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England v Scotland - LIVE!

By Jack de Menezes
Rickie Lambert celebrated scoring on his England debut
by Jack de Menezes on Aug 14, 2013 at 9:48 PM

Welcome to The Independent's coverage of the first meeting between England and Scotland for 14 years - taking place at Wembley to celebrate the FA's 150th anniversary.

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  • England v Scotland Full-time: 3 (Walcott, Welbeck, Lambert) 2 (Morrison, Miller)

    • James Morrison gives Scotland an early lead after Joe Hart fails to save his shot from the edge of the box, but Theo Walcott replies for England just before the half-hour mark
    • Kenny Miller creates a moment of Brilliance to re-take the lead, but Scotland are immediately clawed back through a Danny Welbeck header
    • Rickie Lambert scores three minutes into his international career to give England the win

    8/14/2013 12:08:44 PM
  • 24 mins: Jagielka gives the ball away in the England half with Cahill stranded, but luckily Danny Welbeck gets back to see the ball out. Should have been a corner, but England get away with one there.
    8/14/2013 7:25:33 PM
  • 26 mins: Walcott feeds Rooney and the Scottis fans erupt into a chorus of boo's once more. Welbeck gives the ball away, and Baines just mis-times his challenge, allowing Scotland to clear any danger. Nothing threatening coming from the Three Lions as we reach halfway through the first half.
    8/14/2013 7:27:00 PM
  • 27 mins: CHANCE... Walcott's ball into Rooney falls for Cleverley, but his shot is blocked by Martin before Cleverley's rebound attempt rolls tamely towards McGregor. Martin has blood coming from the back of his head, and he'll need treatment before he can come back on. England's first real opportunity.
    8/14/2013 7:28:41 PM
  • 29 mins: GOAL FOR ENGLAND!!
    8/14/2013 7:28:59 PM
  • 29 mins: Theo Walcott is set away by a fantastic ball from Cleverley. He aims towards goal after getting in behind before cutting back and beating McGregor at the near post. It was Hanley off the pitch by the way, and he hadn't yet returned when the goal was scored.
    8/14/2013 7:30:19 PM
  • 30 mins: Another chance for England, with Walcott's low cross finding Cleverley, but he mis-kicks the ball as he attempts to turn-and-shoot and he loops the ball into McGregor's hands.
    8/14/2013 7:31:57 PM
  • 33 mins: CHANCE... This time it's Wilshire and Welbeck who combine with a couple of lovely touches, and Welbeck's backheel flick allows Rooney to have a go at goal, but he puts his curling effort wide of the near post. Snodgrass is down, but he looks fine to continue as he's holding things up as he remembers how to ties up his boot laces.
    8/14/2013 7:34:27 PM
  • 36 mins: Baines makes a clearance and the bounce is mis-judged allowing Rooney to play in Walcott. The attack slows down but England are holding possession around the box. Walker sends a cross in and it goes all the way through to Baines, who wins a throw. Wilshire tries to send a cross in behind the defence but it goes out for a goal kick.
    8/14/2013 7:37:05 PM
  • 38 mins: Walcott send over a high cross that evades everybody, but Baines fights like a terrier to try and keep the ball in. he fails. Goal kick to Scotland and McGregor launches it up field.
    8/14/2013 7:38:48 PM
  • Theo Walcott equalises for England

    8/14/2013 7:40:50 PM
  • 40 mins: Wilshire gives the ball away in midfield and Snodgrass is away down the left. His shot runs across goal and Jagielka puts it out for a corner, which is cleared. Scotland have a throw deep in England's half though...
    8/14/2013 7:41:38 PM
  • 42 mins: England diffuse the attack and win a throw of their own to clear their lines...just.
    8/14/2013 7:42:33 PM
  • 43 mins: Gerrard chips through and Rooney is through on goal...IT'S IN! But he's offside! Wait a minute...the linesman's had a shocker, as he's a mile onside. Could easily be 2-1 had the linesman got that one right.
    8/14/2013 7:44:37 PM
  • 45 mins: England now just spraying the ball across field, and Baines plays in Wilshire who cuts back for Gerrard to have a shot, but effort is blocked. One minute of added time.
    8/14/2013 7:46:05 PM
  • Half-time: Well, I'm not sure too many were expecting Scotland to take the lead, with Morrison's effort giving them an early advantage, but Hart really should have done better. England recovered well, and Cleverley's ball to set Walcott free was an absolute beauty, leading to England's equaliser. A good match so far - something we haven't said about a friendly for a long, long time.

    How did everyone see that half then?
    8/14/2013 7:48:29 PM
  • Half-time: And will England come to rue the second goal that wasn't given. Rooney was at least a metre onside, and while McGregor had given up on stopping him once the flag went up, he would've had to pull off something special to stop hi from there.
    8/14/2013 7:50:29 PM
  • 8/14/2013 7:54:01 PM

  • 8/14/2013 7:55:40 PM
  • We're expecting a number of substitutions for the second half - exactly what this game doesn't need. Hopefully they won't disrupt it too much, as it's been entertaining so far. Both Rooney and Wilshire are expected to be replaced - at least Mr Moyes and Mr Wenger will be hoping so.
    8/14/2013 7:57:34 PM
  • CHANGES ARE IN...and it's just one switch from Hodgson, with Frank Lampard coming on for Jack Wilshire. So Rooney continues, having been unfit to take part in any of Sunday's Community Shield. A miraculous recovery some might say, and United boss David Moyes is up in the ITV studio by the way. The Scot won't have been happy with Walcott's equaliser, and he may be even more unhappy now as Rooney get's the second half underway!
    8/14/2013 8:02:40 PM
  • 46 mins: Lampard is looking to push forward early, playing in a similar role to Wilshire. Despite the lively game, the Club Wembley seats are completely empty at the start of the half. You have to question why sometimes...
    8/14/2013 8:04:03 PM
  • 48 mins: Gerrard hasn't looked comfortable playing this holding midfield role, as he is having little effect on things. Walker breaks down the right and sends in a low cross, but it's ricocheted out for a goal kick.
    8/14/2013 8:05:41 PM
  • 49 mins: Goal for Scotland!!!
    8/14/2013 8:06:43 PM
  • 49 mins: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant from Kenny Miller. The ball comes to him after England can't clear the ball from the area. The striker turns Cahill with ease before firing past Hart to re-take the lead for the Scots.
    8/14/2013 8:08:11 PM
  • 51 mins: Chance...Gerrard sends in a free-kick which comes off a Scottish head - Martin I think -  and McGregor does well to react and keep the ball out of his net. Hull fans will be pleased with that after his move to the KC Stadium, but right now England fans have gone awfully quiet again.
    8/14/2013 8:09:41 PM
  • 53 mins: Free-kick to England about 30 meters out...GOAL FOR ENGLAND!!
    8/14/2013 8:10:19 PM
  • 53 mins: Gerrard sends in a floating free-kick and Danny Welbeck leaps to head the ball in by the far post. Good finish, and England are back on terms.
    8/14/2013 8:11:22 PM
  • 55 mins: Morrison bursts into the England half, and keeps going as he runs at Cahill. He feeds Snodgrass who wins a corner, but Hanley heads over and the chance goes. End-to-end stuff at the moment.
    8/14/2013 8:12:45 PM
  • 56 mins: Walcott and Rooney combine but the final pass goes astray as Walcott prepares to shoot. Scotland counter, and Walker gives away the free-kick for the first yellow card of the game.
    8/14/2013 8:14:05 PM
  • HANDBAGS! The first flare-up of the match between Snodgrass and Walcott sees the two teams come together, and Snodgrass gives the Gunner a little shove that earns the pair of them a yellow card. Scotland try the quick one that comically has all 20 outfield players rushing towards goal, but the referee's having none of it and calls them back.
    8/14/2013 8:15:58 PM
  • 59 mins: Rooney spots a pass out wide, only there isn't a white short within 20 metres of where he puts the ball. Not his finest moment.
    8/14/2013 8:16:53 PM
  • 60 mins: Double chance... Lampard gets the ball from Welbeck on the edge of the box, and he does well to shoot on target that forces a save from McGregor. Baines tries to get on the rebound, but the goalkeeper easily claims it.
    8/14/2013 8:18:13 PM
  • 61 mins: Half an hour to go, and it's anyone's game still. Gerrard is going off for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, with Frank Lampard taking the armband. The Ox turns 20 tomorrow, will he treat himself to a present he'll be unlikely to forget?
    8/14/2013 8:19:43 PM
  • 63 mins: Lampard get's the fourth yellow card after he chops down Brown when he's looking to break. Pretty cynical stuff from 'Super Frank' there.
    8/14/2013 8:21:05 PM
  • 64 mins: Welbeck and Oxlade-Chamberlain combine to win a corner, which Rooney will take. The cross falls to Jagielka who plays across goal, and Welbeck acrobatically attempts to volley in, with his fierce shot going just wide.
    8/14/2013 8:22:41 PM
  • 66 mins: Welbeck picks up the ball and feeds Rooney, but his shot is blocked and he gives the ball away, and that'll be his last contribution as he leaves for Rickie Lambert, who comes on to make his international debut at the age of 31. Cleverley is replaced by James Milner, while Scotland introduce Charlie Mulgrew and Craig Conway for James Forrest and Robert Snodgrass.
    8/14/2013 8:25:27 PM
  • 70 mins: Corner to England, after good work from Baines sees his cross deflected in. GOAL FOR ENGLAND AND IT'S RICKIE LAMBERT!!
    8/14/2013 8:27:31 PM
  • 70 mins: It's an absolute thumper of a header, and Lambert marks his debut with a goal - I think with his first touch?! Either way, the Saints striker celebrates as he should, and the England crowd are chanting his name. You can't write this, can you?
    8/14/2013 8:29:02 PM
  • 72 mins: Scotland take off Kenny Miller and he's replaced by Leigh Griffiths.
    8/14/2013 8:30:13 PM
  • 75 mins: Lambert gives Hodgson something to think about, while Theo Walcott is replaced by Wilfried Zaha. Lambert's name still being chanted, and England are threatening for a fourth goal.
    8/14/2013 8:32:58 PM
  • 76 mins: Corner to England after Morrison just beats Zaha to the ball, and Milner wins another corner. Welbeck gets on to the end of it, but it flashes across goal and England lose possession.
    8/14/2013 8:33:59 PM
  • 78 mins: Lampard takes a long-range shot at goal, and it's a swirling, dipping effort that McGregor has to push over for a corner. The keeper comes out but Jagielka ploughs through his arms to keep the ball alive, but England can't take advantage of the stranded goalkeeper as Scotland regroup.
    8/14/2013 8:36:32 PM
  • 80 mins: Zaha wins another corner and it's all England at the moment. It's taken quickly again to Milner - why not send it straight in to Lambert again?! - and it's cleared away.
    8/14/2013 8:37:49 PM
  • 81 mins: Welbeck has pushed up centrally to sit just behind Lambert while Oxlade-Chamberlain is floating in midfield. Zaha works himself some space and shoots across goal, but it's wide. Blackburn Rovers striker Jordan Rhodes comes on for goalscorer James Morrison.
    8/14/2013 8:39:36 PM
  • 83 mins: England sending a lot of crosses over the box, wasting a number of chances, while Gordon Strachen does his best to get on the pitch before the fourth official reminds him where the technical area is. Phil Jones comes on in place of Phil Jagielka, and amazingly, this is the first time Jones has played centre-back for England despite it being his eighth cap.
    8/14/2013 8:41:51 PM
  • 85 mins: Zaha sends another cross over and out of play. He's finding space, but is wasting possession when he gets it. Shaun Maloney has been replaced by Everton's Steven Naismith, who gets involved straight away as Scotland press for an equaliser.
    8/14/2013 8:43:37 PM
  • 87 mins: Naismith does well to ease past Walker and make the Spurs defender look pretty stupid in the process. He plays it to Whittaker, who for a moment forgets he's a natural right-back and blazes a shot well over the bar. Interestingly, Danny Welbeck has been named Man of the Match, and you would suggest - along with Cleverley - that he deserves it.
    8/14/2013 8:46:11 PM
  • Rickie Lambert celebrated scoring on his England debut

    8/14/2013 8:48:13 PM
  • 90 mins: Three minutes of injury time, and England are inviting Scotland onto them before breaking. Zaha sprints down the right and cuts it back to Lambert with the goal begging...BUT HE HITS THE POST! Oh Rickie, it could've been double delight, and he has another shot saved by McGregor seconds later.
    8/14/2013 8:49:32 PM
  • Full-time: That's it. England run out deserved winners after Rickie Lambert scored with his first touch in international football. They were made to work for it though, and Scotland will be frustrated at letting a lead slip twice. They can be proud though, and their fans were fantastic, still chanting after the final whistle.
    8/14/2013 8:52:20 PM
  • A thoroughly enjoyable games, and considering that there wasn't much riding on it than national pride, played in a very competitive style. A quick catch up as I haven't been able to check the other scores, but Northern Ireland have beaten - yes BEATEN - Russia in their World Cup qualifier. Unfortunately they can't qualify, but that's a great result against former England manager Fabio Capello.

    Elsewhere, Wales and the Republic of Ireland drew 0-0. Thankfully, we got five goals and a thrilling match!
    8/14/2013 8:56:25 PM
  • Rickie Lambert: 
    I was trying got play it cool but deep down I wanted to scream. A big thank you to the lads and I had a lot of respect for them anyway, but being with them has been amazing. (I dedicate the goal to) My family, my wife and kids were up in the stands watching, and Southampton Football Club for sticking by me.

    8/14/2013 8:58:37 PM
  • So what next for England? They started both halves sluggishly, and Roy Hodgson will have been concerned with the ease of the two Scotland goals so early on. They have proven though that they half the quality to play some really attractive football, but they perhaps lack that hey superstar that can change the game.

    They face Moldova and Ukraine in two crucial World Cup Qualifiers as they attempt to chase down group leaders Montenegro, but there was more than enough today to restore faith that they can top the group and book their place in next summer's World Cup.
    8/14/2013 9:02:40 PM
  • There will also be a number of sighs of relief across the country as there didn't appear to be any injuries picked up to either side's ahead of this weekend's return of the Premier League. If their was one major criticism of the England side, it was the defence who looked rather exposed by a strikeforce that, to be completely honest, shouldn't be threatening a top ranked side as much as they did today.

    That's not to take anything away from Scotland, who showed they are more than capable of competing at this level, and hopefully they can now look ahead to qualifying for the 2016 European Championships with confidence that they can reach the tournament, with the number of teams expanding to 24.
    8/14/2013 9:06:40 PM
  • That's all from me. I hope you've enjoyed our coverage of tonight's match. Be sure to check our Sport homepage for the match report and latest reaction. Thanks for joining me and I'll no doubt see you again soon.
    8/14/2013 9:09:09 PM
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