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India v Pakistan

Re-live all the action from the Cricket World Cup semi-final following India's 29 run victory over Pakistan.

  • Confusion - Afridi pulled one to midwicket. The crowd think it's out, but the fielder isn't that convinced and the third umpire confirms it's not out.
    3/30/2011 4:15:28 PM
  • Pakistan 177-6 off 40 overs (Misbah 23 Afridi 15)
    Yuvraj again, which is important because it means India’s fifth bowler is bowled out. And Misbah, so lacking in intent so far, reverse sweeps for four! That’s a good shot, though the fielder really didn’t do very well. He repeats the shot to the next ball, earning one. As he’s shown in Twenty20, Misbah can hit the ball – see this innings - - amongst several. Misbah’s now woken up from his torturous slumber, at long last. Afridi keeps the strike, and will be relived that Nehra couldn’t quite make the catch which was reviewed. nine off the over. Powerplay, anyone?
    3/30/2011 4:18:11 PM
  • Pakistan 181-6 off 41 overs (Misbah 25 Afridi 17)
    Zaheer continues. After two singles, some excellent fielding at mid-on from Nehra stops Afridi getting a four. He then bunts one to midwicket. A really clever slower ball is driven straight back to Zaheer by Misbah. Zhaeer really is a class act, but there’s still six overs left which he can’t bowl. Just four from an excellent over. They need to take the powerplay before Afridi gets out.
    3/30/2011 4:23:10 PM
  • WICKET! Afridi c Sehwag b Harbhajan 19
    All over surely. 184/7 off 41.5 overs
    3/30/2011 4:26:04 PM
  • Why didn't they take the powerplay when Afridi was at the crease? If India lose, it will be their Adelaide '06.
    3/30/2011 4:27:16 PM
  • Pakistan 184-7 off 42 overs (Misbah 26 Riaz 0)
    Riaz, who got 5/46, comes out to bat. Pakistan have really imploded here, and Misbah (26 off 50) has somehow to redeem himself. Harbhajan went crazy after that wicket, understandably. Riaz on strike for the next over.
    3/30/2011 4:28:47 PM
  • Pakistan 192-7 off 43 overs (Misbah 26 Riaz 0)
    Nehra returns, and Riaz can’t get off strike until the third ball. Misbah needs to do more than just get a single to fine leg. Riaz then backs away and bunts one wide of long-on for four – brilliant timing that. A little bit of pressure on Neha which he doesn’t respond well to, with a wide down the legside. Eight off the over, and it will be Riaz on strike. 69 to win from seven overs. I’ll say it again, but powerplay, anyone?
    3/30/2011 4:35:26 PM
  • Pakistan 199-7 off 44 overs (Misbah 32 Riaz 8)
    This is Harbhajan’s last over, and he’s bowling round the wicket to cramp the batsmen for room. The first ball goes for a single to short fine-leg. And then there’s a boundary! Misbah plays a reverse sweep-cum-scoop for four, and gets a single from the next ball. A wide ball to Riaz wasn’t given as a wide, which seems slightly generous. Seven off the over – 62 needed off six overs. Or 61 for a super over! Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself…
    3/30/2011 4:40:04 PM
  • WICKET! Riaz c Tendulkar b Nehru 8
    No powerplay, which is really poor cricket, as it means Zaheer can bowl three of the five overs when they have to take it after this over. This is excellent bowling from Nehra, who, with the aid of a well-directed bouncer, manages four consecutive dots to Riaz. It all got too much for him, and he’s caught by Tendulkar off a horrible swipe. 199/8 off 44.5 overs
    3/30/2011 4:44:42 PM
  • Pakistan 200-8 off 45 overs (Misbah 33 Gul 0)
    What an over – 1-1 in the 45th over. Misbah on strike, and he’ll need to score 50 off the 61 needed in the five powerplay overs. Easy.
    3/30/2011 4:47:02 PM
  • Pakistan 208-8 off 46 overs (Misbah 39 Gul 2)
    Zaheer’s first ball is flicked through square-leg for four, a excellent shot from Misbah. Need plenty more of them though. He then gets a single and Gul does well to work his first ball down to third man, but Misbah can then only push another one. Misbah looks for a single off the last ball, and is almost run out. Eight off the over.
    3/30/2011 4:52:19 PM
  • WICKET! Gul lbw Nehra 2
    Looked out, but they've reviewed it, as they may as well. he is out - 208/9 off 46.1 overs.
    3/30/2011 4:53:57 PM
  • Ajmal just needs to pick up a single and let Misbah explode. Put like that, it sounds easy.
    3/30/2011 4:55:23 PM
  • Pakistan 208-9 off 47 overs (Misbah 40 Ajmal 1)
    Over to you, Misbah. They wisely turn down a single off the last ball of the over.
    3/30/2011 5:01:40 PM
  • Pakistan 224-9 off 48 overs (Misbah 49 Ajmal 1)
    That’ll do for Pakistan! Zaheer, who has actually been a little disappointing, spears one down the legside for five wides! If that happens about four more times this could be interesting. Misbah has played a horrid innings, and he can’t get the ball away, but then manages a nice drive through the offside for four. But then he plays a brilliant shot! Misbah gets his left leg out the way and thumps a one-bounce four to long-on. If only he’d shown this sort of intent earlier. And Misbah then gets a single to mid-off to keep the strike! 37 off 12 balls.
    3/30/2011 5:06:24 PM
  • Pakistan 231-9 off 49 overs (Misbah 56 Ajmal 1)
    Attempted yorker gone wrong, and Misbah belts it over long-on for six! That brings up his 50 and, had he taken 15 balls left to play himself in, it would have been a really excellent innings. He then can’t get the ball away for more than singles, but he turns them down. He then gets a single from the penultimate delivery. Ajmal plays a dilscoop to the final ball, but it’s cut off. So, 30 off six balls. Time to go ball-by-ball.
    3/30/2011 5:11:40 PM
  • Pakistan 231-9 off 49.1 overs (Misbah 56 Ajmal 1)
    Zaheer to finish off. Misbah turns down the single. Five sixes to win.
    3/30/2011 5:12:19 PM
  • Pakistan 231-9 off 49.2 overs (Misbah 56 Ajmal 1)
    INDIA HAVE WON! (Unless there’s some no balls and wides) good ball outside off stump, and Misbah can’t get it away.
    3/30/2011 5:12:57 PM
  • Pakistan 231-9 off 49.3 overs (Misbah 56 Ajmal 1)
    Pulled to square leg, no run again. Misbah will face some questions later, but credit to him for keeping going.
    3/30/2011 5:13:29 PM
  • Pakistan 231-9 off 49.4 overs (Misbah 56 Ajmal 1)
    An ugly heave to square leg. No run, again. All smiles, and a lot of noise, in the crowd.
    3/30/2011 5:13:57 PM
    Misbah c Kohli b Khan 56 - attempting an ugly swipe
    3/30/2011 5:14:40 PM
  • The fireworks have already begun in India, who have now won five out of five World Cup games against Pakistan.
    3/30/2011 5:16:04 PM
  • It's been a really good game, albeit not quite as close as we'd have hoped. India-Sri Lanka on Saturday. Tendulkar v Murali. I can't wait. The best two teams have made the final, I think.
    3/30/2011 5:17:13 PM
  • Thanks for all your comments on a cracking match. I'm off to catch my breath now.
    3/30/2011 5:17:51 PM
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