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Football Transfer Window: Live Q + A with Glenn Moore

Following yesterday's incredible transfer deadline day which saw Andy Carroll join Liverpool for £35m and Fernando Torres sign for Chelsea in a £50m deal, The Independent's Football Editor Glenn Moore today hosted a live Q + A. You can read the answers to your questions below...

  • Is Andy Carroll value for money?
    2/1/2011 12:59:27 PM
  • We won't really be able to judge that for a couple of years. If he gets Liverpool back into the Champions League on a regular basis he is. If he gets injured, or has off-field problems which affect the club, or simply doesn't produce the performances, he won't be.
    2/1/2011 1:01:30 PM
  • How come Gabriel Obertan has handed in his transfer request today, after the window has closed? And can United continue to dominate without having added to their squad?
    2/1/2011 1:01:59 PM
  • Andy Carroll (cont). What can be said at present is that Liverpool paid £20m over the odds for a largely unproved player with limited experience in Premier League and international arena, and none in Europe. That said, they received £15-20m more than the going rate for Torres (taking David Villa, £34m, as a reasonable benchmark, and Torres' form and fitness over the last two years). Therefore Liverpool received £15m and swapped Torres for Carroll. That seems a reasonable price. Newcastle got lucky financially - but Alan Pardew has not, Chelsea paid a premium, but Roman can afford it.
    2/1/2011 1:04:24 PM
  • Obertan appears to be badly advised. It is not as if Man United have signed a winger to replace him. Why rile Fergie now. What he can do is be loaned out to a Football League club under the 'emergency loan' rule. Maybe there is a club out there who have tapped him up and fergie has decided Obertan is not needed in the short-term, which would be surprising unless Valencia is returning imminently. I'm not sure of his fitness status but doubt that.
    2/1/2011 1:06:28 PM
  • Obertan (cont)
    2/1/2011 1:06:43 PM
  • Obertan (cont) United's squad is relatively youthful, they have players returning to form/fitness, and fergie rarely makes short-term buys in the January window (Larsson was an exception - Vidic and Evra were for the long-term). United's lack of spending is no great surprise.
    2/1/2011 1:08:00 PM
  • Hi Glenn. In purely footballing terms, surely Torres is one hell of a signing? He's proven class, internationally and in the Premier League, 26 years old, and now has the excitement of a new city and club to spur him on?
    2/1/2011 1:08:23 PM
  • I'm not disputing Torres is a good player, but for two years he has underperformed, partly through injuries and, it seems, partly through a lack of desire. It is a huge fee, compared to those being paid elsewhere for players like Villa, or even Tevez and Dzeko, and the nagging feeling is that Ancelotti hadn't asked for him, he's a vanity purchase by Roman. Drogba's not been at his best this season, and is quite a bit older, but Torres arrival may make him worse and he's been Chelsea's key striker for years.
    2/1/2011 1:11:33 PM
  • Do you think the combination of Suarez and Carroll has the makings of a partnership? What now for Ngog and the under-rated Kuyt? Let alone Pacheco...
    2/1/2011 1:12:04 PM
  • Suarez and Carroll could work very well, though Suarez has not experienced the traditional (in the UK anyway) big man-small man partnership much in the past. They would seem to complement each other re height, pace, movt. But it is by no means clear Dalglish envisages them playing in a front two in a 4-4-2. He could instead play Carroll up front with Kuyt and Suarez either side, Suarez is used to playing wide in a front three at Ajax. Ngog, Pacheo - and Joe Cole - will be on the bench.
    2/1/2011 1:16:16 PM
  • Not sure how to feel about carroll to be honest. Even if newcastle could have matched liverpool's wage demands, it would have disrupted the team. Is there anyone decent we could get on emergency loan?
    2/1/2011 1:16:48 PM
  • I'm inclined to believe Carroll's version (that he was forced out because the fee was too good to turn down). I think he would have left Newcastle in 2-3 years but had no desire to go now. He could have used it to lever more cash, but that would probably have been accepted by the dressing room as long as he performed.
    2/1/2011 1:19:02 PM
  • Why did Blackpool accept a last minute 6.5 million bid for Charlie Adam and reject a 10 million bid from Liverpool? Is Harry fibbing a bit on how close they were to signing him?
    2/1/2011 1:19:23 PM
  • Are the lawyers watching? There was talk of Spurs chairman Daniel Levy negotiating a 50 per cent ownership deal, which would price all of Adam at £13m. I'm not entirely sure how that would work but it is supposed to be legal. Certainly I doubt Blackpool rejected £10m, then accepted £6.5m. That they turned down £10m shows how important they believe Adam is to staying in the PL, which is worth £50m. It also gives the lie to suggestions that Holloway was ramping the price up to benefit his transfer cut. That is a red herring. Maybe Ian will tell us all about it in his next Independent on Sunday column.
    2/1/2011 1:23:07 PM
  • What do you make of Spurs increasingly desperate attempts to sign a striker yesterday and why don't clubs make a long-term plan to sign players?
    2/1/2011 1:23:41 PM
  • It does seem a bit odd to go to Spain and assume anyone of Forlan, Aguero or Rossi would do - they are different players. Given he already has Defoe, Crouch, Pav, plus vdVaart who tends to play best behind a single striker, it is a bit perplexing, whoever came would be struggling to start, so the top players would say no. But Harry never has enough players, if the chairman will give him more he'll take them. One of his qualities is that he usually (not always) keeps most of them happy.
    2/1/2011 1:28:27 PM
  • Leaving aside the Chelsea/Liverpool/Newcastle saga, which of the loan signings impressed you? I thought Sully Muntari at Sunderland looks good business.
    2/1/2011 1:29:03 PM
  • I gather Muntari took a pay cut, which augers well. It indicates a desire to play, and suggests he has heard good things from his international teammates Gyan and Mensah. Beattie and Reid won't make Blackpool any quicker, that's for sure. Reid looked like a replacement for Adam, then Adam stayed. Martins and Ireland are gambles, there's talent, but too fitfully applied in both cases. But that's why they are loans, not purchases. It also made sense for Bentley, Konchesky, Keane and Gudjohnsen to move on. The best deal could be Sturridge to Bolton. He'll get games, which he needs, he will give Bolton a bit of a boost, which they need, and he may go back to Chelsea a more rounded player and person, which they need.
    2/1/2011 1:33:12 PM
  • I know they signed Robbie Keane, but are West Ham doomed?
    2/1/2011 1:33:55 PM
  • Forgot to mention Michael Bradley. Decent, busy player, the reshaped Villa are looking quite promising
    2/1/2011 1:34:33 PM
  • Aston Villa's Michael Bradley: "I can attack and defend and impose myself in the centre of the field."
  • West ham doomed, well if they had fired Avram and brought in O'Neill, or Allardyce, I think most of us would have expected them to stay up, which suggests the quality is there. But they didn't. They do have enough decent players, albeit it some of questionable fitness, to get out, but there is an inconsistency about their application which is a worry, and does not reflect well on Avram. It is very tight and there are enough points to play for, but the team which went down a few years ago had Carrick, Cole, James, D Canio, Johnson etc, so the current one is certainly not too good to go down
    2/1/2011 1:37:39 PM
  • Who do you think will go down this season?
    2/1/2011 1:38:17 PM
  • I'd probably go for three of the bottom five. Newcastle should have enough even without Carroll, but can't afford injuries to Nolan or Barton, Stoke will get point sat home, Blackpool should survive after keeping Adam, though it will be close. The others above the bottom five have good enough players. Of the bottom five, I fear for Wolves, they are not scoring enough goals, Wigan are inconsistent and roll over too often. I think Birmingham will just get out of it on the back of their home form (though Danns injury is a blow). So that Wolves, Wigan and West.....
    2/1/2011 1:42:07 PM
  • Ham
    2/1/2011 1:42:29 PM
  • Pardew on relegation > "It's a risk but we have to stay strong as a group. We don't want get involved in that situation." #NUFC
  • Now Chelsea have shelled out over £70 m do you envisage any more money being available in the summer window?
    2/1/2011 1:42:39 PM
  • Well, given no one forecast Roman suddenly rediscovering his enthusiasm and opening his cheque book, even those who claim to know what is happening at Chelsea, the honest answer is: no idea. I think a lot depends on how they finish this season. It is undeniable that the core of the team, Terry, Lampard, Drogba, is aging and becoming susceptible to injury. They are going to be very expensive to replace (OK, Torres for Drogba, but Anelka's no spring chicken either, and Malouda's 30). For pride and financial reasons (though that is a bit of an irrelevance with Roman) they clearly don't want to miss out on the ECL, which meant the plan to bring through youth, and reduce the wage bill, has been shelved at the first blip. Which suggests he will spend again, after carefully looking for loopholes in Uefa's FairPlay rules.
    2/1/2011 1:47:36 PM
  • Did Arsenal even try to sign anyone?
    2/1/2011 1:48:15 PM
  • I think enquiries have been made, notably regarding centre-halves in view of Vermaelen's continuing injury problems, but nothing came close to being completed. That said, Arsenal are one of the best clubs in the PL at keeping transfers quiet, mainly because Arsene does most of it and not many are in the loop. He tends not to buy in this window, Arshavin was an exception, but the jury remains out on whether the Russian has been a success, and the evidence is increasingly against which won't have encouraged Arsene.
    2/1/2011 1:51:38 PM
  • Doesn't all this make the gap between the premiership and championship greater than ever? The haves will dominate, and the have-nots who win promotion will drop straight back down.
    2/1/2011 1:52:08 PM
  • One of the most alarming figures to come out of this window was the fact that of the £225m spent only £5m went to Football League clubs (the rest was split between other PL clubs, and overseas). In other words, there is no 'trickle-down' effect from the cash coming into the top flight. Worse, there is an inflationary one as wages are pushed up, and the relegated clubs distort the Championship through their parachute payments. However, although PL clubs' income is vast cf Championship, so is their spending, esp wages, which reduces their advantage. Blackpool have shown you can come up and survive (hopefully) on a shoestring. And if you do hang on for a season or two you become one of the 'haves' - look at Stoke's increasing spending, albeit not this January. Fulham, Bolton, Blackburn are now established top-flight clubs, it is not so long ago they were in the lower divisions. What has changed, I think for good barring some financial cataclysm, is the prospect of big clubs being relegated as Man U and Spurs were in the 70s. But 50 clubs have now played in the PL, half the league, so it is not yet a closed shop.
    2/1/2011 1:59:11 PM
  • Thanks for your Q's. Sorry I was not able to answer any more. There will be further comment on the January transfer market in tomorrow's Independent. Glenn Moore
    2/1/2011 1:59:52 PM
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