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England v New Zealand 1st Test - LIVE!

Joe Root leads England's fightback with an excellent half-century 
by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 4:13 PM

  • Welcome to Lord's on another slightly overcast morning. To see some video highlights of yesterday's intriguing play, click here
    5/18/2013 9:35:40 AM
  • How about some photo highlights from yesterday's play as well:
    England's future? Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow at the crease 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    Friends again? Taylor and McCullum in the slips together 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    Southee traps Prior first ball 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Stuart Broad also goes for a duck 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    New Zealand on the attack 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    The start of the long walk off for Matt Prior 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Southee claims another victim 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Jimmy Anderson makes a good start for England 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Anderson claims his 300th Test scalp 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Captain Cook takes a good low catch to dismiss Rutherford 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Welcome to the 300 club. Sir Ian of Beef and Bob Willis congratulate Anderson 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    Ross Taylor on the charge 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    Anderson claims his third wicket, the dangerous Ross Taylor 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    5/18/2013 9:52:18 AM
  • The bell has been rung so players and umpires should be out any second now...
    5/18/2013 9:56:25 AM
  • Here they are and because bad light stopped play midway through his over last night, play will resume with two balls from Jonathan Trott. Don't expect (and hope) we will be seeing much more of his bowling today.
    5/18/2013 9:58:02 AM
  • 50th over - New Zealand 154/4 (Williamson 44, McCullum 2)
    Just two balls from Trotsky to finish off his over and McCullum pinches the strike with a single off the last one. Broad to open up from the Pavilion End.
    5/18/2013 10:01:02 AM
  • REVIEW! McCullum given out caught behind off Broad. Goes to the third umpire. 
    5/18/2013 10:03:35 AM
  • WICKET! McCullum c Prior b Broad - 2
    Big early breakthrough for England and it's the prize wicket of Brendan McCullum. Just the start the hosts and Stuart Broad would have wanted. Went to a review but Hotspot revealed a little tickle off the bat on the way through to the keeper.
    5/18/2013 10:04:11 AM
  • 51st over - New Zealand 155/5 (Williamson 44, Watling 0)
    Corker of a first over from Broad, he gets the dangerman McCullum with a great delivery and immediately puts Watling under a bit of pressure. Just the start England wanted.
    5/18/2013 10:09:28 AM
  • 52nd over - New Zealand 158/5 (Williamson 45, Watling 2)
    Anderson steaming in from the Nursery End and this is good stuff from the pride of Burnley. He gets the new man Watling to play and miss at one that somehow misses the outside edge.
    5/18/2013 10:12:46 AM
  • 53rd over - New Zealand 158/5 (Williamson 45, Watling 2)
    Williamson in a bit of a trouble here as he becomes the second New Zealand batsmen this innings to get hit in a particularly painful area. Short delay as various physios come onto the pitch but play eventually resumes and Williamson sees off the rest of the over which is a maiden.
    5/18/2013 10:20:13 AM
  • Everyone's favourite 12th man Billy Root, brother of Joe, is on the field for Ian Bell who apparently has flu symptoms but will bat if necessary. 
    5/18/2013 10:23:46 AM
  • 54th over - New Zealand 158/5 (Williamson 45, Watling 2)
    A maiden for Anderson and England are keeping the pressure on here. Still pretty overcast here and in fact the floodlights are on. Slightly depressing inside the first half an hours play...
    5/18/2013 10:25:17 AM
  • 55th over - New Zealand 159/5 (Williamson 46, Watling 2)
    Broad bowling with much more menace and accuracy than yesterday and this is a good sign for England. Just the single off the over.
    5/18/2013 10:29:13 AM

  • Jeremy Coney rings the bell at the start of the day's play 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    5/18/2013 10:31:22 AM
  • 5/18/2013 10:33:38 AM
  • 57th over - New Zealand 168/5 (Williamson 51, Watling 2)
    50 up for Williamson as he continues to make England pay for dropping him yesterday. He is now the scalp that England need the most.
    5/18/2013 10:38:42 AM
  • 56th over - New Zealand 168/5 (Williamson 51, Watling 6)
    Another maiden from Anderson and this is good tight stuff from England's bowlers, playing in front of a now almost totally full ground. Just a bit of a shame that the floodlights are already on.
    5/18/2013 10:43:00 AM
  • REVIEW! Broad thinks he has Williamson LBW.
    5/18/2013 10:45:55 AM
  • NOT OUT - Hawkeye shows the ball would have hit the bails but only just so the umpires original call remains.
    5/18/2013 10:47:12 AM
  • 57th over - New Zealand 168/5 (Williamson 52, Watling 6)
    Fantastic over from Broad and he so nearly has another breakthrough. First he induces an edge from Watling but it's only a faint one and it drops tantalisingly short of Prior. Then two balls later Williamson edges one that carries through to the slips but its put down by Trott. Then Broad raps him on the pads but sees his appeal and subsequent review turned down. England so close.
    5/18/2013 10:48:56 AM
  • WICKET! Williamson c Prior b Anderson - 60
    Just as it looked like everything was going his way, Williamson gets a little tickle on one going down leg side and Prior gratefully snags it. Important wicket for England.
    5/18/2013 10:50:50 AM
  • 58th over - New Zealand 177/6 (Watling 6, Southee 0)
    Williamson picks up New Zealand's first boundary of the day but he doesn't stick around much longer and Anderson has another scalp. He follows it up with a beauty first ball to Southee which narrowly misses his outside edge.
    5/18/2013 10:54:15 AM
  • 61st over - New Zealand 182/6 (Watling 11, Southee 0)
    Broad slightly overpitches and Watling drives sumptuously to the cover boundary. A fantastic shot. 

    5/18/2013 10:59:57 AM
  • DRINKS BREAK: 62st over - New Zealand 182/6 (Watling 11, Southee 0)
    A maiden from James Anderson sees England through to the drinks break. It's been England's morning so far.
    5/18/2013 11:03:11 AM
  • WICKET! Southee c Root b Finn - 12
    Just as Southee was beginning to look dangerous, he top edges one straight up in the air and Root pouches it gratefully at mid on.
    5/18/2013 11:11:05 AM
  • 63rd over - New Zealand 194/6 (Watling 11, Martin 0)
    Finn replaces Broad from the Pavilion End and immediately Southee goes on the attack, striking three successive fours. However it is the bowler who has the last laugh as he gets his wicket when Southee tries to hit out again and skies it to give Root an easy catch. 
    5/18/2013 11:13:20 AM
  • WICKET! Martin b Anderson - 0
    Anderson has five wickets now, bowling Martin for a duck. Great morning for England. Anderson now has 5/45 this innings. 
    5/18/2013 11:15:01 AM

  • Broad removes McCullum in the first full over of the day 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 11:16 AM

    5/18/2013 11:16:34 AM
  • 63rd over - New Zealand 195/8 (Watling 12, Wagner 0)
    Jimmy takes his fifth wicket this innings so will go up onto the Lord's honours board. His two wickets this morning have come in the space of 12 balls and for the loss of only one run. Top stuff.
    5/18/2013 11:19:19 AM

  • 64th over - New Zealand 199/8 (Watling 16, Wagner 0)
    The excellently named BJ Watling picks up a boundary lifting a rising Finn delivery over the slips. 
    5/18/2013 11:24:32 AM
  • 65th over - New Zealand 200/8 (Watling 16, Wagner 0)
    England get close to another wicket as Wagner is struck on the pad before New Zealand bring up the 200 with a leg bye. 
    5/18/2013 11:26:18 AM

  • Trott puts Kane Williamson down 
    by Charles Reynoldson May 18, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    5/18/2013 11:30:54 AM
  • 68th over - New Zealand 207/8 (Watling 17, Wagner 8)
    Anderson continues his mammoth but hugely successful spell from the Nursery End but he can't make another breakthrough. 
    5/18/2013 11:36:52 AM
  • WICKET! Watling c Prior b Finn - 17
    Finn has another wicket. Watling trying to kick on, cuts at one outside off stump but can only feather it through to Prior.
    5/18/2013 11:37:49 AM
  • WICKET! Boult c Anderson b Finn - 0
    Finn might not have bowled very well yesterday but he's picked up three wickets today, including two in his last over. Boult lobs a rising delivery to Anderson in the slips. An easy catch.


    5/18/2013 11:42:01 AM
  • England batsmen Cook and Compton make their way to the crease with a first innings lead of 25.
    5/18/2013 11:52:34 AM
  • REVIEW! Southee thinks he has Cook caught behind. It goes to the third umpire.
    5/18/2013 11:53:14 AM
  • NOT OUT - It took some time for the third umpire to decide but to the huge relief of the crowd, the original decision stands. Cook will bat on. 
    5/18/2013 11:56:15 AM
  • 1st over - England 4/0 (Cook 4, Compton 0)
    Nervous start for England as the captain survives a close caught behind shout but gets off the mark with a boundary.
    5/18/2013 11:58:37 AM
  • LUNCH: 2nd over - England 12/0 (Cook 5, Compton 7)
    A better second over for England takes them into lunch at 12/0. Compton picking up his first boundary with a perfectly timed clip off his legs for four.
    5/18/2013 12:03:23 PM
  • The marvellously attired band of Christ's Hospital School are currently parading on the hallowed turf and I'm off to get some lunch. See you in a bit for what promises to be a cracking afternoon session.
    5/18/2013 12:08:06 PM
  • Read a report of the first session's play here
    5/18/2013 12:48:07 PM
  • Teams are back out now after lunch with Cook and Compton looking to build on England's slender first innings lead.
    5/18/2013 12:48:29 PM
  • 4th over - England 18/0 (Cook 11, Compton 7)
    Predictably watchful stuff so far from England's opening pair. Let's hope they can score a little faster than in their somewhat turgid first innings.
    5/18/2013 12:50:51 PM
  • 5th over - England 25/0 (Cook 14, Compton 11)
    Compton edges one but it doesn't quite carry and goes through the slip cordon for a few runs. Compton perhaps under a bit of pressure here with the possibility of Joe Root moving up the order to take his spot. A good innings here would very much help his cause.

    5/18/2013 12:56:22 PM
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