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Euro 2016 Draw LIVE

    Angelos Charisteas making the draw now.
    12/12/2015 5:35:13 PM
    Albania are in Group A. And are team A3
    12/12/2015 5:35:30 PM
    WALES IN GROUP B - they will face England!
    12/12/2015 5:36:13 PM
    They will play in Lens on 16 June!
    12/12/2015 5:36:53 PM
    Northern Ireland are in Group C
    12/12/2015 5:37:04 PM
    Turkey in group D
    12/12/2015 5:37:47 PM
    Republic of Ireland in Group E with Belgium 
    12/12/2015 5:38:45 PM
    Iceland in Group F
    12/12/2015 5:39:21 PM

    Group A: France, A2, Albania, A4
    Group B: England, B2, Wales, B4
    Group C: Germany, C2, C3, Northern Ireland
    Group D: Spain, D2, Turkey, D4, 
    Group E: Belgium, E2, Republic of Ireland, E4
    Group F: Portugal, Iceland, F3, F4
    12/12/2015 5:40:21 PM

    Wales manager Chris Coleman (Getty Images) 

    12/12/2015 5:41:33 PM
    Onto Pot 3
    12/12/2015 5:41:39 PM
    Romania in Group A
    12/12/2015 5:41:52 PM
    Slovakia in Group B with England and Wales
    12/12/2015 5:42:57 PM
    Slovakia have been drawn as B4 so Wales play them first.
    12/12/2015 5:43:53 PM
    Poland in Group C with Nothern Ireland, that's a tough one for Michael O'Neill's squad
    12/12/2015 5:44:11 PM
    Poland are C3, making them Northern Ireland's opening opponents.
    12/12/2015 5:44:55 PM
    Czech Republic in Group D with holders Spain
    12/12/2015 5:45:07 PM
    Sweden in Group E with the Republic of Ireland.

    That will be the opening game for Martin O'Neill's team, on 13 June.
    12/12/2015 5:45:58 PM
    Hungary in Group F
    12/12/2015 5:46:57 PM

    Group A: France, Romania, Albania, A4
    Group B: England, B2, Wales, Slovakia
    Group C: Germany, C2, Poland, Northern Ireland
    Group D: Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, D4, 
    Group E: Belgium, E2, Republic of Ireland, Sweden
    Group F: Portugal, Iceland, F3, Hungary
    12/12/2015 5:47:24 PM
    Onto pot 2. This is the tough one.

    A reminder of the teams in the Pot: Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and Ukraine
    12/12/2015 5:48:22 PM
    Switzerland are drawn in Group A - noise from the crowd, we're not sure what for. Sort of a derby, or perhaps the French are happy with that.
    12/12/2015 5:49:58 PM
    Russia in Group B with England!
    12/12/2015 5:50:22 PM
    Ukraine in Group C. Not the easiest for Northern Ireland.
    12/12/2015 5:51:32 PM
    Russia will be England's opening game - Saturday 11 June, 8pm, Marseille
    12/12/2015 5:52:09 PM
    Croatia in Group D
    12/12/2015 5:52:47 PM
    England vs Wales will be at 2pm on a Thursday
    12/12/2015 5:53:29 PM
    An absolute nightmare draw for the Republic of Ireland, they've now drawn Italy!
    12/12/2015 5:53:53 PM
    England's games: 

    Sat June 11 England v Russia, Marseille 8pm 
    Thurs June 16 Eng v Wales, Lens 2pm 
    Mon June 20 Eng v Slovakia, St-Etienne 8pm
    12/12/2015 5:54:33 PM
    Austria in Group F
    12/12/2015 5:55:05 PM

    Group A: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland
    Group B: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia
    Group C: Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland
    Group D: Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, 
    Group E: Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden
    Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

    12/12/2015 5:55:45 PM
    That's an extremely tough draw for the Republic of Ireland - already being talked of as a group of death.
    12/12/2015 5:56:23 PM
    Stay tuned as we'll bring you reaction as it comes.
    12/12/2015 5:58:26 PM

    England draw Wales but Republic of Ireland handed Group of Death

    The IndependentEngland will face Wales in France after the two Home Nations were drawn together in Group B of Euro 2016. The two teams, who last met during Euro 2012 qualifying in September 2011, were also drawn with Russia and Slovakia. England and Wales meet for the first time in a tournament. The Republic of Ireland endured a nightmare draw as they were selected alongside Belgium, Italy and Sweden. The draw was not much kinder on Nothern Ireland who were drawn with Germany, Poland and Ukraine. 
    12/12/2015 6:20:21 PM
    A quick recap for you below...
    12/12/2015 6:20:30 PM

    Every fixture for the Home Nations at Euro 2016

    The IndependentEngland and Wales were drawn together in Group B of Euro 2016, the Republic of Ireland were handed a 'Group of Death' and it didn't get much easier for Nothern Ireland. Here's all the group stage fixtures for the Home Nations and the Republic of Ireland. ENGLAND Saturday, 11 June vs Russia, Marseille, 8pm Thursday, 16 June vs Wales, Lens, 2pm Monday, 20 June vs Slovakia, Saint-Etienne, 8pm WALES Saturday, 11 June, Bordeaux, 5pm Thursday, 16 June vs England, Lens, 2pm
    12/12/2015 6:20:50 PM
    Info on every game the Home Nations play in
    12/12/2015 6:22:42 PM

    England's path to the Final at Euro 2016

    The IndependentEngland's path to the final is a long and complicated one, depending not only on how they get on in the group stages, but also how the teams get on in every other group.  For this tournament the four best third-placed teams will also reach the round of 16, but depending on which set of teams make it through also impacts on England's progress, if the Three Lions end up topping Group B. For example, if the four best thrird-place teams come from Groups A, B, C, and D then England will face the team from Group D. The full variations are below:
    12/12/2015 7:18:34 PM
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