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Ashes 2013: England v Australia 4th Test – LIVE!

Welcome to The Independent's coverage of the fourth Test between England and Australia at Chester-Le-Street.

by Charles Reynolds on Aug 8, 2013 at 9:55 PM

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    • Cook out for 51 
    • England won the toss and bat first
    • Australia bring in Bird for Starc
    • England lead series 2-0 with two to play

    ENGLAND - Cook (c), Root, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Bairstow, Prior (wk), Bresnan, Broad, Swann, Anderson
    AUSTRALIA - Rogers, Watson, Khawaja, Clarke (c), Smith, Warner, Haddin (wkt), Siddle, Harris, Lyon, Bird

    8/8/2013 9:57:33 PM
  • England 187/5 (Bairstow 12, Prior 15)
    Siddle does now come into the attack and he's 'right on the money' straightaway with a maiden.
    8/9/2013 3:55:18 PM
  • England 187/5 (Bairstow 12, Prior 15)
    Shane Watson refuses to be out maidened - it's about the only thing he's done well in this series. So he follows up Siddle's effort with one of his own. Runs have dried up for England again.
    8/9/2013 4:00:05 PM
  • England 188/5 (Bairstow 12, Prior 16)
    A rare run for England, Prior driving in front of square but it's still slow going for the hosts. Have they been poor or Australia good? It's hard to tell really.
    8/9/2013 4:05:35 PM
  • England 188/5 (Bairstow 12, Prior 16)
    This pair clearly decided that one run from the last three overs was enough because Watson and then Siddle both bowl two more. Incredibly half of Watson's overs in this series have been maidens.
    8/9/2013 4:12:48 PM

  • You don't want to be reading about maidens when Bairstow and Prior are at the crease. That cannot bode well for the least patient/sensible 'batsmen' in the sideNervousAug 9, 2013 at 5:12 PM
    I agree, I fear it won't be long before something snaps (let's just hope the end result is runs for England)
    8/9/2013 4:13:36 PM
  • DRINKS: England 189/5 (Bairstow 12, Prior 17)
    A run! Nathan Lyon comes into the attack and Matt Prior flies in the face of overs worth of convention by picking up a single. Cue ironic cheers from the crowd. 
    8/9/2013 4:18:12 PM
  • REVIEW! Matt Prior LBW - given not out originally...
    8/9/2013 4:22:36 PM
  • WICKET! Prior LBW Siddle - 17
    Good review from Australia - Prior goes to Siddle for the 9th time in his career. That one just hitting the top of leg stump according to Hawkeye.
    8/9/2013 4:24:16 PM
  • England 191/6 (Bairstow 12, Bresnan 2)
    Finally some runs for England as Bresilad gets off the mark with a push into the off side for a couple - the crowd cheer the first runs for several overs somewhat ironically. England just haven't got going today really.

    8/9/2013 4:33:44 PM
  • REVIEW! Bairstow out LBW - he reviews...
    8/9/2013 4:35:17 PM
  • WICKET! Bairstow LBW Lyon - 12
    It's umpires call but Bairstow has to go - the ball was just clipping the top of the bails... Unlucky slightly but he never really got going.
    8/9/2013 4:37:31 PM
  • England 194/7 (Bresnan 2, Broad 0)
    England's total crawls a little bit closer to 200 thanks to a wide from Siddle but that's the home side's lot for the over. 
    8/9/2013 4:45:29 PM
  • England 195/7 (Bresnan 2, Broad 1)
    Broad gets off the mark with a single from Lyon's over - but that's it for England. As if things couldn't get any worse, the second new ball is now due...
    8/9/2013 4:51:12 PM
  • WICKET! Broad c Warner b Harris - 3
    This is verging on pathetic from England, Broad just lobs it up to Warner at point.
    8/9/2013 4:51:49 PM
  • England 199/8 (Bresnan 2, Swann 0)
    Well the good news is England nearly have 200. The bad news is, well you know what the bad news is. This has not been a glorious day for England.
    8/9/2013 4:56:19 PM
  • England 199/8 (Bresnan 2, Swann 0)
    Australia declining to take the second new ball but it doesn't seem to be doing them any harm as Harris and Lyon conspire to send down three consecutive maidens. England still can't bring up their double hundred.
    8/9/2013 5:04:12 PM
    8/9/2013 5:04:20 PM
  • England 204/8 (Bresnan 2, Swann 5)
    RUNS! The new ball comes with some runs for England, Swann off the mark with a boundary but then perhaps fortunate not to be caught at square leg next ball - substitute fielder Hughes making a bit of a hash of the catch.
    8/9/2013 5:09:56 PM
  • England 213/8 (Bresnan 2, Swann 13)
    Jackson Bird is given the new ball at the other end and Swann has a bit of a go at him, smashing four first ball and then again later in the over to deliveries that are just too wide. 
    8/9/2013 5:14:50 PM
  • WICKET! Swann c Lyon b Harris - 13
    Another poor shot from an England batsman. Harris bounces Swann who just swats it straight to Lyon at backward square leg. 
    8/9/2013 5:16:41 PM
  • England 222/9 (Bresnan 4, Anderson 8)
    Nobody appears to have told James Anderson that England are struggling to make runs and he hits Bird for two consecutive boundaries. You can see why they call him 'The Burnley Lara'...
    8/9/2013 5:27:12 PM
  • England 233/9 (Bresnan 11, Anderson 12)
    It's been a series of ludicrous last-wicket partnerships and are England about to start one of their own here? Bresnan and Anderson add some useful late runs, taking 11 from Harris' over. A boundary apiece.
    8/9/2013 5:29:44 PM

  • Lyon traps Bairstow LBW 
    by Charles Reynolds on Aug 9, 2013 at 5:32 PM

    8/9/2013 5:32:36 PM
  • England 238/9 (Bresnan 12, Anderson 16)
    A final flourish from Anderson who hits another valuable boundary from Lyon's over but that's it for the day - the bloodshed for England is over.
    8/9/2013 5:33:50 PM
    8/9/2013 5:33:59 PM
  • Ergh... what a hideous day for English cricket fans. At least the Ashes are already retained eh? Will be interesting to see how Australia fare with the bat tomorrow but at the moment it feels a little bit like England rather blew it today.
    8/9/2013 5:37:36 PM
  • That's all from us today, I hope you can join me again tomorrow when England will be looking to recover from their dreadful start...
    8/9/2013 5:56:19 PM
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