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Ashes 2013: England v Australia 2nd Test – Day One as it happened

Welcome to The Independent's coverage of the second Test between England and Australia at Lord's.



by Charles Reynolds on Jul 17, 2013 at 11:17 PM

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  • 7/17/2013 11:46:10 PM
  • James Anderson could end his career as England's leading all time wicket-taker.
    James Anderson’s 10 wickets in the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge showed he is England’s “magician”, according to the former pace bowler Bob Willis. His spellbinding deliveries could oust Willis from the No 2 spot in the list of England’s top Test wicket-takers at Lord’s over the next five days. 

    Read the full piece by Matt Butler by clicking here
    7/18/2013 9:16:57 AM
  • Alastair Cook is focused on extending England's lead in the series:
    All is right with England’s world. They are 1-0 up in the Ashes. Their opponents are suffused with controversy which they may rebuff but cannot entirely expel. Four years ago, the Lord’s bogey against Australia which had lasted for three-quarters of a century embracing 18 Tests was finally laid to rest with a 115-run victory.

    Read the full piece by Stephen Brenkley by clicking here
    7/18/2013 9:22:31 AM
  • It's been a good week for England over Australia:
    While most English cricket fans were trying to recover from the nerve-shredding Ashes victory at Trent Bridge, one man was embarking on inflicting an even more extraordinary Australian defeat.
    Read the full piece by Charles Reynolds by clicking here
    7/18/2013 9:27:29 AM
  • Stuart Broad might not be everyone's favourite player, but Alastair Cook doesn't care...   
    If it starts to get ugly during the second Test, it is probable that the bloke with the baby face will be around. Stuart Broad always seems to be involved when it is all going off out there.

    Read the full piece by Stephen Brenkley by clicking here
    7/18/2013 9:29:49 AM
    7/18/2013 9:30:18 AM
  • England make one change: Tim Bresnan comes in for Steven Finn

    Australia make two changes: Usman Khawaja for Ed Cowan and Ryan Harris for Mitchell Starc
    7/18/2013 9:32:30 AM
  • The Independent's Stephen Brenkley:

    7/18/2013 9:40:18 AM

  • 7/18/2013 9:41:26 AM
  • The Queen will meet the players before the start of play so the Royal Standard has been raised above the Pavilion.
    7/18/2013 9:42:39 AM

  • Alastair Cook winning the toss 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    7/18/2013 9:46:10 AM
  • The Queen is currently being introduced to the England and Australia players on the pitch.
    7/18/2013 9:51:30 AM

  • Spectators queuing to get in this morning 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    7/18/2013 10:03:26 AM
  • Not long to go now until the start of what for many is the peak of the British sporting summer. It looks to have been a good toss for Alastair Cook to have won, with the blazing sunshine making today a good day to bat. 
    7/18/2013 10:06:08 AM
  • Steve Waugh has rung the five minute bell and the Australian players are out on the pitch.
    7/18/2013 10:12:30 AM
  • Here comes Alastair Cook and Joe Root...
    7/18/2013 10:13:33 AM

  • The Queen is introduced to the players 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    7/18/2013 10:15:11 AM
  • Pattinson will bowl the first ball to Cook.
    7/18/2013 10:15:37 AM
  • England 6/0 (Cook 6, Root 0)
    Alastair Cook gets England's first runs of the day when Pattinson drifts onto his pads and is casually flicked away for four runs through midwicket. He adds a couple more late in the over with a similar shot. Pattinson did get some early swing there but his line was a bit off.
    7/18/2013 10:20:18 AM
  • England 6/0 (Cook 6, Root 0)
    Ryan Harris - one of two changes for Australia - starts from the Pavilion End and it's a maiden as Joe Root can't get off the mark.

    7/18/2013 10:24:37 AM
  • England 12/0 (Cook 12, Root 0)
    Pattinson is getting some early movement but his line is all wrong as he once again drifts onto Cook's pads and is easily clipped away for another boundary and then a couple more runs.
    7/18/2013 10:29:12 AM
  • England 18/0 (Cook 12, Root 6)
    Root gets off the mark with a four, playing the ball of the edge with soft hands through the slips. England take six from the over.
    7/18/2013 10:34:08 AM
  • WICKET! Cook LBW Watson - 12
    Watson was a surprise bowling change from Clarke but it's done the trick. England's skipper is trapped plumb in front and has to go. Big breakthrough for Australia.
    7/18/2013 10:34:30 AM
  • England 26/1 (Root 6, Trott 8)
    Inspired bowling change from Michael Clarke as Shane Watson replaces Pattinosn and immediately gets the wicket of Cook. Trott gets off to a flying start though with two consecutive boundaries.
    7/18/2013 10:40:19 AM
  • REVIEW! Root given out LBW - did it hit the bat first?
    7/18/2013 10:41:03 AM
  • WICKET! Root LBW Harris - 6
    Well it took the third umpire a bit of time, but eventually Root has to go. England in a bit of trouble here early on.
    7/18/2013 10:43:40 AM
  • WICKET! Pietersen c Haddin b Harris - 2
    Pietersen goes now! Edging behind to Harris. 

    7/18/2013 10:48:26 AM
  • England 28/3 (Trott 8, Bell 0)
    What an over that is from Harris, he takes two wickets and England are in real trouble now. Terrible start from the hosts in perfect batting conditions.
    7/18/2013 10:50:22 AM
  • England 28/3 (Trott 8, Bell 0)
    Pattinson replaces Watson and given that they don't lose any wickets, it's a successful over for England. Unfortunately they can't manage to add any runs though. Better stuff from Pattinson.
    7/18/2013 10:54:15 AM

  • Shane Watson traps Cook LBW 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 10:55 AM

    7/18/2013 10:56:06 AM
  • England 28/3 (Trott 8, Bell 0)
    Another maiden for Australia who are really on top here, England desperately need to rebuild after a terrible start.
    7/18/2013 10:59:13 AM

  • 7/18/2013 11:01:08 AM
  • England 32/3 (Trott 12, Bell 0)
    Pattinson drifts just a little too far across Trott's pads and is clipped away fine for a boundary but other than that it's good accurate stuff and five more dot balls.
    7/18/2013 11:02:49 AM
  • England 33/3 (Trott 12, Bell 1)
    Ian Bell sees off five dot balls but then eventually gets off the mark with a shot down to long leg for one run. That's the first single of the morning.
    7/18/2013 11:07:38 AM

  • Ryan Harris gets Kevin Pietersen for 2 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    7/18/2013 11:11:43 AM
  • England 38/3 (Trott 13, Bell 5)
    Shane Watson comes back into the attack and bowls a maiden before Pattinson replaces Harris from the Pavilion End. England pick up a boundary as Ian Bell plays a square drive for four.
    7/18/2013 11:14:58 AM
  • England 42/3 (Trott 17, Bell 5)
    Four more for England as Watson drifts onto Trott's pads and is dispatched to the boundary. That one raced away, perfect timing.
    7/18/2013 11:20:25 AM

  • Russell Crowe is here - did you know his cousins are former New Zealand cricketers Martin and Jeff Crowe? 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    7/18/2013 11:29:26 AM
  • England 42/3 (Trott 17, Bell 5)
    No runs so far for England after the drinks break, a maiden apiece from Pattinson and Watson. Trott gets a leading edge to one from Watson but the ball fortunately drops just short of the slips.
    7/18/2013 11:32:08 AM
  • England 48/3 (Trott 18, Bell 10)
    Runs now for England as both men pick up a single and Bell zips one past square leg with exquisite timing to pick up a four.
    7/18/2013 11:35:02 AM
  • England 52/3 (Trott 22, Bell 10)
    Peter Siddle comes into the attack for the first time today and it's an excellent start. He nearly picks up Trott's wicket as the right-hander pushes at one and edges it but the ball lands just in front of Michael Clarke and wide of his grasp and runs away for four.
    7/18/2013 11:39:19 AM
  • England 56/3 (Trott 22, Bell 14)
    Harris back into the attack and Ian Bell cover drives sweetly for four. It was full and wide outside off stump and Bell dispatched it to the boundary.
    7/18/2013 11:44:11 AM
  • Who will be top run scorer in the Test? Take our poll by clicking here

    7/18/2013 11:44:50 AM
  • England 56/3 (Trott 22, Bell 14)
    Another good over from Siddle, it's a maiden. 
    7/18/2013 11:47:01 AM

  • The Queen watches on 
    by Charles Reynolds on Jul 18, 2013 at 11:51 AM

    7/18/2013 11:51:54 AM
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