:24:24 AM
  • 19th over - England 43/0

    More tentative stuff here at Lord's as Wagner bowls a maiden to Compton - the right hander refusing to be tempted to play anything other than his usual restrained game.
    5/16/2013 11:25:54 AM
  • 20th over - England 43/0

    Yet another maiden for New Zealand as the excellent Trent Boult continues from the Pavilion End, this time it is Alistair Cook who is happy to see out an over of dots. England have struggled to get the tourists' left-armers away so far today.  
    5/16/2013 11:29:40 AM
  • 21st over - England: 43/0

    Bowling change for New Zealand and it's time for the first spin of the day, Bruce Martin replacing Wagner from the Nursery End. Compton is happy to see out the third consecutive maiden and play has stagnated a little in the last few overs. 
    5/16/2013 11:31:25 AM
  • 24th over - England: 48/1

    Wagner continues from the Pavilion End and Cook picks up a couple with a good drive into the leg side before seeing out the rest of the over.
    5/16/2013 11:45:50 AM

    Martin nearly strikes again with the first ball of his over as Trott fires one straight back at him but he can't quite hold onto it as he moves sharply to his right.
    5/16/2013 11:47:23 AM
  • 25th over - England: 48/1

    Another maiden for New Zealand and Martin is getting a bit of turn here on the first morning. It remains to be seen how much the tourists will rue dropping Trott on 0 - England fans will be hoping their number three can make the most of his second chance.
    5/16/2013 11:49:07 AM
  • 26th over - England: 50/1

    Alistair Cook brings up England's 50 off 154 balls with a little push into the offside before seeing out the rest of the over. England have scored only two boundaries this morning and at less than two an over - this is proper test cricket.   
    5/16/2013 11:53:04 AM
  • 27th over - England: 50/1

    The wicket-taker Martin continues from the Nursery End and he bowls yet another maiden for New Zealand, as Trott stays stuck on 0.
    5/16/2013 11:59:20 AM
  • 28th over - England: 51/1

    Just a single to Alistair Cook off Wagner's over before Jonathan Trott edges one - at first look it seemed like a chance that dropped just short of first slip although the replay reveals it went straight into the ground. Trott is still yet to score.
    5/16/2013 12:01:21 PM
  • LUNCH: 30th over - England: 56/1

    A single off the first ball of the over brings Trott on strike and he is finally off the mark in some style, driving through the covers to boundary for four. However that was quite enough excitement in the over for him and he sees out the rest for no runs to take England safely through into lunch. 
    5/16/2013 12:03:59 PM
  • The story at lunch

    England: 56/1 (Cook 30*, Trott 4* - Last man out Compton ct Southee b Martin - 16)
    New Zealand will probably go into lunch the marginally happier of the two sides having removed one of England's openers. Trent Boult has been excellent for the tourists, bowling eight overs for just six runs while Bruce Martin seems to have found some turn early on, which will no doubt please Graeme Swann. 
    Possibly the key moment of the day was the dropping of Jonathan Trott when on 0 which would have put England under some real pressure. How expensive a miss that will prove to be only time will tell.
    5/16/2013 12:08:52 PM

  • Nick Compton trudges off after being dismissed for 16 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 12:10 PM

    5/16/2013 12:10:59 PM

  • Bruce Martin celebrates his dismissal of Nick Compton with his skipper Brendan McCullum 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    5/16/2013 12:11:48 PM
  • 30th over - England 56/1

    Those of you hoping for a drastic change after lunch will be disappointed to hear that Southee has opened up with yet another maiden. 

    The only real action of the day has been the dismissal of Nick Compton for 16. The opener, seemingly frustrated at getting bogged down by New Zealand's bowlers, played a horrible shot dancing down the pitch to Bruce Martin and was caught well by a diving Southee on the move. 
    5/16/2013 12:48:54 PM
  • 31st over - England: 57/1

    The pick of the seamers this morning, Trent Boult starts off from the Nursery End after lunch. Trott clips him down to fine leg for a single - only the seventh run he's conceded today - before he has a very strong shout for LBW against Cook. 

    The umpire says not out but New Zealand review and you can see why, Hawkeye shows the ball would have just clipped the bails but only just so the original umpire's call stands. A let off for Cook.
    5/16/2013 12:53:41 PM
  • 32nd over - England: 58/1

    Just the single to Trott from Southee's over as England's score trickles along. At this rate it would take them 96 overs to reach Chris Gayle's recent score of 175* in the IPL. 
    5/16/2013 12:58:43 PM

  •  A panorama of the scene today at Lord's
    by Charles Reynoldson May 16, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    5/16/2013 1:00:41 PM
  • 33rd over - England: 59/1

    Another over, another run to Trott as England continue to crawl along. Boult has been excellent this morning but with the ball more than 30 overs old England must surely be looking to up the pace a little now.
    5/16/2013 1:03:11 PM
  • 34th over - England 64/1

    Southee bowling to Trott and he has the right-hander under pressure, New Zealand appeal enthusiastically for a catch behind down the leg side and then for LBW two balls later but umpire Steve Davis is unmoved. Trott then hits a long-awaited boundary, his second of the game, driving through the covers for four. 
    5/16/2013 1:06:12 PM
  • WICKET: Cook ct Watling b Boult - 32 

    Alistair Cook scores his first runs after lunch with an elegant straight shot past the bowler for a couple but he's in trouble two balls later, edging Boult and Watling takes a good diving catch down to his left. Big blow for England. New Zealand now very much on top.
    5/16/2013 1:12:00 PM
  • 36th over - England: 67/2

    Southee continues to Trott with new man Ian Bell yet to face a ball and he bowls another maiden.
    5/16/2013 1:16:33 PM
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