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Ashes 2013: England v Australia 2nd Test – LIVE!

Welcome to The Independent's coverage of the second Test between England and Australia at Lord's.

by Charles Reynolds on Jul 20, 2013 at 11:20 PM

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  • Missed yesterday's play?

    Joe Root, the blond 22-year-old batsman from Sheffield, made a monumental century for England against Australia. Apart from amendments to the age and perhaps the hair colour that statement is likely to be repeated many times in the years ahead.
    Read Stephen Brenkley's full report by clicking here
    7/21/2013 9:43:29 AM

  • by Charles Reynolds on Jul 21, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    You can relive more of the best photos from yesterday by clicking here
    7/21/2013 9:49:46 AM
  • We take a closer look at the continuing success of Ian Bell...

    Ian Bell may have scored centuries in three consecutive Ashes Tests but he was caught and didn’t walk in each of those matches as well. No longer the fresh-faced Sherminator of 2005, Bell has morphed into the Regurgitator whose innings blossom in their second life.

    Read the full piece by John Townsend by clicking here
    7/21/2013 9:54:59 AM
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    7/21/2013 9:57:35 AM
  • Players are out and play is set to get underway...
    7/21/2013 9:59:45 AM
  • England 335/5 (Root 179, Bairstow 12)
    Harris kicks things off for Australia and England's pair scamper a couple of singles.

    7/21/2013 10:06:15 AM
  • England 343/5 (Root 180, Bairstow 20)
    If England are trying to get Root to his 200 before declaring, then they're not doing a great job of it because Bairstow keeps pinching the strike. He does also launch Agar down the ground for a massive straight six as well to be fair.
    7/21/2013 10:08:21 AM
  • WICKET! Bairstow c Haddin b Bairstow - 20
    First wicket for Harris in this innings, he bangs one in on a good length and Bairstow can only nick it through to Haddin behind the stumps. No sign of a declaration from England yet.
    7/21/2013 10:09:45 AM
  • England 345/5 (Root 180, Prior 1)
    Root again has the strike pinched from him off the last ball, this time by Prior. 
    7/21/2013 10:14:08 AM
  • DROPPED CATCH! Prior spoons a simple caught and bowled catch back to Agar but he spills it.
    7/21/2013 10:15:36 AM
  • WICKET! Root c Smith  b Harris - 180
    Oh dear that's a slightly ignominious end to Root's innings. He tries a ramp shot over his head but just lobs the ball up to Steve Smith at third man.
    7/21/2013 10:17:16 AM
    7/21/2013 10:18:19 AM
  • Here come what England hope are the first Australian lambs to the slaughter... 
    7/21/2013 10:25:41 AM
  • So can Shane Watson get out by not being LBW? Anderson is the first man to test him out.
    7/21/2013 10:27:49 AM

  • Would have preferred the psychological ploy of doing what Aussies did to us in 2006. Grind them into the dust with a lead of 650 to set tone for the rest of the series. Swanny would still bowl them out.Charlie scottJul 21, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    7/21/2013 10:31:39 AM
  • Australia 5/0 (Watson 5, Rogers 0)
    Australia are up and running but neither scoring shots from Watson were wholly convincing. He picked up four with a thick edge that raced away and a single just about getting a bit of bat on one swung into his giant front pad.
    7/21/2013 10:33:13 AM
  • Australia 8/0 (Watson 8, Rogers 0)
    Broad starts from the Nursery End and Rogers picks up three with a slightly odd chip shot to a ball that seemed to get a bit stuck in the pitch's 'crusty top' - encouraging signs for Swann bowling a bit later.
    7/21/2013 10:37:17 AM
  • Australia 9/0 (Watson 9, Rogers 0)
    Just a single to Watson who's being more selfish with the strike than he is with Australia's reviews.
    7/21/2013 10:41:14 AM
  • Australia 12/0 (Watson 10, Rogers 2)
    Rogers eventually gets off the mark with a couple pushed straight of mid off as Australia pick up three from Broad's over/
    7/21/2013 10:46:26 AM
  • Australia 18/0 (Watson 16, Rogers 2)
    The commentators have been banging on all morning about how Shane Watson never scores runs down to fine leg, so lo and behold he clips one from Anderson to the vacant area for four. 
    7/21/2013 10:50:35 AM
  • Australia 19/0 (Watson 16, Rogers 3)
    Australia looking solid so far, just a single to Rogers from the over.
    7/21/2013 10:54:40 AM

  • Root acknowledges the crowd after departing for 180 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 21, 2013 at 10:56 AM

    7/21/2013 10:57:20 AM
  • WICKET! Watson LBW Anderson - 20
    Well there's a surprise... Anderson swings one back into Watson and traps him plumb LBW. That's the 24th time he's been out LBW from 77 Test dismissals.
    7/21/2013 10:57:54 AM
  • Australia 24/1 (Rogers 3, Khawaja 0)
    First breakthrough for England from Anderson and Australia are immediately under pressure.
    7/21/2013 11:03:24 AM

  • Anderson celebrates the wicket of Watson 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 21, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    7/21/2013 11:06:05 AM
  • Australia 26/1 (Rogers 4, Khawaja 1)
    Broad continues from the Nursery End and the new man Khawaja gets his innings up and runnig with a single.
    7/21/2013 11:08:10 AM
  • Australia 32/1 (Rogers 6, Khawaja 6)
    Cracking shot from Khawaja as Anderson drifts onto his pads and is just clipped away for four.
    7/21/2013 11:11:46 AM
  • WICKET! Rogers b Swann - 6
    Rogers leaves one outside his off stump, but it's the arm ball and he's bowled!
    7/21/2013 11:13:33 AM
  • Australia 32/2 (Khawaja 6, Huges 0)
    Swann comes into the attack and he strikes straightaway. That's a wicket maiden from the spinner. This could be a difficult day for Australia's batsmen.
    7/21/2013 11:18:02 AM
  • Australia 32/2 (Khawaja 6, Huges 0)
    No respite for Australia as Anderson charges in from the Pavilion End and bowls a maiden to Khawaja.
    7/21/2013 11:21:34 AM
  • Australia 34/2 (Khawaja 6, Huges 0)
    Sharp turn from Swann who looks a real menace and one spins so much it evades the fielders and runs away for two byes, the only runs from the over.
    7/21/2013 11:25:35 AM
  • Australia 34/2 (Khawaja 6, Huges 0)
    Bresnan comes into the attack for Anderson and it's a solid start, a maiden.
    7/21/2013 11:29:15 AM
  • Australia 35/2 (Khawaja 6, Huges 1)
    First run off the bat for a while for Australia, as Hughes gets off the mark, clipping Swann into the legside for a single.
    7/21/2013 11:31:32 AM
  • Australia 35/2 (Khawaja 6, Huges 1)
    Bresnan into the second over of his spell and it's another maiden.
    7/21/2013 11:35:28 AM
  • REVIEW! Hughes given LBW to Swann
    7/21/2013 11:36:07 AM
  • WICKET! Hughes LBW Swann - 1
    That is out. The ball was going on to hit leg stump according to Hawkeye and Australia are three down.
    7/21/2013 11:37:25 AM

  • Who to replace KP for the next game ? Nick Compton, Gary Ballance or even young Charlie Stacey ? KP may not get back into the sideLen FurtigJul 21, 2013 at 12:39 PM
    For me there's only one man... James Taylor. I think he was very harshly treated after playing just two Tests and he's made a decent amount of runs in county cricket this season.
    7/21/2013 11:41:02 AM
  • Australia 38/3 (Khawaja 7, Clarke 2)
    Swann doing the damage for England, but that was another shocking use of DRS from Australia. No way that was ever going to be missing all three stumps.
    7/21/2013 11:42:47 AM
  • Australia 38/3 (Khawaja 7, Clarke 2)
    Bresnan's bowled three overs, three maidens, and this is his best yet. Beating Khawaja's outside edge on multiple occasions.
    7/21/2013 11:44:28 AM
  • MISSED STUMPING! England could have got Clarke but Prior couldn't get hold of the ball.
    7/21/2013 11:46:37 AM
  • Australia 38/3 (Khawaja 7, Clarke 2)
    Good over from Swann, nearly getting Australia's skipper.
    7/21/2013 11:47:12 AM
  • Australia 38/3 (Khawaja 7, Clarke 2)
    Bresnan was brought in for Finn for exactly this reason, he's bowling with excellent accuracy and control here. That's a fourth successive maiden.
    7/21/2013 11:50:39 AM
  • Australia 47/3 (Khawaja 7, Clarke 11)
    First runs off Bresnan's bowling as Clarke works him for a couple of runs twice in the over, one on the leg side, once on the off.
    7/21/2013 11:58:07 AM
  • LUNCH - Australia 48/3 (Khawaja 8, Clarke 11)
    7/21/2013 12:02:27 PM

  • Rogers is clean bowled by Swann 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 21, 2013 at 12:40 PM

    7/21/2013 12:40:18 PM
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