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Europa League Final: Benfica v Chelsea

by Simon Rice (Online Sports... on May 15, 2013 at 4:41 PM

Welcome to The Independent's coverage of the Europa League final in Amsterdam between Benfica and Chelsea with me,
Simon Rice.


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Torres scores the opening goal of the match...
by The Independent on May 15, 2013 at 9:08 PM

Cardozo scores Benfica's equaliser from the penalty spot...
by The Independent on May 15, 2013 at 9:28 PM

Ivanovic scores an injury time header to win the Europa League for Chelsea...
by The Independent on May 15, 2013 at 9:47 PM

Let's get this party started! Joy for Chelsea at the final whistle...
by The Independent on May 15, 2013 at 9:52 PM

But, as they say on these occasions in football, heartbreak for Benfica...
by The Independent on May 15, 2013 at 9:53 PM

  • Welcome to The Independent's coverage of the Europa League final in Amsterdam between Benfica and Chelsea with me, Simon Rice.
    5/15/2013 3:41:44 PM
  • 5/15/2013 3:41:57 PM
  • 5/15/2013 3:43:21 PM
  • The post match celebrations that are proving a big talking point ahead of the game. With Terry ruled out through injury, many are asking whether he will lift the trophy should Chelsea win.
    5/15/2013 3:43:48 PM
  • 5/15/2013 3:44:32 PM
  • Jose Bosingwa does his best to obscure John Terry during the Champions League trophy ceremony

    5/15/2013 3:46:16 PM
  • Frank Lampard talks (or rather refuses to talk) about the prospect of John Terry lifting the trophy...

    Before the game I don't think it's something to talk about. I don't like to tempt fate. I haven't had a conversation with anyone.

    For the full story, click here.
    5/15/2013 3:59:35 PM
  • Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech is happy to count the cups amid all the upheavals...

    If you see the stability and organisation and the control Arsenal have it's amazing, but if you ask their fans about the last eight years, they'd say they've not won anything and they don't like that.

    To read the full story, click here.
    5/15/2013 4:08:38 PM

    • Chelsea have suffered just one defeat in their eight previous matches against Portuguese opposition, winning six.

    • Benfica have registered just one victory in their last seven clashes with English sides.

    For more stats and facts, read our match preview by clicking here.
    5/15/2013 4:10:16 PM
  • 5/15/2013 4:17:57 PM
  • 5/15/2013 4:18:39 PM
  • When in Amsterdam, putting your hands out wide is the thing to do...

    5/15/2013 4:19:45 PM
  • Benfica are seeking to recapture their reputation of old tonight writes Sam Wallace...

    When Jorge Jesus, the club's charismatic manager, took the stage for the club's press conference he was confronted with the reality of Benfica's record in European finals. It has been made worse by the success of their rivals Porto in the previous decade, when they won the Uefa Cup and the Champions League under Jose Mourinho in successive years. Benfica are glad to be in a final for the first time in 23 years.

    To read the full story, click here.
    5/15/2013 4:21:31 PM
  • Mine's a triple – Victory over Benfica will see Chelsea join a most exclusive European elite. Glenn Moore recalls the boozy beginnings of the Blues' victorious escapades in Continental cups...

    Peter Osgood, Charlie Cooke and Tommy Baldwin headed for the Athens Hilton, where the club's directors were staying. Beers were ordered, and cocktails, then more beers, and more cocktails.

    To read the full story, click here.
    5/15/2013 4:33:50 PM
  • Chelsea defender Sideshow Bob will be coming up against his former club tonight. It's going to be 'emotional' apparently...

    5/15/2013 4:36:53 PM
  • Sam Wallace writes about how the team built by Jose Mourinho is yet to lose the winning habit...

    Decadent? Wasteful? Profligate? Chelsea have been all of those things at times but, amid the sky-high compensation deals for sacked managers and the market-busting wages, they have undoubtedly built teams which are more than just a bunch of overpaid mercenaries. They have recovered from the sacking of a manager, or a dressing-room meltdown, too many times to be written off as a team with no soul.

    To read the full story, click here.
    5/15/2013 4:42:01 PM
  • "Who you calling Chicken? I'm an Eagle!"

    5/15/2013 4:46:19 PM
  • Tonight's teams...

    Benfica: Artur Moraes, Almeida, Luisao, Garay, Melgarejo, Perez, Matic, Rodrigo, Gaitan, Cardozo, Salvio.

    Subs: Paulo Lopes, Aimar, Lima, John, Urreta, Jardel, Gomes.

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Cole, Lampard, Luiz, Ramires, Mata, Oscar, Torres.

    Subs: Turnbull, Mikel, Moses, Ferreira, Marin, Benayoun, Ake.

    Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (Holland)

    5/15/2013 6:12:44 PM
  • John Terry in the Amsterdam ArenA. Presumably he's wearing his full Chelsea kit under that suit - socks and everything.

    5/15/2013 6:20:41 PM
  • The Independent has Sam Wallace in the stadium in Amsterdam. He's looking forward to a few Chelsea songs...

    5/15/2013 6:28:53 PM
  • Sam Wallace has been taking some pictures as well...

    5/15/2013 6:29:32 PM
  • Benfica fans are getting in the spirit of things - this guy in particular...

    5/15/2013 6:32:46 PM
  • Roy Keane on ITV discusses David Luiz...

    I think I would have enjoyed playing next to him.

    Really Roy? Have you ever enjoyed anything? He certainly doesn't like working with Gareth Southgate by the look on his face.
    5/15/2013 6:34:40 PM
  • The Independent's Sam Wallace is thoroughly enjoying the opening ceremony...

    5/15/2013 6:35:31 PM
  • We've been asking you to vote on whether you think John Terry will lift the trophy should Chelsea win tonight. Most of you are going for a bromance with Frank Lampard.

    You can still vote by CLICKING HERE.
    5/15/2013 6:39:04 PM
  • ITV ask Rafa Benitez about Frank Lampard's contract situation (apparently he's signed a new contract)...

    No news. I think he's doing really well and can do well tonight. But no news.

    Rafa, you tease. The teams are out on the pitch complete with haunting music and lots of flag waving.
    5/15/2013 6:42:33 PM
  • *That* banner has made it's way to Amsterdam.

    5/15/2013 6:43:56 PM
  • 1 min: We're underway...
    5/15/2013 6:45:39 PM
  • 3 min: Early chance for Benfica with Cardozo getting on the end of a cross. "You can't let them do that", says the commentator - but they can because he heads well over.
    5/15/2013 6:48:06 PM
  • 8 min: Neither team getting anywhere much so far. Luiz, after avoiding the rakes on the pitch, played a nice ball forward to Ramires but his fellow Brazilian couldn't quite get there.
    5/15/2013 6:53:03 PM
  • Just for clarification - this is not David Luiz.

    5/15/2013 6:53:26 PM
  • 11 min: Cardozo and then Salvio with decent chances inside the Chelsea box. Both efforts are blocked but Benfica have started tis match better.
    5/15/2013 6:57:09 PM
  • 13 min: Some wonderful one-touch football from Benfica which ends with Gaitan blasting over inside the box. Deserved a better finish to that move.
    5/15/2013 6:58:25 PM
  • 16 min: If anyone loves cards more than Clintons it's European referees. Oscar is in the book for a tug outside the box. The resulting free-kick is worked brilliantly but the Benfica striker slips at just the wrong time when about to blast it in from the edge of the six-yard box.
    5/15/2013 7:00:58 PM

  • Chelsea and Benfica fans were given just 9,000 seats each for this match...
    5/15/2013 7:02:28 PM
  • 19 min: Good chance for Juan Mata - Chelsea's first decent opening of the match and about time too. Benfica come away with it though.
    5/15/2013 7:03:41 PM
  • The teams pictured coming out for the game. If you're a fan of movie The Ring, this might look a bit sinister.

    5/15/2013 7:05:29 PM
  • 24 min: Mata wins Chelsea free-kick wide on the left and crosses it in but it's easily dealt with by Benfica. Chelsea looking a little flat so far, especially in comparison to Benfica. This ref is a bit pernickety as well.
    5/15/2013 7:09:05 PM
  • 26 min: Superman! With absolutely no-one near him, Benfica keeper Artur Moraes performs a most theatrical punch away. Chelsea settling into this.
    5/15/2013 7:11:12 PM
  • 28 min: Oscar from range and Artur is behind it. Again, it's not exactly conventional keeping but it does the job.
    5/15/2013 7:12:33 PM
  • 30 min: With the entire footballing world (except Chelsea fans) screaming: "Volley it, volley it, volley it", Gaitan doesn't and what looked like a great chance to score for Benfica comes to nothing. World of advice Gaitan. Next time - VOLLEY IT!
    5/15/2013 7:14:51 PM
  • 33 min: Ivanovic gives away a free-kick on the edge of the box and Cardozo wallops it. Unfortunately for everyone involved it's straight into the wall. Painful.
    5/15/2013 7:17:23 PM
  • Matic and Ramires...

    5/15/2013 7:18:26 PM
  • 35 min: Another good chance for Benfica - and again it's Gaitain. From the edge of the box he tries to curl it with the outside of his left foot. He curls it into the stands.
    5/15/2013 7:19:33 PM

  • 5/15/2013 7:19:53 PM
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