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India v Australia

Re-live all the action from India's win in the Cricket World Cup quarter-finals with our over-by-over coverage from Ahmedabad.

  • India 44-0 off 8 overs (Sehwag 15, Tendulkar 23)
    More from Mitch, and that’s pretty good stuff, threatening Tendulkar. But then he drops one short and Tendulkar plays a perfect pull shot for four, which ruins an otherwise excellent over. Australia really need to break this partnership, obviously.
    3/24/2011 2:00:54 PM
  • WICKET! Sehwag c Hussey (M) b Watson 15
    And there it is! Sehwag top edges one, and Watson gets an absolutely vital scalp.
    3/24/2011 2:02:26 PM
  • India 49-1 off 9 overs (Tendulkar 28, Gambhir 0)
    Gambhir is a very good number three, averaging 40, and he’ll like that he’ll have plenty of time to play himself in. Especially if we see much more of that! Exquisite cover drive from Sachin, again. Now why didn’t I bet on him to be top run-scorer in the World Cup? 16-1 it was! Gambhir leaves his first ball, but he looked like he almost played at it.
    3/24/2011 2:07:15 PM
  • India 50-1 off 10 overs (Tendulkar 29, Gambhir 0)
    Johnson only goes for one, Tendulkar getting a single to fine leg off the last ball. His three overs have only gone for nine, which offers some encouragement for Australia.
    3/24/2011 2:11:48 PM
  • India 54-1 off 11 overs (Tendulkar 32, Gambhir 0)
    Inevitably, Australia take the bowling powerplay immediately. An interesting stat flashes up that this is India’s second lowest score after 10 overs this tournament. The lowest? Against Ireland, obviously.
    Watson is doing really well, getting some movement. He looks really ‘psyched’, in sports-speak, too. Just as I type that, he bowls a wide though. IS THAT OUT? Australia claiming the catch off Gambhir.
    3/24/2011 2:16:10 PM
  • That's the end of the over - we're just finding out whether Gambhir is out. Ponting is the man claiming the catch - but it looks to have bounced before.
    3/24/2011 2:17:15 PM
    The third umpire said it bounced before, which it had. To be fair to Ponting, he said he didn't know, so lets have no one saying he's a cheating so-and-so.
    3/24/2011 2:17:52 PM
  • India 65-1 off 12 overs (Tendulkar 43, Gambhir 0)
    Just scintillating from Tendulkar. The first ball of Johnson’s over is flicked from outside off to mid-wicket, in the manner Mark Waugh used to specialise in. The second ball goes for another boundary, steered backward of point. Johnson is then forced to switch to over the wicket – and Sachin tucks him away for another two. A single from the final ball gets a massive cheer – it means Sachin retains the strike. Gambir’s faced one ball in the last three overs!
    3/24/2011 2:23:39 PM
  • India 67-1 off 13 overs (Tendulkar 44, Gambhir 1)
    Australia are probably hoping today sees a return to 1990s India: Tendulkar makes a hundred, but the batting crumbles when he’s out, and India lose. There looks to be no stopping him right now. That’s a huge appeal from Watson for lbw, but Ponting refrains from reviewing it. The impact was outside offstump anyway. Gambhir got off the mark with a dodgy inside edge past leg stump.
    3/24/2011 2:27:11 PM
  • India 70-1 off 14 overs (Tendulkar 45, Gambhir 3)
    Lee returns, trying to tempt Gambhir just outside offstump, and he has a slip. It’s one of those moments when you just sense this passage is absolutely pivotal. There are three singles from the over, and the atmosphere is very, very tense.
    3/24/2011 2:36:37 PM
  • India 76-1 off 15 overs (Tendulkar 46, Gambhir 8)
    Watson’s into his fifth consecutive over, which doesn’t happen very often. Gambhir asks him why he’s still on by taking a step down the track and blasting him over the offside – remember we are still in powerplay territory. Gambhir nibbles injudiciously at the last ball.
    3/24/2011 2:40:52 PM
  • India 80-1 off 16 overs (Tendulkar 48, Gambhir 9)
    Lee’s into the second over of this burst, and knows his team need wickets. After Tendulkar plays a wonderful-looking flick that only goes for one, Gambhir almost chops on. Lee then gets over-excited and bowls a wide – there is a feeling Gambhir is susceptible to the short stuff (though he handled Morkel and Steyn admirably in South Africa) so he will get bombarded. And now TENDULKAR ALMOST GOES. Playing a cut upper-cut, the ball bounces just in front of the fielder.
    When will we see Jason Krezja, I wonder?
    3/24/2011 2:46:14 PM
  • India 86-1 off 17 overs (Tendulkar 51, Gambhir 10)
    No Krezja yet – it’s back to Shaun Tait. He is an absolutely exhilarating sight, with that slingy action, the raw pace, aggression and his unpredictability. He begins with a wide, and bowls another later in the over. One on Sachin’s legs is stroked for two. It brings up his 50, his 142nd score of 50 or more in ODIs. Just absurd.
    3/24/2011 2:52:56 PM
  • India 94-1 off 18 overs (Tendulkar 53, Gambhir 16)
    Now it’s Krejza, who has one of the more remarkable Test debuts – match figures of 12/358 in India in 2008. Gambhir, indicating India won’t let him settle, advances to his first ball, but only gets one. His next does turn considerably, but it’s short and Sachin rocks back and scores another single. That’s far too short to Gambhir, who dispatches a long-hop for four, bringing up the 50 stand at just over five an over.
    3/24/2011 2:57:33 PM
  • WICKET! Tendulkar c Haddin b Lee 53
    Just nibbled at one from Tait, it had more lift and movement than Sachin expected, was an excellent ball.
    3/24/2011 2:57:55 PM
  • It's being reviewed though - but it remains out! So India are 94/2 off 18.1 with Sachin out. (The umpires reviewed it, so India still have two reviews remaining.)
    This really is deliciously placed. Though that was a good ball, Tendulkar's bat was a touch away from his body. Out comes Virat Kohli.
    3/24/2011 2:59:02 PM
  • India 98-2 off 19 overs (Gambhir 17, Kohli 2)
    A no ball from Tait, but it only goes for one. Where’s your money?
    3/24/2011 3:04:23 PM
  • India 102-2 off 20 overs (Gambhir 19, Kohli 4)
    Krejza continues – I suspect India will be more cautious in how they play him now, which could allow him to develop a rhythm. That’s a better over from him, going for four, and he gets a ball to jump up at Kohli. Maybe David Hussey will get a bowl too.
    3/24/2011 3:08:04 PM
  • India 108-2 off 21 overs (Gambhir 23, Kohli 6)
    Tait is searching for another wicket, but he really should have a slip to Kohli, something to worry the batsman as much as anything else. Mysteriously, he does get one to the ‘in’ batsman, Gambhir. But good over for India, going for six.
    3/24/2011 3:12:22 PM
  • This match has all the makings of a classic!
    3/24/2011 3:13:34 PM
  • India 111-2 off 22 overs (Gambhir 24, Kohli 8)
    Krejza is bowling better now, giving the ball a bit more loop. He should be bowling it fuller though, but he is getting there. Three singles from the over.
    3/24/2011 3:15:21 PM
  • India 115-2 off 23 overs (Gambhir 26, Kohli 10)
    Interesting – ‘golden arm’ Michael Clarke is on. His ODI record against India is outstanding, too, with 13 wickets at 27, going for only 5/20 per over. His back trouble has prevented him bowling that much, otherwise he could be as good as Yuvraj Singh. This is respectable stuff, and the over goes for four.
    3/24/2011 3:18:38 PM
  • India 118-2 off 24 overs (Gambhir 28, Kohli 11)
    Fantastic ball from Krezja, which hits the rough, jumps up, and just misses Gambhir’s outside edge. He’s improved with every over so far, and this goes for three. Australia are building some pressure, but a run rate just over 5.50 an over won’t worry India yet.
    3/24/2011 3:21:58 PM
  • India 123-2 off 25 overs (Gambhir 31, Kohli 13)
    More Clarke – more of the same really. Five risk-free singles will suit India just fine. Australia were 116/2 at this stage.
    3/24/2011 3:25:47 PM
  • India 129-2 off 26 overs (Gambhir 36, Kohli 14)
    Good use of the feet from Gambhir gets him two twice. Krejza then bowls a couple of quicker balls, which he can’t score from but there’s still six off the over.
    3/24/2011 3:28:44 PM
  • India 132-2 off 27 overs (Gambhir 37, Kohli 16)
    A bit of David Hussey now. He bowls unthreatening looking offbreaks, but they can be hard to hit. And, true enough, the over only goes for three singles.
    3/24/2011 3:31:52 PM
  • India 142-2 off 27 overs (Gambhir 39, Kohli 24)
    So more Clarke – and Kohli classily drives him through the offside for a very welcome four! Ten off the over, and India must be considered substantial favourites.

    Why is Ponting bowling his part-time spinners? I think he’ll want Lee and Tait (and maybe Johnson too) to have a burst just before the ball change, which is after 34 overs, as it normally reverse-swings then. Jimmy Anderson was devastating (not something we’ve said much this tournament) against South Africa just before the ball change.
    3/24/2011 3:35:23 PM
  • WICKET! Kohli c Clarke b Hussey (D) 24
    Kohli just slaps one to midwicket – terrible shot from a rank full toss!
    3/24/2011 3:36:40 PM
  • Australia have got a wicket from nowhere, and how they needed that. There's a look of joyful surprise on David Hussey's face. I imagine Ponting will now send on a quick to attack the new batsman. 143/3 off 28.3 overs.
    3/24/2011 3:38:19 PM
  • India 147-3 off 29 overs (Gambhir 40, Yuvraj 4)
    Yuvraj hits his first ball delightfully for four, just what Kolhi should have done. And then there’s a big lbw shout, but it’s not reviewed.
    3/24/2011 3:40:52 PM
  • India 156-3 off 30 overs (Gambhir 44, Yuvraj 8)
    Gambhir’s using his feet well to the spinners, and gets two more with a drove to long-on off the returning Krejza. The bowler then bowls one down legside, which Yuvraj hits for four with a brilliant sweep. He hit two of his first four balls for four, and Australia will be rightly weary of what he could do to them.
    3/24/2011 3:44:42 PM
  • India 158-3 off 31 overs (Gambhir 45, Yuvraj 9)
    Look at the equation – 105 to win off 20 overs with seven wickets in hand. India should positively cruise this, winning by five wickets with three overs to spare or something. Lee and / or Tait need to produce something special, as they are fully capable of doing. Hussey bowls a very good over, only going for two. Time for a quick now, surely?
    3/24/2011 3:47:19 PM
  • India 166-3 off 32 overs (Gambhir 49, Yuvraj 13)
    Hussey looks harder to get away than Krejza, who the two left-handers are just milking with ease. But that’s ALMOST OUT – Yuvraj top-edges a sweep that lands just short of the fielders. Still, that’s a fantastic over for India, with eight runs from it. Too easy.
    3/24/2011 3:50:23 PM
  • India 168-3 off 33 overs (Gambhir 50, Yuvraj 14)
    Just doing the maths – Australia have two more overs from their fourth / fifth bowler combination (Krejza, Watson, Clarke, Hussey) to get through. I think Ponting bowled spin from both ends for a little too long though – I’d have given another quick a burst.
    Johnson, with four overs for 20 so far, is back on. His first ball is steered for one from Gambhir, which brings up a calm and very well-paced 50. Johnson immediately looks more threatening than the spinners though, and Ponting misses a direct hit that would have run out Gambhir as Yuvraj tries to get off strike. Excellent comeback from Mitch.
    3/24/2011 3:55:05 PM
  • WICKET! Gambhir run out (White) 50
    Mayhem this over – there was almost a run out the ball before. Australia right in this!
    3/24/2011 3:57:42 PM
  • India 171-4 off 34 overs (Yuvraj 16, Dhoni 1)
    Hussey’s bowling really, really well here. There just looked to be a complete breakdown in communication between the two, Gambhir was completely to blame though. The ball trickled wide of slip and he wanted a single, it was his call but it was never on. Now the ball change.
    3/24/2011 4:01:29 PM
  • India 173-4 off 35 overs (Yuvraj 16, Dhoni 2)
    Johnson continues, with a slip. A slip in place for Yuvraj, who’s had an extraordinary World Cup – 300 runs at 100 and 11 wickets at less than 25. But he’s almost gone! An absolute jaffa from Johnson, round the wicket, pitched on off stump, lifts and leaves the batsman. Wow. The next ball, the last of the over, is nearly as good. This is genuinely riveting now.
    Seven runs and a wicket from the last three overs mean Australia are right in this now, though India are still favourites
    3/24/2011 4:06:12 PM
  • India 179-4 off 36 overs (Yuvraj 17, Dhoni 7)
    Cut for four from Dhoni off Hussey! That’s a top shot from a skipper whose understanding of ‘pressure’ in a sporting context is rather greater than John Terry’s could ever be. Hussey only goes for two more singles from the last five balls though.
    After this over, in theory, Ponting can just bowl Johnson, Lee and Tait. How disappointed he must be with Krejza (7-0-40-0).
    3/24/2011 4:09:13 PM
  • India 187-4 off 37 overs (Yuvraj 25, Dhoni 7)
    More from Johnson. This spell has made you realise what all the ‘once in a generation’ (Dennis Lillee’s words) hype was about. Pace, bounce and movement from a left-armer is quite a combination. But then Yuvraj reminds you why he is so hyped up with a majestic straight drive for four. If he’s still there at the end, India win.
    3/24/2011 4:14:14 PM
  • WICKET! Dhoni c Clarke b Lee 7
    Brilliant catch from Clarke at backward point. Australia, eh?
    3/24/2011 4:17:51 PM
  • India 187-5 off 38 overs (Yuvraj 25, Raina 0)
    Wow Australia. You’d have to make them favourites now, although Raina is a proper, and very good, batsman. Ponting looks so pumped up. It’s a quite brilliant maiden, and the required rate is above 6 or the first time.
    3/24/2011 4:21:36 PM
  • India 193-5 off 39 overs (Yuvraj 30, Raina 1)
    Tait’s back. If he can knock over Yuvraj now, you’d say that’s virtually game over. The pair exchange a couple of singles, and then Yuvraj upper cuts for four! Brilliant shot, and how India needed that.

    Remember, we still have the batting powerplay. If they take it now and lose a wicket, everyone will ask why. But if they take it when Yuvraj’s out, everyone will also ask why…
    3/24/2011 4:25:41 PM
  • India 207-5 off 40 overs (Yuvraj 38, Raina 6)
    Raina rocks back and hocks Lee, in front of square, making it consecutive boundaries for India. He gets a single and then Lee bowls a wide! Suddenly India are definitely favourites. Especially now! Lee attempts one of his trademark yorkers to take out off-stump. Yuvraj steers it away for another four. And then there’s almost a run out This is a crazy, brilliant game, truly one-day cricket at its best. But another four, scythed through point, puts India firmly ahead. 14 from the over, and now just 54 to win from 10 overs. Easy, right?
    3/24/2011 4:31:02 PM
  • India 220-5 off 41 overs (Yuvraj 41, Raina 11)
    Overthrows now! Very sloppy – the batsman was well in, the through was wayward and Haddin just dropped it. Australia need to break this partnership and quickly. That isn’t what they need – five wides from Tait. Dear, oh dear. There’s so, so much noise it’s quite extraordinary. I hope Australia get another wicket now – this game has been so good it deserves a close finish. 13 from the over, Raina hitting a pair of beautiful twos, and 27 from the last two – India are now in control.
    3/24/2011 4:36:59 PM
  • India 222-5 off 42 overs (Yuvraj 42, Raina 12)
    Krejza comes on now, with Ponting basically hoping Yuvraj won’t be able to resist and will get caught trying to hit a maximum. That’s a few good deliveries to Raina though, some nice turn and more accurate than earlier. Only two from the over, and a semblance of calm restored. But only 39 more to win, and a semi-final with Pakistan! Just imagine that! Will double nelson strike now?
    3/24/2011 4:40:11 PM
  • India 229-5 off 43 overs (Yuvraj 47, Raina 14)
    Shane Watson’s back – Australia might just have run out of ideas. Yuvraj has played quite brilliantly and looks a shoe-in for player of the tournament. Yuvraj hocks a short one, Lee dives spectacularly, but the ball still goes for four. Worse still, it went via his face, which is bleeding all over and he leaves the field.
    3/24/2011 4:45:05 PM
  • India 232-5 off 44 overs (Yuvraj 48, Raina 16)
    More from Krejza, who has toiled valiantly without quite looking good enough. Only three from the over, but Australia need wickets. A lot of them.
    3/24/2011 4:48:35 PM
  • India 239-5 off 45 overs (Yuvraj 52, Raina 19)
    Still Watson – I’d try Shaun Tait myself, simply because there’s always a chance he could deliver three unplayable yorkers in an over. Yuvraj reaches an exceptional half-century off 54 balls. He could well be man of the match – he took 2-44 from 10 overs too. Seven from the over, and now India are forced to take the batting powerplay.
    3/24/2011 4:53:14 PM
  • India 246-5 off 46 overs (Yuvraj 52, Raina 26)
    That’s a stupendous shot!! Raina stepped away and has plonked Lee over long-on for six! He has fully justified his recall instead of Yusuf Pathan, incidentally. This is Lee’s last chance of World Cup glory – he won the tournament in 2003, but was injured in 2007. With a bandaged head, you’ve got to feel for him – over his career, he has seldom been anything less than captivating, and maybe he’ll play on till the World Twenty20 next year. He thinks he’s got Yuvraj caught behind, but he definitely hasn’t.
    3/24/2011 4:57:50 PM
  • India 257-5 off 47 overs (Yuvraj 53, Raina 34)
    Johnson’s back, too late, and Raina works him off his hip for four! He now has 30 from 25 balls, an absolute gem of an innings. This is his 113th ODI at the age of just 24, which is scary. What a calm head he has. Johnson then sprays a wide down leg.
    It’s been a brilliant game, but I’m feeling slightly disappointed. At 187/5, it looked as it it was going to be an all-time classic, so I think it’s a shame this pair have been so exceptional. I thought this had last-over thriller all over it.
    3/24/2011 5:04:38 PM
  • Lee’s still bowling at absolutely full throttle, which you’ve really got to admire. Yuvraj plays a brilliant extra cover drive to finish things off AND INDIA HAVE WON! They’ve done it by 5 wickets, and you could not hope to see a better partnership than this one between Yuvraj and Raina. They were the two calmest people in the ground.
    3/24/2011 5:07:35 PM
  • Yuvraj finished on 57, and should be man of the match. Raina, a very borderline selection, finished with 34, and no one will forget that straight six off Lee.
    3/24/2011 5:08:48 PM
  • Poor Ricky Ponting - but that was some innings. If this is his last game for Australia (I think he should retire from ODIs and keep going in Tests) then it is a fitting way to go.
    3/24/2011 5:09:57 PM
  • So we now will have an India-Pakistan semi-final. It's a game for which even the Sky Sports hype will be justified.
    3/24/2011 5:11:12 PM
  • I'm off now - thanks for all your comments, much appreciated. I'll be back at 815 tomorrow for South Africa v Sri Lanka. Take care folks!
    3/24/2011 5:12:11 PM
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