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Ashes 2013: England v Australia 5th Test – LIVE!


Alastair Cook - Ashes winning captain
by Charles Reynolds on Aug 25, 2013 at 7:21 PM


    • Australia won the toss and chose to bat first

    ENGLAND - Cook (c), Root, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Prior (wk), Woakes, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Kerrigan

    AUSTRALIA - Rogers, Warner, Watson, Clarke (c), Smith, Haddin (wk), Faulkner, Starc, Siddle, Harris, Lyon
    8/25/2013 10:13:36 AM
  • England 116/2 (Trott 43, Pietersen 27)
    Pietersen looking a bit frustrated not being able to score from the first five balls of Starc's over, but he does get the sixth away, clipping it away for four. 
    8/25/2013 5:22:37 PM
  • England 124/2 (Trott 46, Pietersen 32)
    Ho, ho this is spicing up... Trott plays a good shot clipping Lyon away for two before scampering a single. Pietersen then just rocks onto the back foot and carves the ball away for four on the off side.
    8/25/2013 5:26:56 PM
  • England 139/2 (Trott 47, Pietersen 46)
    What an over that is for England! Pietersen is really fired up here, he pulls the first ball of the over away for four, England then pick up a couple of singles before KP slots a half volley away for four more through the covers and follows it up with another boundary flicking it very fine. 15 from the over. 

    England need 88 runs to win from 16 overs
    8/25/2013 5:32:09 PM
  • England 142/2 (Trott 48, Pietersen 47)
    Clarke turns to Watson and how he could do with one of his speciality maidens now... It's not bad though, just two from it.
    8/25/2013 5:37:39 PM
  • 50 for Kevin Pietersen

    8/25/2013 5:39:58 PM
  • England 148/2 (Trott 49, Pietersen 52)
    Australia have pulled it back a bit here, just nine off the last three overs. Watto tightening it up.

    England need 79 from 13 overs

    8/25/2013 5:46:43 PM
  • England 150/2 (Trott 49, Pietersen 54)
    Faulkner bowls a great over, using all of his limited-overs nous and restricts England to just two from the over.
    8/25/2013 5:52:11 PM
  • 50 for Jonathan Trott
    8/25/2013 5:52:20 PM
  • England 159/2 (Trott 52, Pietersen 60)
    That's just what England needed. Trott gets the run he needs to complete his half century as England scamper three and then Watson sends down a full toss which KP swats to the boundary for four before whipping two more through midwicket.

    England need 68 from 11 overs
    8/25/2013 5:57:08 PM
  • England 163/2 (Trott 53, Pietersen 62)
    Faulkner bowling really well here, restricting England to just four singles from his over. The light is starting to close in a little here. It would be a real shame if that's how this game has to end.

    8/25/2013 6:00:46 PM
  • WICKET! Pietersen c Warner b Harris - 62
    Oh no! That's the end of KP. He holes out to the long on sweeper running round to take the catch. Great innings but England would have loved him to stick around a bit longer.
    8/25/2013 6:01:08 PM
  • REVIEW! Trott given out LBW - he reviews
    8/25/2013 6:08:43 PM
  • WICKET! Trott LBW Faulkner - 59
    That's the end of Trott as well. He is hit on the pads shuffling across to Faulkner and he has to go.
    8/25/2013 6:09:23 PM
  • England 174/4 (Bell 4, Woakes 1)
    Well England have lost both of their set men - can they do it still? They could use a big knock from Woakes on his debut.

    England need 53 from 8 overs

    8/25/2013 6:13:42 PM

  • Pietersen smashes a four 
    by Charles Reynolds on Aug 25, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    8/25/2013 6:16:56 PM
  • England 180/4 (Bell 4, Woakes 6)
    Good over from England, they don't find the boundary but work the ball around well - taking six from the over.

    England need 47 from 7 overs
    8/25/2013 6:19:51 PM
  • England 191/4 (Bell 11, Woakes 10)
    Well well well, this is very very interesting now. The Warwickshire boys are doing the trick for England. 11 from the over.

    England need 36 from 36 balls

    8/25/2013 6:23:42 PM
  • England 194/4 (Bell 12, Woakes 11)
    Good over for Australia just three from it - Watson bowling negatively down the leg side.

    33 needed from 30
    8/25/2013 6:29:10 PM
  • WICKET! Bell run out (Starc) - 17
    Blimey this is getting tense. Bell smashes the ball straight back at Starc who throws down the stumps and runs out Bell.
    8/25/2013 6:35:02 PM
    The crowd are not at all happy here - the light is not going to get any better either....
    8/25/2013 6:36:18 PM
  • That's it I'm afraid - what an anticlimax. 

    8/25/2013 6:38:32 PM
  • Well just when we looked like getting a cracking end to his match, the light ends it and we're denied what could have been a famous England win.
    8/25/2013 6:40:05 PM
  • Shane Watson is Man of the Match
    8/25/2013 6:53:17 PM
    8/25/2013 6:54:56 PM
  • Ryan Harris - Australia Man of the Series
    8/25/2013 6:55:57 PM
    8/25/2013 6:58:08 PM
  • Alastair Cook - Ashes winning captain
    by Charles Reynolds on Aug 25, 2013 at 7:21 PM

    8/25/2013 7:22:18 PM

  • by Charles Reynolds on Aug 25, 2013 at 7:31 PM

    8/25/2013 7:46:07 PM
  • That's all from me from The Oval - England have their fourth Ashes win out of five (let's not talk about 2006/7) and I expect there will be some big partying tonight. We'll be back for the ODI series, I hope you can join me then.
    8/25/2013 7:49:27 PM
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