World Cup 2014 LIVE: Day 17 including reaction to Brazil's penalty shoot-out victory over Chile plus James Rodriguez inspiring Colombia to victory over Uruguay - Live coverage - The Independent

World Cup 2014 LIVE: Day 17 including reaction to Brazil's penalty shoot-out victory over Chile plus James Rodriguez inspiring Colombia to victory over Uruguay

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The Independent's coverage of the Fifa World Cup in Brazil as the tournament heads into its knock-out rounds in dramatic fashion with Samuel Stevens and Marc Williams. Brazil win a thrilling first game in the Round of 16 after a penalty shoot-out victory over Chile. James Rodriguez inspired Colombia to a great win over Uruguay which included a goal-of-the-tournament contender...


    • Colombia 2 (Rodriguez 28', 49') Uruguay 0 - FT
    • James Rodriguez double sends Colombia through
    • Rodriguez puts Colombia ahead with a goal-of-the-tournament contender
    • Brazil 1 (Luiz 18') Chile 1 (Sanchez 32') FT - Brazil go through on penalties (3-2) 
    • Brazil beat Chile after dramatic penalty shoot-out
    • Alexis Sanchez cancelled out David Luiz opener in normal time
    • Colombia to play Brazil in quarter-finals
    6/28/2014 10:20:17 AM

  • How boring was your football-free Friday, folks? Fear not! The Independent's Samuel Stevens here covering the return of the Fifa World Cup after a brief - but agonising - hiatus.

    What a game we've got for you too, as hosts Brazil prepare to lock horns with this year's hipsters' choice Chile. 

    Get your day off to the best possible start with Ewan Mackenna's excellent insight into the pressure currently nestling on Brazil's shoulders as the favourites try desperately to avoid an early slip-up.

    We'll be with you right until 11pm tonight, also covering Colombia v Uruguay, as the World Cup returns to our screens. Happy days!
    6/28/2014 10:38:27 AM

  • The Independent columnist and former Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood has had his say on the activity of managers of the sidelines. Claiming that his famously passionate demeanour was entirely authentic, Sherwood says those who try and play it cool are acting.

    I have watched the managers at this World Cup finals with interest. Some of them put all their emotion on show. There is nothing premeditated or planned. They behave instinctively and they celebrate their team’s goals with joy. Others seem to be trying to project a demeanour. They’re acting.

    I like Mexico’s coach Miguel Herrera. He is there in the moment. There is nothing forced about him. So too Jorge Sampaoli of Chile. He prowls around that technical area with intensity. He doesn’t spend any time checking how he looks on the stadium screens. As a football person, I like that. I am sure the fans appreciate it too.
    6/28/2014 11:23:56 AM
  • Who makes the cut in our team of the group stages?

    It's every football fan's favourite hobby, deciding their 'team of the tournament'. Now the first round has been dealt with, we thought we'd get the ball rolling with our best eleven of the World Cup so far.

    The big question is, though, have the likes of Arjen Robben and Neymar made the cut?
    6/28/2014 11:50:48 AM

  • James Rodriguez, described by The Independent's Jack Pitt-Brooke as the player of the tournament so far, could prove to be the difference in Rio De Janeiro tonight against Uruguay.

    Colombia's opponents, without Luis Suarez, will have a point to prove but there is belief that Rodrguez and co. can go far this summer. Here's Jack's thoughts on tonight's clash...

    James Rodriguez is halfway through his announcement. The little midfielder has been the player of the World Cup so far. He has led Colombia’s dance through Group C, making it very clear to anyone watching that he intends to be one of the best footballers in the world.

    It has been compelling football from the player known simply as James, who is ready to play the biggest match of his career: a World Cup knockout match, in the Maracana, against Uruguay, for the right to face Chile or Brazil in the quarter-finals; it would daunt any 22-year-old.
    6/28/2014 12:21:52 PM

  • Tonight's clash between Brazil and Chile represents more than the host's latest match in their relentless quest to be crowned world champions for a record sixth time. It also represents their biggest challenge yet.

    Miguel Delaney examines Chile's credentials ahead of what could be huge clash in Belo Horizonte this evening. Luis Felipe Scolari's men know that they will have to be at the top of their game if they are progress to the next round...

    For all the bullishness of Brazil beforehand, and all of the expectation that they will gradually trundle their way through this World Cup, there is also a different sense of excitement about their last-16 game with Chile.
    It is not just that it is a South American derby, or because of the energy of Chilean play in eviscerating Spain. It is that there is a very discernible sense of danger.

    It is not just that it is a South American derby, or because of the energy of Chilean play in eviscerating Spain. It is that there is a very discernible sense of danger.
    6/28/2014 12:30:15 PM

  • 6/28/2014 1:13:37 PM
  • Roy: I'm still England's top boy

    England manager Roy Hodgson has once again reiterated his intentions to remain in his position at the top of the FA despite some supporters calling for his head. 

    According to Sam Wallace, Hodgson was asked one more time on Tuesday night whether, having presided over England’s World Cup group stage exit with just a single point, he would consider resigning – especially in light of the decision made by the Italy manager, Cesare Prandelli.

    Unfortunately for Hodgson, he can expect more of this in the coming months if the Euro 2016 qualification does not unfold as planned. For the time being he looks like a man in need of a rest and, when his key turned in his front door in Surrey this morning, it must have been a relief to step out of the public glare and into the private sphere for the first time since he embarked on England’s unhappy mission.
    6/28/2014 1:28:01 PM
  • Arsene Wenger Does INCREDIBLE Van Persie Diving Header!
    by BeanymanSports via YouTube

    Because we all need a bit of Arsene Wenger in our lives, here's a video of the Arsenal manager attempting a Robin Van Persie-esque diving header. Does he pull it off? There's only one way to find out...
    6/28/2014 1:30:47 PM
  • With an hour-and-a-half still to go until kick-off, the atmosphere is building nicely in Rio. Here are some of the best pictures straight from the spiritual home of football...

    Team news coming soon!
    6/28/2014 2:36:26 PM
  • TEAM NEWS! Brazil v Chile

    Brazil: Julio César, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Luiz Gustavo, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Hulk, Fernandinho, Fred, Oscar, Neymar.

    Chile: Claudio Bravo, Mauricio Isla, Eugenio Mena, Gonzalo Jara, Gary Medel, Francisco Silva, Charles Aránguiz, Díaz, Marcelo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez, Eduardo Vargas.
    6/28/2014 3:13:24 PM

  • 6/28/2014 3:23:42 PM

    6/28/2014 3:45:24 PM
  • As we near kick-off in Belo Horizonte, here's a handy reminder of today's teams. This is no time for hesitation, Brazil need to win today if their dream is to stay alive. Chile, as they shown against Spain in the group stages, have no fear of prestige. 

    Should be a cracker, this!

    Brazil: Julio César, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Luiz Gustavo, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Hulk, Fernandinho, Fred, Oscar, Neymar.

    Chile: Claudio Bravo, Mauricio Isla, Eugenio Mena, Gonzalo Jara, Gary Medel, Francisco Silva, Charles Aránguiz, Díaz, Marcelo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez, Eduardo Vargas.
    6/28/2014 3:52:51 PM
  • A smattering of boos becomes a crescendo in the Estadio Mineirao as the Chilean players sing their national anthem. This definitely feels like a local derby here. And you know what they say about derbies... they are anyone's game,

    6/28/2014 3:57:18 PM
  • What an atmosphere in Belo Horizonte. This isn't going to be a friendly affair, folks! Strap in. Kick-off on it's way.
    6/28/2014 3:59:35 PM
  • KICK OFF! Let battle commence. Brazil get us started for what looks as though it's going to be a volatile ninety minutes of World Cup action. Oh it's good to have football back!

    6/28/2014 4:02:10 PM

  • 6/28/2014 4:04:19 PM
  • 5 mins: This is the setting for this evening's grudge match between Brazil and Chile. Already a number of juicy challenges going in...

    6/28/2014 4:07:04 PM
  • 7 mins: Alarming scenes for the hosts as Neymar is spotted hobbling. He's given a dose of the old magic spray but it does no good. Is disaster about to strike?
    6/28/2014 4:10:05 PM
  • 10 mins: A nation frets...

    6/28/2014 4:13:23 PM
  • 12 mins: Penalty appeal!

    Howard Webb was in the media spotlight before this game and he has remained there in the open exchanges here. A smart flick from Neymar plays Hulk in before Maruicio Isla bundles him to the floor inside the area. The Chilean did it lawfully, however, according to Webb, and play continues.
    6/28/2014 4:16:35 PM
  • GOOOOAAAALLL!! BRAZIL 1-0 Chile - David Luiz, 17 mins.

    Belo Horizonte explodes as Hulk's corner is knocked on by Thiago Silva into the path of his defensive partner David Luiz on the line. The PSG-bound centre-back just had to bundle the ball in! Brazil take the lead in an overjoyed Estadio Mineirao. 

    As the enigmatic defender wheels away, we get another shot of that crazy eyed glare too. It had a hint of an own goal feel about it though, hitting Gonzalo Jara on it's way in.

    Is that what this match needed? Game on!

    6/28/2014 4:19:38 PM
  • Mr. Popular is on fine form as usual...

    6/28/2014 4:25:14 PM
  • 27 mins: Neymar's getting a rough deal today, with Chilean players taking every opportunity to knock him to the floor. Luis Felipe Scolari is looking increasingly nervous about his star's fate. 

    On a lighter note, here's a picture of Brazil celebrating...

    6/28/2014 4:32:47 PM
  • GOOOAAALLLL! Brazil 1-1 CHILE - Alexis Sanchez, 31 mins.

    Suicidal stuff by Brazil in their own half! The Samba nation had a routine corner in the left-hand corner but a stray pass by Hulk falls straight into the path of Alexis Sanchez! Neatly finishing past Julio Cesar, the Barcelona man has got the Chileans back into it. Brilliant scenes. The Brazil faithful are gobsmacked.

    6/28/2014 4:33:54 PM
  • 38 mins: The Brazilians have been shaken!

    They've responded in the best possible manner, though, as Neymar's glancing header drifts agonisingly wide. Just moments later and the Barcelona star is weaving through the Chile backline before Fred races in and takes over only to fire over Claudio Bravo's crossbar. Breathless stuff.
    6/28/2014 4:42:35 PM
  • 41 mins: Stunning strike!

    Dani Alves launches a bullet of an effort from range and forces the Claudio Bravo into a flying save! Luis Felipe Scolari's boys are knocking on the door...
    6/28/2014 4:44:54 PM

  • 6/28/2014 4:46:11 PM
    6/28/2014 4:47:07 PM
  • 45 mins: Scramble in the Brazil box!

    Chile pounce on another defensive error from Brazil and, through Charles Aranguiz, so nearly take a stunning lead. In truth he had very little room to manoeuvre but the hosts are looking nervy at the back. Two minutes to go until the break... 
    6/28/2014 4:48:36 PM
  • HALF-TIME: Brazil 1-1 Chile. Sensational stuff!

    6/28/2014 4:49:12 PM
  • Looks like Fred is still as popular as ever with the British press..

    6/28/2014 4:57:59 PM
  • Just as we get ready to strap ourselves in for another (hopefully) thrilling half of World Cup mayhem, Glenn Moore gives his analysis on the opening forty-five minutes...

    A gripping half, in part because of the number of errors. Brazil are playing very direct, but with superbly hit long passes finding good runners. They are clearly targeting a slow defence that operates a high line. That put Chile under early pressure and, after Bravo punched a ball he should have caught, they conceded from the subsequent corner. An own goal from Jara probably, though had David Luiz not been there it would not have happened.
    Chile were struggling to stay in the game at that point but, like Brazil, are pressing high up the pitch and they forced an error. Marcelo and Hulk were sloppy, Vargas stole in, Sanchez finished superbly. Since then it has been even with Chile determined not to be over-awed by their big neighbour. The pace will surely drop, with more space likely to appear.
    Howard Webb has done OK, but no more. As with the 2010 final in seeking to let the game, and keep 22 players on the pitch, flow he has let too many heavy tackles go. Rejecting Hulk’s penalty appeal was brave, but not necessarily correct. 
    6/28/2014 5:01:17 PM
  • WE'RE BACK UNDER WAY! Brazil get proceedings going again. Here's hoping for much of the same.

    6/28/2014 5:06:03 PM
  • 53 mins: Slightly scrappy start to the second period as both sides continue to fight furiously for possession. The passing is neat, but short, as the tension continues to build. Chile have had some decent forays into the Brazil area but, more often then not, moves break down.
    6/28/2014 5:15:26 PM

    Controversy galore! Howard Webb, appearing to have though Hulk handled the ball before bundling it home, has just made a massive call. 

    The hosts are stunned into silence. There's a sense of disbelief as all the supporters turn their heads to the big screens to watch it again. It did look harsh! To rub salt into Brazilian wounds, Hulk is also booked.

    We're still waiting for a definitive replay...

    6/28/2014 5:18:07 PM
  • 6/28/2014 5:18:30 PM

  • 6/28/2014 5:24:12 PM
  • 64 mins: Close for Chile!

    Charles Aranguiz must have thought he had put Chile ahead there! Only a brilliant save from Julio Cesar would have been good enough and the former QPR keeper got down to parry it away for a corner. Neat, stylish build up from the Chileans!

    6/28/2014 5:26:37 PM
  • 70 mins: This was the front page belonging to one of Brazil's biggest tabloids this morning, informing the Chile side of tonight's flights back home. Will they be forced into eating a large helping of humble pie?

    6/28/2014 5:32:54 PM
  • 73 mins: Chance for Brazil!

    Hulk whips in a delightful cross, handing former Everton loanee Jo a chance on a plate. All he needed to do was knock it in but the ball skips off his shin and flies wide for a corner. Eugenio Mena deserves a lot of credit for distracting the forward there. On we go...

    6/28/2014 5:37:33 PM
  • 77 mins: Howard Webb has had what you might call a tricky day at the office...

    6/28/2014 5:39:24 PM
  • TEN MINUTES TO GO. Extra time looms...
    6/28/2014 5:41:08 PM

  • 6/28/2014 5:42:58 PM
  • 83 mins: Close again for Hulk!

    A decent move from Brazil is finished with Hulk dancing through the Chile defence but the muscular forward can't get his effort past Claudio Bravo! The pressure is being ramped up a few notches here. The Brazilian fans want a goal now!
    6/28/2014 5:45:31 PM
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