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Euro 2012: Spain v Italy

Minute-by-minute updates from the Euro 2012 final at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev

  • 36 min: Iniesta looks to thread it through to Fabregas but a desperate Italian boot does enough to disrupt the pass. Spain pressuring the Italian but Silva is offside.
    7/1/2012 7:22:37 PM
  • 38 min: Balotelli attacks the Spanish defence from the left hand side. He does well to find a blue shirt on the edge of the box but the attack then breaks down.
    7/1/2012 7:24:35 PM
  • 39 min: Wayward pass from Balotelli allows Spain to break. Then Italy break back, with Italy's number 9 shooting from range. Over the bar though. End to end.
    7/1/2012 7:26:18 PM
  • Haha! Not this time balotelli
  • GOAL! Alba for Spain!
    7/1/2012 7:28:06 PM
  • 42 min: Jordi Alba with the goal. Spain counter attack at great pace with Alba sprinting from inside his own half. It's a lovely threaded ball from Xavi and Alba's in one-on-one. He slips it under Buffon and Spain are 2-0 ahead. Great finish from Barcelona's latest recruit.
    7/1/2012 7:30:03 PM
  • 44 min: Montolivo shoots from range but Casillas punches it away.
    7/1/2012 7:31:09 PM
  • 45 min: Barzagli is booked for taking out Iniesta. The Italian defender had little choice there with Spain threatening again. They can't afford to go three behind.
    7/1/2012 7:32:26 PM
  • 45 +1 min: Silva from range but Buffon catches it.
    7/1/2012 7:33:04 PM
  • HT: Half-time here. 'Boring' Spain 2 Italy 0.
    7/1/2012 7:33:56 PM
  • HT: What a great first-half to the final that was. Spain rightfully ahead with the goals coming from David Silva and Jordi Alba.
    7/1/2012 7:34:49 PM
  • HT: Spain had been criticised for being boring before this match but they were anything but. They really attacked, got players forward and shot whenever they had an opportunity. Iniesta has been out of this world, with Fabregas running him close for the best player so far.
    7/1/2012 7:36:00 PM
  • HT: Italy have by no means been poor. They've been giving it a go as well but can only point to a couple of stinging shots from range. Pirlo has been closed down well (a product of Spain playing six midfielders I suppose) and that's limited the amount of opportunities carved open. Balotelli has had limited chances. Will he blow his top if things don't go his way in the second period?
    7/1/2012 7:38:32 PM
  • HT: A worrying stat for Italy. Spain have not lost after taking the lead in 70 matches. They haven't conceded two goals in a match this year either.
    7/1/2012 7:41:02 PM
  • HT: Let us know your thoughts on the match by commenting above. We'll post the best ones.
    7/1/2012 7:41:40 PM
  • Italy looked all confused. Spains is unstopable!
    7/1/2012 7:42:05 PM
    7/1/2012 7:45:24 PM
  • HT: We'll be back underway here shortly...
    7/1/2012 7:45:53 PM
  • SpAiN!!! GO SpAIN!! loVE you guys! much supporttt!! :D haha! and uhh Itally...better luck next time ey!
    7/1/2012 7:47:37 PM
  • 46 min: We're off... Cassano has been replaced by Di Natale.
    7/1/2012 7:49:03 PM
  • 47 min: Just over from the new man. He has a free header from 10 yards out but it's over the bar. Good chance.
    7/1/2012 7:50:20 PM
  • 47 min: Fabregas shoots low from outside the box. Just wide.
    7/1/2012 7:50:53 PM
  • 49 min: Italy get it away somehow. Fabregas with a wonderful dribble, taking it past two defenders to get to the six yard box but a late tackle does enough to stop him.
    7/1/2012 7:52:10 PM
  • 50 min: Spain call for a penalty saying there's a handball from Bonucci. Replays suggest it is although it's a bit ball to hand.
    7/1/2012 7:53:12 PM
  • 51 min: Silva gets to the byline thanks to an incredible ball from Alonso. He taps it back to Xavi who drill it across goal but Italy block it.
    7/1/2012 7:54:08 PM
  • 52 min: Great save from Casillas. Di Natale is put through and somehow he's not offside. It's a decent shot but the Spain keeper does brilliantly to close him down quickly.
    7/1/2012 7:55:28 PM
  • 53 min: Pirlo wins a free-kick in the middle of Spain's half. He delivers himself but Pique heads away.
    7/1/2012 7:56:33 PM
  • 55 min: Iniesta puts it through to Fabregas but the former Arsenal man can't control it. Spain looking the more likely to score here.
    7/1/2012 7:58:07 PM
  • 56 min: Pirlo looks to put it over the top for Di Natale but it's just too long.
    7/1/2012 7:59:25 PM
  • b>57 min: Motta is on for Montolivo.
    7/1/2012 8:00:08 PM
  • 59 min: Di Natale wins a free-kick off Ramos to the right hand side of the Spain box. Pirlo delivers but Casillas gets something on it. Balotelli then shoots over from range. Silva is off for Pedro.
    7/1/2012 8:02:40 PM
  • Go on Spain u can do it.
    7/1/2012 8:02:53 PM
  • Faberegas is tired, it's time for Torres#9!!!
    7/1/2012 8:03:13 PM
  • 61 min: Motta is struggling and Italy have made all their changes. Pulled his hamstring by the looks of it. Oh dear.
    7/1/2012 8:04:48 PM
  • 62 min: He's gone off on a stretcher. Very hard on the Italians this.
    7/1/2012 8:05:16 PM
  • 62 min: Motta won't play a further part.
    7/1/2012 8:05:44 PM
  • 64 min: This would be quite an incredible comeback now. Pirlo crosses it in but it's too far.
    7/1/2012 8:07:48 PM
  • 66 min: Spain can just pass this game out now. Although they look to be seeking a third. Italy struggling to get out of their own half.
    7/1/2012 8:09:44 PM
  • Italy getting taught a good lesson here.
    7/1/2012 8:09:49 PM
  • 69 min: Spain closing Italy down so quickly it's just so tough for the men in blue. Being forced to hit it long but the balls aren't sticking when they get there.
    7/1/2012 8:12:14 PM
  • 70 min: Iniesta threads it through to Pedro down the left hand side but his cross is blocked.
    7/1/2012 8:13:41 PM
  • 71 min: Abate loses control of the ball and it goes out for a throw-in. Italy look done for.
    7/1/2012 8:14:56 PM
  • 73 min: Balotelli is caught by Alonso and wins his side a free-kick on the half-way line. Surely it's lump it in there time but instead it's rolled back to Buffon. Italy don't look like they believe anymore. Understandable.
    7/1/2012 8:16:58 PM
  • 75 min: Abate heads out from inside his own six yard box after good work from Fabregas. Busquets then looks to drive his way into the box.
    7/1/2012 8:18:15 PM
  • 76 min: What's this? Spain have a striker on the pitch! Torres is on for the brilliant Fabregas. The former Arsenal man really proved he deserved his starting role tonight.
    7/1/2012 8:19:17 PM
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