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Draw for the Uefa Champions League

Live coverage of the draw for the Uefa Champions League group stage, with Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea in the pot

  • Manchester City are guaranteed a tough opponent in the shape of either Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Porto or AC Milan from Pot One. Porto would surely be the best outcome for Roberto Mancini's side.
    8/30/2012 3:50:48 PM
  • To fill you in on the details, eight groups of four will be drawn: one from each pot, ranked on Uefa co-efficient. Clubs can not be drawn with anyone from their own country. Group matches start on 18 September.
    8/30/2012 3:52:59 PM
  • For the English teams in Pot One, the teams to avoid are Valencia, Benfica, Shakhtar Donetsk, Ajax, Juventus, Paris St Germain and Borussia Dortmund.
    8/30/2012 3:55:03 PM
  • Perhaps the best outcome (with the utmost respect of course) for the English sides would be Braga (Pot Two), Lille (Pot Three) and FC Nordsjylland (Pot Four).
    8/30/2012 3:55:40 PM
  • The draw is scheduled to start of 5pm, although we can expect some Uefa commissioned video montages before they start pulling names out of hats. We'll have news from the draw as soon as it happens.
    8/30/2012 3:58:33 PM
  • Chelsea are the current holders of the European Cup after they stunned Bayern Munich by winning the final on penalties. Having strengthened this summer, they'll be among the favourites this time around.

    8/30/2012 3:59:36 PM
  • Wembley is hosting this season's final, which will be just two years since it was last held there. Why Uefa decided to return to the home of English football so quickly is a bit of a mystery, but we won't be complaining; It was pretty special back in 2011.

    8/30/2012 4:01:46 PM
  • There's some swirling of balls going on at the draw in Monaco... Let the drawn out process begin.
    8/30/2012 4:04:44 PM
  • Real Madrid are the first name out of the glass bowl. And they will be playing...? We don't know yet, but we do know they will be in Group D. Bayern Munich are in Group F.
    8/30/2012 4:06:24 PM
  • Barcelona, who will be desperate to avenge last year's semi-final defeat to Chelsea, are in Group G. Porto are in Group A.
    8/30/2012 4:07:36 PM
  • AC Milan are in Group C. The English teams must be next out the bowl, but which group will Steve McManaman, who's picking those particular balls, put them in?
    8/30/2012 4:09:04 PM
  • Arsenal are in Group B, Chelsea in Group E and Manchester United in Group H.
    8/30/2012 4:10:17 PM
  • Thank god Chelsea have some terrible teams and Celtic will get humped
    8/30/2012 4:59:10 PM
  • I don't agree that PSG's group looks quite straightforward for them. They may have been thrown together with some rich Sheikh's millions but they've not exactly blown mediocre sides in the French league away let alone the perennials of Porto and the experienced Dynamo Kiev. Bordeaux should have beaten them last time out and I believe they only have 3 draws from 3 played and none against the big name teams. My money is on them not making it out of the group.
    8/30/2012 4:59:14 PM
  • e) Chelsea, Shakhtar, f) Bayern, Valencia, g) Barca, Benfica, h) Man U, Galatasaray..get your money on it now :)
    8/30/2012 5:04:56 PM
  • The draw could have been a lot harder on Celtic, I fancy them to take a Europa league spot or maybe even sneak 2nd behind Barca. It all really depends on how they perform away as Celtic could take any team at Celtic park.
    8/30/2012 5:05:02 PM
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