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Champions League LIVE! Manchester United v Olympiakos


by j.orr

Welcome to the Independent's live coverage of this Champions League last-16 second tie between Manchester United and Olympiakos at Old Trafford.

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    • FT: Manchester United 3-0 Olympiakos (agg:3-2)
    • Van Persie scores a hat-trick
    • FT: Borussia Dortmund 1-2 Zenit (agg: 5-4)
    3/19/2014 6:31:35 PM
  • The United team is out...and it's Ryan Giggs who gets a surprise call up to the starting XI. The 40-year-old Welshman makes his first start for the club since 28 January.

    Manchester United: De Gea; Rafael, Jones, Ferdinand, Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Welbeck; Rooney, van Persie.
    Subs: Lindegaard, Fellaini, Fletcher, Januzaj, Kagawa, Young, Hernandez.
    3/19/2014 6:43:03 PM
  • Moyes is going all out - there are no defenders on the bench!
    3/19/2014 6:44:50 PM
  • But it's not all doom and gloom for Moyes (yet). Here are 10, yes 10, reason for United to be optimistic tonight. For our cheery guide, CLICK HERE
    3/19/2014 7:01:55 PM
  • Joel Campbell, the goalscorer from the first leg, starts for Olympiakos. He's on loan from Premier League rivals Arsenal, of course So will be his manager Arsene Wenger be watching? CLICK HERE to read Wenger's answer to see if he will be at Old Trafford tonight...
    3/19/2014 7:12:18 PM
  • Usually it's just Giggs who gets all the milestones. Now the competition gets one too...

    3/19/2014 7:16:14 PM
  • What was that about a milestone for the immortal Welshman. Of course there is one for you...

    3/19/2014 7:21:12 PM
  • The Olympiakos team in its entirety then..only one change from the victory in Athens three weeks ago - David Fuster replaces unwell Michael Olaitan.

    Olympiakos: Roberto, Leandro Salino, Manolas, Marcano, Holebas, Perez, Ndinga, Dominguez, Maniatis, David Fuster, Campbell. 

    Subs: Megyeri, Paulo Machado, Samaris, Haedo Valdez, Papadopoulos, Vergos, Bong Songo
    3/19/2014 7:28:37 PM
  • United have experienced a season of new lows in this torrid campaign, but their French left-back Patrice Evra has come out fighting in his pre-match interview.

    I am not going to tell you we are going to qualify but I promise the fans will be proud of us after the game

    To read the full article, CLICK HERE
    3/19/2014 7:34:58 PM
  • Just 10 minutes to go...Old Trafford a quieter place than usual tonight, but an early goal will change all of that.
    3/19/2014 7:36:00 PM
  • The selection of Giggs has not put the fans in confident mood, it appears...

    3/19/2014 7:40:10 PM
  • 1 min: And Olympiakos get us underway. Rooney has been doing his best cheerleader impression to get the crowd going. He's up for this one...
    3/19/2014 7:46:17 PM
  • 3 min: But maybe Jones is too up for it, he flies inot a late tackle to concede a free-kick. Dominguez's set piece comes to nothing, mind.
    3/19/2014 7:48:29 PM
  • 4 min: Rooney settling in the centre of the pitch at the moment. He nearly put Welbeck clean through on goal there too. Old Trafford has found its voice.
    3/19/2014 7:49:48 PM
  • 5 min: But this time Welbeck successfully breaches the Greek defence after a fine ball from the immortal Giggs. Manolas clatters into him to concede the free-kick, and is also booked for his troubles. Rooney whips in the resulting free-kick, but goalkeeper Roberto punches away.
    3/19/2014 7:53:11 PM
  • 8 min: Olympiakos finally muster a couple of passes in a row, but the cross comes to nothing. Has been all United so far.
    3/19/2014 7:54:22 PM
  • 10 min: Its another booking, this time Dominguez cops one for chopping down Valencia. The United winger is currently playing with one eye open after taking a massive shiner from an earlier clash. He looks like he's gone 12 rounds with Tyson, not 10 minutes against Olympiakos.
    3/19/2014 7:56:26 PM
  • 11 min: And another booking. The first of game for United after Carrick dives in late. The Dutch referee Björn Kuipers has enjoyed a card happy start to the game.
    3/19/2014 7:58:44 PM

  • 3/19/2014 7:59:29 PM
  • 15 min: But its chance for Olympiakos. The Gunners striker Joel Campbell hits a low cross for Perez. Impressive break from the Greeks.
    3/19/2014 8:02:57 PM
  • 17 min: And Rooney hits the post! Giggs with a sublime cross from the left, Rooney gets free in the box and his header beats Roberto but bounces off the post. Encouraging.
    3/19/2014 8:05:01 PM
  • 19 min: Campbell with another powerful surge forward, he looks to play in Perez again but Ferdinand cuts it out. Campbell looking the dangerman for the away side.
    3/19/2014 8:06:37 PM
  • 22 min: PENALTY TO UNITED!
    3/19/2014 8:08:28 PM
  • 23 min: Long ball to Van Persie, he looks to chest the ball down but Holebas charges into his back. Definite penalty. Great chance for United. Van Persie steps up...
    3/19/2014 8:09:27 PM
  • 25 min: And Van Persie makes no mistake from the spot. Powering his effort into the right of the goal. Roberto guessed correctly but it was fired with such venom he had no chance. The tie is well and truly back on! 1-0 to United!
    3/19/2014 8:10:58 PM
  • 26 min: And United are on the attack again. Looking like their old cerebral self. Rooney passes to Welbeck but he's tackled.
    3/19/2014 8:12:49 PM
  • Rooney's delightful cross-field pass to put Van Persie in for the resulting penalty foul gaining all the credit. Rightfully so, too.

    3/19/2014 8:14:54 PM
  • 30 min: Half an hour played. All going swimmingly for United so far.
    3/19/2014 8:16:29 PM
  • Here's Ferguson, but no sign of his partner in crime Mick Hucknell tonight...

    3/19/2014 8:19:01 PM
  • 34 min: Van Persie arrows in his corner, Evra leaps for ball - it comes of the back of his head and looks to be going into the top corner, but Roberto makes an acrobatic save. Like Chelsea last night, only one team playing here...
    3/19/2014 8:21:19 PM
  • 39 min: But what a chance for Olympiakos! Double save by De Gea. Perez gets into acres of space down the right, crosses for Fuster but his penalty is well saved. Dominguez then with rebound but De Gea somehow gets his leg to it. A worryingly moment there for United..
    3/19/2014 8:27:36 PM
  • 42 min: Maniatis is all over Valencia and pulls him down. But this time no penalty is given. Nearly five penalties given in four days at Old Trafford.
    3/19/2014 8:29:59 PM
  • 45 min: GOAL FOR UNITED! 2-0!
    3/19/2014 8:30:43 PM
  • 45 min: Just on the strike of half-time, when United scored so many important goals over the years. A here's another one. Giggs with a cross-field ball to Rooney, he controls it majestically and squares the ball for Van Persie to tap in. The tie is now level. And the referee blows up to signal the end of the first half.
    3/19/2014 8:33:02 PM
  • And now it's time for tonight's half-time stat. Courtesy of the Independent's James Mariner:

    3/19/2014 8:35:08 PM
  • Man united neva giv up we can stil make it
    3/19/2014 8:40:19 PM
  • 46 min: United begin the second half. A truly great first opening period for them. 2-0 is always a precarious lead though, especially with the prospect of an away goal. We could still have penalties too if there are no more goals...
    3/19/2014 8:48:47 PM
  • 48 min: Giggs lofts one over to Evra. What a  incredible performance from the immortal Welshman tonight. The move breaks down. Olympiakos on the counter-attack, but Perez's tame headers goes nowhere near the goal.
    3/19/2014 8:51:40 PM
  • 50 min: Rooney dances around three Olympiakos players then knocks it forward to Welbeck, but the England winger is eventually fouled. Van Persie steps up from the free-kick 25 yards out...
    3/19/2014 8:53:32 PM
  • GOAL!! 3-0 TO UNITED!
    3/19/2014 8:54:03 PM
  • 51 min: Rooney looks like he's about to curl the free-kick in, but he steps over the ball and then Van Persie curls one in himself. Leaving poor Roberto in goal flat-footed. His first ever hat-trick in the Champions League.
    3/19/2014 8:55:38 PM
  • 52 min: United now take the lead in the tie, and deservedly so. They have looked like their old selves tonight. And could yet score more..
    3/19/2014 8:58:14 PM
  • 55 min: But it's a chance for Olympiakos. Free header from Perez from a free-kick. Should have done far better there. It goes well wide.
    3/19/2014 9:00:08 PM
  • 57 min: United charge down the other end. Evra overlapping down the left, Van Persie drops back to put play him in but his effort is cut out. 
    3/19/2014 9:02:23 PM
  • 60 min: Evra with a late tackle and he gets a yellow. And referee Bjorn Kuipers has not been shy in handing them out tonight. Evrawill miss the next round, and United now have a great chance of being in it.
    3/19/2014 9:04:57 PM
  • RVP receives his plaudits, and even a wink from Valencia

    3/19/2014 9:08:00 PM
  • 68 min: United dominating possession. Breathing space awaits for the beleaguered David Moyes if the score stays as it is..
    3/19/2014 9:11:50 PM
  • 70 min: Rafael makes his way forward, the ball played back to him but his shot is deflected over. The resulting corner comes to nothing.
    3/19/2014 9:13:27 PM
  • 72 min: While they are not posing any real threat, don't forget that all Olympiakos need to do is score a late goal and they will lead the tie.
    3/19/2014 9:14:51 PM
  • 75 min: One player that won't score that vital goal is Salino. He's gone off and Paulo Machado, he of the finest moustache in professional football, is on. It's Movember all year round for Machado.

    3/19/2014 9:19:22 PM

  • 3/19/2014 9:19:31 PM
  • But is Machado's facial hair the best in sport? CLICK HERE to see the rest...
    3/19/2014 9:22:38 PM
  • 80 mins: 10 minutes remain. Young has replaced Valencia. That has been the winger's best United performance in years tonight. Back to his rampaging best...
    3/19/2014 9:24:14 PM
  • 84 min: Another great run from Rooney, he gets to the byline and looks to cut it back but the danger is snuffed out. Rooney has been unstoppable tonight, worth every penny of that £300,000 a week deal...erm
    3/19/2014 9:26:45 PM
  • 85 min: Under five minutes to go. United with more than a foot in the quarter-finals...but it could still end in tears. What an ending we have in store at Old Trafford.
    3/19/2014 9:29:00 PM
  • 86 min: Corner for Olympiakos, but its punched away by De Dea. You could cut the tension with a knife.
    3/19/2014 9:30:17 PM
  • 90 min: Five minutes of injury time at Old Trafford. Can they see this one out? Or will it be Sunderland all over again...
    3/19/2014 9:35:05 PM
  • 94 min: Campbell whips in a high cross, you can almost hear the nerves. But De Gea makes the catch. Fellaini heads for the corner with the ball.
    3/19/2014 9:36:46 PM
  • FT: And it's all over! Old Trafford erupts! Finally Moyes has something to cheer. They are through to the quarter-finals. What a terrific comeback. Is the season now saved? They could meet Chelsea in the next round too...
    3/19/2014 9:38:33 PM
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