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Glastonbury 2015

    Weller cracks open the golden oldies with "You Do Something To Me". There are apparently 25 minutes left of his set and they want to cram in 40 songs, so get ready for a serious medley or some double time versions
    6/28/2015 7:20:50 PM
    Sarah Malt reviews Belle and Sebastian, Other Stage, Sunday 18.45, 4/5 stars

    The sun was shining, the songs were uplifting and the crowd was packed with loyal fans. Belle and Sebastian would have had to try really hard to deliver a flop at Glastonbury. As they performed songs such as "Nobody's Empire", "Allie" and "The Boy With The Arab Strap" (to huge cheers and loud singing) there were some unexpected parallels to Pharrell's Saturday show: there were dancers (not sponsored by a major sportswear label) and audience members were invited up on stage (this time boys welcome).  It will have been impossible not to enjoy this feel good performance.
    6/28/2015 7:26:16 PM
    7 yr old about Weller 'isn't he a bit old for this? They should stop when they're 50 or it's just weird' BED NOW! #PaulWeller #Glasto2015
    When did the Demon Headmaster become a mod? #PaulWeller #Glasto2015
    A few people on Twitter seem not to realise the biggest music festival in the world is currently underway and are assuming that Paul Weller trending means he must be dead. There is strong evidence to the contrary on BBCFour now guys
    6/28/2015 7:33:51 PM
    "Town Called Malice" finally injects some movement into Weller's crowd as people do the Running Man in as far as the eye can see
    6/28/2015 7:35:48 PM
    That's it until the Who grace the Pyramid and bring the Pilton Pop 2015 to a close. Question is will Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend live up to their past Glasto performances?
    6/28/2015 7:40:10 PM
    Hazel Sheffield is at The Other Stage for Jamie T. "We're the only band to headline the john peel tent twice. But there's a lot of you out here tonight!"

    He gives a shout out to Florence: "My friend Flo put on one of the best shows of all time."

    It's glorious out here now, and the better weather has definitely raised the mood. The flags are out in force! 
    6/28/2015 8:15:38 PM
    Where are the Who? Their set had been brought forward to 9.15pm (presumably so they could go to bed with a nice Horlix before 11pm) but at nearly half past 9 there's still no sign. Not even Kanye was late yesterday. Harrumph
    6/28/2015 8:27:53 PM
    Jamie Merrill: The crowd for The Who is big and waiting with eager anticipation. But this is far from the biggest crowd I've seen for a Sunday night closing act. This time last year it was hard to move at Arcade Fire. 
    6/28/2015 8:29:16 PM
    And just in case of any confusion there is no live coverage of The Who this evening. Luckily our journalists in the field (a muddy one at that) will be filing insights ahead of the BBCTwo 9.40pm highlights show. Although that's only 9 minutes away so Roger and Pete had better get a move on
    6/28/2015 8:31:53 PM
    Jamie Merrill:  And the band finally arrive. 15 minutes late now. "Here we go again" says a rather unenthusiastic sounding Roger Daltrey
    6/28/2015 8:34:37 PM
    Jamie Merrill: They've got a simple job to do: Namely send us home happy and possibly a little bit deaf. "Oh oh" is being chanted by the crowds and flares are popping off all over the place.
    6/28/2015 8:36:08 PM
    Looks like BBCTwo's coverage of the Who has been pushed back to 10.10pm. Cowboy time!
    6/28/2015 8:45:36 PM
    But this gives us opportunity to read about the brilliant over 65s at this year's Glasto

    Why Glastonbury 2015 was the year of old codgers - and brilliant for it

    The IndependentTake the combined ages of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Burt Bacharach, Lionel Richie, Patti Smith, Lemmy, the Dalai Lama, Paul Weller, Billy Bragg and Michael Eavis (add Jamie T because he was fantastic and I was in dire need of a 29 year old), and the number you end up with, naturally, is the big, bad 666. The number of the beast and, of course, the number of rock n’ roll.
    6/28/2015 8:49:45 PM
    Especially as now the BBC's coverage is going to be on even later - after 10.30pm. Good job Chemical Brothers are on to keep us entertained.
    6/28/2015 8:54:03 PM
    Hazel Sheffield: It's a glorious evening, pink dappled sky hanging over the Pyramid Stage. They started with 'Who Are You', Pete Townshend's helicopter strumming making an early appearance.
    6/28/2015 8:57:14 PM
    Hazel Sheffield: Townshend announces 'I Can See For Miles' as "a song about being able to see a really long way". Daltrey cheers the photographers leaving the pit down the front, "Now we can see you!" What a sight it must be from up there.
    6/28/2015 8:58:42 PM
    Jamie Merrill: It's not the biggest crowd for a closing act at Glastonbury, but took less than 30 seconds for Roger Daltrey to bring cheers of "Who are you" from the crowd, as the sun set on Worthy Farm and bright red flares fired into the air.
    This year's Glastonbury festival has lacked a rocking standout set, leaving it to ageing rockers The Who to quash the doubters with a two hour masterclass. And as soon as they launched into a punch-laded, foot stopping take on "The Seeker", it was clear that they relished the challenge. And a wildly brilliant "My Generation" came, the crowd swelled, showing that the people of Worthy Farm are in search of some last-minute worship at the alter of the elderly guitarists. This could be good.
    6/28/2015 9:00:11 PM
    Hazel Sheffield: A streaker flashes for the camera before "My Generation". Townsend and Daltrey the only two surviving members of the original Who, play under the spotlights but their band is hidden in the recesses - we get shots of disembodied hands playing the bass solo.

    They dedicate 'Pictures Of Lily' to Paul Weller, "And to you of course," Daltrey adds.
    6/28/2015 9:04:47 PM
    Hazel Sheffield: Townshend just got a bit grumpy when the band messed up the start to 'The Best I Ever Had'. "That's so bad!"
    6/28/2015 9:06:18 PM
    Hazel Sheffield: They're playing 'Join Together With The Band'. Front loading the big tunes! I think we've probably had the best ones already.
    6/28/2015 9:13:43 PM
    Never stare directly into a Chemical Brothers light show
    Going to the toilet with chemical brothers on stage is hard. #chemicalbrothers #Glastonbury #2015
    Hazel Sheffield: Chemical Brothers sounding pretty great, they've packed out the Other Stage too
    6/28/2015 9:29:34 PM
    This Chemical Brothers set is an epileptic's worst nightmare! #Glastonbury
    BBC coverage of The Who about to kick off
    6/28/2015 9:42:35 PM
    Can't tell if the red tinge is caused mostly by flares or the setting sun. Glastonbury certainly has its rose tinted glasses on for Roger and Pete this evening
    6/28/2015 9:50:31 PM
    "The Kids Are Alright" but this is a bit devoid of enthusiasm if you ask me. Come on Pete and Roger, where's the Jagger-style swagger?
    6/28/2015 10:00:14 PM
    They are a bit creaky but you have to tip the hat to a band who played Monterrey in 67, Woodstock in 70 & are headlining Glastonbury today.
    This is the BBC highlights show but so far we've seen nothing from The Who that has the energy of their 2007 headline performance. I guess after 50 years an element of perfunctoryness is inevitable, but come on guys this is Glastonbury
    6/28/2015 10:03:54 PM
    Gonna be a laugh when they do a My Generation singalong with people who could be their great grandkids
    "Pictures of Lily" is dedicated to their old mucker Paul Weller
    6/28/2015 10:11:28 PM
    Overheard at Glastonbury: Is there somewhere I can buy floss?

    Start of Chemical Brothers set a little while ago. Just ticked them off my #glasto bucket list

    Here's Oscar Quine's verdict on The Who

    The Who deliver the goods at Glastonbury 2015

    The IndependentIf Saturday night was all about American hiphop's top brass, Sunday at Glastonbury delivered a distinct British flavour courtesy of The Who. Roger Daltrey was quick to make light of Kanye's antics the previous night, reminding everyone that Elvis Presley was still the king of rock - despite what Mr West may have said.
    6/28/2015 10:30:03 PM
    Well, that's it from us at Glastonbury. We're going to limp soddenly back to our tents for one last night of mild discomfort before returning to real life tomorrow. Thanks very much for joining us on this rather wonderful journey and see you again next year.
    6/28/2015 10:33:35 PM

    Sun setting on the other tent as crowd waits for Chemical Brothers

    Ryan Adams making wrecks of us all with When The Stars Go Blue and Wonderwall at the Park's final #Glastonbury set

    The Arcadia spider in all its fire breathing glory for @2ManyDJs secret set. Not so secret anymore!

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