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    Substitute Kane breaks the deadlock
    Rooney needs one goal to break Sir Bobby Charlton's record
    Delph substituted with hamstring strain in the first minute 
    9/8/2015 7:08:52 PM
    Welcome to Standard Sport's LIVE coverage of England's Euro 2016 qualifier against Switzerland.
    9/8/2015 3:20:28 PM
    The Three Lions have an opportunity to extend their flawless record in Group E and you can read our full preview of the game in the link below.

    9/8/2015 3:27:13 PM
    Talk tonight will - unsurprisingly - surround Wayne Rooney.

    The England skipper is one goal away from breaking Sir Bobby Charlton's goal scoring record and would love to do the job in front of the Wembley crowd.

    However, Rooney is also keen to 'move on' from the speculation surrounding the record. Read all about what he has had to say on the matter in the link below.

    9/8/2015 3:32:06 PM
    Although Wazza has admitted that he wants to break the record at the 'iconic' Wembley stadium, only two thirds of the tickets for tonight's fixture have been sold by the FA.

    So, if there are any ardent supporters out there, get yourselves over to HA9 0WS and buy a ticket on the door.
    9/8/2015 3:36:10 PM
    Hodgson's team selection has been shrouded in uncertainty, as ever.

    But the Croydon-born manager has hinted that he's keen to make changes.

    Could Raheem Sterling make the cut?

    Well, he's been given a huge vote of confidence from Hodgson, who believes the Manchester City forward has enough talent to earn 100 caps for his country.

    Let's hope he's not too tired to achieve the feat.

    9/8/2015 3:40:49 PM
    World Cup hero Bobby Moore could have helped England's national side claim more success after his retirement, according to Harry Redknapp.

    “He shouldn’t have been doing local radio… he should have been an ambassador for football in this country..."

    Read the full story of what Redknapp believes might have been in the link below:
    9/8/2015 5:36:37 PM
    Team news is going to be with us shortly and we'll be sure to bring it to you as soon as we have it.

    We're nice like that.

    In the meantime, have you ever wondered whether Harry Kane prefers spaghetti or pizza? Ok, maybe you haven't.

    Tottenham or Arsenal? Ok, that one was easy.

    But you probably do want to know whether he would rather score a header or a volley? Perhaps a low drive or a curler?

    See the 22-year-old's one minute round of quickfire questions in the link below.
    9/8/2015 5:42:01 PM

    9/8/2015 5:48:47 PM

    Extra points for the visitors for their emoji use there....
    9/8/2015 5:49:49 PM
    A sneak peek inside the home side's dressing room and the kit man is on top of things. Kick off is just less than an hour away but the players' every needs are ready to be catered for.

    9/8/2015 5:52:07 PM
    So - Rooney has his chance to claim England's all-time goalscoring record on home turf.

    Switzerland have conceded just six goals in their seven fixtures so far, so the skipper might have his work cut out.
    9/8/2015 5:54:46 PM
    The prospect of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Raheem Sterling flanking the Manchester United forward is frightening.

    The pair have both pace and skill in abundance and could cause the visitors' plenty of problems.

    But Ricardo Rodríguez (Wolfsburg) and Stephan Lichtsteiner (Juventus) are no slouches. Hipsters, you know what I'm talking about.

    Seriously though, the battle on both flanks is going to be one to look out for.
    9/8/2015 5:57:26 PM
    Jonjo Shelvey has kept his place in midfield and will - finally - have a chance to play against someone other than San Marino.

    The Swansea midfielder impressed against the minnows and - although he struggled to cope with expectation at Liverpool - has flourished under Garry Monk in South Wales.

    The 23-year-old's passing repertoire is certainly worthy of the international stage.

    9/8/2015 6:00:41 PM
    There's plenty of Premier League interest on show among Switzerland's side. Three players in total represent sides from England's top tier.

    Behrami (Watford)
    Inler (Leicester)
    Shaqiri (Stoke City)

    Only one man stands out from that list and it's Shaqiri. Or as some people know him - 'The Alpine Messi'. Even less people call him 'The magic dwarf' but it's still one of his nicknames. Go on. Look it up.

    England's defence will have to keep him quiet tonight; the 23-year-old is playing in a front three and isn't afraid to let fly from long range.

    Joe Hart, you've been warned.

    9/8/2015 6:06:51 PM
    Here are the team sheets for tonight's game - so there can be no quibbling over who is playing where. 

    Personally, I quite like the look of England's 4-3-3 formation. The midfield may be workmanlike but with Shelvey sitting deep the play should still be able to link to the front.

    Luke Shaw and Nathaniel Clyne aren't shy to get forward and England could actually get some bums off seats tonight.

    But, with Switzerland mirroring Roy Hodgson's system, is there a chance the two sides could cancel each other out? No-one wants that...

    Well, there's probably a few pessimistic fans that have lumped on a boring 0-0, but I don't want to hear any of it.

    9/8/2015 6:14:15 PM
    Meanwhile, John O'Brien is having a little bet with himself and it will give us all a chance to marvel at Spain's substitutes.

    I've never heard of this laughable chap though?
    9/8/2015 6:16:52 PM
    Roy Hodgson's thousand mile stare still exists in mask form, you'll be pleased to know.

    9/8/2015 6:19:23 PM
    An ominous sign for the Three Lions?

    Hodgson's side have only conceded three goals during the entire qualifying campaign so it's not all doom and gloom.

    In fact, it's looking pretty promising for Rooney.

    9/8/2015 6:26:41 PM
    A spot of treason from Jack Heath, who is hoping that Shaqiri shocks Wembley tonight.

    But who can blame him? 

    If the Potters' £12m signing makes a fist of it we could be in for a real game....

    9/8/2015 6:28:00 PM

    Shouldn't your PA be taking care of that Jermain?

    9/8/2015 6:30:45 PM
    If you ever needed an excuse to look back over the Sunderland striker's job advert for a personal is your chance.

    It specifically asks that Defoe's fridge is to be stocked at all times, so something must have gone wrong.
    9/8/2015 6:32:59 PM
    So here we go. The teams on the pitch and Wembley is looking reasonably full. Both teams break from their huddles and it's Switzerland who will get us under way.
    9/8/2015 6:45:58 PM
    1 min: Nightmare start for Delph, who pulls up with a hamstring strain after seconds. The Manchester City midfielder's night is over...
    9/8/2015 6:47:34 PM
    Dear oh dear. Manuel Pellegrini won't be happy but Ross Barkley is. He's coming on in Delph's place.
    9/8/2015 6:48:10 PM
    4 mins: A relatively quiet start for the hosts. After a couple of minutes of toing and froing, England finally get their foot on the ball. Shaw drives a ball in and it's deflected away for a corner.
    9/8/2015 6:51:21 PM
    5 mins: Milner floats in the set piece towards the Phantom of the Opera. Sorry, no, that was a masked Gary Cahill who got on the end of that one.
    9/8/2015 6:52:02 PM
    7 mins: A loose ball for Oxlade-Chamberlain gifts Switzerland the ball in a dangerous position but, fortunately, it comes to nothing. The Arsenal man does that far too often.
    9/8/2015 6:53:47 PM
    We've got hold of some exclusive footage of Fabian Delph's injury...
    9/8/2015 6:54:45 PM
    11 mins: Shaqiri races onto a loose ball and lines up Smalling in a one-on-one situation. The winger looks to cut inside but Smalling stand strong and out muscles the Stoke man. Impressive stuff.
    9/8/2015 6:57:27 PM
    12 mins: England win a free kick for hand ball and Milner drifts it into the area but it's not a very good one. 

    The Liverpool midfielder's delivery hasn't been the best so far. But who else is there? Shelvey? We used to have so many set piece specialists...
    9/8/2015 6:59:11 PM
    15 mins: Shaw and Rooney combine well on the left flank and the full back whips an inviting ball across the face of goal. The Ox is there to meet it but gets it all wrong and his effort sails over the bar. England look confident.
    9/8/2015 7:01:53 PM
    17 mins: Rooney gets sent through by Milner and races onto the through ball. He attempts to bend his shot into the bottom corner but it trickles past the post. You're allowed to be selfish there if you're on the brink of such an outstanding achievement in my book...
    9/8/2015 7:04:09 PM
    20 mins: It's all going through Rooney. The hosts break and the striker picks out Milner but the Liverpool midfielder's effort is hit straight down the throat of Sommer. If the roles were reversed there we might have seen our first goal of the night.
    9/8/2015 7:06:41 PM
    How are you watching the game? Daniel Sturridge is 'eating a food' while he takes in the action.

    9/8/2015 7:07:34 PM
    24 mins: Sterling tracks his man all the way back into England's penalty area and produces a cracking challenge on Lichtsteiner. Superb effort from the 20-year-old. He's not tired tonight.

    9/8/2015 7:11:17 PM
    28 mins: Milner goes into the book and he's not happy about it. He overran the ball and caught his opponent but it looked a bit harsh. That's what you get for putting in 100% effort 100% of the time.
    9/8/2015 7:14:07 PM
    29 mins: Shelvey slips and gives away possession. Shaqiri latches onto the loose ball and aims an effort goalwards from long range. He doesn't catch it cleanly and Hart watches it sail over the bar.
    9/8/2015 7:15:15 PM
    30 mins: Sloppy distribution from Smalling as he passes the ball straight out of play. But, in his defence he is playing out of position on the left hand side of central defence.
    9/8/2015 7:16:24 PM
    31 mins: CHANCE! Shaqiri is slipped in behind England's defence but Hart bounds off his line and dives at the forward's feet to make the ball his own. Hart was never ducking out of that one.
    9/8/2015 7:17:50 PM

    9/8/2015 7:18:35 PM
    There's always one....

    9/8/2015 7:19:14 PM
    34 mins: England have been stretched a couple of times in the last minute or so. Switzerland's front three are dangerous. Stocker holds up the ball and attempts to backheel it to Shaqiri, but the Stoke man doesn't read his countryman's intentions.
    9/8/2015 7:20:45 PM
    38 mins: England have started to look a little pedestrian. There's a lack of impetus out there and Shelvey is struggling to get on the ball. Oxlade-Chamberlain floats a ball towards the back post and Rooney is there but just can't rise high enough to get onto the end of the cross.
    9/8/2015 7:33:41 PM
    Well, this photo isn't awkward at all, is it? 

    Everybody say cringe....

    9/8/2015 7:33:47 PM
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