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Australia v British and Irish Lions - LIVE!

George North on his way to a historic Lions try. There's something about the Lions and Brisbane, isn't there?
by Jack de Menezes on Jun 22, 2013 at 12:05 PM

Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of the first Test between Australia and the British and Irish Lions at the Suncorp Stadium.

  • Full-Time: Australia 21 British and Irish Lions 23
    • Tries from George North and Alex Cuthbert hand Lions 1-0 series lead
    • Kurtley Beale misses penalty with last kick of the game as he slips over
    • Israel Folau scores twice on his union Test debut, but isn't enough as Australian's lose
    • Three players carried off on a stretcher for home-side
    6/22/2013 12:17:52 PM
  • 37 mins: Lions with the ball inside the Australian half but give away a penalty for crossing as they look to go wide. Berrick Barnes kicks to touch - will he be taking over the goal kicking from O'Connor?
    6/22/2013 10:51:40 AM
  • 39 mins: That's a nasty collision. Folau races back to claim the loose ball and gets a shove from North straight into his teammate Berrick Barnes, who looks to be on another planet right now. Completely legal as Folau had the ball, but it doesn't look like Barnes will be able to continue
    6/22/2013 10:53:28 AM
  • The Wallabies are running out of backs here. McCabe is already on for the injured Leali'ifano, and now Barnes leaves on a stretcher to be replaced by the returning Kurtley Beale. Let's hope that Barnes is ok as he seemed to be in a fair amount of pain
    6/22/2013 10:54:37 AM
  • 40 mins: That man O'Driscoll gets his hands through the tackle to releae Davies, and he is stopped just short of the line. The Australian's dive straight in off their feet and the Lions have the penalty. That looked a clear-case for a yellow card there as it was a cynical foul, Halfpenny goes for goal on the stroke of half-time
    6/22/2013 10:56:28 AM
  • 40 mins: And he's missed it...well I'm as shocked as you are. I thought he didn't deal in misses, just his second kick that hasn't found the target all tour. That's half-time, and I'm struggling to think of an international first half as breathtaking as that one.
    6/22/2013 10:58:00 AM
  • Here's Israel Folau scoring his first try on his Test debut

    6/22/2013 10:58:30 AM
  • It seems you all enjoyed that just as much as I did...

    6/22/2013 11:01:33 AM
  • Half-Time: So let's recap. Australia lost Christian Leali'ifano in the first minute to a serious injury, but they still took the lead when Israel Folau crossed for a try after some lovely work by Will Genia. But the Lions roared back mid-way through the half with George North scoring a 50m try a la O'Driscoll in 2001.
    Folau then grabbed his second when he danced through the Lions defence, but the difference has been the goal-kicking, with Halfpenny landing two our of three kicks as opposed to James O'Connor's three misses. Finally, Berrick Barnes left the field with another serious injury just before half-time. Got all that?
    6/22/2013 11:04:45 AM
  • George North on his way to a historic Lions try. There's something about the Lions and Brisbane, isn't there?

    6/22/2013 11:05:52 AM
  • The teams are back out, and we're back underway!
    6/22/2013 11:09:36 AM
  • 41 mins: The Australian's immediately look to get Folau in the game again, but his back-hand flick goes to ground. No guesses who coach Robbie Deans has told his team to utilise at half-time...
    6/22/2013 11:11:02 AM
  • 43 mins: Australia lose the ball in mid-field and Davies gathers it, but they give away a penalty to let the Aussies off the hook. O'Connor is not enjoying the best of times at 10, as it was him who dropped the ball
    6/22/2013 11:13:25 AM
  • 45 mins: Genia and O'Connor are looking to spread the ball wide as soon as possible, they obviously are targeting the Lions wings, but it's a mistak as the Lions turn the ball over and kick up field
    6/22/2013 11:14:52 AM
  • 46 mins: A box-kick clearance is half-charged down but it falls into the hands of Michael Hooper who breaks. Australia quickly recycle the ball and go wide again, but it's knocked on by hooker Stephen Moore and the Lions can breathe again
    6/22/2013 11:16:32 AM
  • 47 mins: McCabe - who came on for the injured Leali'ifano - is now down receiving treatment, and he too is leaving the field on a stretcher. This is unbelievably bad luck for the Australia team, and McCabe has only just returned from a neck injury. Michael Hooper - a flanker - is now playing in the centre's
    6/22/2013 11:19:07 AM
  • 48 mins: And the Lions win a penalty from the resulting scrum, which they kick to the Aussie 22m. You have to feel for Australia here, having played so well but losing three key players to injury
    6/22/2013 11:20:04 AM
  • 49 mins: TRY!: Winger Alex Cuthbert receives the first-phase ball from Sexton and glides through the defense to score on the left!
    6/22/2013 11:21:16 AM
  • 49 mins: Unfortuantelly, it was Hooper who was completely wrong-footed by Cuthbert, with the flanker-turned-centre not getting a hand on him. Halfpenny hits the conversion and the Lions lead 20-12
    6/22/2013 11:22:32 AM
  • 50 mins: Australia respond winning a penalty from the kick-off, and it's much easier for O'Connor, who should land this...
    6/22/2013 11:23:36 AM
  • 51 mins: He does. And we're back to a one score game. Australia 15 Lions 20
    6/22/2013 11:24:29 AM
  • 53 mins: The Lions are slow to the breakdown and Australia win the penalty for holding-on. The Wallabies prepare to launch another attack from a line-out inside the Lions half
    6/22/2013 11:26:39 AM
  • 55 mins: Robinson makes a break for the line but he is hauled down, and the ball falls loose. Lions survive that one and have the scrum inside their 22m
    6/22/2013 11:28:13 AM
  • Alex Cuthbert breaks through the line to score the Lions' second try

    6/22/2013 11:29:12 AM
  • 57 mins: The Lions break clear after they kick from the scrum. Croft passes to North to break down the left but the pass is forwards and we'll have a scrum
    6/22/2013 11:30:40 AM
  • 58 mins:Sekop Kepu comes on for Ben Alexander in the Aussie front-row, and they win a penalty from the scrum as Phillips drifts offside
    6/22/2013 11:32:03 AM
  • 60 mins: Nail-biting stuff this as we head into the final 20 minutes. Genia puts a grubber kick through but Halfpenny breaks and the Lions are on the attack. Sexton chips over but chaser Davies ends up on the floor and looking at the referee. Nothing given.
    6/22/2013 11:33:41 AM
  • 61 mins: Mako Vunipola, who's on for Alex Corbisiero, steals the ball but a penalty is given for the tackle not releasing. Australia go for goal from over 45m, and it's Beale instead of O'Connor lining it up
    6/22/2013 11:35:10 AM
  • 62 mins: He nails it and we're left with a two-point game. Ben Youngs comes on for Mike Phillips at scrum-half
    6/22/2013 11:35:49 AM
  • 64 mins: Sexton picks up the ball from the back and collects his delicate chip over the defense before allowing his forwards to rumble on. Solid attack this...
    6/22/2013 11:37:23 AM
  • 64 mins: And Australia are forced to give away the penalty at the breakdown. Halfpenny steps-up once more to go for posts...
    6/22/2013 11:38:10 AM
  • 66 mins: He's back. Halfpenny drills it over to extend the lead to five points. 15 minutes to go, and Richard Hibbard comes on for Tom Youngs at hooker.
    6/22/2013 11:39:20 AM
  • 67 mins: Kurtley Beale shows his class and steps Hibbard before breaking 30m up field. Panic stations in the Lions defence as they just stop him, but O'Connell gives away the penalty. Another case for a yellow there, but the referee has managed the game well so far
    6/22/2013 11:41:02 AM
  • 68 mins: Beale lands the three-points that his break deserved. Who can pick a winner? I certainly can't
    6/22/2013 11:42:04 AM
  • 69 mins: Kane Douglas goes off and is replaced by Rob Simmons in the second row
    6/22/2013 11:43:09 AM
  • 71 mins: Sexton puts up a high ball into the Australian 22 and they fail to deal with it. Rampant defense from O'Driscoll and North lead to Beale being held up and the Lions have the put-in 15m out from the try-line. Chance here...
    6/22/2013 11:44:49 AM
  • 71 mins: Alun Wyn Jones goes off to be replaced by Geoff Parling
    6/22/2013 11:45:13 AM
  • 72 mins: Somehow, Genia emerges with the ball from the Lions end of the scrum, he boots clear and Folau races up the field to catch it on the bounce. Suddenly it's Australia on the attack
    6/22/2013 11:46:18 AM
  • 73 mins: Break in play while everyone catches up. We'll restart with an Australian scrum on the Lions 10m line, seven minutes to go...
    6/22/2013 11:48:22 AM
  • 74 mins: And Australia win a crucial penalty. Just over 30m out and slightly to the left of centre. Vunipola is the once pointed out for going off his feet. Beale to go for the lead...
    6/22/2013 11:49:38 AM
  • 75 mins: HE MISSES IT! WIll Australia regret that miss? Just five to go and they trail by two...
    6/22/2013 11:50:42 AM
  • 76 mins: Lions fans beginning to roar. "Lions! Lions! Lions!" they cheer, and Australia knock-on. Less than four minutes to go, and it's almost as entertaining watching the clock count down than the play. Almost, that is.
    6/22/2013 11:52:28 AM
  • 77 mins: Adam Ashley-Cooper goes off and appears to be suffering with a shoulder injury. Aussie backs falling like flies here.
    6/22/2013 11:53:11 AM
  • Good to see you're all just as nervous as I am here...

    6/22/2013 11:54:12 AM
  • 79 mins: Lions wind the clock down at the scrum, but Australia win the penalty! Beale get's another chance for the win, and it's an effort from 46m. Hold your breath...
    6/22/2013 11:55:17 AM
  • 80 mins: HE SLIPS! LIONS WIN!:
    6/22/2013 11:56:38 AM
  • Full-time: Unbelievable. Kurtley Beale loses his standing fit and slips over, slicing the ball horribly. Think John Terry and David Beckham in penalty shoot-outs.
    6/22/2013 11:57:36 AM
  • Full-time: The Lions win a thrilling encounter, and you have to credit the way they played as they go 1-0 up in the series. However, the Australian's suffered horrendous luck in terms of injuries seeing three players carried off on a stretcher, and had they brought their kicking boots today, they would have won comfortably.
    6/22/2013 11:59:06 AM
  • I think we agree that was a bit of a let-off for the Lions...

    6/22/2013 11:59:56 AM
  • Full-time: The Lions roar goes up in Brisbane as captain Sam Warburton gives his post-game interview. Relieved, I'd say, is the general feeling flooding the Lions camp right now.
    6/22/2013 12:01:23 PM
  • STAY TUNED: We'll have all the latest reaction coming right up. Once you've all calmed down, that is.
    6/22/2013 12:02:33 PM
  • To recap an absorbing game, CLICK HERE to read through our match report, and we'll bring you the latest reaction from the player's and staff as soon as we get it.
    6/22/2013 12:14:52 PM
  • It's left for the Lions fans to party long into the night, while the Australian's will already be planning to bounce back next week. It remains to be seen though how serious those injuries are, which certainly had an impact on the game.
    6/22/2013 12:27:21 PM
  • We once again saw a young Lion making his Test series debut for the famous side burst through the defense, round the full-back and sprint to the line. Flashbacks of 2001 anyone? Perhaps that was Brian O'Driscoll passing the torch onto George North in more ways than one.
    6/22/2013 12:29:28 PM
  • Captain Sam Warburton: "It was too close for comfort and the last 20 minutes were really hard. You have to give it to Australia, they went all the way and we'll expect a lot more in the next two Test matches. It's half a job done."
    6/22/2013 12:30:33 PM
  • A delighted Sam Warburton celebrates having led the Lions to victory in the first Test with Australia

    6/22/2013 12:33:30 PM
  • George North describing his try: "I think it's called panic running."
    6/22/2013 12:37:51 PM
  • For post-match words from captain Sam Warburton, coach Warren Gatland and try-scorer George North, CLICK HERE, and make sure you follow all the latest reaction on our sports page HERE
    6/22/2013 12:45:05 PM
  • That wraps-up our coverage of today's first Test. It's a superb win for the Lions that set's them up for their first series triumph in 16 years, but the Australian's came over-so-close to snatching it late-on, and they will be chomping at the bit to gain revenge in the second Test.

    Join us next week - same time, same place - for LIVE coverage of the second Test, and keep up-to-date with all the latest news between now and then on our sport page. Thanks for joining me, and I hope you're all looking forward to the next game as much as I am.
    6/22/2013 12:48:14 PM
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