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Champions League LIVE! Manchester United v Bayern Munich


by j.orr

Hello, and welcome to the Independent's live coverage of this crucial Champions League quarter-final first-leg between Manchester United and Bayern Munich at Old Trafford. Can United slay the German giants?

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    • Manchester United 1-1 Bayern Munich
    • Vidic scores for United, Schweinsteiger for Bayern
    • Schweinsteiger later sent off for Bayern
    • Barcelona 1-1 Atletico Madrid 
    • Matches kicked off at 7.45pm
    4/1/2014 6:43:57 PM
  • And the teams are in...the Immortal Welshman Ryan Giggs makes his first appearance for United since his starring role in the 3-0 victory over Olympiakos in the Last-16 second leg. 

    The 40-year-old is joined in the United starting XI by Alexander Buttner, who is tasked with trying to mark his compatriot Arjen Robben , with regular left-back Patrice Evra suspended.

    And on the other wing to Robbe, there is Franck Ribery of course.

    Man Utd: De Gea, Jones, Ferdinand, Vidic, Buttner, Valencia, Carrick, Fellaini, Giggs, Rooney, Welbeck
    Subs: Lindegaard, Hernandez, Nani, Young, Fletcher, Januzaj, Kagawa
    Bayern Munich: Neuer, Rafinha, Javi Martinez, Boateng, Alaba, Robben, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Ribery, Kroos, Muller.
    Subs: Starke, Van Buyten, Mandzukic, Shaqiri, Pizarro, Gotze, Hojbjerg
    4/1/2014 6:09:21 PM
  • The selection of the legend Giggs has polarised opinion on the Twittersphere..

    4/1/2014 6:10:56 PM
  • Adnan Januzaj is the United bench. The 19-year-old Belgian-born winger was named as the best teenage player in Europe this week. Do you agree? Read the full article HERE
    4/1/2014 6:19:33 PM
  • Another game, and yet another record for Giggs. Mr Milestone indeed

    4/1/2014 6:23:30 PM
  • And here's one for Rooney too, just so he doesn't feel left out...

    4/1/2014 6:26:53 PM
  • Will Sir Alex Ferguson be sitting in his special chair at Old Trafford tonight? Catch up with our brilliant exclusive from earlier today, as in earlier than 12 o' clock today. The full article is HERE
    4/1/2014 6:31:48 PM
  • Could Pep Guardiola have been sitting in the opposing dug-out tonight instead of the beleaguered David Moyes? Did Ferguson ever offer him the job? Even Guardiola doesn't really know...

    I didn’t understand him so maybe that’s why I do not know if I had an offer or not

    Read the full article HERE
    4/1/2014 6:35:51 PM
  • Rafael will not be playing for United because of injury, but that does not stop him hoping his team-mates can summon up the power of 1999 tonight, when they shocked the footballing world by fighting back from a goal down against Bayern to score twice in injury time at the Nou Camp to win the Champions League final.

    But everyone is beatable in football. If you speak about United, we are the best club in the world. The history here is fantastic. After what happened in 1999 everything is possible

    Read the full article HERE
    4/1/2014 6:43:07 PM
  • 1 min: And Bayern get the match under way!
    4/1/2014 6:47:07 PM
  • 3 min: Old Trafford is a cauldron of noise, but that has not fazed Bayern. They click into their passing rhythm from the off.
    4/1/2014 6:49:16 PM
  • 4 min: Welbeck has the ball in the net for United! The place erupts! But referee Carlos Velasco Carballo disallows the goal for a high foot from the England striker in the build-up. Looked a harsh call that one, but an encouraging move for the home side...
    4/1/2014 6:51:17 PM
  • 6 min: Welbeck charges forward again, but Alaba makes the tackle. Welbeck playing like a man possessed in the opening stages.
    4/1/2014 6:52:49 PM
  • 8 min: Nearly a Robben trademark goal, running at Buttner before cutting back onto his left foot looking to curl one past De Gea, but he could not hit the target. A warning sign.
    4/1/2014 6:54:35 PM
  • 9 min: A rather skewed clearance from Bayern 'keeper Neuer gifts possession straight back to United, who are now on the attack again. A positive start for United, although Arsenal had a positive start against Bayern too, and that didn't end so well...
    4/1/2014 6:56:19 PM
  • 10 min: Almost a chance for Alaba to score. Robbery (Ribery and Robben) combine and Ribery makes a pass across goal into the path of the rampaging left-back before Jones made the vital block.
    4/1/2014 6:58:08 PM
  • 14 min: Bayern growing in menace with every passing minute now, each of the starting XI begging for the ball as they keep possession and control. 
    4/1/2014 7:00:18 PM
  • 15 min: First yellow card of the match, and it's for Valencia. The United winger slide in on Lahm, not much contact there but looked late. 
    4/1/2014 7:01:49 PM
  • 17 min: The sublime movement of Robbery causing United chaos again. This time the pair link up down the left-side of the area before Robben's low cross to blocked by Buttner. The duo look unstoppable at the moment. A constant threat. Can United weather the storm?
    4/1/2014 7:04:04 PM
  • 19 min: Still all Bayern. In total and absolute control. All United can hope for is a counter-attack at the moment.
    4/1/2014 7:05:39 PM
  • 22 min: Robbery do the damage again... This time Ribery cuts a delightful through ball over the top of Vidic, Robben runs on to it but can't quite control the ball. Had he controlled it he would have been one-on-one with De Gea there.
    4/1/2014 7:09:14 PM
  • 23 min: It's those overlaps that United just cannot deal with. Ribery plays in Alaba, who whips the ball across goal with venom, but it evades any team-mate. United on the ropes..
    4/1/2014 7:11:24 PM
  • 26 min: Now Ferdinand cuts out Robben's cross. Total football. Total dominance for Guardiola's charges.
    4/1/2014 7:12:40 PM
  • 28 min: Now Muller gets some space in the area, and again it's crossed in ferocious fashion, so much so none of his team-mates can get near it. Can Bayern deliver the knock-out blow after a series of jabs?
    4/1/2014 7:15:02 PM
  • 30 min: Bayern are getting closer...this time Robben cuts in from the right, goes for the curler but it's palmed away by De Gea for his first save of the night. On the basis of the first 30 minutes it will not be his last.
    4/1/2014 7:17:09 PM
  • 32 min: United get a glimmer of hope. Welbeck fires in a long range effort but it's saved well by Neuer.
    4/1/2014 7:18:19 PM
  • 33 min: Fine interception from Ferdinand from the advancing Rafinha, just like Bobby Moore on Pele at the 1970 World Cup, or Stuart Pearce on David Baddiel in the Three Lions video..
    4/1/2014 7:21:03 PM
  • 36 min: Just like his partner in defence, Vidic made a crucial interception on Muller in the six yard box. Timed to perfection.
    4/1/2014 7:23:42 PM
  • 38 min: Welbeck is through on goal!!
    4/1/2014 7:24:43 PM
  • 38 min: ...but he misses the chance! The long ball is passed through for Welbeck by Rooney, Welbeck outmuscles Alaba and is one-on-one with Neuer, he tries the chip...but Neuer is not fooled and makes a good save.
    4/1/2014 7:26:18 PM
  • 42 min: Although he should have taken his previous chance in better fashion. Welbeck's pace is certainly troubling the Bayern defence. Neuer charges out of his goal to clear the through ball. 
    4/1/2014 7:29:31 PM
  • 44 min: Dare I say it, United are finishing the half as the stronger team. Now Valencia gets a chance but his effort is deflected over. Welbeck took a nick in the build up, but stayed on his feet.
    4/1/2014 7:31:48 PM
  • HT: The whistle blows to signal the end of the half. Bayern dominated possession but Welbeck has looked unplayable at times for United. First he had a goal chalked off for a high foot, and then he went clear against Neuer later on in the half but his tame effort was saved. Although not too many, there are some positives Moyes can take from the first period.
    4/1/2014 7:35:12 PM
  • Welbeck and that chip. If only...

    4/1/2014 7:46:12 PM
  • The teams are out again, and first there is a change for United. The Immortal Welshman Giggs is replaced a player with plenty to prove...Kagawa.
    4/1/2014 7:47:42 PM
  • 46 min: United begin the second half. They will hope to start it in the same positive fashion that they ended the first.
    4/1/2014 7:48:36 PM
  • 48 min: Kagawa gets in the game for the first time. He looks to loft one over to Fellaini but he can't connect. Another encouraging sign.
    4/1/2014 7:52:24 PM
  • 50 min: But Ribery storms down the wing, looking like he is playing at a different speed to Ferdinand. He makes the cross but Jones heads away.
    4/1/2014 7:53:58 PM
  • 53 min: Robben looking menacing on the edge of the area, playing a one-two with Muller before Vidic intercepts. Robben reminding us all he is still here...
    4/1/2014 7:57:46 PM
  • 56 min: Rooney crosses from the right into the towering Fellani but the ball is cleared. The giant Belgian noticebly playing in a more advanced position in the second half. A Moyes masterstroke?
    4/1/2014 8:00:09 PM
    4/1/2014 8:00:26 PM
  • 58 min: From Rooney's corner, Vidic makes a great run and with unbelievable accuracy heads into the bottom corner when he looked to be running the other way. The centre-back took a nod from his Mexican team-mate Hernadez there, who memorably scored a similar acrobatic header a couple of seasons ago. Game well and truly on. Now it's Bayern against the ropes...
    4/1/2014 8:03:26 PM
  • 60 min: Bayern growing in frustration, Scweinstieger clattering into Carrick and deservedly getting a booking. Rooney looks for Fellaini from the free-kick but the ball evades the big man.
    4/1/2014 8:05:11 PM
  • Almost simultaneously Aletico took the lead at Barcelona, Diego with quite brilliant effort. 
    4/1/2014 8:07:12 PM
    4/1/2014 8:09:03 PM
  • 66 min: That lead didn't take long, eight minutes in fact. Rafinha crosses to Muller, Muller heads the ball down and Schweinsteiger finishes on the half volley with aplomb. Pure class from the German giants.
    4/1/2014 8:10:34 PM
  • 68 min: Much talk before kick-off was Buttner v Robben with Evra suspended, but the United left-back did a fine job on his compatriot there, taking him to the touchline before making the block.
    4/1/2014 8:12:03 PM
  • 71 min: Valencia looks to make inroads down the right, the ball goes lose and he jumps in on Boateng. That looked nasty. Valencia is already on a yellow...what will referee Carlos Velasco Carballo do? Nothing. Fortunate for Valencia there to still be n the field.
    4/1/2014 8:16:58 PM
  • 75 min: Just 15 minutes remain, and Buttner goes off for Young. All change with Valencia switching to right back and Jones moving to left-back leaving Young on the right wing. Will Plan B prevail in the closing stages?
    4/1/2014 8:19:00 PM
  • 78 min: Bayern looking to retain the ball like they did in the first half, but United are up for the battle. Young gallops down the right wing but the move breaks up.
    4/1/2014 8:23:23 PM
  • Both goals tied up in one neat statistical package...

    4/1/2014 8:26:04 PM
  • 85 min: Welbeck heads off and is replaced by super-sub Hernadez. Welbeck receives a standing ovation as he leaves the field, Bayern simply couldn't handle him. If only he judged that chip better...
    4/1/2014 8:28:23 PM
  • 86 min: Hernandez is straight into the thick of things, he bursts forward down the right but is finally tackled by Alaba. United still committing men forward.
    4/1/2014 8:29:52 PM
  • 88 min: Ohh a cheeky foul there from Martinez. Rooney plays it forward to Hernandez, who turns past the Spaniard near the half way line before being clipped. Bayern did have covering players there so Martinez avoids the red.
    4/1/2014 8:32:10 PM
    4/1/2014 8:32:23 PM
  • 89 min: But Schweinsteiger cannot avoid the red. On a yellow, he dives in on Rooney. Rooney goes down in distressed fashion and while it looked like Schweinsteiger didn't make much contact, he did slide in late. Second yellow and Carlos Velasco Carballo gives him his marching orders. The German will miss the second leg and disapprovingly waves a finger at Rooney before leaving the pitch.
    4/1/2014 8:35:17 PM
  • FT: And that's it. Honours even as the whistle blows. It may well have been a season of despair for United but they battled back strongly at Old Trafford tonight, and for the majority did not look inferior to the Champions League holders. Schweinsteiger and Martinez both missing the second leg because of suspensions will give United more positives for next Wednesday's clash at the Allianz Arena.
    4/1/2014 8:39:18 PM
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