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England v Sri Lanka - Champions Trophy LIVE!

Welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the Champions Trophy group game between England and Sri Lanka at The Oval.

by Charles Reynoldson Jun 13, 2013 at 4:53 PM

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    • Sangakkara makes 134 not out, Kulasekara 58 not out
    • Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field
    • England finish on 293/7 (Trott 76, Root 68, Cook 59)
    • Bopara smites 33 from 11 balls including 28 from the final over.

    • England make one change from their last game, Swann returning for Tredwell

    Read a report of England's innings here

    ENGLAND: Cook, Bell, Trott, Root, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Bresnan, Broad, Swann, Anderson

    SRI LANKA: Perera, Dilshan, Sangakkara, Jayawardene, Chandimal, Matthews, Thirimanne, Kulasekara, Herath, Eranga, Malinga
    6/13/2013 11:38:23 AM

  • Well played Ravi leave it to a Essex boy. Now lets get the job done. Come on England!Mark WatsonJun 13, 2013 at 6:02 PM

    6/13/2013 5:02:36 PM
  • 11th over - Sri Lanka 54/1 (Dilshan 14, Sangakarra 32)
    Joe Root comes into the attack for the first time, and Sri Lanka just work him around picking up six from the over. Sangakarra now looking quite settled which is ominous for England. 
    6/13/2013 5:05:40 PM
  • 12th over - Sri Lanka 57/1 (Dilshan 17, Sangakarra 32)
    Bresnan has another over from the Pavilion End and he entices Sangakarra into wafting at a couple outside his off stump but can't find the outside edge.
    6/13/2013 5:11:00 PM
  • 13th over - Sri Lanka 61/1 (Dilshan 20, Sangakarra 33)
    Root bowls again and it's a fairly unremarkable over, just four coming from it. Billy Bowden loses his hat in the wind again - although unlike earlier he manages not to fall over while retrieving it. 
    6/13/2013 5:12:52 PM
  • 14th over - Sri Lanka 84/1 (Dilshan 34, Sangakarra 42)
    Looks like Sri Lanka have had enough of a look at Joe Root's bowling and they go on the charge, Dilshan striking the first six of the innings as 17 runs come from the over.
    6/13/2013 5:19:48 PM

  • by Charles Reynoldson Jun 13, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    6/13/2013 5:21:30 PM
  • 16th over - Sri Lanka 90/1 (Dilshan 38, Sangakarra 43)
    Sri Lanka are going very well here, England perhaps feeling a bit of pressure now with this partnership gathering steam. Six from Bresnan's over.
    6/13/2013 5:23:51 PM
  • DRINKS: 17th over - Sri Lanka 93/1 (Dilshan 40, Sangakarra 44)
    Swann into the attack, unsurprisingly given Root's expensive last over, and Sri Lanka just add three more runs to go into the drinks break in a very healthy position.
    6/13/2013 5:26:50 PM
  • 18th over - Sri Lanka 95/1 (Dilshan 41, Sangakarra 45)
    Bresnan bowls the first over after the drinks break and it's better as far as England are concerned, just two coming from it. Sri Lanka are currently over 20 runs ahead on the Duckworth Lewis par score so going very well. England need a breakthrough.
    6/13/2013 5:35:25 PM
  • 19th over - Sri Lanka 97/1 (Dilshan 42, Sangakarra 46)
    Another good over from England and the first signs of a bit of turn for Swann. Just two from the over. 
    6/13/2013 5:37:56 PM
  • 20th over - Sri Lanka 97/1 (Dilshan 43, Sangakarra 47)
    Ravi Bopara who should now be known as 'The Lion of Vauxhall' following his blistering finish to the innings, comes into the attack for the first time and it's a very creditable first over, just two from it.
    6/13/2013 5:41:56 PM
  • WICKET! Dilshan c Root b Swann - 44
    England have the breakthrough, Dilshan skipping down the track to Swann and just giving Root catching practice at long on. Poor shot and very unnecessary given Sri Lanka's dominance so far. 'Brainless cricket' says Alec Stewart on TMS
    6/13/2013 5:42:48 PM
  • 21st over - Sri Lanka 102/2 (Sangakarra 49, Jayawardene 0)
    Swann gets England's second wicket, but it's a gift from Dilshan. Jayawardene survives an LBW shout first ball. Hugely important breakthrough for England.
    6/13/2013 5:48:28 PM
  • 50 for Sangakarra

    Unbelievably that's Sangakarra's 76th ODI half-century...
    6/13/2013 5:48:36 PM
  • 22nd over - Sri Lanka 103/2 (Sangakarra 50, Jayawardene 0)
    Sangakarra picks up the single he needs for his 50, but that's it from the over, excellent stuff from the Lion of Vauxhall who has only conceded three from his two overs.
    6/13/2013 5:50:55 PM
  • 23rd over - Sri Lanka 110/2 (Sangakarra 56, Jayawardene 1)
    Sangakarra shows Dilshan how it's done, lifting Swann over mid off for four and they pick up seven from the over.
    6/13/2013 5:54:40 PM
  • 25th over - Sri Lanka 119/2 (Sangakarra 61, Jayawardene 4)
    At the halfway stage and Sri Lanka are two runs behind the Duckworth Lewis par score. England have done a good job to peg them back in the last couple of overs. Looks like this could be a close finish.

    6/13/2013 6:02:34 PM
  • 26th over - Sri Lanka 125/2 (Sangakkara 67, Jayawardene 4)
    Bopara bowls a poor ball and is punished by Sangakkara (whose name I've just realised I've been spelling wrong for years). SangaKKaRa picks up a boundary and six from the over.  
    6/13/2013 6:06:42 PM
  • 27th over - Sri Lanka 128/2 (Sangakkara 69, Jayawardene 5)
    Swann carries on from the Vauxhall End and it's a good over, just three from it. There's been a slight lull here which England won't mind.
    6/13/2013 6:08:31 PM
  • 28th over - Sri Lanka 137/2 (Sangakkara 70, Jayawardene 12)
    Phwoar! That's a thumping shot from Jayawardene. Broad back into the attack but he's treated with disdain by the former skipper who just dances down the track and launches it over mid on for six. Nine from the over.
    6/13/2013 6:12:47 PM
  • 29th over - Sri Lanka 139/2 (Sangakkara 71, Jayawardene 13)
    Swann into his seventh over now and it's another good one, just two coming from it. The only problem for England is that he's only got three left. 
    6/13/2013 6:17:21 PM
  • 30th over - Sri Lanka 150/2 (Sangakkara 72, Jayawardene 23)
    Jayawardene treating Broad with a fair amount of disdain in this over, perfectly swatting one away on the leg side second ball and then repeating the trick off the penultimate ball. 11 from the over.

    6/13/2013 6:22:04 PM

  • 6/13/2013 6:24:00 PM
  • 32nd over - Sri Lanka 166/2 (Sangakkara 77, Jayawardene 34)
    This is starting to look pretty easy for Sri Lanka, these two batsmen are just superb to watch and they're playing the bowling around the field gloriously. Only some excellent work on the boundaries from England's fielders prevents more runs being score.
    6/13/2013 6:28:35 PM
  • 33rd over - Sri Lanka 172/2 (Sangakkara 80, Jayawardene 37)
    Sri Lanka's batsmen just pick Swann off for six singles in the over. They are walking home at the moment, England need a wicket fast.
    6/13/2013 6:32:08 PM
  • DRINKS 34th over - Sri Lanka 178/2 (Sangakkara 85, Jayawardene 38)
    England turn to Anderson in the hope of a breakthrough and Sangakkara gets a bit of luck first ball, he gets a big edge on one outside off stump but it flies wide of Buttler and runs away for four. 
    6/13/2013 6:36:18 PM

  • Dilshan departs for 44 
    by Charles Reynoldson Jun 13, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    6/13/2013 6:37:45 PM
  • 6/13/2013 6:40:38 PM
  • 35th over - Sri Lanka 187/2 (Sangakkara 90, Jayawardene 42)
    Bopara bowls after the drinks break but he can't break through, seven from the over and Sri Lanka are cruising.
    6/13/2013 6:45:10 PM
  • WICKET! Jayawardene c Sub (Bairstow) b Anderson - 42
    Huge moment in the game, England get a big wicket. Jayawardene tries to pull Anderson into the leg side and he can only pick out Bairstow at backward square leg. Good diving catch in front of him from Bairstow.
    6/13/2013 6:46:41 PM
  • Kulasekara promoted up the order here for Sri Lanka, let's see if it pays off...
    6/13/2013 6:49:16 PM
  • An opportunistic fan just chucked a mini autograph bat and pen onto the pitch to Joe Root on the boundary at third man which he signed and then chucked back into the crowd. There will campaigns for him to be beatified soon.
    6/13/2013 6:52:11 PM
  • 36th over - Sri Lanka 189/3 (Sangakkara 92, Kulasekara 0)
    Anderson bowls the first of the powerplay overs and he makes the all important breakthrough for England. Looks like this game is going right down to the wire.
    6/13/2013 6:54:53 PM
  • 37th over - Sri Lanka 199/3 (Sangakkara 94, Kulasekara 6)
    Bresnan can't keep the pressure on Sri Lanka as Kulasekara gets his first boundary, clubbing through midwicket. That's what he was promoted up the order for. 10 from the over.
    6/13/2013 6:59:35 PM
  • 38th over - Sri Lanka 204/3 (Sangakkara 98, Kulasekara 7)
    Anderson bowls his eight over and he can't find another wicket, five come from the over.
    6/13/2013 7:04:56 PM
  • 100 for Sangakkara (111 balls, 8 fours)

    What a knock that is from Sangakkara - his 15th ODI hundred. He's batted brilliantly here.
    6/13/2013 7:06:59 PM
  • 39th over - Sri Lanka 210/3 (Sangakkara 100, Kulasekara 10)
    Almost a chance of catching Kulasekara but Bairstow misjudges it and it drops in front of him as Sangakkara moves to his hundred.
    6/13/2013 7:08:34 PM
  • 40th over - Sri Lanka 218/3 (Sangakkara 106, Kulasekara 12)
    Oh dear, England really should have had a run out here, both batsmen end up in the middle of the pitch and Sangakkara even drops his bat as well but the throw in from the fielder is way over Buttler's head and Kulasekara scrambles back. Sangakkara makes the most of his reprieve to swatt an Anderson slower ball over long on for four. Cracking shot. England in trouble. 

    76 needed from 60 balls.
    6/13/2013 7:11:04 PM

  • Anderson celebrates the wicket of Jayawardene 
    by Charles Reynoldson Jun 13, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    6/13/2013 7:12:54 PM
  • 41st over - Sri Lanka 229/3 (Sangakkara 107, Kulasekara 22)
    Thumping shot from Kulasekara, cracking one through the covers off the back foot for four. He picks up another boundary heaving into the leg side for four more. He's done well in his role as a pinch hitter.

    65 needed from 54 balls.
    6/13/2013 7:15:23 PM
  • 42nd over - Sri Lanka 231/3 (Sangakkara 107, Kulasekara 22)
    Broad replaces Anderson from the Pavilion End and it's fairly good stuff until the last ball when he strays down leg side and it runs away for four leg byes. 

    57 runs needed from 48 ball.
    6/13/2013 7:21:32 PM
  • Swann coming on to bowl his final over. England need a wicket...
    6/13/2013 7:22:02 PM
  • 43rd over - Sri Lanka 253/3 (Sangakkara 112, Kulasekara 37)
    Is that the death blow from Kulasekara? He smashes Swann for consecutive sixes. 16 from the over and Swann is furious, he kicks the ball away in disgust at the end of the over.

    41 needed off 42
    6/13/2013 7:25:39 PM
  • 50 for Kulasekara (30 balls, 5 fours, 3 sixes)
    6/13/2013 7:29:24 PM
  • 44th over - Sri Lanka 269/3 (Sangakkara 113, Kulasekara 52)
    Kulasekara on fire here, he clubs another six hooking away on the leg side and then smashes one straight past Broad for four next ball. He brings up his 50 with a lofted drive into the off side for four more. Super stuff and England are reeling. Kulasekara picked up 27 runs from 5 balls. 

    25 runs needed from 36 balls
    6/13/2013 7:31:52 PM

  • Sangakkara acknowledges the crowd after scoring an excellent 100 
    by Charles Reynoldson Jun 13, 2013 at 7:33 PM

    6/13/2013 7:34:08 PM
  • 45th over - Sri Lanka 275/3 (Sangakkara 118, Kulasekara 53)
    Bresnan continues but this game is basically over for England, Sangakkara picks up another boundary driving past mid on and Sri Lanka get six from the over.

    19 needed from 30 balls
    6/13/2013 7:38:02 PM
  • 46th over - Sri Lanka 287/3 (Sangakkara 125, Kulasekara 57)
    Anderson bowls out his last over and Sri Lanka plunder 12 from it. This jig is up for England.

    6/13/2013 7:42:38 PM
  • Six to win
    6/13/2013 7:42:48 PM
  • Bresnan bowling to Sangakkara who plays a shot reminiscent of a cat with a cricket bat, inching across his stumps and just dropping it down in front of him. He picks up a couple next ball and Sri Lanka need four.
    6/13/2013 7:44:23 PM
  • Another couple to Sangakarra and Sri Lanka are 2 away
    6/13/2013 7:44:39 PM
  • Scores are tied
    6/13/2013 7:44:50 PM
  • Bresnan just makes it to the end of his overs. He's bowled 10 overs 0/63 - not great.
    6/13/2013 7:45:53 PM
  • 1 to win - Broad running in from the Pavilion End and.swatted away by Sangakkara for four and Sri Lanka win by 7 wickets.
    6/13/2013 7:46:15 PM

    Sangakkara 134 not out
    Kulasekara 58 not out
    6/13/2013 7:47:21 PM
  • So that win opens things up in this group and with bad weather forecast for Sunday's clash between England and New Zealand on Sunday - the host's progress is far from assured. 

    Group A now looks like this:
                               P      W      L      Ab   Pts    RR   
    New Zealand  2       1       0        1     3       1.05
    England           2       1       1        0     2       0.29
    Sri Lanka         2       1       1        0     2     -1.52 
    Australia          2       0       1        1     1     -0.96
    6/13/2013 8:00:03 PM
  • That was an outstanding ton by Sangakkara. The pitch got easier and a bit quicker as the day went on but credit where credit is due.

    England captain Alastair Cook
    6/13/2013 8:01:57 PM
  • This picture sums it all up for England really
    by Charles Reynoldson Jun 13, 2013 at 8:03 PM

    6/13/2013 8:03:37 PM
  • Well that was quite a performance from Sri Lanka, great batting. That's all from me here at The Oval, hope you can join us again soon for more Champions Trophy action.
    6/13/2013 8:05:04 PM
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