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Andy Murray vs Kevin Anderson - LIVE! The latest from Wimbledon 2014

Wimbledon 2014, Andy Murray
Follow our game-by-game report with Joe Krishnan as the defending champion takes to Centre Court

  • AT A GLANCE...
    • Murray into the quarter-finals, winning 6-4 6-3 7-6
    • Murray wins second set 6-3
    • Play resumed after rain delay, roof closed.
    • Murray takes the first set 6-4
    • * denotes server

    6/30/2014 2:40:43 PM
  • Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of Andy Murray's fourth round match against Kevin Anderson.
    6/30/2014 2:41:02 PM
  • Ahead of the match on Centre Court which will be starting shortly, Murray has been speaking about the pressure he is feeling this week as he looks to defend his title.

    Obviously, I’m still feeling the pressure and the nerves, but this year they are completely different – I like having the nerves and I’m able to use them positively.

    6/30/2014 2:41:27 PM
  • With Wimbledon moving into it's second week today, check out The Independent's tennis correspondent Paul Newman's half-time court report from SW19.

    There is often talk of a new wave of players
    being about to knock the Fab Four off their perch, but as the second
    week begins the men’s draw has a familiar look to it.

    6/30/2014 2:42:11 PM
  • Want to know more about Murray's opponent Kevin Anderson? Then check out our full match preview.
    6/30/2014 2:42:27 PM

  • A general view of a fan in fancy dress on Centre court when play was suspended earlier so that the roof could be closed because of rain.

    6/30/2014 2:44:06 PM
  • Statistically, Andy Murray is in good form. He is yet to drop a set in any of his matches so far and his opponent today, Kevin Anderson, has never been past the third round of Wimbledon.
    6/30/2014 2:49:18 PM
  • The players are warming up on court as the crowd prepare to give a rapturous welcome to the defending champion
    6/30/2014 2:56:20 PM
  • Andy Murray* 0-1 Kevin Anderson
    Shaky start from both players as Anderson wildly mishits to allow Murray back in at 30-30, but serves up a fierce 124mph serve which is too hot for the Scot to handle. A confident opening from the no. 20 seed.
    6/30/2014 3:01:22 PM
  • Andy Murray 1-1 Kevin Anderson*
    Superb service game from the British number one with an ace included as he sails through with a love-service game.
    6/30/2014 3:03:15 PM
  • Andy Murray* 2-1 Kevin Anderson
    BREAK! Murray is looking strong in these early stages, taking a 0-30 lead with a strong backhand after Anderson hit his backhand too long. The South African lacked a bit of luck with the net tape and gives Murray three break points at 0-40, and despite saving two of those, Murray breaks as Anderson sees his backhand run too long.
    6/30/2014 3:08:04 PM
  • Andy Murray 3-1 Kevin Anderson*
    Once again, the defending champion looks confident, serving to take Anderson out wide at 30-15 before finishing with a splendid forehand winner. However, the 28-year-old South African recovers to deuce with a powerful forehand into the corner. Murray's serve-and-volley tactic working a treat as another 125mph thunderbolt hands him the opportunity for a winner. 
    6/30/2014 3:13:15 PM

  • Andy Murray in action against Kevin Anderson. The Scot has already broken to lead 3-1 in the first set. 

    6/30/2014 3:13:59 PM
  • Andy Murray* 3-2 Kevin Anderson
    It sets up nicely for Anderson on the first serve for a winner but he hits wide, an error showing a lack of confidence from him. Signs of a good player usually refer to how they react, and he recovers well to take a 40-30 lead before Murray's unforced error makes it 3-2.
    6/30/2014 3:17:12 PM
  • Andy Murray 4-2 Kevin Anderson*
    The best rally of the match so far is won by Murray with a sublime passing shot which is just out of Anderson's reach. Two aces in a row, including a 126mph which clips the tramline, seal another love-service game for the Scot. He's in control at the moment.
    6/30/2014 3:21:18 PM
  • Andy Murray* 4-3 Kevin Anderson
    Anderson looks to respond by taking a 30-0 lead, and the Florida-born man is improving as the match goes on, but Murray's intelligent play brings it back to 30-30. The Scot has a break point again but somehow can't finish off after Anderson stumbles! He recovers and prevents Murray from serving for the set.
    6/30/2014 3:25:48 PM
  • For those football fans who are tuned in today, you may/may not be pleased to know that Sir Alex Ferguson, the former Manchester United manager, is in the crowd today. 

    6/30/2014 3:28:45 PM
  • Andy Murray 5-3 Kevin Anderson*
    Murray is finding it tougher to deal with Anderson's energetic, round-the-court play and is forced to go to deuce before delivering an excellent ace which helps him on his way to returning for the set.
    6/30/2014 3:31:38 PM
  • Andy Murray* 5-4 Kevin Anderson
    Anderson keeps his cool after being given the smash opportunity by Murray but once again is pegged back by the British number one, who supplies a superb passing shot which just squeezes in. However, Anderson delivers the best shot of the game with a short drop shot to make it 5-4.
    6/30/2014 3:37:04 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 Kevin Anderson
    SET! Murray serves for the set after his early break and after gaining set point at 40-15, cuts his backhand with too much height as it sails out. But after a protracted rally at 40-30, Anderson slaps his effort into the net, leading Murray to shout 'Come on!' to take the first set. He's looking good for a place in the fourth round.
    6/30/2014 3:42:13 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 1-0 Kevin Anderson
    BREAK! Anderson must be thinking what more he can do after unleashing a 127mph serve which Murray returns with ease. The South African then incredibly misses an easy smash to give the defending champion three break points. He regains his composure and brings it back to deuce, and after seven break points, Murray finally breaks!
    6/30/2014 3:52:52 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 2-0 Kevin Anderson*
    Anderson is visibly playing better but Murray is well into his stride, executing a brilliant flat backhand down the line. Eases to another service game with his sixth ace of the match.

    6/30/2014 3:56:26 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 3-0 Kevin Anderson
    Few signs of rain coming here and it looks to be bothering Murray as he questions the umpire, and Anderson takes advantage at 40-15. The no.3 seed brings it back and gains the chance for a double-break, which he gets as Anderson hits lazily into the net.
    6/30/2014 4:02:05 PM
  • PLAY SUSPENDED - Andy Murray* 6-4 3-0 Kevin Anderson
    It's visibly raining here now and play is suspended, the umpire announces. The covers are on as the crowd put up their umbrellas.
    6/30/2014 4:04:04 PM
  • While play is suspended, let's have a look at how people on Twitter have reacted to Murray's match so far...

    6/30/2014 4:12:08 PM
  • The covers are off and the roof is now closed. The players should be returning soon...
    6/30/2014 4:15:58 PM

  • Andy Murray in action, where he leads 6-4 3-0 

    6/30/2014 4:19:40 PM
  • The players are back on court now and are warming up again after the brief rain delay. The roof is now closed, so expects conditions to change slightly. 
    6/30/2014 4:23:47 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 3-0 Kevin Anderson
    The players are back after a 30-minute rain delay and Murray has a double-break in this second set. It'll take something special from Anderson to deny him a 2-0 lead. 
    6/30/2014 4:29:55 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 3-1 Kevin Anderson*
    BREAK! Anderson looks to have been invigorated by the short break while his opponent appears to be slightly rusty and has two break points. A strong 127mph serve restores the balance slightly, but with the help of the net, Anderson secures his first break of the match.
    6/30/2014 4:33:58 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 3-2 Kevin Anderson
    Anderson clearly going for the serve-and-volley tactic now and it almost worked until Murray pulls off his best shot of the match, powering an effort down the line. He then wastes a break point, and Anderson manages to keep his serve as he recovers to just a one-game deficit.
    6/30/2014 4:39:48 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 4-2 Kevin Anderson*
    The pendulum seems to have swung and Anderson looks more aggressive with his play. Murray attempts to take control again and his serve is too wide even for his opponent's 6ft 8 wingspan. Another break point for the South African to level the set but strikes into the net, and Murray takes advantage with a 128mph ace before sealing the game with a winner.
    6/30/2014 4:45:05 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 4-3 Kevin Anderson
    Despite failing to take advantage of his break point, Anderson comes back with a love-service game and looks to have gained a lot of confidence in the break. 
    6/30/2014 4:49:22 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 5-3 Kevin Anderson*
    The Scot thwarts any comeback attempt from the no. 20 seed and registers a comfortable service game. 
    6/30/2014 4:51:09 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 Kevin Anderson
    SET! Anderson secures only his fourth ace of the match, despite having 67 so far in the tournament and leads 30-0 before Murray pegs him back for a crucial set point, and sails into a 2-0 lead as Anderson volleys flies out.
    6/30/2014 4:54:25 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 1-0 Kevin Anderson*
    After a valiant effort in the second set, Anderson appears to be fading slightly, and Murray takes control with a love-service game. The Scot is surely heading for victory.
    6/30/2014 4:58:02 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 1-1 Kevin Anderson
    The South African shows he is not done yet, replicating Murray's love-service game and serving well to avoid a third consecutive break in his first service game of the set.
    6/30/2014 5:00:53 PM

  • A view from Murray Mount, where drops of rain have forced the fans to get out their umbrellas. 

    6/30/2014 5:02:04 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 2-1 Kevin Anderson*
    Murray does well to recover as Anderson puts up a fight at 30-30, and the Scot maintains his composure to take a 2-1 lead in the third set.
    6/30/2014 5:04:38 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 2-2 Kevin Anderson
    Once again, the towering South African keeps his serve as Murray looks to be tiring slightly, hitting into the net at 40-15 down.
    6/30/2014 5:07:14 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 3-2 Kevin Anderson*
    The first challenge of the match comes after an hour and 45 minutes of play, but Anderson is not successful in preventing Murray from surging forward. And then, as the Scot gambles on the direction of the world number 18's inevitable winner, he somehow smashes a cross-court forehand. Sublime!
    6/30/2014 5:10:48 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 3-3 Kevin Anderson
    An unbelievable drop shot from Murray clips the inside tramline but Anderson rallies to go 30-15 up. Murray challenges the call in an attempt to deny Anderson the game, but the umpire was to correct to call his backhand out.
    6/30/2014 5:16:05 PM

  • Murray's opponent Kevin Anderson in action in the third set 

    6/30/2014 5:16:35 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 4-3 Kevin Anderson*
    A rare fist pump from Anderson and he's keeping up with Murray in this set. The Brit then double-faults - his sixth of the tournament - but finishes in style with an emphatic ace down the middle.
    6/30/2014 5:19:16 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 4-4 Kevin Anderson
    An ace to start for the 28-year-old and he's definitely playing better with the roof closed. However, Murray pulls off an excellent return, finding a winner with a forehand down the line and gets the break point as Anderson cannot lift his effort over the net. The Scot spurns five break points - only winning four out of 19 in the entire match - and Anderson punishes him to bring it back level.
    6/30/2014 5:30:11 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 5-4 Kevin Anderson*
    Two fantastic shots from either player, with Murray sweeping a forehand that clips the tramline before Anderson unleashes a running cross-court forehand to make it 15-15. Murray double-faults at 40-15 as the crowd groans, but a wayward return hands the Scot a chance to wrap up the match, returning for the set.
    6/30/2014 5:35:08 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 5-5 Kevin Anderson
    Some entertaining tennis from the pair as Murray tries to secure a match point, but Anderson's focus is not affected and continues to keep his serve. 

    6/30/2014 5:38:59 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 6-5 Kevin Anderson*
    Murray looking to close this match as soon as possible and does all he can, and with Anderson appearing to be struggling with his heavily-strapped knee, he could seal victory sooner rather than later.
    6/30/2014 5:42:18 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-4 6-3 6-6 Kevin Anderson
    Not a good start for the South African but he appears to be moving more freely now and does extremely well to take the next four points as the third set goes to a tiebreak.
    6/30/2014 5:45:56 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 6-6 (2-1) Kevin Anderson
    TIEBREAK: Murray wins his first point but loses the challenge as his effort is called out and goes to 1-1. However, the Scot executes his trademark cross-court forehand to take a 2-1 lead.
    6/30/2014 5:48:33 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 6-6 (3-3) Kevin Anderson
    TIEBREAK: This is an evenly-matched tiebreak and credit to Anderson, he is still fighting out there despite his injury. Anderson now to serve. 
    6/30/2014 5:50:59 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 6-6 (5-4) Kevin Anderson
    TIEBREAK: A monstrous 135mph serve called out for Anderson, and Murray secures the point despite a strong second-serve from the South African. The Scot edges closer to victory but Anderson once again pegs him back with a superb forehand.
    6/30/2014 5:53:54 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 6-6 (6-6) Kevin Anderson
    TIEBREAK: Somehow Anderson has rallied back to register his first set point in the two-and-a-half hour match but his return to Murray's serve goes into orbit.
    6/30/2014 5:55:09 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 7-6 (8-6) Kevin Anderson
    GAME, SET AND MATCH! Now it's Murray's turn to have control of the match, with another match point under his belt. And his backhand is too powerful, sealing the third set for Murray and therefore, the match.
    6/30/2014 5:57:10 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-4 6-3 7-6 Kevin Anderson
    Murray into the quarter-finals for the seventh consecutive year here at Wimbledon, and the delight from the crowd was clear to see. Murray advances without dropping a set, but he was run very close by the South African.
    6/30/2014 5:59:18 PM
  • Here's how Andy Murray reacted after beating Kevin Anderson..

    6/30/2014 6:06:15 PM
  • The best reaction from Twitter following Murray's victory to take him into the Wimbledon quarter-finals

    6/30/2014 6:09:09 PM
  • So Andy Murray is through and one step closer to successfully defending his Wimbledon title. Next up is either Gregor Dimitrov or Jurgen Meyer in the quarter-finals. 

    Thank you for joining us this afternoon and be sure to tune in for Murray's next match. 
    6/30/2014 6:11:14 PM
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