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Boris live IND 1/12

    Welcome to the Independent politics live blog - today we will b e following the prime minister's interview with Andrew Marr as the debate around early release from prison continues following Friday's attack on London Bridge by convicted terrorist Usman Khan.
    12/1/2019 8:13:34 AM
    Corbyn and Raab on Ridge, Johnson on Marr

    The first of the Sunday shows will see Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Liberal Democrats economic spokesman Sir Ed Davey and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab appear on Sophy Ridge's Sky show.
    Following up will be the prime minister on the BBC's Andrew Marr show - a move by the broadcaster that has caused anger among the Labour party.
    12/1/2019 8:37:24 AM
    Here's Jeremy Corbyn's full response to questions on how to handle detained terrorists in the UK - with the Labour leader arguing that terrorists should be released early if they have been rehabilitated during their prison stay:
    12/1/2019 8:57:25 AM
    Corbyn says terrorists can be released early if they have been 'rehabilitated'
    Jeremy Corbyn says terrorists can be released early from prison if they have been “rehabilitated”, as he linked the London Bridge attack to big government funding cuts.

    Asked if anyone convicted of terror offences should service their full sentence – as Boris Johnson has now pledged – the Labour leader said: “Not necessarily, no.”

    More below from The Independent's Rob Merrick:

    Jeremy Corbyn says terrorists can be released early if they have been 'rehabilitated'

    Labour leader says prisons should also be 'a place where rehabilitation takes place'
    12/1/2019 9:05:45 AM
    Corbyn would vote in second Brexit referendum
    Jeremy Corbyn has said he would vote in a second Brexit referendum - but has refused to outline what side he would support.
    Asked if it was really showing leadership to remain neutral on thew UK's relationship with the EU, he said: "Yes - because this country has got to come together
    "We can't keep negotiating and debating how people voted in 2016".
    Asked how he would vote after negotiating a new deal with the EU, he said: "you'll have to wait and see".
    12/1/2019 9:07:33 AM
    12/1/2019 9:16:35 AM
    Corbyn - "I wished our party had acted on antisemitism more rapidly"
    Jeremy Corbyn has said he poses no threat to the Jewish community in the UK - and that he regrets the party not acting on antisemitism faster.
    Asked if he thought he had done anything wrong when it came to his handling of the issue, he said:
    I wished our party had acted on it more rapidly at the very beginning and dealt with it at that point and also I want to make it very clear to the Jewish community, to the Muslim community and to any other community, anyone under threat because of persecution, because of attacks on their temples, mosques, synagogues or places of worship will be very secure under a Labour government.
    We will make sure there is full funding of all the protection measures they need and full respect for their religion, their faith and their place in our society.
    Jewish people suffered like no other in the 20th century through anti-Semitism in Germany which led to the horrors of the Holocaust and Jewish people have made an incredible contribution to my party, to our trade unions, to our life and intellectual life in this country.
    I value that and I thank them for everything that they do, I want all communities to be safe.
    12/1/2019 9:21:03 AM
    Lib Dem deputy - 'I've been alarmed by PM's response to terror'
    Sir Ed Davey, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, has accused Boris Johnson of politicising Friday’s terror attack.
    Speaking on Ridge on Sunday on Sky News, he said: "I've been a bit alarmed though about how the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has responded. He seems to be politicising this at a time when we really should be thinking about the families.
    "But, worse still, he's misleading people about what the current law is. He's trying to say that there is early release now, but actually that was got rid of in 2012."
    Sir Ed added: "I'm afraid the Prime Minister was misleading people again on television last night, he said ... the current law is that people get early release after 50% of the term - that's not true.
    "Either he's incompetent and doesn't know the law, or he's deliberately misleading people when we've got a tragedy on our hands, and I'm afraid, either way, it does not look good for the Prime Minister and he should be apologising.
    "In the middle of an election, we shouldn't be making political capital out of a tragedy, and he's doing that, and he's doing that in a way which is misleading people about what the law actually says."
    12/1/2019 9:22:58 AM
    12/1/2019 9:34:53 AM
    Chuka Umunna chimes in with Davey on playing politics with terror
    Liberal Democrat candidate Chuka Umunna has criticised Labour and the Tories for "seeking to use a terrorist incident as a political football" amid the General Election campaign.
    The party's foreign affairs spokesman told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show: "Clearly the system needs to be looked at, but the facts are this.
    "The assailant, the person who committed the acts here, was jailed under a regime inherited by the coalition government from a Labour government and then he was released early under a Conservative government.
    "So, this happened under governments of different political persuasions."
    His comment chimes with that of the deputy leader sir Ed Davey earlier, who said he was 'alarmed' by the PM's response to the incident.
    12/1/2019 9:45:05 AM
    Watch: Raab not concerned over seat

    While the Lib Dems have made the seat a key target, Mr Raab has been dogged by national problems haunting him in his local area - with the parents of Harry Dunn arriving to campaign against him in the area.
    However Mr Raab has said he is not concerned about the challenge.
    Here's Dominic Raab on his concern he might end up losing his seat following a surging Liberal Democrat campaign.
    12/1/2019 9:48:34 AM
    12/1/2019 9:50:35 AM
    Why is Boris Johnson's appearance on the BBC controversial?
    The BBC had previously said they would not allow the prime minister to appear on the channel until he agreed to an interview with Andrew Neil - following the lead of Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon.

    The broadcaster said it was necessary to provide a slot for the prime minister in the wake of the terror attack on London Bridge that left two people dead and three injured after convicted and released terrorist Usman Khan stabbed members of the public.

    In a statement, the corporation said: “As the national public service broadcaster, the BBC’s first priority must be its audience. In the wake of a major terrorist incident, we believe it is now in the public interest that the prime minister should be interviewed on our flagship Sunday political programme.


    Here's more:

    BBC under fire for U-turn in allowing Boris Johnson to appear on Marr despite dodging Andrew Neil grilling

    Labour MP says move ‘will leave professional BBC journalists absolutely horrified and in despair’


    12/1/2019 9:54:44 AM
    Boris Johnson dodges calls to apologise over probation services
    Boris Johnson has dodged calls to apologise for the state of probation services under a Conservative government – while laying the blame for the London Bridge terrorist’s early release from prison on the previous Labour government.
    Friday's attacker Usman Khan was automatically freed after six years in prison on terror charges with no involvement from probation officials.
    In his BBC interview Andrew Marr repeatedly put to the prime minister that his party had been in power for nine years – and asked whether he would like to apologise for cuts to the probation service under his party.
    Mr Johnson said “Obviously I think we should be investing more in the criminal justice system” – but disagreed that his government had made a mistake on policy.
    12/1/2019 10:09:11 AM
    Johnson - 74 more terror convicts released early
    Boris Johnson has says there are 74 convicted terrorists in the UK who have allowed out of prison on early release.
    “I don’t want to go into the operational details" he said "I am sure that people can imagine that what we are doing with the other 74 individuals is to ensure that they are being properly invigilated to ensure that there is no threat"
    12/1/2019 10:13:16 AM
    Boris Johnson appears to agree to Andrew Neil interview
    The Prime Minister has said he would be willing to be interviewed by Andrew Neil, following on from Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon who have already faced a grilling from him.
    Mr Johnson said he would be "perfectly happy" to be interviewed by "any interviewer called Andrew on the BBC".
    However he did add "no previous prime minister has done one-on-one TV debates" - despite the format put forward by Mr Neil being a typical broadcast interview.
    Theresa May and David Cameron both took part in similar events, with the latter being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on live TV. 
    His agreement came as part of a blistering interview with Andrew Marr - who put forward a more combative than usual performance on his Sunday show.
    12/1/2019 10:28:06 AM
    12/1/2019 10:33:55 AM
    Johnson - Austerity not to blame for terror attack
    Boris Johnson has denied huge Conservative funding cuts to probation services were “a mistake” and insisted they played no part in the London Bridge terror attack.
    A former top prosecutor says he personally warned the prime minister about the risk posed by freeing terrorists who had not been deradicalised, but was told there was “no money” for a programme.
    But, put under pressure on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, the prime minister claimed Labour early-release rules alone were responsible for Friday’s atrocity.
    More from Rob Merrick here: 

    Boris Johnson denies huge Tory cuts were 'a mistake' and insists they played no part in London Bridge terror attack

    Boris Johnson has denied huge Conservative funding cuts to probation services were “a mistake” and insisted they played no part in the London Bridge terror attack. A former top prosecutor says he personally warned the prime minister about the risk posed by freeing terrorists who had not been deradicalised, but was told there was “no money” for a programme. But, put under
    12/1/2019 10:36:13 AM
    12/1/2019 11:32:18 AM
    Jeremy Corbyn to speak from election rally
    Jeremy Corbyn has taken to the stage at a campaign rally in Yorkshire to outline his views on foreign policy
    12/1/2019 11:34:27 AM
    Corbyn: 'The war on terror has manifestly failed'

    Jeremy Corbyn has said the war on terror has "manifestly failed" and accused succesive governments of "fueling the threat" to the UK from terror.

    Appearing in Yorkshire, Jeremy Corbyn argued more funding is needed to foster "real security" in the UK.
    And while being clear the blame for terror lays at the hands of terrorists, he said: "For far too long our countries leaders have made the wrong calls" when it comes to national security".
    Referencing British intervention in Iraq and Lybia, he added "The actions of successive governments have fueled that threat [of terror]".
    12/1/2019 11:46:44 AM
    Boris Johnson 'the world's leading sycophant' towards Donald Trump

    Jeremy Corbyn has accused Boris Johnson of being “the world’s leading sycophant” towards Donald Trump as the Labour leader outlines his approach to foreign policy if elected.
    "It is time for Britain to stop being tied to Donald Trump’s coat-tails”. He told the audience at a rally in Yorkshire.
    “Boris Johnson has been the world’s leading sycophant towards the US President. From climate change denial to unconditional support for the Israeli far right, from racism to confrontation with China, Trump is taking the world on a dangerous path.
    "Britain must make its own foreign policy, free from a knee-jerk subservience to a US administration which repudiates our values.”
    12/1/2019 11:48:07 AM
    Merkel market meeting maybe?
    Jeremy Corbyn has implied his first meeting with the leader of a foreign government would be with Angela Merkel.
    Asked where he would go first after a potential victory he said "a nice German Christmas market" would be his first priority.
    He added that it was important to establish international relationships "very quickly".
    12/1/2019 12:11:03 PM
    Corbyn's foreign policy speech - key points:
    Jeremy Corbyn's speech on foreign policy focused on two areas the Labour leader feels more than comfortable talking on - human rights and pacifism. Here's what he told the crowd in York.
    • Communities must 'come together' after London Bridge attack
    • Justice system "badly undermined by austerity cuts" in run up to attack.
    • Claimed foreign interventions and government actions "have fueled, not reduced" threat of terror
    • Pledged to support the UN Human Rights Binding Treaty
    • Will introduce 'War Powers Bill' to remove ability to wage war without parliamentary approval from PM
    • Will formally recognise Palestine and support a two state solution
    • Pledged to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia 
    12/1/2019 12:26:47 PM
    Britain must break free of ‘knee-jerk subservience to US’
    More from The Independent’s Rob Merrick on Jeremy Corbyn’s attack on the PM’s relationship with the US.
    In a major foreign policy speech, Mr Corbyn attacked Mr Trump’s record “from climate change denial to unconditional support for Israel's far right, from racism, to confrontation with China”.
    And he said: “Britain must make its own foreign policy, free from a knee-jerk subservience to a US administration which repudiates our values.
    More below:

    Boris Johnson is 'world's leading sycophant' towards Trump, Corbyn says

    Two days after London Bridge terror attack, Labour leader also blames invasions of Iraq and Libya for making 'us less safe at home'
    12/1/2019 12:42:14 PM
    Lib Dems continue attacks on PM for terror response

    Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has accused Boris Johnson of trying to make Friday's terror attack an election issue, saying she found it "pretty distasteful".
    Ms Swinson, who was Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live's Pieenar's Politics, said: "This was an opportunity for Boris Johnson to be a statesman and yet again he has failed in that and just shown why he is not fit for the job of Prime Minister.
    "You've got a community which is coming together in a brilliant way and straight out of the door the Prime Minister's trying to make it an election issue - I just think it's pretty distasteful."
    She added: "I think we ought to be able to behave with respect, even when these things happen in the middle of a General Election campaign."
    It follows similar attacks against the PM from Chuka Umunna and Ed Davey - who both accused him of playing politics.
    12/1/2019 12:49:39 PM
    ITV Debate will not feature Corbyn or Johnson
    Neither the Conservatives nor the Labour party will put forward their leader for tonight's ITV debate.
    The seven-way format will feature figureheads from the SNP, Lib Dems, Green Party and Plaid Cymru as well as the Brexit Party's Nigel Farage.
    However Labour has confirmed it will be sending shadow lord chancellor Richard Burgon in Mr Corbyn's place - with the Tories due to send chief secretary to the treasury Rishi Sunak.
    The two-hour debate airs tonight at 7pm.
    12/1/2019 1:07:23 PM
    Jo Swinson - The Lib Dems will not vote to support Labour's nationalisation plans

    Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has ruled out supporting Labour's nationalisation plans - arguing that the policy is a "distraction.
    Labour have pledged to renationalise a number of amenities including water, energy, trains and the Royal Mail - however with a majority for the party unlikely it looks like they would require support from other parties if Jeremy Corbyn makes his way to No 10.
    Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats have said they will vote on a case by case basis no matter who gets into downing street - but that Labour won't have their support for public ownership.
    She said: "I think renationalisation is a distraction.

    "I don't think it's a way to deliver better public services and I think it's taking us away from, actually, how do you make things better for people?"

    12/1/2019 1:18:29 PM
    Google bans eight different Tory adverts amid disinformation concerns
    Google has banned eight different adverts paid for by the Conservatives over the last month because they broke its rules, The Independent can reveal.
    Six of the banned adverts were put up by the Tories on the day of the Labour manifesto launch – when the Conservative Party set up a fake website called purporting to contain the opposition’s policies.
    During that incident, the Tories paid Google to push its fake version of the Labour manifesto to the top of search results for those searching for the deal document.
    More from Jon Stone below:

    Google bans eight different Tory election adverts as disinformation concerns mount

    Conservatives accused of using ‘fake news’ and disinformation to win election
    12/1/2019 2:00:21 PM
    Jeremy Corbyn accuses Conservatives of bringing 'politics and democracy into disrepute'
    Following on from the story below - the Labour Leader used a question from the Guardian at his earlier foreign policy speech to attack the Tories for a number of fake adverts and social media ploys.
    Check out the video here:
    12/1/2019 2:30:18 PM
    12/1/2019 2:45:18 PM
    12/1/2019 3:00:18 PM
    Raab ‘not really’ worried about losing his seat
    Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, has played down the prospect of becoming “the next Portillo” at the election, as polls suggest he risks losing his seat due to tactical voting.
    A Deltapoll survey indicates he now only holds a five-percentage-point lead over Monica Harding, his Liberal Democrat opponent.
    The Tories have held the seat since 1910 but tactical switching by Labour supporters or a higher turnout among the under-40s could hand the seat to the Lib Dems.
    More from Jane Dalton below:

    Dominic Raab ‘not really’ worried about losing his seat despite latest poll

    Foreign secretary who defies constituents over Brexit could be ousted in tactical voting, survey suggests
    12/1/2019 3:15:17 PM
    Boris Johnson described most deprived members of society as ‘chavs, losers, burglars and drug addicts’
    Boris Johnson once described the poorest 20 per cent of society as being made up of “chavs, losers, burglars and drug addicts”, it has emerged.
    The prime minister made the comments during an attack on the Labour government in an opinion piece for the Daily Telegraph in 2005.
    Commenting on the piece, Angela Rayner said: "Boris Johnson has no idea what life is like for people who don’t have everything handed to them on a plate. And he doesn't care."
    More from Peter Stubley below:

    Boris Johnson described most deprived members of society as ‘chavs, losers, burglars and drug addicts’

    Prime minister criticised for showing ‘disdain for working class people’ in 2005 article
    12/1/2019 3:30:17 PM
    Extremism expert ‘crazy austerity cuts' at roots of terror risk
    An extremism expert has blamed “crazy austerity cuts” for the dangers posed by released terrorists and accused Boris Johnson of misrepresenting the crisis after the London Bridge attack.
    Mr Johnson has blamed Labour sentencing policy and claimed only a Conservative general election victory can keep the UK safe, triggering accusations that he is trying to weaponise the tragedy for political gain.
    Ian Acheson, who carried out a review for the government, said he was “depressed” by what was turning into an “arms race on sentencing”.
    More on this from Rob Merrick below:

    Extremism expert attacks Boris Johnson for misleading public on roots of terror risk and blames 'crazy austerity cuts'

    'Destruction of the prison and probation service' - not length of jail terms - behind crisis, says government reviewer
    12/1/2019 3:47:36 PM
    Boris claim on Queen's Speech appears to be inaccurate
    Boris Johnson's claimed that legislation that would stop prisoner releases in cases like that of the London Bridge terrorist could have been in place were it not for MPs.
    However like his claims on child poverty numbers, that appears to have been a misleading claim.
    He told Andrew Marr his Queen's Speech, which included a provision to prevent the automatic release of prisoners, had been "blocked by parliament".
    However his Queen's Speech did, in fact, pass - albeit by 16 votes.
    12/1/2019 4:04:19 PM
    12/1/2019 4:36:14 PM
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