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Ashes day two LIVE

    CLOSE: Australia 241/7 after 62.2 overs

    [Chris Rogers 52, David Warner 64]

    England 391/9 declared (lead by 331)

    [Joe Root 130, Jonny Bairstow 74]

    Australia 60 all out

    [Broad 8/15]

    England won the toss and chose to bowl

    England: AN Cook*, A Lyth, IR Bell, JE Root, JM Bairstow, BA Stokes, JC Buttler†, MM Ali, SCJ Broad, MA Wood, ST Finn

    Australia: CJL Rogers, DA Warner, SPD Smith, SE Marsh, MJ Clarke*, AC Voges, PM Nevill†, MG Johnson, MA Starc, JR Hazlewood, NM Lyon

    8/7/2015 10:15:19 AM
    Hello and welcome to live coverage of day two of the fourth Ashes Test.
    8/7/2015 8:35:16 AM
    It's a cloudy day in Nottingham but that won't bother England in the slightest, they have a lead of over 200 and will be looking to quite feasibly have the Ashes won by the end of play today.
    8/7/2015 9:52:14 AM
    Joe Root and Mark Wood, who came in as a nightwatchman last night will be the men tasked with batting on for England. I can't imagine Australia are looking forward to taking the field very much.
    8/7/2015 9:53:39 AM
    England 288/4

    Sorry we've had a few technical difficulties this morning, but everything seems to be working now. England have picked up where they left off last night, Root crunching Mitchell Johnson away for a couple of boundaries. The lead now up to 228.
    8/7/2015 10:16:56 AM

    Joe Root saw Australia's scorecard 

    8/7/2015 10:20:39 AM

    8/7/2015 10:21:24 AM
    England 297/4

    Wooooood! England's nightwatchman is no mug with the bat, he leans into a lovely square drive as Johnson over pitches and picks up four. Lovely shot.
    8/7/2015 10:22:26 AM
    WICKET! Root c Nevill b Starc - 130

    That's it for Joe Root, he's tempted into playing at one wide of his off stump and gets a little nick on the ball through to the keeper. He looks furious with himself as he walks off to a standing ovation from the crowd.
    8/7/2015 10:24:00 AM

    8/7/2015 10:30:50 AM
    WICKET! Wood b Starc - 28

    That is very much out. Wood's leg stump is knocked out of the ground by a Mitchell Starc yorker. Great ball. Still, useful runs from the nightwatchman. Mitchell Starc has 5 wickets. 
    8/7/2015 10:34:03 AM
    England 319/6

    Hazlewood comes into the attack and Jos Buttler takes a liking to him, picking up consecutive boundaries.
    8/7/2015 10:44:01 AM
    WICKET! Buttler b Starc - 12

    Hooping in swinger from Starc and that cleans up Buttler, flattening his stumps. The ball was full and the England keeper had no response. 
    8/7/2015 10:44:14 AM

    Wood is bowled 

    8/7/2015 10:47:43 AM

    8/7/2015 10:50:33 AM
    WICKET! Stokes c Nevill b Hazlewood - 5

    That's a disappointing way to get out, Hazlewood fires one down the leg side and Stokes gets a tiny tickle on it as it goes through to the keeper. Wickets tumbling this morning.
    8/7/2015 10:52:23 AM

    Buttler is bowled 

    8/7/2015 10:57:46 AM
    England 335/8

    Just a single from Hazlewood's over and England and Australia go into the drinks break. They lead by 275, with the new ball just two overs away. 
    8/7/2015 11:03:56 AM
    REVIEW! Lyon thinks he has Broad LBW, the umpire says no. Australia review.
    8/7/2015 11:11:21 AM
    NOT OUT! The point where the ball struck Broad's pad is umpire's call so he stays not out, despite the fact the ball was cannoning into his off stump.
    8/7/2015 11:12:43 AM
    England 353/8

    SIX! Moeen Ali is playing some shots here. He twice dispatched Starc to the boundary last over and against Lyon he goes even bigger, launching him down the ground for six. For a moment it looks like the ball might smash into the press box window, but it lands in the stand instead.
    8/7/2015 11:14:57 AM

    The Broad LBW review 

    8/7/2015 11:15:45 AM
    8/7/2015 11:16:50 AM
    England 379/8

    It might be a new ball, but England don't seem to care, they take their lead past 300 and their score more than six times Australia's first innings effort. Ali and Broad take 20 runs from Hazlewood's over, Moeen hitting two lovely straight drives for four and then Broad taking over, clubbing a four through the covers and then hooking the ball away for six.
    8/7/2015 11:25:30 AM

    8/7/2015 11:28:23 AM
    WICKET! Ali c Smith b Johnson - 38

    What a catch! What a catch. Marvellous effort that from Steve Smith. He leaps full stretch in the slips to grab an edge from Moeen Ali's bat one handed. Moeen's lively cameo is over. England nine down now.
    8/7/2015 11:30:58 AM
    England declare on 391/9 (lead by 331)

    Cook's declared twenty minutes before lunch so the Aussies will have a tricky few overs to get through before they go off again for some grub.
    8/7/2015 11:42:03 AM

    Six for Broad 

    8/7/2015 11:44:47 AM
    Players are back out on the pitch. Broad to open up form the Pavilion End.
    8/7/2015 11:50:28 AM
    Australia 4/0

    Australia manage to survive the first over without losing a wicket this time, they pick up four leg byes as well. Broad does have a big LBW shout against Rogers turned down, but the ball was hitting outside the line and was probably a bit high.
    8/7/2015 11:56:11 AM
    Australia 13/0

    Bit of time wasting from Rogers gets the crowd agitated, but the batsman gets his first runs in the match, clipping off his pads for four and then driving for four more.
    8/7/2015 11:59:57 AM
    LUNCH: Australia 14/0

    What an over from Broad! He squares up David Warner with almost every delivery in the over. The batsman somehow managing not to get anything on the the ball as it flies through to the keeper.
    8/7/2015 12:03:53 PM
    Australia 31/0

    Warner has four runs crunching Broad through the covers. Rogers picked up a boundary in Wood's previous over but in more fortuitous circumstances, getting a thick edge on one that just evaded the despairing dive of Adam Lyth in the slips.
    8/7/2015 1:02:43 PM
    DROP! Cook puts down Warner at first slip. 
    8/7/2015 1:06:54 PM
    Australia 49/0

    Warner has a six! Finn comes into the attack and drops short and the pugnacious left hander hooks him away high into the stand. This pair close to bringing up their 50 partnership now.
    8/7/2015 1:17:53 PM
    Australia 61/0

    Ben Stokes is coming on to bowl, and there are cheers in the crowd as four from Rogers takes the Australians past 60, their entire first innings total.
    8/7/2015 1:29:47 PM

    Cook drops Warner 

    8/7/2015 1:32:46 PM
    Australia 77/0

    Ben Stokes' second ball of the over is the millionth bowled in Test cricket in England. David Warner promptly hits it for four down the ground, just beating the dive of the mid off fielder. Then three balls later Bell DROPS Warner, spilling a chance in the slips.
    8/7/2015 1:41:53 PM

    Ben Stokes prepares to bowl the millionth delivery in Test cricket 

    8/7/2015 1:50:42 PM
    Australia 95/0

    Good bowling from Stokes to Warner, he has a big LBW shout turned down as he smashes one into his pads, the ball probably just sliding down the leg side. 
    8/7/2015 1:58:19 PM
    Mark Wood coming on from the Pavilion End to replace Moeen Ali
    8/7/2015 2:01:41 PM
    NO BALL - Rogers is caught well by Root in the slips off Mark Wood but the bowler has just overstepped so it won't count.
    8/7/2015 2:08:55 PM
    50 for Chris Rogers
    8/7/2015 2:12:41 PM
    WICKET! Rogers c Root b Stokes - 52

    That's out! Another superb catch from Root in the slips diving full stretch and this time it isn't a no ball. Finally England have the breakthrough.
    8/7/2015 2:16:35 PM
    50 for David Warner
    8/7/2015 2:19:07 PM
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