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Hacking: Rebekah Brooks and Murdochs quizzed at hearing

This event is now closed. You can see below how the drama unfolded before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, including the foam attack on Rupert Murdoch

  • * Brooks says she first heard of Dowler accusations two weeks ago
    * Rebekah Brooks: I never sanctioned payments to police
    * Man attacks Rupert Murdoch with foam pie at hearing ind.pn
    * Rupert denies overall responsibility for phone hacking
    * Rupert says he had no knowledge of Taylor settlement
    * James Murdoch 'misled' by senior employees
    * Rupert: 'Most humble day of my life' ind.pn
    * Rupert: 'We closed NoW because we were ashamed'
    * NI paid money to Goodman and Mulcaire after convictions ind.pn
    * Rupert: 'NoW very small part of News Corp'
    * James: 'Company acted as swiftly as possible'
    * James: 'Scandal of great regret'
    * James: 'No evidence execs knew of hacking'
    * Rupert: 'News Corp has zero tolerance of wrongdoing'
    * John Yates: 'My integrity is intact and my conscience is clear'
    * Sir Paul Stephenson: 'I'm not leaving because I was pushed'
    7/19/2011 12:42:04 PM
  • Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi defending her husband.

    7/19/2011 4:02:59 PM
  • The protester is now in handcuffs, his face covered in what I can only assume (and hope) is white paint #IndyLive #HackGate
  • The sight of rupert just sat there as wendi tried to clean his face was rather touching
  • Rupert Murdoch on prime ministers "I wish they'd leave me alone"
  • Every bit of this story writes itself. @NewStatesman says the protester is called Jonny [lost his] Marbles - you couldn't make it up...
  • Twitter: @JonnieMarbles
    It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat
    7/19/2011 4:09:42 PM
  • Hearing resumes, Rupert Murdoch without his jacket
    7/19/2011 4:10:01 PM
  • I wanted to see the Murdochs getting grilled by Louise Mensch. Now I'm watching some attention-seeking cretin wielding a foam pie.
  • Louise Mensch praises Rupert Murdoch's 'immense guts' for agreeing to continue.
    7/19/2011 4:11:00 PM
  • Louise Mensch: "When did you hear of the hacking of the family of Milly Dowler?" J Murdoch: "Only when it appeared in the paper."
    7/19/2011 4:12:38 PM
  • James Murdoch says it is customary for both sides in an out-of-court settlement to agree confidentiality.
    7/19/2011 4:13:37 PM
  • Louise Mensch: "Are you sure that no-one at News international hacked the phones of 911 victims or their families?" James Murdoch: "these are very serious allegations and that activity would have absolutely no place.."
    7/19/2011 4:14:35 PM
  • The audience is cleared as Rupert Murdoch continues without his jacket. His wife Wendi remains seated behind.

    7/19/2011 4:16:12 PM
  • Louise mensch: "The buck stops with you. Given that you have said this is the most humble day of your life... have you asked your editors around the world to make a root and branch check that phone-hacking is not happening in your other global publications?" R. Murdoch: "No but I would be happy to do so."
    7/19/2011 4:18:13 PM
  • The white substance being thrown at Rupert Murdoch.

    7/19/2011 4:19:06 PM
  • The News Corporation boss was targeted by a protestor during questioning by MPs.

    7/19/2011 4:21:24 PM
  • Louise Mensch: " Have you considered suing Harbottle & Lewis?" R.Murdoch says he will not speculate on that.
    7/19/2011 4:22:02 PM
  • Louise Mensch: "Mr Murdoch have you considered resigning?" R.Murdoch: "No...Frankly, I am the best person to turn this around."
    7/19/2011 4:24:28 PM
  • "I'm the best person to clear this up." - Yeah, that's what Brooks said, too. #notw #hackgate
  • Are we getting Murdoch's resignation speech live ? #Murdoch #hackgate
  • The man who allegedly attacked Rupert Murdoch is taken away by the police.

    7/19/2011 4:33:42 PM
  • Just checked my tape: the pie thrower said "you are a greedy billionaire". In very middle class accent.
  • The hearing has resumed.
    7/19/2011 4:44:50 PM
  • Rebekah Brooks says she intends to answer all questions "as openly as I can."
    7/19/2011 4:45:15 PM
  • Ex News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks takes her seat at the hearing.

    7/19/2011 4:45:35 PM
  • john whittindale as rubbish as expected. we learnt hardly nothing in two hours, james was allowed to continually repeat answers. What was the point of it all. never mind MPs go on Hols on Thursday for the usual October return...
    7/19/2011 4:48:20 PM
  • ..murdoch senior is now 'the victim'......well done to idiot johnny marvel......and the only loser here today will be the british public........they may not be allowed to view democracy at close quarters again.........can't wait to see the anarchist comedian on stage......i might have a brick in my pocket.............ha
    7/19/2011 4:48:48 PM
  • Sorry Indy, but the story is not that a self-indulgent idiot attacked Murdoch. It is that Murdoch started out by saying how humbled he was and finished by refusing to resign because it was all someone else's fault.
    7/19/2011 4:49:02 PM
  • Now let me see! Rupert Murdoch - humble; no, that doesn't work for me. Ok then, humble - Rupert Murdoch, no, that doesn't work either. No matter which way you write it, putting the words "Rupert Murdoch" and "humble" together stretches credulity to beyond breaking point.
    7/19/2011 4:49:21 PM
  • BBC Breaking: The Conservative party may be about to announce that Neil Wallace was working informally for Andy Coulson while Coulson was working for David Cameron, before the election.
    7/19/2011 4:57:27 PM
  • OK...we get that she watched Panorama... #hackgate
  • RT @BBCLauraK: Breaking - Neil Wallis may have provided Andy Coulson with advice while he was working for Cameron
  • Rebekah Brooks asked about tracking people's locations through their mobile phone signal, she responds: "A mobile conversion can be made through legitimate means."
    7/19/2011 5:03:58 PM
  • The issue here is media ownership, we really need one owner limited to one news outlet only, in this way we prevent excess, illiberal concentrations of power in the hands of media rulers and ensure a fair and varied press
    7/19/2011 5:06:09 PM
  • Brooks says she has never paid a policeman, or knowingly sanctioned a payment to the police force.
    7/19/2011 5:09:38 PM
  • Rebekah clarifies comment, saying in a years' time people will realise they had done the right thing by closing the news of the World and all the journalists who lost jobs will be offered another at News Corp.
    7/19/2011 5:15:59 PM
  • #hackgate I hope someone asks her to list exactly what information she was referring to when she said 'The worst is yet to come.'
  • Brooks says she wrote an "unreserved" apology to the Dowler family saying the News of the World would "get to the bottom" of the hacking accusations. She says she also wrote to the surrey police asking if they could help with the investigation.
    7/19/2011 5:28:29 PM
  • Rebekah Brooks says she first heard of the Milly Dowler accusations just two weeks ago. When pressed, she repeats the statement, saying: "I'm sorry that's just the way it is."
    7/19/2011 5:32:57 PM
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