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Live: Apple's WWDC 2013

  • Hello and welcome to The Independent's live blog of WWDC 2013! We're here to drag in all the latest news and updates from Tim Cook and the gang, but if you're looking out for what to expect then you can check our rumour round-up ahead of the conference or read more about flat design and skeuomorphism - the one thing we're deadly certain will be revealed today. 

    The speeches and revealing started at 6pm but stay with us for updates on everything from iOS 7 to iTunes Radio. There might even be some actual computers shown off as well! We've got David Phelan - our man in San Francisco- and myself, James Vincent, tracking events from the Indy HQ.
    6/10/2013 4:30:54 PM
  • 19.38- New tabs look fantastic too. Syncing across all your systems, as many as you like. 
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    6/10/2013 6:38:22 PM
  • Multi-tasking in iOS also looks very smooth. Just double tap to access, swipe around to find what you want. 
    6/10/2013 6:39:27 PM
  • 19.39 - AirDrop now getting the spotlight turned on it. Easy ways to share content with multiple people. Just tap a name, a face, to send content. Can be supported by any app with the 'share stream'. 
    6/10/2013 6:40:48 PM
  • Now multi-tasking is the topic and all apps will be able to multi-task, previously resisted because of battery power.
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • But it's not just design, there are lots of features. First Control Center
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • The new tabs look remarkable with 3D effects, swipe movements and way more than eight tabs at a time.
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • It'll update apps in the background.
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • Now Safari for the iPhone. Smart search and access to favourites..
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal controls.
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • Swiping is the way to manipulate the camera, too, with a new Photos app.
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • Or you can sort them by year
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • Craig is rushing through new features like multitasking and AirDrop to transfer items you share with friends. And a clear rebuke to Samsung with its NFC transfers "no need to bump your phone".
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • If your photos are a long untidy list of images, this sorts them by location for instance.
    6/10/2013 6:42:10 PM
  • 19.41 - New photo app  - organized into 'Moments' - categorizes them on where they're taken and when. You can zoom in on a single moment, zoom in an out to see different groupings. 
    6/10/2013 6:42:46 PM
  • Navigation from a bird's eye view lets you find pics at great speed. And there are new ways to share images from the app
    6/10/2013 6:43:06 PM

  • by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:44 PM

    6/10/2013 6:44:19 PM
  • Siri has a new voice, in the US at least.
    6/10/2013 6:45:23 PM
  • Showing off AirDrop again. 
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    6/10/2013 6:45:35 PM
  • 19.46 Now Eddy Cue is taling about integration of iOS with a car
    6/10/2013 6:46:58 PM
  • 19.47 - New Siri layout shows the soundwave of your voice. 
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    6/10/2013 6:47:21 PM
  • 19.47 This will dictate messages in your car and a bunch of cars will have it installed next year.
    6/10/2013 6:47:50 PM
  • 19.48 - (and the new Siri results screen)
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    6/10/2013 6:48:39 PM
  • 19.48 And the App Store will automatically update your apps for you, so you don't have to.
    6/10/2013 6:49:00 PM
  • 19.49 - How Siri looks in the car; ask for directions, recommendations, the whole shebang. 
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    6/10/2013 6:49:44 PM
  • 19.49 And now we're on to the radio app that's been talked about called iTunes Radio

    6/10/2013 6:50:36 PM
  • 19.51 Choose a station based on the kind of songs it plays then skip to another or create your own. 
    6/10/2013 6:51:33 PM
  • iTunes Radio there - create stations from genres, from a single song, from something a friend shared with you....

    6/10/2013 6:53:26 PM
  • 19.52 It tracks what you've listened to in your history. It's built into iOS 7 and iTunes on the Mac and Apple TV. It's free with ads or free if you subscribe to iTumes Match. Available in the US first.

    6/10/2013 6:53:48 PM
  • 19.54 - When listening to a song, tap to hear more like it or less like it.

    6/10/2013 6:54:27 PM
  • 19.54 Lots more being rushed through here as we reach the two-hour mark for this keynote. Like message blocking for people you don't want to hear from.
    6/10/2013 6:55:07 PM
  • 19.56 Activation lock means a thief can't turn off Find My iPhone even if they wipe the phone.
    6/10/2013 6:55:51 PM
  • 6/10/2013 6:56:19 PM
  • 19.57 The developers get iOS 7 today, the rest of us in the autumn.
    6/10/2013 6:57:04 PM
  • 19.58 Tim Cook is wrapping up now with quick recaps for an extended and very busy keynote.
    6/10/2013 6:58:28 PM
  • 19.58 - Some of the features from the new SDK. 
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    6/10/2013 6:58:42 PM
  • 20.00 - That seems it for iOS7 now.
    by James Vincenton Jun 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    6/10/2013 7:01:12 PM
  • 20.00 That's it for WWDC. What did you think of it?
    6/10/2013 7:01:27 PM
  • 20.03 So what did we learn there? The main hype must surely surround the new 'flat' look of iOS 7, with Jonathan Ive's new design a radical break from the look and feel of your current iPhone software. It was heavily trailed, but will have the tech fans arguing about its merits in the weeks to come no doubt.
    6/10/2013 7:07:05 PM
  • 20.28 Message boards are buzzing with reaction, and not just to the iOS 7 flat design.
    First, they've finally run out of cats. The latest OS for desktop and laptops is not named after an obscure kind of animal, but is instead called OS X Mavericks, after the big-wave surfing hang-out - the new OS versions will be named after places in California. 
    There's also iTunes Radio - a serious rival to Spotify but with a big social element.
    The Mac Pro looks like nothing else you'll have seen in computing - the most high-tech bin in the world, with impressive stats on computing power.
    The new AirBook has a battery that lasts all day.
    iCloud now has iWork - think a glossy-looking version of Google Docs.
    FaceTime now lets you make audio-only calls as well as video calls.
    Car manufacturers are working to make iOS work with your car (about time too!).
    And Activation Lock should help limit thefts of iPhones and iPads - you can only unlock via iCloud.

    6/10/2013 7:29:07 PM
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