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Bradley Wiggins hour record attempt

  • Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Bradley Wiggins' attempt to break the UCI Hour Record - the longest distance ridden in one hour on a bicycle.
    6/7/2015 3:02:57 PM
  • The attempt by the 2012 Tour de France winner, considered one of the most prestigious records in cycling, will start at 6.30pm.
    6/7/2015 3:03:27 PM
  • Taking place at the Velodrome used for the 2012 Olympics, Wiggins will be attempting to beat the existing record of 52.937km - 32.894mph - which was set by fellow Briton Alex Dowsett at the Manchester Velodrome back in May. 

    6/7/2015 3:03:38 PM
  • Previous holders of the record include Chris Boardman and cycling legend Eddy Merckx.

    6/7/2015 3:03:46 PM
  • The Independent's Alasdair Fotheringham explains what it means for Wiggins...

    When Sir Bradley Wiggins makes his bid to beat the Hour record on Sunday, if, as expected, he establishes a new maximum distance pedalled in 60 minutes, one immediate knock-on effect will be simple: Wiggins’ place amongst the legends of cycling will be even more strongly guaranteed.

    Success will also prove yet again, that versatility has been the bedrock of Wiggins greatness. No other rider has been capable both of taking multiple Olympic gold medals on track and road as well as conquering the Tour de France - simultaneously a breakthrough result for Great Britain.  On the international stage, Wiggins’ bid to triumph in cycling’s greatest Classic, Paris-Roubaix in 2013 and 2014, broke another massive invisible boundary  - given the previous Tour de France champion to participate in Paris-Roubaix was Greg LeMond in 1992.

    It has reached the point where some of Wiggins’ achievements have been overshadowed by his own successes. It’s almost forgotten, for instance, that in 2012 the Londoner became the first rider, to win Paris-Nice, the Criterium du Dauphine and the Tour of Romandie, three of cycling’s top week-long races, in a single season, and in 2014 he became the first, too, since his own idol, Miguel Indurain, to have won both a Tour and the World Time Trial title.

    6/7/2015 3:06:35 PM
  • Wiggins speaks to the press - including The Independent's Simon Usborne who has been pauing close attention to the record attempt...

    6/7/2015 3:06:53 PM
  • Sir Bradley Wiggins: History inspires Wiggins in his attempt to become Hour hero

    The IndependentWhen he lowers his lean frame onto his 3D-printed titanium handlebars on Sunday evening, Sir Bradley Wiggins will focus only on the black line ahead of him and the following 60 minutes. But if he and his hi-tech track bike succeed in riding further than 52.937km (32.89 miles), he will pedal into one of the richest and most romantic record books in sport.
    6/7/2015 3:09:25 PM
  • Cycling World Hour Record: Nervous Sir Bradley Wiggins ready for pain as he prepares to go distance

    The IndependentA bullish Sir Bradley Wiggins admitted he was feeling the pressure to break one of the oldest and toughest records in cycling as he revealed the distance he hopes to achieve on Sunday.
    6/7/2015 3:09:38 PM
  • As Sir Bradley Wiggins attempts to smash the hour record - our man takes on the world's toughest track challenge

    The Independent"Rider attention!" Inside the Olympic velodrome in east London, I am sitting on a bike that emerged, weeks ago, from the garage of its owner, who holds me upright for the countdown. "Five…! Four…!" Michael Hutchinson is an academic-turned-national cycling champion and writer. He also has an important place in the history of one of sport's greatest, yet – until now – least-celebrated world records.
    6/7/2015 3:09:59 PM
  • Beating rush hour will boost Wiggins

    The IndependentWhen Sir Bradley Wiggins makes his bid to beat the Hour record on Sunday, if, as expected, he establishes a new maximum distance pedalled in 60 minutes, one immediate knock-on effect will be simple: Wiggins’ place amongst the legends of cycling will be even more strongly guaranteed.
    6/7/2015 4:00:00 PM
  • We're now less than an hour away from Wiggins's record attempt.
    6/7/2015 4:37:49 PM
  • Legendary cyclist Eddy Merckx once held the record - check him out taking it in 1972.

    6/7/2015 4:55:16 PM
  • 6/7/2015 5:16:00 PM
  • So what will Wiggins' tactics be for today's attempt? This is what the man himself had to say...

    The most efficient way is to keep the power [constant], and that in itself is a skill. If you look at Alex Dowsett’s [graph], he went like that [upward line] because he went faster, but people like Thomas Dekker were all over the shop. It’s like sitting on the motorway in the fast lane revving it in third gear, braking really hard, revving it. It’s just a case of putting it in cruise control at 70mph and sitting. It’s the most efficient way for a record like this. If you get it right, you shouldn’t be able to raise it in the end and you shouldn’t really die off either.

    6/7/2015 5:17:02 PM
  • Wiggo is out onto the track now just going through a bit of a light warm-up...
    6/7/2015 5:23:36 PM
  • Wiggins is about to go through one of the most painful (but hopefully rewarding) hours of his life. Here he explains why he chose to take it on...

    I think it was a year ago in California, I got asked if I would consider it, and I said, ‘Not at all’. I didn’t think there was anything to be gained from going for the hour record. And then they changed the rules. After Chris Boardman broke the record in 1996, they banned the position he rode in and they banned the bike he rode. All of a sudden, with the current rules at that time in terms of equipment and positions, his record was out of reach, so the record went dormant for 20 years, until the UCI, in their infinite wisdom, decided to go back, scrap the records and start again, under the current ruling.

    Jens Voigt really started the ball rolling by putting himself up there and going for it, and after that we have seen attempt after attempt. Having won the world championship last year and holding all the time-trial crowns – Olympic, world, British – I kind of felt I was obliged to do it, as world time trial champion. And then I started thinking about what it would mean and where it would stand in my career, having done everything else I have done. And then to put yourself up there with a lot of my heroes from the past – the Indurains, Merckxs – as a Tour winner, to be up there with those guys as a world hour record holder as well, it started to have a nice ring to it. After that I have never really looked back on it.

    6/7/2015 5:25:00 PM
  • Wiggins is off!
    6/7/2015 5:28:57 PM
  • We're about five minutes in so far and Wiggins is well ahead of the pace. Trouble is he has to keep that up for a full hour...

    Remember you can watch a stream of the race below live, courtesy of Sky Sports' YouTube channel. 
    6/7/2015 5:33:33 PM
  • 17minutes gone now and Wiggins has completed 62 laps, he needs 221 to break the record. 

    I was never the best at maths so I've got no idea how many he'll get. 

    Back in two minutes after consulting my abacus. 
    6/7/2015 5:45:56 PM
  • Luckily, his speed just flashed up on screen and the gold medal winner is apparently just shy of 49 seconds in front of the record. 

    Go on Wiggo!
    6/7/2015 5:47:20 PM
  • That's 100 laps down for Wiggins and he's 1min 7 secs in front of Alex Dowsett's record, looking very good indeed.
    6/7/2015 5:55:45 PM

  • Here he is in action at the Velodrome 

    6/7/2015 5:56:24 PM
  • Wiggins has done 139 laps in 38 minutes now, coming up to a minute and a half in front of where he needs to be. Absolutely brilliant ride so far. 
    6/7/2015 6:05:44 PM
  • A Mexican wave has started in the Velodrome and Seb Coe seems to be riding a static bike on the side. 

    Anything could happen next.
    6/7/2015 6:12:04 PM
    6/7/2015 6:17:08 PM
  • Wiggins is now 1min 43 secs in front of the previous record...
    6/7/2015 6:17:27 PM
  • Unbelievably, Wiggins has actually increased his speed in the last couple of laps. Just over two minutes left.

    The record is his bar disaster.
    6/7/2015 6:24:57 PM
    6/7/2015 6:25:34 PM
  • Still a minute and a half to extend his lead!
    6/7/2015 6:25:44 PM
  • There it is, all over - Wiggins absolutely smashed the record! 

    He finished with about 218 laps, 212 more than the previous best. 
    6/7/2015 6:28:52 PM
  • Dowsett's record was 52.937km - Wiggins posted a staggering 54.4km. 

    6/7/2015 6:30:53 PM
  • Official distance just in - 54.526km. 

    After hoisting his bike in the air, Wiggins embraces his wife and children (and looks absolutely knackered).

    A quick, hugely deserved, victory lap around the Velodrome now as well. 
    6/7/2015 6:33:12 PM
  • Wiggins' coach is speaking now to Sky Sports: "I am over the moon says," Heiko Salzwedel. "I will share this memory for a long time.

    "I have never seen him fight so hard before. The plan went pretty well. We are learning all the time, Bradley is a different level of what I have experienced before."

    Asked if there'll be any regrets or if the record can be beaten again, he added: "No. It was sticky air and that makes a hell of a difference. He has pushed the boundary very far but not far enough."

    6/7/2015 6:37:50 PM
  • Wiggins had a little bit to say after the race: 

    "I'm glad it's done," he says. "That's the closest I will come to knowing what it's like to have a baby.
    "It's tortuous. It's such a relief and was such a build-up. We've been through so much, my wife and children know so much about air pressure now"
    "It's done now. I always compare myself to the greats and I am just glad to be in the company of those guys. To get up there and do that... to put yourself on the line takes a lot of courage and it's a mental game as much as anything."
    Asked where it ranks, he adds: "It tops it off. To do everything and come here as an old man, I had such great memories here as a kid and to come here... It's memorable."
    On the crowd, he says: "It's so difficult to block the noise out. They put a playlist of music together that I had to okay and I couldn't hear anything.
    "I thank everyone for coming and putting their hands in their pocket."

    6/7/2015 6:50:20 PM

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins on his way to the record 

    6/7/2015 6:50:45 PM
  • That's all from us, thanks very much for joining us on this record breaking evening.

    Good night.
    6/7/2015 6:51:02 PM
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