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Andy Murray v David Goffin LIVE: The latest news from Wimbledon 2014

2014 Wimbledon 

Follow game-by-game updates as Murray begins the defence of his Wimbledon crown, with reporting by Joe Krishnan

  • 6/23/2014 11:48:48 AM
    • Andy Murray beats David Goffin 6-1 6-4 7-5 to reach the second round of Wimbledon
    6/23/2014 11:35:40 AM
  • Welcome to The Independent's coverage of Andy Murray's first round match against David Goffin.
    6/23/2014 11:33:58 AM
  • We're just 15 minutes away from the start of Andy Murray's Wimbledon title defence, and the Scot feels he is in the best shape possible to defend his crown.

    Can he emerge victorious at SW19 again?
    6/23/2014 11:46:33 AM
  • In his column in today's Independent, Nick Bollettieri says that only Andy Murray can motivate himself to win Wimbledon again this year - and no coach, not even Amelie Mauresmo, can teach him that.

    Read his piece here.
    6/23/2014 11:55:06 AM
  • In case you don't know much about Murray's opponent today, David Goffin, here's a short profile of the Belgian...

    Nationality Belgian

    Age 23

    Residence Liège

    Height 5ft 11in

    Plays Right-handed

    World ranking No 104

    Career titles 0

    Prize-money $972,264

    Wimbledon record 2-2

    Wimbledon best Third round (2012)

    Head-to-head 0

    6/23/2014 11:57:35 AM
  • The players are now out on Centre Court, with Murray receiving a warm applause from the Wimbledon crowd.
    6/23/2014 12:01:07 PM
  • Murray can expect strong support on Centre Court this lunchtime. That's if they've got any energy left. Apparently fans have been queuing for tickets since Saturday.

    6/23/2014 12:01:14 PM
  • Speaking of tickets, there are reports that tickets for Murray's opener have been going for as high as £800, according to some fans...

    6/23/2014 12:04:52 PM
  • And it appears there are few celebrities in the crowd today, too.

    6/23/2014 12:06:15 PM
  • The action is about to get underway, with Murray serving.
    6/23/2014 12:10:19 PM
  • Andy Murray 1-0 David Goffin*
    Murray starts confidently, serving a shot taking Goffin out wide, taking the first point 15-0. It's the same process once again with his serve drawing Goffin into cutting his return into the net. Murray makes it 40-0 as Goffin makes an unforced error, but then hits into the net after a long rally to gift Goffin his first point of the match. Murray cuts his slice outside the tramline to give Goffin a way back into the game at 40-30 before finishing him off with a strong serve. 
    6/23/2014 12:13:59 PM
  • Andy Murray* 2-0 David Goffin
    Goffin wins the first point on serve to give him some much-needed confidence, before Murray's unforced error on the forehand gives him a 30-0 lead in the second game. Goffin fails to capitalise after lobbing Murray, with his backhand landing just south of the baseline. Murray recovers to 30-30 after sending Goffin out wide. Murray has the break as Goffin fires his shot into the net, 30-40. But the Scot's attempt to go down the line fails as his shot is called out. Goffin then sends his forehand too far over the baseline to give Murray his second 2nd break point, and surges into a 2-0 lead as Goffin mishits again.
    6/23/2014 12:19:21 PM
  • Andy Murray 3-0 David Goffin*
    Murray wins the first point with a straightforward forehand. A scramble to the baseline before hitting across court sees the Scot's fortune run out as the ball hits the net before going marginally out. But Goffin's unforced error gives him a 30-15 lead. Murray finally shows some of his best tennis, drawing Goffin to the net before powering a backhand down the line to make it 40-15. Murray struggles to return Goffin's shot after stumbling, giving the 23-year-old an easy winner from the net. Murray gets the rally going and once again, an unforced error from Goffin gifts him the third game. 
    6/23/2014 12:23:41 PM

  • Murray is cruising so far, taking a 3-0 lead. So far, it seems like a matter of when, not if, he will progress to the second round.

    6/23/2014 12:26:10 PM
  • Andy Murray* 3-1 David Goffin
    The Belgian seems to have upped his game, taking the game to 40-30 with a delightful serve-and-volley manoeuvre, and the defending champion's shot lands outside the tramline to hand Goffin his first game of the match. 
    6/23/2014 12:28:44 PM
  • Andy Murray 4-1 David Goffin*
    The British number one is looking confident so far, but earns his first double-fault of the match as his serving looks somewhat rusty. But he recovers to go 40-30 up, with his opponent taking a nasty tumble as he attempted to reach a teasing Murray forehand. The defending champion takes the game 4-1, with Goffin looking vulnerable after that slip.
    6/23/2014 12:32:42 PM

  • Murray's groundstrokes have been impressive so far, as he races into 4-1 lead 

    6/23/2014 12:34:50 PM
  • Andy Murray* 5-1 David Goffin
    The first challenge of the match is made's called out! Murray secures his second break of the match, though, executing a glorious lob which Goffin knows he can't get to. The No.3 seed is now serving for the set.
    6/23/2014 12:37:36 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 David Goffin*
    The Scot is looking to wrap up the first set but not without a fight from Goffin, who brings it back to 30-30. However, it's business as usual for Murray as his 123mph serve is too hot for Goffin to handle, and takes the first set 6-1.
    6/23/2014 12:40:04 PM
  • 12 unforced errors for Goffin in the first set, compared to Murray's total of four. That's the difference so far.

    6/23/2014 12:42:33 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 0-1 David Goffin
    The world number 104 is certainly energetic, using his agile 5'11 frame to get around the court quickly, and pulls off a stunning backhand return down the line to make it 40-30. The Belgian seems to be growing with confidence, firing a 122mph ace to give him the advantage and takes the first game of the second set.
    6/23/2014 12:46:30 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 1-1 David Goffin*
    Just as Goffin appears to be getting back into the match, Murray comes up with a simple love service game. He's serving better now.
    6/23/2014 12:49:06 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 2-1 David Goffin
    Murray smashes home a nice forehand to make it 0-30, leaving Goffin gesturing in frustration, and the Scot breaks again...or does he? Goffin's serve is called out but Hawkeye review says his second serve was in. This gives him a chance to redeem himself, but sends his forehand wide as Murray's break is finally confirmed.

    6/23/2014 12:53:48 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 3-1 David Goffin*
    After a long, long rally the line judge correctly calls Murray's backhand out, despite the Scot's challenge. And Goffin appears to be capitalising on his opponent's poor second serve, with Murray only reaching 75mph at times. But the Scot keeps his serve nonetheless, with his first serve proving to be devastating when accurate.
    6/23/2014 1:00:19 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 3-2 David Goffin
    Goffin wins three consecutive points for the first time in the match to take it to 40-0 but Murray somehow digs out a cross-court forehand which has too much pace for the Belgian. He does, however, make it 3-2 as Murray lethargically slices into the net.
    6/23/2014 1:02:46 PM
  • Looks like basketball star Shaquille O'Neal is at the game today, and appears to be enjoying it.

    6/23/2014 1:04:03 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 4-2 David Goffin*
    The Scot has finally got his serve going, averaging serves in the range of 120-127mph, and even managed 131mph at 40-0 before easing to a 4-2 lead.
    6/23/2014 1:05:45 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 4-3 David Goffin
    Frustrated as he misses an open backhand, Murray recovers to set up yet another break at 30-40, inviting Goffin to the net with a clever drop-shot. But the Belgian recovers to bring it to deuce before sealing the game to prevent Murray from serving for the second set. 
    6/23/2014 1:10:12 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 5-3 David Goffin*
    Goffin shows his clever net work once again, sending Murray out wide before approaching the net to make it 15-15. An unbelievable reach from the Scot sees him drop a shot over to Goffin, and the Belgian stumbles quite heavily again as Murray moves closer to the second set.
    6/23/2014 1:15:57 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 5-4 David Goffin
    Goffin has to produce something magical here to prevent Murray from taking the second set, and certainly does his part. But the Belgian misses a great chance to close the gap to 5-4, missing the passing smash with the court wide open at 40-15. He eventually recovers, but Murray is now serving for the set.

    6/23/2014 1:19:19 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 David Goffin*
    MURRAY WINS SECOND SET - Goffin slips yet again (maybe he needs some different footwear?) as Murray strolls to a 30-0 lead and takes the second set after a tough challenge from the Belgian. The defending champion is now almost certain to book his place in the second round.  
    6/23/2014 1:22:50 PM

  • Aside from a few gaps, 'Murray Mount' is looking rather full today as the crowd cheer on the Scot.

    6/23/2014 1:23:43 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 6-4 0-1 David Goffin
    A series of unforced errors from both players see a scrappy game conclude with Murray gifted the chance of securing the break. Controversy as Murray challenges a forehand from his opponent who has the advantage but it appears to just touch the line, handing Goffin the first game of the third set.
    6/23/2014 1:29:32 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 1-1 David Goffin*
    Murray continues his run of unbroken service games to make it 1-1, despite Goffin's best efforts. It seems the Wimbledon champion is going through, unless the Belgian can find something else in his locker.
    6/23/2014 1:33:17 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 6-4 1-2 David Goffin
    Murray challenges not one, but two identical serves from Goffin in a row. The first one was wide, but the 27-year-old gets the second one wrong, and Goffin sets up a smash to take the third game. He desperately needs to keep his errors to a minimum now. 
    6/23/2014 1:36:36 PM
  • As the players take a short break, here's a look at how Murray Mania has returned to Wimbledon once again. Masks! 

    6/23/2014 1:37:53 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 2-2 David Goffin*
    Some impressive net play from Goffin sees him take a 0-30 lead in Murray's service game, and drops a fine shot out of his reach to earn his first break points of the match at 15-40. However, Murray shows his determination and brings it back to deuce, before resuming normal service to make it 2-2.
    6/23/2014 1:43:00 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 6-4 2-3 David Goffin
    Goffin double-faults to ruin what could have been a perfect service game, and hits his forehand too long to give Murray a sniff of another break. However, he makes up for with an incredible backhand down the line from the corner. 

    It's fair to say he looks quite pleased with that effort. 
    6/23/2014 1:47:52 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 3-3 David Goffin*
    Murray is clearly in a hurry to finish as soon as possible and once again brushes off a slight challenge from Goffin to level the scores once again.

    6/23/2014 1:50:54 PM
  • Meanwhile, Murray's new coach Amelie Mauresmo is watching on today

    6/23/2014 1:51:49 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 6-4 3-4 David Goffin
    Another solid service game for Goffin as he looks to salvage some pride, but it looks as if it's too little, too late for the 23-year-old. 
    6/23/2014 1:53:31 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 4-4 David Goffin*
    Murray's serving has been impeccable today, and includes an ace in a love service game as he quickly pegs back Goffin. Can the Scot avoid the tiebreak in the third set and seal victory? 
    6/23/2014 1:56:50 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 6-4 4-5 David Goffin
    If something has gone right for the Belgian today, it's his backhand. Another powerful shot clips the line as he takes a 40-15 lead, but two consecutive unforced errors give Murray a way back in to the game. However, Goffin keeps his cool - and his unbroken service record in this set - to take a 5-4 lead.
    6/23/2014 2:01:46 PM

  • David Goffin lies on the ground in pain after one of several falls 

    6/23/2014 2:04:00 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 5-5 David Goffin*
    Murray sweeps his way to another service game but there isn't much between the two players in this set. 
    6/23/2014 2:05:11 PM
  • Andy Murray* 6-1 6-4 6-5 David Goffin
    Once again, the unpredictable backhand of Goffin catches Murray by surprise with a nice shot down the line. But with opportunity to win the game at 40-15, his wild backhand is too long and, coupled with a double-fault, allows Murray back in at deuce. Murray gets the break point as a beleaguered Goffin hits into the net and is surely on his way to the second round after grabbing the first break of the set.
    6/23/2014 2:08:50 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 7-5 David Goffin
    GAME, SET AND MATCH, MURRAY! Goffin does extremely well to send Murray racing round the court and picks up a 0-30 lead. But Murray then keeps his composure to pull it back to 40-30 to secure his first match point, which he seals in style with a fine ace. A confident performance from the Scot, and a straight sets victory to go with it.
    6/23/2014 2:14:39 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 7-5 David Goffin
    The British Number One brushes off any possible upset as he begins the defence of his Wimbledon title with a comprehensive victory over David Goffin. The Belgian had a nervy start but at 23, showed a lot of promise and his performance in the latter stages of the game will give him a confidence boost at the very least.
    6/23/2014 2:19:46 PM
  • Twitter reacts as Murray books his place in the second round of Wimbledon.

    6/23/2014 2:23:49 PM
  • Andy Murray 6-1 6-4 7-5 David Goffin
    Murray will now move onto the second round and, as he attempts to defend his Wimbledon crown, his possible opponents are: David Ferrer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

    Thank you for tuning in this afternoon, and be sure to follow us for Murray's next match later this week.
    6/23/2014 2:30:35 PM
  • 6/23/2014 2:46:11 PM
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