Australian Open 2014: Rafael Nadal v Roger Federer – LIVE! - Live coverage - The Independent

Australian Open 2014: Rafael Nadal v Roger Federer – LIVE!

by Jack de Menezes


Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of this Australian Open semi-final between two of the modern day greats of the sport - Rafael Nadal versus his old nemesis Roger Federer.

    • Nadal won in three sets 7-6 (7-4) 6-3 6-3
    • The Spaniard will now play Wawrinka in Sunday's final
    • *denotes current serve

    1/24/2014 8:41:44 AM
  • 1/24/2014 8:38:47 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 0-1 Roger Federer
    And they are off...Federer takes the first game in comfortable fashion, Nadal winning just the one point. A defeat today and Federer will no longer be the Swiss No 1, maybe that will play on his mind later on.
    1/24/2014 8:56:24 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 1-1 Roger Federer*
    A love-service hold for Nadal. Exhibition stuff from the 27-year-old. Federer had no answer to that famous forehand there.
    1/24/2014 8:59:36 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 1-2 Roger Federer
    Federer secured the game with a fine point from the net - in the same way he had so much success against Andy Murray in the quarter-final.
    1/24/2014 9:02:25 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 2-2 Roger Federer*
    Federer's backhand gave Nadal some trouble early on, the Swiss winning the first two points of the game before Nadal got into his rhythm and sent his opponent on a merry dance.
    1/24/2014 9:08:42 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 2-3 Roger Federer
    But that's a quick qame in the bank for Federer, holding his serve, which has looked so dominant in this tournament so far, without dropping a point.
    1/24/2014 9:10:47 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 3-3 Roger Federer*
    A case of anything you can do, I can do better...Nadal wraps up the game with a service hold of his own.
    1/24/2014 9:14:57 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 3-4 Roger Federer
    While his forehand brought Nadal two break points, his backhand allowed Federer back into the game, the Spaniard missing three backhands during that game.
    1/24/2014 9:22:21 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 4-4 Roger Federer*
    What a marvellous rally that was to conclude the game, the power of Nadal proving too much for Federer in the end, pushing Federer back to the baseline and not allowing him forward.
    1/24/2014 9:26:33 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 4-5 Roger Federer
    Yet another chance for Nadal to break ...but Federer holds on, a few misses from Nadal and Federer takes the game.
    1/24/2014 9:31:45 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 5-5 Roger Federer*
    A perfect ace from Nadal finishes the game. The match as close as we hoped so far, but something will have to give soon.
    1/24/2014 9:34:27 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 5-6 Roger Federer
    What was that about ending with ace...Federer serves up one of his own, his third of the match, to comprehensively seal the game.
    1/24/2014 9:36:46 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 6-6 Roger Federer
    A 33-shot rally started the game, the longest of the match, before Federer lost the first two points of the game from his backhand. We now go to a tie-break, the 21st in matches between the pair. Such is the closeness between the two in the previous 20 they have both won 10.
    1/24/2014 9:43:18 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 (7-4) Roger Federer
    A series of punishing returns sees Nadal take the first set in just under an hour, winning the tie-break 7-4 by dragging his foe into a baseline battle.
    1/24/2014 9:53:00 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 1-0 Roger Federer*
    On 30-30 Federer comes to the net for the volley...but he can only smash it against the net. What a chance missed! Nadal wraps up the set with a deft backhand but then calls for the trainer after the game for that painful-looking blister on the palm of his hand that caused him such anguish against Grigor Dimitrov in the quarter-final. He gets a plaster put on it after treatment. Ouch!
    1/24/2014 10:04:32 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 1-1 Roger Federer
    Nadal had no answer to Federer's movement in that one,the Swiss winning the final rally from the net.
    1/24/2014 10:08:54 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 2-1 Roger Federer*
    Another love-service game though for Nadal, his third of the match so far. No pained face from his oozing palm in that game either..
    1/24/2014 10:12:18 AM
  • Ouch! That blister strikes again for Nadal. Will it affect him as the match wears on?

    1/24/2014 10:17:35 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 2-2 Roger Federer
    Time and time again Nadal looks to have his opponent broken, six break points in that game alone, but Federer holds on, with more lives than a cat...
    1/24/2014 10:22:14 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 3-2 Roger Federer*
    And another love-service game for Nadal. Still no break points for Federer in this match, six for Nadal, big service game for the Swiss coming up...
    1/24/2014 10:24:50 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 4-2 Roger Federer
    And Federer is finally broken...Nadal somehow returned with a backhand after the ball had gone behind him to yield two break points. He missed the first, but made no mistake with that forehand for the second. 
    1/24/2014 10:28:12 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 5-2 Roger Federer*
    Nadal closes in on the set. His first serve percentage has noticeably dropped in this set, that burning blister obviously causing him pain, but still no break points in the match for Federer.

    1/24/2014 10:32:09 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 5-3 Roger Federer
    Federer quickly took that one without dropping a point. But was that just Nadal taking a breather? He now serves for the set...
    1/24/2014 10:34:51 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 Roger Federer
    Federer may have taken the first two points of that game, but the sheer power of Nadal soon prevailed. One more set of baseline artistry and he will be in the final.
    1/24/2014 10:41:59 AM
  • 1/24/2014 10:45:36 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 0-1 Roger Federer
    A quick love-service game from Federer and the third set is underway!
    1/24/2014 10:46:42 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 1-1 Roger Federer*
    Federer troubled by his old adversary, the Nadal serve not under any threat so far in the match.
    1/24/2014 10:49:42 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 2-1 Roger Federer
    And Nadal breaks Federer again! Crucial breakthrough early on in the third set. One wonders how much those victories over Tsonga and Murray have taken out of Federer?
    1/24/2014 10:52:05 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 2-2 Roger Federer*
    But wait right there...this wasn't in the script. Federer breaks straight back, countering Nadal from the baseline, and he's right back in this set. The great Swiss can never be written off...
    1/24/2014 10:57:26 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 2-3 Roger Federer
    Two break points for Nadal..but he can't convert them. Federer fights back from 15-40 to get his nose ahead in this set.
    1/24/2014 11:01:29 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 3-3 Roger Federer*
    But a quick service smashing and we're back to all square in the third.
    1/24/2014 11:05:19 AM
  • *Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 4-3 Roger Federer
    But Nadal breaks again, Federer gifting him the game with a wide forehand. In two games the match has swung back convincingly in the Spaniards favour. What can the Old Master do now?
    1/24/2014 11:08:52 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 5-3 Roger Federer*
    Federer charges forward with the court at his mercy...but uncharacteristically hits a drive volley which can only find the net. A tired shot. Now he will be serving to stay in the match.
    1/24/2014 11:12:41 AM
  • Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 6-3 Roger Federer
    Another error from Federer on the second match point and its all over! Phenomenal performance from Nadal, who, after winning a close first set has gone on to dominate his old foe. Nadal just beat the Swiss No 2, now he will have to defeat the new Swiss No 1, Stanislas Wawrinka, in Sunday's final at the Rod Laver Arena.
    1/24/2014 11:19:54 AM
  • Nadal celebrates his comprehensive triumph over Federer

    1/24/2014 11:26:29 AM
  • Ouch! Nadal's painful blister that he had treatment on after the first set. A quick bandage proved to help him greatly

    1/24/2014 11:49:42 AM
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