Capital One Cup final: Bradford v Swansea - Live coverage - The Independent

Capital One Cup final: Bradford v Swansea

Minute-by-minute coverage bringing you all the latest action from Wembley

  • Half Time: Bradford City 0 Swansea City 5
    2/24/2013 3:37:02 PM
  • Hello and welcome to The Independent's live blog of the Capital One Cup final between Bradford and Swansea City. I'm Jamie Lewis and I'll be taking you right through the game and publishing your comments as it happens.
    2/24/2013 3:36:51 PM
  • Swansea boss Michael Laudrup might well be feeling confident for today but has refused to go to a big club like Real Madrid of Chelsea. See why here:
    2/24/2013 3:44:04 PM
  • Swansea's Michu will be a defining player in this fixture and is currently on top of the top scorers league with 18 goals. 
    2/24/2013 3:45:56 PM
  • 2/24/2013 3:50:47 PM
  • What are you predictions, guys? Can Bradford smash and grab a win? Give me a tweet and I'll publish the best ones here. @Jamie__Lewis
    2/24/2013 3:55:28 PM
  • We're nearly ready for kick-off here. Let's hope for a lively cup final!
    2/24/2013 3:56:46 PM
  • And we've kicked off here at Wembley. Swansea maintain possession early on.
    2/24/2013 4:01:38 PM
  • Nathan Dyer utilises his blistering speed down the right to test Bradford's defence early. Corner to Swansea.
    2/24/2013 4:02:35 PM
  • Bradford break down the left  and, although the attack comes to nothing, they keep possession. Well played Bradford. 
    2/24/2013 4:05:11 PM
  • Swansea have started the game very slowly. They're in possession but not forcing any passes which may lose it. Clever play.
    2/24/2013 4:07:38 PM
  • 8 min: Bradford continue to spray the ball around well and are far more adventurous in their passing than their opponents. 
    2/24/2013 4:10:03 PM
  • 11 min: It's all Bradford right now. They look really up for this. 
    2/24/2013 4:12:26 PM
  • 12 min: And, as commentator's curse would have it, Swansea break the moment I send that last message and have an effort on goal. 
    2/24/2013 4:13:04 PM
  • 14 min: Swansea play the ball perfectly have connect around a dozen good passes before Nathan Dyer whips the ball in which is subsequently headed wide. The first real chance for either side. 
    2/24/2013 4:15:24 PM
  • GOAL! Swansea hit Bradford on the counter attack and break beautifully. Michu hits a shot and Bradford's unfortunate keeper parries the ball to the right and Nathan Dyer pounces on it. 1-0 to Swansea.
    2/24/2013 4:17:17 PM
  • 22 min: Bradford's strength at set pieces is currently going to waste. We're hitting the half-way mark in the first half and they are yet to take a corner or a free-kick.
    2/24/2013 4:22:49 PM
  • 26 min: Bradford have failed to come back with any strength after conceding their goal.  All possession is still firmly with Laudrup's men.
    2/24/2013 4:27:22 PM
  • 28 min: Swansea's Angel Rangel demands a penalty from an infringement in the opponent's box but the referee decided it was he who committed the foul. Play continues. 
    2/24/2013 4:29:15 PM
  • 29 min: Swansea have dominated possession so far in this match with a hefty 75% of the ball. 
    2/24/2013 4:29:51 PM
  • 31 min: Swansea's Britton fires a long range shot from outside the box which fizzes wide. 
    2/24/2013 4:32:22 PM
  • 35 min: Nathan Dyer is easily the man of the match so far. His speed is causing Bradford all sorts of problems down the right.
    2/24/2013 4:35:43 PM
  • 38 min: Bradford received their first free-kick of the match after Ki of Swansea puts in a dodgy tackle, for which he is booked.
    2/24/2013 4:39:26 PM
  • GOAL! Michu was found following a brilliant through ball from Hernandez and the Spaniard dinks it past the goalkeeper at the far post. 2-0.
    2/24/2013 4:41:45 PM
  • 43 min: Close! Wayne Routledge took a narrow shot after being sent down the right hand side. It's just over the bar.
    2/24/2013 4:44:59 PM
  • 45 min: There's going to be one minute of extra time a Wembley. Fitting considering, bar the two goals, not much has happened.
    2/24/2013 4:47:16 PM
  • HALF TIME Bradford 0 Swansea 2
    2/24/2013 4:47:31 PM
  • Former Bradford manager Paul Jewell said on BBC 5Live: "Bradford have to really have a go. They have to get in their face, have a go for the first 15 minutes of the second half and try to ask a few questions of Swansea. They have almost got the shackles off now - the original gameplan is out of the window so now is the time to say let us have a right go. They need to get amongst Jonathan de Guzman, get amongst Leon Britton and start playing higher up the pitch."

    2/24/2013 5:01:51 PM
  • 46 min: We've kicked off again at Wembley and Bradford really need to start this half strong. 
    2/24/2013 5:05:01 PM
  • GOAL! Nathan Dyer grabs his second goal with a perfect run followed by a curling shot from just outside the six yard box. Brilliant goal. 3-0 Swansea.
    2/24/2013 5:06:05 PM
  • 50 min: So, I take it my suggestion of starting this half strong has gone out the window, eh, Bradford? 
    2/24/2013 5:08:24 PM
  • 54 min: Bradford are shrinking and on the verge of disappearing. Swansea are all over them.
    2/24/2013 5:11:34 PM
  • PENALTY! Bradford goalkeeper Matt Duke has been given a red card for a tackle which took down Michu. Nathan Dyer is arguing to take the penalty with De Guzman who's flat refusing. Handbags afoot.
    2/24/2013 5:15:26 PM
  • 58 min: Nathan Dyer is FURIOUS. Michu pulls him away from the penalty area while Jonathan De Guzman smiles and puts the ball on the spot. 
    2/24/2013 5:16:05 PM
  • GOAL! Jonathan de Guzman scores, much to the anger of Nathan Dyer who was DYING (geddit?) to take it himself. 4-0 Swansea City. 
    2/24/2013 5:17:16 PM
  • 61 min: Michu and Dyer link up well and the Spaniard gets a shot away on goal but it fizzes wide. Unlucky, boys. 
    2/24/2013 5:18:53 PM
  • 63 min: Dyer appears to have drifted inside since the penalty in search of his hattrick. We know your game, Nathan!
    2/24/2013 5:21:20 PM
  • 65 min: Bradford appear to have given up completely. They break well but lose the ball far too cheaply. The fans, however, have been fantastic throughout
    2/24/2013 5:23:58 PM
  • 67 min: Michu latches on to a cross from the right and looks certain to score but Bradford hold well and deflect the shot back in to play. 
    2/24/2013 5:25:02 PM
  • Substitution: Nathan Dyer, who won't be getting his hattrick today, has left the field in place of Roland Lamah.
    2/24/2013 5:41:42 PM
  • Substitution: Swansea make another sub. Davies comes off and on comes Dwight Tiendalli. 
    2/24/2013 5:42:28 PM
  • 85 mins: Lamah chases the ball down the right, cuts inside and eventually loses possession thanks to some cracking defending from Bradford. Goal Kick. 
    2/24/2013 5:43:17 PM
  • 86 mins: Bradford build a bit of momentum after getting a free kick just inside Swansea's half. It was well taken but Swansea clear for a corner which was badly taken.
    2/24/2013 5:44:47 PM
  • 87 mins: SHOOT! say the Bradford fans and Jones duly does from just outside the area. It wasn't struck with any venom at all and Vorm collects it comfortably.  It was, however, their first shot on target! 
    2/24/2013 5:46:10 PM
  • 90 mins: We have three extra minutes at Wembley. The match, though, is as good as over. 
    2/24/2013 5:48:58 PM
  • GOAL! Jonathan de Guzman scores in stoppage time and there's that commentator's curse again. Angel Rangel receives it out wide and whips it into the box. De Guzman swipes it in to the near post from close range. 5-0.
    2/24/2013 5:50:17 PM
  • And there's the final whistle. Swansea City have won the Capital One Cup final 5-0. 
    2/24/2013 5:51:49 PM
  • Bradford, despite their heavy loss, can go home a happy side, having got there in the first place. Top effort. 
    2/24/2013 5:52:31 PM
  • And that's all from me today. Be sure to follow The Independent on Twitter: @Independent and while you're there, I'm on @Jamie__Lewis. Take care, all. 
    2/24/2013 5:53:48 PM
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