Champions League: Bayern Munich v Arsenal - Live coverage - The Independent

Champions League: Bayern Munich v Arsenal

Live minute-by-minute coverage of Arsenal's Champions League tie against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena

  • 27 min: Uh oh - Robben breaks and Arsenal look in trouble but Jenkinson does brilliantly to dispossess him and come away with the ball. Sagna who?
    3/13/2013 8:12:35 PM
  • Good going jenkinson!
  • 55 min: Great tackle back from Ramsey but Arsenal then give it away - they need to start holding the ball better as Giroud shoots from about 100 yards. Wenger is furious with him - as are his team-mates.
    3/13/2013 8:57:11 PM
  • Stupid choice to shoot when we had men going forward Giroud
  • 56 min: Walcott was in there, but he's given offside. Bayern have got away with that one, the England striker was onside.
    3/13/2013 8:58:47 PM
  • 58 min: Arsenal must start going for this. While a 1-0 result would be great - it means nothing, they'll be out. A bit like last season's 3-0 win over AC Milan - amazing performance but they still crashed out.
    3/13/2013 9:00:32 PM
  • 61 min: Walcott gets down the right hand side and Rosicky wins a free-kick in a dangerous area...
    3/13/2013 9:02:51 PM
  • 62 min: Cazorla steps up... and hits it straight into the wall. He claims handball but that was a disappointment.
    3/13/2013 9:03:48 PM
  • Just realised Cazorla looks like Adam Sandler hahaha!!
  • 63 min: Arsenal throwing more men forward - but already it's looking dangerous. Muller was nearly in a minute ago and Rosicky has just picked up a yellow card for bringing down Robben on the break.
    3/13/2013 9:05:25 PM
  • 64 min: Gustavo looks to place one from the edge of the box after good work from Lahm. Just wide.
    3/13/2013 9:06:23 PM
  • 65 min: Now it's Kroos who has a go. For all the shots from Bayern, Fabianski hasn't had to make any special saves.
    3/13/2013 9:07:13 PM
  • Wenger is no stranger to a Uefa ban.

    3/13/2013 9:08:38 PM
  • 69 min: Robben breaks through and he look certain to score. The Dutchman gets his shot off but it's well saved by Fabianski. Huge pressure from Bayern right now.
    3/13/2013 9:10:53 PM
  • Now you know why you're on the bench. #Robben
  • Its alredy a stereotype, robben fails wen its most important. Xception being d volley against #mufc.
  • 71 min: We have 20 minutes to go - remember Arsenal need two goals. Surely Wenger must make some changes.
    3/13/2013 9:13:33 PM
  • 72 min: Right on cue! Ramsey is off for Gervinho and Walcott is off for the Ox. Strange choice to take off Theo - he's looked dangerous tonight.
    3/13/2013 9:14:45 PM
  • 74 min: Giroud is booked for kicking the ball ad the advertising hoardings. Gomez has come on for Bayern. Mandzukic is the man to make way.
    3/13/2013 9:16:14 PM
  • 75 min: Robben runs at Gibbs and works himself into a shooting position. He whacks it over the bar though. Arsenal not doing enough going forward right now.
    3/13/2013 9:17:27 PM
  • Come on arsenal
    3/13/2013 9:17:32 PM
  • 76 min: A goal for Arsenal right now would really put the fear into Bayern. Gervinho and the Ox have done little since coming on.
    3/13/2013 9:18:32 PM
  • 77 min: Nearly, nearly for Arsenal. Giroud looks to prod a pass to Cazorla who's free in the middle of the box. It's intercepted. Just.
    3/13/2013 9:19:38 PM
  • come on arsenal we need this!!!!
    3/13/2013 9:19:41 PM
  • 89 min: Rosicky wins a free-kick just inside Bayern's half. Time to lump it in there...
    3/13/2013 9:31:41 PM
  • 90 min: Arteta does but it's out for a goal-kick. Poor.
    3/13/2013 9:32:16 PM
  • 90 + 1 min: There will be 3 minutes of added time.
    3/13/2013 9:33:01 PM
  • 90 + 2 min: Bayern break but Arsenal come straight back at them. Cazorla tries to whip it in before Arteta gives away a free-kick. Silly.
    3/13/2013 9:34:42 PM
  • 90 + 2 min: 30 seconds on the clock with Bayern holding it in the corner.
    3/13/2013 9:35:34 PM
  • FT: It's all over - Bayern Munich 0 Arsenal 2
    3/13/2013 9:36:14 PM
  • FT: What a performance from Arsenal but it's all for nothing.
    3/13/2013 9:36:41 PM
  • FT: A fantastic display from Arsenal but in the end it's Champions League heartache for the Gunners. They defended brilliantly at times and took the two of the few chances that came their way but it wasn't enough.
    3/13/2013 9:38:39 PM
  • Let me just pay my respect to the Gunners.....great stop Swansea City....we can finish in the champions league Im sure
    3/13/2013 9:38:42 PM
  • What a great show of scoring ability from arsenal, only if they hadn't conceded that late goal in the first leg, then they would be through,
    3/13/2013 9:38:47 PM
  • FT: We want to hear what you make of that performance. Have Arsenal restored their pride? Has Wenger answered his critics? Let us know by commenting using the button above. Or, Tweet at me, Simon Rice, here... We'll post the best ones.
    3/13/2013 9:40:47 PM
  • The Frenchman just winning Gooners today. Olivier Giroud, Laurent Koscielny, and absolutely, Arsene Wenger. #ArsenalPositive :)
  • Finally ... we have a team after RvP left...and we need to keep this team together and avoid making people call us a super market...Yes! If we can beat Bayern...this is just the sign of bigger things to come...the old Arsenal is indeed back! The Invincibles!
    3/13/2013 9:42:11 PM
  • FT: There will be no English teams in Friday's quarter-final Champions League draw. Just to let you know, we'll be covering events in Nyon live, right here on The Independent.
    3/13/2013 9:43:43 PM
  • arsenal have played reall well,and hve done really well to get 2 goals at the allianz
    3/13/2013 9:43:46 PM
  • FT: In tonight's other match, Malaga sprung a surprise to beat Porto 2-0 on the night and go through 2-1 on aggregate.
    3/13/2013 9:45:21 PM
  • Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson...

    We knew it was important to keep it tight at the back. We were so close to doing it. Everyone wrote us off before the game but we nearly did it.
    3/13/2013 9:47:20 PM
  • BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson on Radio 5 Live...

    It was a good performance by Arsenal, and I'm glad Arsene Wenger played a strong team. They pressure could really have been on him, but after tonight it's not.
    "They defended together and the balance of the team was really right, but they didn't really have that quality in the final third to really unhinge Bayern.
    3/13/2013 9:48:49 PM
  • Speaking as a Bayern fan, that was beyond humiliating. I applaud Arsenal for showing true footballing spirit. Yes, hey didn't win right now but they have the stuff to make a good outfit next season. As for Bayern, you have to always hold your breath. This season has been unreal but as a fan, you always have to have the expectation that the team will have the glory/confidence go to their head and lose it. I hope this is a good enough wake up call for Bayern.
    3/13/2013 9:49:12 PM
  • Graeme Souness on Sky Sports...

    That was a shadow of the Bayern Munich we've come to expect.
    3/13/2013 9:51:18 PM
  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger...

    Maybe we were a few times lucky. The spirit and performance was there. Overall we had a great go.
    3/13/2013 9:52:24 PM
  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger...

    The overall defensive performance was very good.
    3/13/2013 9:53:18 PM
  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger...

    We now want to focus on the next one and finish the season well. It's very hard to go out of the Champions League.
    3/13/2013 9:53:59 PM
  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on the Gunners' chances of qualifying for next season's Champions League...

    I'm confident we will give everything to be back next season. It's difficult to talk about that just after the game.
    3/13/2013 9:55:18 PM
  • Im gonna sleep now....goodnight Gunners...oops...I mean...goodnighf Gunners Reloaded!
    3/13/2013 10:03:55 PM
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